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admin & Aslan Equinox
2012-07-28 22:10:22
The Show jumpers: Are We In This Together
By Starwalker123

Lucy (She has pale brown hair and blue eyes) two points as Star (Her 16.oo hand black with a white star 6 year old Thorobreed /TB for short Gelding.) leap the brightly colored 2 foot tall fence. “Easy boy” she whispered the 14 year old had been riding and training show jumper since she was 9 having had a pony since she was 5. Then she slows the gelding.
Her trainer Melinda yells, “Heels down knees open.”
Lucy fix’s her heels and knees as show canters for the next fence in the line of four which are about 72 feet apart. Up Star soars over the fence, Lucy two points over the fence. Lucy seats down in the saddle. 1,2,3,4 up Star soars as Lucy two points. The team lands and Finish’s their round.
Melinda, “Get him cools down and untacked. Then Tack up Wild.
Lucy, “Yes boss.” walks Star around the indoor ring.
When her black wonder is cool She untacks and stables him. Making sure that he has water and hay. Then Lucy goes to get Wild. The 5 year old bay Anglo Arab gelding stands at about 15.1 his show name is A Wildfire In My Heart. Lucy leads him out in to the cross ties clipping then on carefully. The she brushes his back and saddle him. Last she put on his bridle. Then she leads him to the indoor ring and mounts. She walks him around on the rail.
Melinda yells from the rail, “Give him a nice flat work time then take him over the jumps once remember to shorten his Stride (The length a horse move pure galloping or canter step).”
Lucy, “All right Boss.”
Melinda, “Afterword come to the club room (A room with horse pictures and ribbons on the wall a 2 conch’s one blue and the other tan).” walks to her office to do paper work.
Lucy trots Wild around the ring. Posting his quick lively trot it’s a lot faster than Star’s. The bay gelding bucks. Lucy pulls his head around. Then puts him back on the rail trotting on. She asks him to canter after 10 minutes she goes the other way. 10 minutes after that she lines him up with the jumps. She jumps the then cools him down and Stables him. Lucy then heads for the club room Melinda and a few Others are waiting. She seats down next to her best friend Kate on the tan conch. Melinda sets across from the 5 kids seated on the tan conch on the blue conch.
Melinda says, “Hi Sammy, Kate, Mathew and Lucy . Welcome to the barn Tanner. Tanner would you like to say something about yourself and your horse. We’ll go round and tell you about use and our horses. You Start.”
Tanner (Has short back hair and brown eyes), “I’m Tanner Maxwell Eaton, call me Tanner. I’m 14 I just moved here yesterday. My dad works is a state trooper and mom is a stay at home mom. I have no Siblings yet. My Horse is an 8 year old gray German Warmblood /TB cross Her Show name Is Only A Miracle Worker or Miracle. I got her when she was 1 year old and I 7 she and I grow up together. I trained her me when she was three and I was 9. She loves jumping and cross country.”
Melinda, “Mathew your next.”
Mathew (Has blonde hair and blue eyes.), “I’m Mathew Marcus Cole or Mathew, and I’m 14. My dad works with your dad. He talked to him about were to keep Miracle. My mom is a stay at home mom with my 2 week old baby sis Kristy. I’m buying Raindrops On The Roof Top (Reg. Name) or Rainy from Melinda. He is a 7 year old leopard Appaloosa. “
Melinda, “Mathew His all yours. Your dad paid me for him when he brought you. Sammy you’re up. “
Mathew, “He’s all mine.”
Sammy (has Strawberry blond hair and sea form green eyes), “I’m Sammtha Dawn Clark or Sammy I’m 14. My dad is died. My mom is one of our school teachers. I co. own Echo with Mathew, Kate, and Lucy. We spent weeks raising the money to buy her from her abusive owner. We were 9 when we did it and she three. Her Show name Echo’s From The Long Forgotten Pasted. She is a 8 year old dun and white paint. I ride her because Mathew, Kate, and Lucy have other horses.”
Melinda, “Kate your up.”
Kate(Has raven colored hair and hazel eyes), “I’m Kate Jade Smith or Kate I’m 14. My dad is the vet that Melinda uses for the horses. My mom is died. I Co. Own Echo and own Bolt. Bolt is 5 year old white Oldenburg Gelding that Melinda breed and trained. His registered/show name is Lightning Bolt’s Surprise. He was an oppose baby. A new groom put his dad with his mom think he was a gelding.”
Melinda, “Your turn Lucy.”
Lucy, “I’m Lucy Nicky Woodhaven or Lucy I’m 14. I’ve been riding since I was 5. And jumping Melinda’s horses since I was 9. My dad is a plumber and my mom is a stay at home mom. I have the job of working a string of 3 jumpers for Melinda. I Own Star and Sweetie. Star is a 6 year old black with a white TB who was racing breed but never raced because I brought him is registered name is Magical Starlight. Sweetie is a 22 year old Commara pony. She taught me to ride she is lesson pony for Melinda . Her registered name is As Sweet As A Sugar Cube . My fav. Of string of Jumpers is the 5 year old bay Anglo Arab gelding stands at about 15.1 his show name is A Wildfire In My Heart or Wild. The next one is a 6 year old dun TB/ Quarter Horse cross mare named Honey. Her show name is Honey Is Always Sweet. The last one is the 8 year old Luck, a gray TB, he is crazy fast and great jumpier. His registered name is Wish On A Lucky Star. He is Star’s half-brother same dad different mom. “
Melinda, “My turn to talk about the lesson ponies. There is 4 and Sweetie. The four horses are Strawberry, Cloud, Lady and River. Strawberry is a 14 year old red roan mare she is a welsh, Cloud is a 15 year old pale gold palomino Commara gelding, Lady is a 12 year old line back dun Quarter horse mare and River is a 13 year old blue roan Quarter Horse Gelding. You guys are here because I have question. Would you like to be the Wildwood Farms Show Team.”
Lucy, “I’m in.”
Kate, “Me Two.”
Sammy, “sure I’m in”
Mathew, “ I’m in.”
Tanner, “Count me in.”
Melinda, “We’re in. Wildwood lets fill out our team form.” gets out a slip of paper and starts to write. “Lucy who are you riding.”
Lucy, “Star.”
Team Name: Wild Farms Trainer: Melinda
Riders Horses
Lucy Nicky Woodhaven Magical Starlight
Tanner Maxwell Eaton Only A Miracle Worker
Mathew Marcus Cole Raindrops On The Roof Top
Sammtha Dawn Clark Echo’s From The Long Forgotten Pasted
Kate Jade Smith Lightning Bolt’s Surprise

Melinda finishes the form then gets out a new paper.
Melinda, “Now for backups you can pick out of Lucy’s string. Lucy you get first pick.”
Lucy, “Wild.”
Melinda, “Sammy.”
Sammy, “That’s easy Honey.”
Melinda, “That means Kate your on Luck.”
Kate, “I would have picked him anyway.”
Melinda, “Boys I ask the borders and two said you could use their horses. Mathew I know how you love Arial your on her and Tanner your on April.”
Mathew, “The twins.”
Melinda, “They are going to be at camp all summer.” Finishing filling to the form. “asks your parent to night and we’ll send it in in the morning.”
The kids , “Yes Melinda.”

Rider Back Up Horse
Lucy Nicky A Wildfire In My Heart
Tanner Maxwell April Showers and May Flowers
Mathew Marcus Arial’s Lady
Sammtha Dawn Honey Is Always Sweet
Kate Jade Wish On A Lucky Star

Starwalker123 & Star
2012-08-01 14:09:19
Midnight Rescue: Part 1

I look around, scared at what I might find. "Go." my friend Sierra shoves me toward the barn. I'm a vet and I need to check up on a horse that had been badly abused. Its very hard not to feel horrible at the thought of the stallion that was beaten and starved. "Your being a ninny." Says Sierra.

"Your right. I need to check on Midnight." I say, I walk into the barn and walk to stall 5, I take a deep breath before walking in, I let out a gasp at the horse struggling for breath. I check him out and look up at the owners. "I will be surprised if he makes it through the night." They nod and I go around on my other rounds before going to my own barn and taking care of my horses.

I walked into Annettes stall, I see her little Black foal. My Percheron mare is licking the still wet filly when I walk in. "Aww! Annette! She's beautiful." I check the healthy foal and then go up to the house, the phone rings and I answer it. "Hello?"

"Doctor Lynch! Please! It's Midnight! I don't know whats wrong with him!"

"I'm leaving now."

I grab my vet bag and jump into my truck, I drive to Midnight's house, I run into his stall. "Oh no."

To Be Continued

ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-08-01 20:26:51
Shila and the Thief, Part 2
By Danielle Rose.

Tossing and turning was all I did through the whole night. But strangely enough, I was wide awake, and refreshed when I got out of bed around six o'clock. I pulled on my favorite overalls, and a pair of rubber boots, before running down the stairs. Three steps from the bottom, a soft thump came from front porch.
"Thursday papers,"I said with a sigh, reaching for the squeaky screen door. I started humming on the short trip to the barn. I bumped into Naaman, the man who helped with the chores and such, while walking into the feed/tack room.
"S'cuse me, miss. I better get to feedin 'em 'horses,"he said bluntly, and pushed gently past me with a sad expression on his thin, narrow face. Seeing him with that look in his eyes always made me feel sad, too. I grabbed two buckets, and filled them with grain. I dumped it into feed bins, and looked into Shila's stall. Shila was a mare who had been stolen, along with three other horses, Jack, Austin, and Maybelle, two days before. Austin had been Naaman's favorite horse. That was why he seemed so depressed.

We finished all the chores of mucking out and feeding just as my mom and dad came into the barn.
"You've got school, Lexi,"Mom said, giving me a gentle push towards the house."I put some money in you backpack for lunch. Now get going."
I sprinted up to the house(I am a very fast runner, but the speed doesn't last very long), and zoomed up the stairs. I was very out of breath by the time I shut the door to my tidy room, and looked around before dashing for the closet. I immediately whipped out the first outfit I saw: A green shortskirt with a white knitted turtleneck short sleeve shirt, and green sparkly flat shoes. The outfit had been given to me by the only cousin I had. Her name was Lyssa. She was the 29 year-old daughter of my moms brother, who had died two years ago. I had never seen much of him because he had been a missionary to a lot of foreign countries. Sometimes he had been gone for years at a time. His wife, Haley, was a missionary, too, but she was still on a trip in South America. My Dad was an only child, so I had no uncles or aunts on that side of the family. Three of my grandparents were dead, and I had one grandpa who was in the hospital with heart
I trotted down the stairs, grabbed my backpack, and an English muffin with bacon, cheese, and pickles on it from the the warmed oven.
"Ouch, oh, oh, hhhhhot!"I said, shoving my fingers
into my mouth, and grabbing a paper towel with my other hand. I wrapped the towel around half the muffin and took a tiny bite so I wouldn't get burned.
On the bus, which I barely made it onto, I sat down in my comfortable back row, and pulled out my unfinished Geography homework while taking bites of my English muffin. While consentrating intently on the assignment, I didn't notice a new boy sit next to me.
"Hi,"he said shyly to me."I'm Jason Curtly."
"Lexi Brandon,"I said, extending my hand to his. As he shook it, a newspaper fell from his lap onto the floor and opened to the 'Lost and Found' page. There was a dog, two cats, a wallet, a horse, a...A horse! I asked if I could looked the paper and, at his shy nod, snatched it up, and started reading.
'Chestnut, Thoroughbred, Mare. She was found running through the woods while my husband and I were taking a walk. She had a green halter on with a purple lead rope clipped to it. If this is your horse, we live at T5893 Hwy H, Rochester, Minnesota. Our phone number is 555-9000.'
"Its Maybelle,"I said.

24 hours earlier...
The morning after the horses were stolen, Boss slept
in, and finally around one o'clock, being bored, he went out to the truck and drove the little ways he could have walked to get to the barn. A loud banging noise came from behind the truck, but Boss, thinking the police were here, drove faster towards the barn. The banging got louder and more frequent the faster he went. He screeched to a stop, hopped out, and sprinted to the barn. There was no more banging, and the trailer door was swinging a little bit.
"Just that stupid trailer door banging around," Boss grumbled as he looked for a bridle. When all he came up with was a hose nozzle, three empty feed bags, and a moldy stirrup leather, Boss said,"Just have to make do with halters." He opened the door to Austins stall, and received another shirt nuzzling before he could grab the lead rope dangling from under Austins chin.
"Stop it!"Boss said harshly, yanking up the rope, and jerked Austin out of the barn. Boss looked around for a fence.
"If there was a pasture or something..."Boss said, but didn't finish because he saw a stone wall behind the barn. Pasture fence, maybe? Boss thought to himself as he led Austin towards it.
They came to a high wooden gate, and Boss smiled with satisfaction, leading Austin into the weedy pasture.
"Okay, horse,"was all Boss said before getting on.
He held the lead rope and the riding whip he had brought along, and looked around again. A section of wall had collapsed, leaving about three feet of cracked stones and cement. Boss kicked and whipped Austin into a gallop, and pointed him towards the collapsed wall. Austin loved jumping and eagerly sailed through the opening, but the landing was offset by Boss's poor balance, and they both tumbled to the ground. Boss groaned, and sat up. Austin was limping.
"Oh, come on!"Boss yelled when he saw it."An injury will bring half the price as before." He grabbed the halter, and led Austin back to the barn. Boss took a bucket, and filled it with water from a nearby pump.
"I'll have to postpone the meeting until that gelding's leg gets better,"Boss grumbled, staggering under the weight of the bucket. He dumped the water into Austins filthy trough, and swore at Jack when he shied at the noise of the bucket clanging to the floor.
"Your next!"Boss yelled, as he grabbed the long, leather whip, and swung open the stall door. Jack turned to face the back wall, and kicked out. While Jacks legs were in midair, Boss snapped the whip across the backs of his legs, and the whip wrapped around them. boss jerked the whip, and Jack went down. Before he could get up, Jacks head was pulled back across his stomach, and Boss tied the lead rope to the whip handle. Boss quickly tied a knot in the loose end of the whip so Jacks legs couldn't wriggle free.
"That went surprisingly well,"Boss said through a smirk. Boss closed the stall door, and headed up to the house without the truck. He quickly dialed a number and waited patiently for some one to answer.
"Who ya' callin',"Vernon asked, while sitting on the couch, eating popcorn, and watching Mary Poppins.
"Don,"Boss said with a scowl, waiting for the old vet to pick up the phone.
"Hello?"a deep voice said.
"Don, this is Boss, and I want some tranquilizers for horses, or whatever you call them."
"How many?"
"About six of them."
"Twenty-five each."
"Fine, see ya'."

Boss hung up, and dialed another number.
"Now I'll call that Curtly fella, and postpone the meeting,"Boss said to himself. Mr. Curtly's secretary answered on the first ring.
"Jason Curtly, Sr.'s office, may I help you?"her cheery voice said.
"May I please speak to Mr. Curtly,"Boss said, trying to sound as cheery as the secretary.
A pause followed his last words, and Mr. Curtly said:"Jason Curtly Sr. speaking."
Boss quickly arranged another meeting for 'The day', and hung up.

To be continued.(I hope.)

Danielle Rose & Dandy
2012-08-02 21:39:12
*~ The World Underground ~*
By Flower

ATTENTION: This is a chapter story, but I will only be posting the first two chapters.

A crescent moon hung low in the sky, circled by thousands of glittering stars glowing brightly in the distance. The air was thick, and filled with the scents of nature and the dry earth, promising a heavy rain later in the night. As the sky began to grow darker with storm clouds, I was swinging open the wide mahogany doors leading into the warm hall of my home. Hanging up my thick black winter coat, I quickly shut the door against the growing winds. "Callista?"

A surprised yet happy yelp sounded from the kitchen. My mother Eva rushed out to scan me over. "Callista Verity Antonia!" Her tone quickly changed to angry, and a feeling of dread washed over me when her hand pointed to the quietly ticking clock attached securely to the wall.

"Its twelve 'o clock at night!" She lowly shouted as to not wake up my younger brother, Jace, who was probably by now fast asleep in his bed. "Where have you been?" My mother demanded, placing a fist on her left hip. I fumbled around in my mind for an excuse to come up with.

How could I tell her I'd been out in the woods trying to find my spirit guide? Sucking in a sharp breath, I remembered my hospital duties. I helped with the hospital patients every now and then to earn service hours for the school I went to, Pierre High. I only helped at the hospital patients, so I didn't get to do much.

My mother snapped her fingers, dragging my attention back to reality. "Oh, the hospital asked me to stay overtime, so I took the offer." She detected the lying tone, and I cursed myself for making it to obvious.

Apparently now oblivious to my brothers presence, Eva drawled her cell phone from her pocket and loudly punched in a number. "Bed." She said, pointing out the time once again. I didn't have school tomorrow, so what was the point? With my stomach rumbling, I dropped my bag and trudged up the stairs, a grim expression set on my face. "Callista?" A sleep voice softly said my name. Turning, Jace stood in his bedroom doorway, rubbing sleepily at his eyes.

Sighing, I leaned against the wall. "Jace, I'm tired." But Jace moved towards me. "Where were you." Ugh. Why did everyone keep asking me that question. "Hospital."

The eight year old Jace smiled. "With the little kids?" His eyes were now bright with enthusiam. When I usually visited the sick childrens' ward, I took Jace along, to cheer the other kids up with his jokes and funny faces.

Yawning, I shook my head no. Jace was surprised. "But you go there everyday." He said simply.

"Yeah, but," I switched the foot I was keeping my weight on. "The childrens ward is across the street, not in the hospital I work in. Besides, I don't have to. I just do it to let the kids' know I'm there for them. Y'know, take them presents?" When would Jace give up?

Finally Jace ruffled his brown hair and started back in his room with a tired yawn. After shutting the door, I slumped onto my bed and sat in total darkness for a bit, before reaching over and feeling for the lamp switch. My hands met something cold, and whatever it was began to glow, then fade.

With my heart skipping maximum beats, my hand finally clasped the light switch, and I flicked it on, setting bolt upright. "What the..." I stopped myself from stepping forward as I stared at the silver jewelry box I hadn't remembered leaving on my nightstand. "Hm."

Swinging my legs over the bed, I clasped the silver box in my hands, the rings, necklaces, and bracelets jingling in unison inside.

The box made a small click as I set it on the hard white wood of my vanity. Staring into the mirror, I shrugged. Nothing exciting happened but the same old boring stuff. My best friend Fabian made things exciting sometimes, but mostly she was focused on work and school. In the summer we always hung out.

Through my mirror, I glared at my reflection that always seemed to make people assume the worst about me. I had odd, peircing sea-green eyes that I hated, because I wanted to fit in and be ordinary like the rest. My dirty blonde hair was straight and flowed neatly over and behind my shoulders, until it reached the middle of my back. My skin was fair, and I wasn't okay with that. Other girls were tan and had dyed their hair.

And at this current moment, I was the only girl who had never been asked out or been kissed before in her life. Even my own best friend had been kissed, and was dating a boy named Felix. Determined to fit in, I was saving up my money for a perm and a nose ring. My bracelets jingled on my arms as I fell back onto my bed, listening intently to the outdoors for some sign of the spirit guide I tried to meet.

Closing my eyes, I enjoyed the peaceful sounds of the night serenity, and the owl in the distance. In the woods I had encountered a screech owl, which had scared the crap out of me when I passed it, and it screamed. I had vowed to hate them my entire life now, and after that.

Snuggling into my warm covers, I buried my face half in the pillow and breathed deeply. The scents in the small satin pouch greeted me. Scents of rosemary, oleander, jasmine, and mint. It was said Indians put this under their pillows, and it brought sweet dreams.

I hadn't had one ill or dark dream since I placed it under my pillow. Nothing came to my mind but serene blackness as I fell into the dream scape of dreams.


Insecurity overwhelmed me when I searched helplessly for something to wear. Shoveling past jeans that were too short and too long, I sighed.

Fabian had invited me out to help her choose a dress to go on a date this upcoming Thursday. No way was I passing up an invitation to be with my best friend on a rainy day. What else could I do? Sit around, staring outside, waiting for the sun to come out. Maybe I could sing the rain, rain, go away song with Jace.

I was starting to guess the new, much anticipated washer wasn't working like it was supposed to, as my hamper full of dirty clothes still sat untouched by my bedroom door. My mother usually came up and took the hamper. Downstairs, I could hear the sounds of metal meeting metal, clanging harshly together.

My stepfathers intentions of putting in the new washer hadn't went well. Irritated, I took the yellow, frilled blouse that was almost the only clean thing in my entire closet. But then again, I would stand out. Opening a drawer on my vanity, my favorite hair extensions came into view. Hot pink, lime green, and fuchsia.
The bright pink jeans clung to the hanger besides the shirt. Slipping into them, I groaned. I looked like a glass of pink lemonade.

Rolling my eyes, I dismissed my appearance, not caring much what I looked like. Swinging around the steps, I swiped my white sweatshirt from the coat rack and opened the door. The freezing morning air came as a shock to me, and I inhaled what little of the bitter air I could. Adjusting to it, I quickly closed the door so as not to let in chilly air to ruin the warmness of the house. I was supposed to walk to a mall, and it was freezing outside.

I was happy I had on my warm sweatshirt as I started down the street, towards the big glass mall.


My heart was beating at a quick pace now. I'd been searching for Fabian for at least an hour. Roaming around the mall by myself, looking dumb without shopping bags was definitely not my thing. Tucking my hands in my sweatshirt pockets. It was twelve 'o clock lunch time, and the mall cafeteria was roaring with shoppers and people just dropping by to grab a bite. Chances of finding Fabian were getting pretty sparse to me.

Discourage was beginning to take over me. Stepping into the cafeteria, I stood on my tiptoes and peered over the crowd, until my eyes landed on a brown head that I recognized. "Fabian!" I hadn't meant to shout, but I did. Pushing my way threw the crowd, I caught her before she started towards the booths at the back, carrying two trays of pizza. A smile was plastered on her face until she spotted me.

Fabian paused, her lips a straight line for a second, before putting on a recognizing smile. "Oh, hey, Callie." 'Callie' was her nickname for me.

Personally, I preferred Callista much better. "Hi," Then I noticed all of the pizza she was carrying. "You eat a lot of pizza." I commented, smiling. Fabian grimaced, shuffling towards the back booths. "Its not all for me. I met some friends from school here, and when you didn't show, I figured you weren't coming, so we all just decided to hang out and shop." My heart dropped when I saw Kelsey, Cleo, Rachael, Vanessa, and Melanie sitting in the booths.

They were the popular girls that always caked themselves with makeup, and the ones that Fabian had said she'd never hang out with. Had she really dusted that over with dirt?

When they saw me, they started giggling and whispering in each others ears. They weren't worth feeling angry over, but I could feel my fists forming into balls behind my back, just waiting to take a swing at one of them. Casually, Vanessa took a swig of her one-hundred calorie juice before leaning across the table.

"Welcome back, Fabi." Her eyes raked over me. As the first most popular girl, she must be the one to criticize people. "Sorry, I don't remember your name." My cheeks flushed with anger. When Fabian didn't tell her, I told her. "Callista? Isn't that a ghetto name?" The triumphant look on Vanessa's face made me even more angrier. I had no idea why, but she always got into my skin. "Callista means beautiful." I corrected, immediately wishing I hadn't said that.

The entire table bust out laughing. In her odd city voice, Rachael cupped her phone in her hands and nodded. "Oh, yeah, definitely one of us." Was that sarcasm I detected?
Turning to Fabian, I watched her suppress her own laugh and felt my heart drop. Even my best friend was starting to agree with them. "I'm going to go home. Good luck with your dress." Managing a smile, I hurried out of the cafeteria. Nobody stopped me, which made me feel even more left out.

Nothing lasted forever, so there was no point in being upset over nearly losing my best friend.
Running my hands up my sleeves, I snuggled deeper into my sweatshirt before stepping out into the cold. Chilly winds meant me, which signaled an upcoming storm.

It would match my day perfectly.

My hair fell in tiny strands around my face as I walked back home with a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Fabian was my only friend. What if she stopped talking to me? What if I had to sit alone at lunch in school? When Fabian started Pierre High over a year ago, she had been down to earth and didn't care much about fashion, gossip magazines, style, or boys.

Now she was all over that stuff. Nobody understood me like Fabian did. Shrugging, I wondered if I should go back to the forest and at least make a second attempt to find my spirit guide. If anything,
finding a guide was what I needed. Someone to befriend me for life. Someone to guide me threw the chaos and ruins I'd have to eventually suffer.

Stopping, I felt a snowflake on my face and glanced up. The sky was gray with the snowstorm. Guessing I'd have enough time to go and come back, I let my hands trace across the smooth, tiny, pocket size leather book I had written the spirit guide instructions for summoning I'd found.

God did I need that guide right now. For her to tell me which path to take when I come to a crossroads in life. A guide to tell me what to choose when so many choices are set in front of me. And when to say yes, and when to say no. Of course I knew eventually it would all fall on my shoulders again one day.
About a thousand paths were open to me at this point, but all I see is caution tape lining each and every corner, warning me to stay out and not enter.

Snuggling deeper into the warmth of my heavy cotton shirt, I neared the river that circled around the small patch of forest. Snow crunched beneath my shoes, getting harder each time I stepped towards the river more. Usually I'd cross the stream with a small paddle boat or find rocks to cross, but today the river was frozen solid.

Debating, I clicked my nails nervously against my cell phone, tucked deep inside my pockets. Should I cross and risk the ice being too thin? Instinctively I reached for a heavy branch and tossed it to the center of the solid stream. It didn't break. Feeling more confident, I placed my right foot on the ice and tested it with part of my weight before fully stepping on.

Sucking in the freezing air, the chilly winds drifting threw the sparse, leafless branches howled around me. Swiping back some stray strands of hair, I reached towards the other side for a heavy branch stretching across the ice. Before I could put another foot in front of me, ice cracked underneath of me.
I didn't, at all, like the sound of that.

Glancing around, I quickly scanned, trying to find a rock to get to, or more land so that I wouldn't be sucked under the waters.

But everything was frozen solid or covered by the ice.
I'd have to take my chances. Moving forward, more ice cracked until finally I felt my feet slip from beneath me, and go numb as they hit the freezing, deep water.

There was no time for screaming as the black, churning water under the translucent ice sucked me in, burying me under the ice. My entire body felt numb, and was being swept away downstream, with no chance of coming back up. Each time my numb hands reached out, all my palms gripped was the icy white surface of the ice. Punching, I didn't have enough strength anymore to break free.

Everything on me felt numb, and my lungs burned for the oxygen I needed badly. Forcing one more time, I was only greeted with pure blackness.


Warmth enveloped me from all sides, and if I hadn't heard the crackling of flames from a warm fire, I could have swore I was dead. Reaching out my open hands, the first thing I grasped was something warm and soft, with the feel of silk and cotton. Letting my eyes slowly slide open, I peered around at the unfamiliar scenery. I was in a cozy log cabin living area, lying on top of a comfortable brown leather couch with a sheepskin draped neatly over the rim.

The bearskin rug in the center of the cherry oak floor sent tiny chills up my spine, but then again, it had a comforting aura surrounding it. Two chairs with a table separating them sat in the left corner, facing a small plasma TV that hung neatly on the wall, blank and playing nothing at the moment.

Centered between two windows with silky cherry red curtains draping on each sides of them was a white stone fireplace with a fire crackling in the hearth. The clear hearth guard allowed no flames to leap out onto the floorboards or the rugs. On top of the fireplace were three golden-framed pictures, centered between two white candles with a carved tree design on them. Inside the pictures, an Alaskan Malamute was framed, centered in the dusty white snow.

Each picture held the same dog, always with that happy expression. But no owner was taken with the dog. Then I realized in order to have gotten here, someone must have taken me here. Clutching the silk sheet that had been tossed on me, I realized I didn't have my soaked sweater on anymore.

Finding it in the corner, I gently tossed back the sheets and let my bare feet touch the warm cherry-colored floorboards. Another thing I didn't have were my shoes and socks; they lyed next to my sweatshirt in the corner by the fireplace. Stopping next to the fire, I enjoyed the warmth for a moment before tracing my pale white fingers across the floral-designed frames.

The golden frame felt hard and cool against my fingers despite the warmth in the air made by the crackling fire. Withdrawing my fingers from the cool surface, I took the picture in my hands and stared at the dog. It reminded me of Farris, my last husky whom ran away when I was younger.

Since then I hadn't had a dog. I had been too afraid it would run away, get lost, or get hit, and depress me all over again. Poor Farris. Hugging the picture close, I sat down on the rug with it and stared into the gentle flames, caressing the sides of the fireplace.

The sound of a creaking floorboard made me realize the feeling I was being watched. Warily, I lowered the framed photo and peered behind me, strands of still wet hair clinging to the sides of my face. I knew I must look a mess. When I turned, a pair of blue eyes gazed at me coldly.
His eyes didn't match the cabins warmness. His tan skin and brown hair made him look mysterious. I hadn't seem him anywhere before. For all I know, he could be a killer living in the middle of nowhere, hiding from the police. I could be his next victim.

Just because his facial features looked way too good for him to be bad, that didn't mean anything. Most people did look way too good to be bad. Thats how they lured victims in. Clutching the picture close to my chest, I rose slowly to my feet and started backing away.

His eyes never left me; still cold and emotionless. Or he was really good at hiding things he was feeling. But his eyes ventured down to the photograph, and he looked oddly startled, before glancing back up at me again, eyes narrowing. Was that a good or bad thing? Definitely bad. His tall figure started towards me, his feet hitting the floor with low thumps as he moved cautiously, but dangerously, towards me. My back hit the hard, cold surface of the window, and I could almost feel the falling snow spreading threw my bones as I realized I had cornered myself.

My eyes started to water. What about my family? What about Jace? Jace wouldn't know what to do without me. And the little kids at the hospital always said I was their only excitement because I brought in new things and acted out things for their amusement.

I guessed they would have to deal without me. Soon the strange boys figure loomed directly over me, at least three inches taller then me.
The picture in my hands was starting to grow hot with the tension that surrounded the two of us. I could tell he didn't like me; by the way his eyes lingered menacingly, unemotionally, on my face. I closed my eyes and held tightly to the photo. I had never had a real photo of Farris, and this seemed identical to my long lost dog.

His breath was steady and sweet each time he stepped closer. "Why are you still holding that?" A voice sounded; husky and soft.

Shaking, I could only push out a few words. "P...Please don't... Hurt me?" It came out as more of a question, but I tucked the picture closer to my chest.

As if feeling my cornered feeling, he backed away from me and started walking out of the living area. "Just leave." His voice sounded again, full of regret. "I can't... I don't even know where I am. How did I get here?" My voice made him stop and reach for the wall to touch something I couldn't see from my spot.

"Please just help me get home..." It was already dark outside, and the snow was falling heavily. I could even hear the rustling winds beating forcefully against the cabin. He turned around and stared at me threw narrowed, slitted eyes. "I shouldn't have helped you." This hurt me. "You would just..." I swallowed, forcing down a shout. "Let me die?" At this point, I didn't know why I had been so stupid as to go and try to walk over ice I didn't know was thick enough. Impertinently he motioned for the couch.

Instinctively I sat down, not trusting him. "Let go of my picture." He demanded. Dropping the picture on the couch, I hadn't realized I'd still been clutching on to it like my life depended on it. Brusquely he swiped up the photo and placed it back just as it had been.

Color began creeping into my cheeks as he sat on the floor, mumbling something I couldn't understand under his breath. "What were you walking across thin ice for?"
The demand in his voice startled me, and I tried to find the right words. Finally, I just said, "Because I thought it was thick enough."

He thumbed threw pictures of Pierre, South Dakota. They all were images of the town and near forests and meadows that looked as if they had been taken from above, by someone in a helicopter. "Did you take those?" I asked him, attempting to make a friendly conversation.

When he didn't answer, I ducked my head and fumbled with the diamond bracelet on my wrist, determined to look as dumb as I could so I wouldn't embarrass myself anymore by talking to a boy who wouldn't answer. "Your here." His pointer finger slammed down on a small patch of forest near the same forest I always called my secret forest.

Letting out the air I had been holding from anticipation, I was glad I was near home.
But the snow was still blowing outside, and I knew I would be completely snow blind. But if I got out of here, I would be happy with myself. Glancing over in the corner, I knew going outside with a wet sweater would be dangerous, and boost my chances of catching pneumonia, but I would try.
Home seemed far off, but I yearned for my nice, warm bed, and the presence of Jace, my mother, and my stepfather. "Where are you from?" His voice startled me all over again. Letting my feet find the floor, I stood. "Pierre. Thanks for your help."

Swiping up my sweatshirt, I stole my phone from my pocket and sucked in a sharp breath of air. The screen was cracked, and it wouldn't come on. Opening up the back of the phone, a small pool of water flooded onto my sweater from the battery and wires. Great. At least I still had the warranty.
Stowing away the no longer working phone, I picked up my ringing wet sweater and slipped into my black Converse shoes. Putting my wet socks in my pocket besides my dead phone, I headed towards the door.

I could feel the unknown boys eyes burning my back, which made me seethe with anger and gratefulness. If it wasn't for him, I could be dead right now, drowned. But then again he had been so rude to me. Forgetting about the identical picture of Farris, I reached for the doorknob and twisted it. Once open, a freezing gust of wind blew in at me, carrying ice-cold snow.

My face flushed red with the remaining warmth as I stepped out into the snow, my shoes not helping to warm my already cold toes.

The dripping wet sweatshirt made me shiver more, and I could already feel the cold taking over my body. The chances of catching hypothermia was higher then my life expectancy. Gripping both arms, I struggled to warm myself as I headed back for town.

My own teeth chattering was all I could hear against the howling of the wind. Nor could I see threw the dense white fog from the snow that hung everywhere, billowing around me. No moon shone in the sky, and no stars were out to comfort me.

Just then I felt a hand around my arm, twisting me back the way I had come. Fighting against the unbreakable strength of someones hand, I kept struggling to pull out of the grasp until I felt weak; too weak. "Just trust me." A husky voice said over the noisy winds.

Again, the warmly lit log cabin came into view again, the smoke drifting lazily from the chimney, being blown away by the wind. Comfort and warmth enveloped my entire body when I saw the same boy that had been so rude to me just a few minutes ago.
Now he was at least trying to save me from catching something. All he was dressed in was the same black T-shirt and blue jeans; no coat or gloves to shield him from the winds. I knew he must be freezing out here.

The door gave way with a creak, and he let me go and slammed the door behind me. Slumping against the wall, I ripped off the sweatshirt and tossed it to the ground, still shaking from the bitter cold. Tossing off my shoes, I let them fall on top of the sweatshirt.
"Why would you come after me? Your not dressed for that weather."
I could tell by his movements to get warm that he was extremely cold, and I felt a twinge of sorrow for him. What was a teenager probably a year older then me doing, living by himself, in a small patch of wood, anyway?

My teeth slowly stopped chattering as I knelt in front of the fireplace, the scorchingly hot flames feeling good now. "Because if you dropped from hypothermia near my cabin, and died, possibly, they would think it was me." There seemed to be more truth behind those words then he let out.

Every word he had spoken had been a cover up for what he was really trying to say. He was lonely, and needed a friend to talk to.

By the look in his eyes, I could tell he was really all alone, and someone he lived with wasn't working tonight. "Why do you live out here all alone?" His eyes pierced me and sent a shiver up my spine. "It seems like everything you say is always a question."

Turning his back on me, he shuffled out of the room and into a hall. Staying in my position, I realized pretty much everything I had said that night had been, or turned into, a question. If it was anyone else, they would have been amused. But not him.

He could at least tell me his name. "I'm sorry." I apologized when I heard his footsteps come back into the room. I could tell me his speaking he was a strong person who never let his barriers down. Maybe he was nice behind those barriers. "Its fine." A feeling of confidence surged threw me when the acceptance words flowed from him. "Aero." The words flowed softly from between his parted lips as he moved towards the couch.

"What?" Startled, I glanced up. What was he saying arrow for? "Thats my name." He glanced down at me, leaning against the fireplace wall. "But its not pronounced as an arrow. The other version." He jotted something down on a notepad and handed it over to me.

Taking it, I read it. 'Aero' was scribed in cursive pen writing on the tablet. "I like how your name is spelled." He seemed to be very upset about how it was spelled. Yet he still didn't smile at my compliment. I really did like how his name was spelled; it was unique and sort of unheard of; like my name.

"I'm Callista Verity Antonia." My entire full name slipped out, and I hadn't meant to reveal that much name to a person I probably would never see again. "Callista." I added hurriedly, before he had the chance to take advantage of calling me Callista Verity.

Aero glanced up. "Thats the oddest name I've ever heard."
Offended, I pointed out 'Callista' meant beautiful, and Verity meant truth. Beautiful truth. Raising an eyebrow, Aero still didn't smile. "Aero refers to wind, I guess."

Giving a small chuckle, I immediately stopped when he shot me a warning look. "Do you ever smile?" I asked shyly as he stretched his arm to fix a distorted pillow that I had rested my head on only minutes earlier.

"Do you ever stop asking questions?" Aero asked impolitely, clearly showing no signs of opening up.
Letting my head fall, I tucked strands of hair behind my ears and stared at my palms, fumbling with my fingers. "Sorry." The apology came out as somewhat of a sigh. Instead of saying its okay, I just continued staring at my lap. At my jeans that were still damp, but beginning to dry. He sighed once again.

I was hoping if I remained quiet and still, as if hurt, he would start saying things, but he wasn't. My trap of getting answers from him wasn't working. "So can you take me home?" When I peered up from under my veil of auburn hair, I could have swore a hurt look had crossed his face, but been instantly hidden.

Aero gestured towards the window, the TV remote clasped in his strong palm. "Are you blind? Its a snowstorm out there. I'm not freezing my butt off for you." My cheeks flushed red with anger. "Can't you drive?"

"Sure, but I don't have a truck or a car. And I don't think a cab is coming to a place with no roads."

"Then why do you live clear out in the middle of nowhere?"

I instantly regretted my question. Aero stood up and left the room quicker then I would have thought. I hadn't known this guy for more then thirty minutes, and already we were starting off on the wrong foot. But I refused to say sorry. It was his fault for being so rude in the first place.

Coughing, I realized I must be starting with a cold from being underneath the ice and in the freezing water. Now I could hope it wouldn't turn into pneumonia. An odd urge to pick up the remote and turn the TV on overtook me. Well, Aero wasn't probably coming out too soon.

Warm and content but with a rumbling, empty stomach, I clasped the remote in my hand and rose to my feet, enjoying the sudden warmth of the fire as I moved past it towards the couch that gave me a decent view of the plasma flat screen, mounted perfectly on the left wall of the room. Pausing to peer out of the window, I let the drapes down from their hooks, letting them cover the windows. Might as well make it roomy for a night. Tomorrow I would be heading home.

If my phone still worked, I'd call my parents and brother and let them know I was safe and would be home. But they would have to worry about me for a night. The police couldn't do anything for forty-eight hours anyway. Worry flooded me as I thought about my parents trudging in the snow, freezing, and worrying about finding me.

I couldn't bear them all being sick just for me, when I was safe in a cabin with a person I barely knew. Okay, not so safe. The thoughts of my mom being at work tonight, working late in the police office. My stepfather would be home. Hopefully they would think I was up in bed, and wouldn't bother to disturb me and check up on me. Weary, I flipped off the light switch and crawled onto the couch. I hadn't realized how tired I was until my head hit the pillow. The sounds of the childish, comforting cartoon I had flipped on faded away as I fell into a deep, much anticipated sleep.


The next morning I was burrowed under the blanket, the noises of the television no longer audible. Blinking against the dim sunlight, I stretched out an arm to feel where I was. I wasn't home. Sitting bolt upright, I glanced around, alarmed. This wasn't my bedroom.

Then the memories from yesterday flooded my mind, and with a comforted feeling, I laid back down, crossing my arms over my chest and the blankets piled on me. I noticed the fireplace wasn't sparkling enchantingly with flames like it had been when I had fallen asleep last night. And no noises sounded in the house. Glancing around for a clock, I couldn't find one. Tossing back the covers, I noticed my jeans were dry and so was my shirt.

Crossing over the living room boundaries, I stepped into a dimly lit hallway, only lit by small lamps hung on the wall.

Shivering from the cool of the hall, I continued a small length until a space where a door should have been came into view. Inside the opening, the same floorboards were there, but a new smell greeted me. My stomach rumbled hungrily as the smell of eggs drifted towards me. The small egg splayed on a plate resting on the table top looked invitingly good.

So did the mug of hot cocoa steaming besides it. Not caring whos breakfast it was, I stumbled into the warm kitchen and sat down. After a few minutes, both the egg and the mug of cocoa was gone, and I was wiping away a chocolate mustache. Full, I stood up, pushed in the chair, and took the dirty dishes to the counter, lying them next to the sink. No dishwasher? It figures for a guy living in the woods with no one over the age of eighteen to be his guardian. Wasn't it illegal to live alone at that age? Maybe thats why he lived all the way near the mountains.

Maybe I would go to the police. After all, he could be snowed in. His safety remained important to me, and it would be important to anyone who cared about people.

Gripping the cupboard knob, I opened it. Only a box of cereal and some cartons of dessert food rested on the wooden shelves. Inside the fridge was near blank too, with only five small pints of milk, one carton of eggs that was near empty, three pints of orange juice, and some feta cheese sat atop the shelves. How did he stay alive? Closing the fridge, I noted the clock hanging on the wall, next to a picture of some apples.

The clock read nine thirty. Shuffling from the kitchen, I explored some more. I found two bedrooms. The first I took as Aero's, as it was decorated with posters of singers and skateboarders. But pink and black sheets was odd. The next bedroom was more old-fashioned, with a few pictures hanging on the wall.

The first I found the girl grasping Aero's neck. Both Aero and the girl were laughing. That was the first smile I'd seen on Aero's face, but this was photograph-wise. Maybe it was Aero's girlfriend? Shrugging it off, I continued glancing around at the pictures, until I stumbled across the same girl, but this time she looked hauntingly beautiful. A famous photographer had to have captured this. It was beautiful.
Her deep, scarlet red hair was straight and untouched by the wind on the left, but the right was flowing gently, carried by a small, humble breeze. The girls greenish-blue
eyes nearly sparkled, and her cream-colored partly gloved hand rested gently, holding her face.
She looked as to be wearing only a small portion of mascara and tints of orange lipstick. Everything around her except for her face, hands, and hair seemed to be blurred.

It was odd to find such a superstar-like picture hanging on someones wall.

Letting my fingers touch the cool wall, I studied the picture. I was definitely asking Aero who she was. Finding my sweatshirt that was dried, I slipped into it and into my shoes after putting on my soft pink socks. After tying my laces, I put up my hood and twisted the door knob. No snow was falling, but there was at least seven inches of snow lay on the ground. Closing the door, I stuffed my hands that were starting to grow chilly in my pockets and examined the ground. Footprints leading from the small, snow-covered steps alerted me as to where Aero had went.

I found him sitting quietly in the snow, dressed in a black leather coat that I was sure sheilded him well from the cold breezes, and dark black combat jeans. He was clothed in black combat boots that matched the rest of his army appearance. "Are you in the army?" I asked as I approached him.

As if he didn't want to hear my voice or talk, he clenched his jaw and gritted his teeth. "Thats for me to know." His response was bitter and full of resentment, as if the answer to the question he truly hated. "I'm going home."


"Thanks for letting me stay."

"It was a huge problem." My cheeks flushed red and I turned, walking away at a pace faster then I imagined.

If anything, I would be back to check up here, and make sure he didn't do anything too overrated. And possibly stock up his fridge and cabinets. He would never know who did it. I would take pleasure in leaving him a mystery note. Something to think about.

In another twenty minutes I was back on the street of my house. Picking out the forest green house, I marveled at the cream colored front French doors, and yearned for the warmness of inside. Sure, we didn't have a fireplace. But it was still comforting to know you were in a place you wanted; you belonged.

When I pushed the golden handle down, the door snapped open for me. Stepping in, warm, delicious smells of a pumpkin pie drifted from the kitchen, followed by smells of chamomile tea, and the mixture of mint my mother usually added in for extra flavor.

Dropping my sweatshirt to the floor, I slipped from my shoes and ran into the kitchen, expecting to find my mother. Nobody. Checking the living room, I found nobody. After checking all the rooms, I had convinced myself the house was desolate and empty.

How could no one be home, waiting for me? I honestly wouldn't think they all would go down to the police station and file a missing report with the door unlocked, a pie in the oven, and all the lights on. They surely wouldn't leave Jace home alone, either.
Suddenly it hit me. Skipping stairs, I headed for the basement and pressed my ear against the wooden door. Someone was definitely down there. Swinging open the
door, I raced down the steps. "Mom?" It was Rick, my stepfather. "Oh, Rick." Still, he seemed surprised and relieved to see me. "Callista!"

Dropping his wrench, he left the dryer's side and raced over to me, wrapping his arms around me. "Where have you been?" His tone was harsh, but I could hear the relief toned in his words. "... I fell in the river when I tried to cross it, and someone rescued me. The snowstorm was a complete whiteout, so I stayed there the night.

“Don't worry, I was fine." Rick nodded and kissed my forehead.

Since I was six years old, Rick had been nothing but like a real father to me. My real father had been killed in the military, and I always thought Rick had been put on earth as his blessing to our family; a good attempt to replace him. Smiling, I stepped back. "Wheres mama and Jace?"

Scratching the back of his neck, Rick dropped to his knee's again and continued with his work. "Eva is grocery shopping, and Jace is with your grandma." That gave me time to break my bank, get out money, and restock Aero's isolated shelves. "I'm going over to Fabian's." My lie covered pretty well, since I was a terrible liar, and my tone of voice usually gave me away. I hated lying. When my first footstep hit the stairs, Ricks voice stopped me. "Hey, Cal?"

Turning, I saw him doing his infamous half-grin at me. "Take a bath first. Get off that river water." Smiling, I nodded. "Sure."

Vanishing up the stairs, I closed the door behind me and headed upstairs for a brief shower and to toss on some new, fresh clothes.

After I had showered and blow-dried my hair, I was breathing in the fabric freshener of my clothes I had put on. The coat I was slipping into smelled of the lilacs and warm, summer meadow breezes that my mother usually dried the clothes with. Comforted by the scents, I took a precaution and slipped into my warm tan snow boots that sat untouched in the corner, waiting for the presence of being worn.

They felt soft and snug against my feet, and I opened the door, welcoming the cold. Today I was dressed just for the weather. Upstairs I had used a small hammer to break my old rabbit bank. It had shattered to pieces. But green twenty dollar bills and change had poured out of the heart.

Clutching my small wallet of cash, I squeezed into an alleyway and made my way towards the grocery store, taking Main Street towards the local mini-mart where I was confident and sure my mom wouldn't be shopping. Opening the doors, the rush of warm air flushed the color back into my face and hands.

I grimaced at the young cashier, who seemed to be letting his eyes linger over my body. I wanted to tell him my face was up here, not down on my legs or thighs.

Ducking behind a shelf, I grabbed a blue basket and plucked a tag that had been caught in the small square hole off before scanning the shelves. Finding basic, everyday food items, I put two cartons of milk, a dozen of eggs, two loaves of bread, some broccoli, and a few more cold items. For dry foods I chose a few boxes of macaroni, a can of spaghetti sauce, spaghetti noodles, some cans of soup, and a few other items like cereal and a bag of potatoes.

After checking everything over to make sure I had gotten everything I had put on my list and added up, I checked off each food item mentally. Happy with myself, I set the basket upon the check-out cabinet. "How are you today?" The boys German accent took me by surprise. What was a boy from Germany
doing in South Dakota? "I'm fine, thanks for asking." This time his eyes lingered on my face, relieving me of his constant studying.

When the last item was rang off as paid for, I took all the bags in my hands, starting to be weighed down by the weight of the cans and cartons. The cashier seemed to sense my extra poundage, and offered me the blue basket. "Here, take this," Pushing it towards me, I gratefully shoved all the bags back into it once again and stepped back, gripping the handles.

"Trust me, I'll bring it back." After receiving a friendly, polite smile from the boy, I hauled the small load outside and started up the snowy hills just behind the mart. The sky was grey and dimming with another upcoming snowstorm. Increasing my pace, I paid little attention to the excess weight.

After a few minutes the snowy meadow came into view. With the near-noon sun high in the sky, the meadow looked gorgeous under the pale yellow light. But the sun did nothing to melt the snow, being half hidden behind the gray snow clouds. Drawing nearer to the cabin, I noticed smoke coming from the chimney. He was home. Giving a deep sigh, I decided I could freeze in the cold or sneak inside. Waiting for him to go to bed would be hopeless. Glancing in the window, I saw him lying on the couch, his chest rising and falling.

Good. He was asleep. With a feeling of triumph, I tested the knob, twisting it. When it didn't twist, I pulled out the bobby pin I had brought as an in-case.
Pushing the pin into the lock, I was satisfied when I heard the faint, small click of the previously locked door. As quietly as I could, I pushed open the squeaking door and vowed to someday oil the hinges. Adrenaline pulsed threw my veins as I took the first wary step into the cabin, being as quiet as possible. Closing the door, I slipped out of my snow boots and made my way past the sleeping Aero.

Stepping on a squeaky floorboard, I cursed as Aero slowly roused. Before long I heard his quiet, sound breathing once again and knew he was asleep. Crossing into the hall, I found the kitchen once again.

Setting down the basket, I opened the fridge and stocked up the eggs, milk, bacon, and microwavable foods onto the clear shelves, one by one. Happy with the way I had organized the foods and drinks, I carefully placed the orange juice and apple juice side by side besides the milk.

Closing the fridge door, I moved on to the cabinets and pulled out the boxes of cereal, stacking them side by side while standing on my tip-toes to reach the top. By the cereal I put the unhealthy pop-tarts I had chosen especially for his snacking pleasure. Removing the bags of sour cream and onion, cheddar cheese, and plain potato chips, I placed them on the shelf below the one the cereal and pop-tarts were resting on.

Followed by the chips, went healthy food. Three cans of corn, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, the macaroni, and of course the wheat thins.

Placing a box of cookies next to the potato chips, I gently closed the cabinets. Digging my hands in my coat pockets, my hand came in contact with the pen and sheet of notebook paper I had brang with me in order to write the mysterious note.
Letting my mind and hands do the work, I simply wrote, "Hope you enjoy everything I've gotten for you." before pulling back and placing the note on the center of the tabletop. When I turned, I saw Aero standing in the doorway, his posture menacing and cold.

Brusquely he ran his hands over the doorframe, eyes still attached to me. But his eyes flashed with something of a thank you before returning to their usual cold. My heart skipped a million beats, I would guess, from the fear of what he might do or say to me.

But he simply glanced at the note and shifted his weight. "How did you get in here?" Raising a shaky bobby pin, I'd guessed that he took my answer. If he hadn't been so serious and stone cold, I swore he would have smiled. "Stupid and smart." Aero shoved past me and stood protectively near the cabinets and fridge. "No ones ever tried to be friends with me."

"I'm not trying to be friends with you." I snapped, not meaning to stretch out the word you. I immediately felt bad. Instead of seeing menace in his eyes, I saw hurt. Aero turned quickly, and I could see he was trying to hide it. "I don't blame you. You can go now."

He started towards the kitchen door leading outside, but I grabbed his arm, not meaning to make physical contact. "Are you always this way?" My questions didn't need answers, but I felt like I needed them. "Let go of me." Aero protested threw clenched teeth. "No."

"Why can't you drop it, and leave me alone?"

"Because I'm a stupid spoiled little brat." I spat out, my own voice rasied, but full of softness. "I didn't say that." Aero bit back using verbal words. "Well, you didn't have to." My response came quickly.

Aero slumped against the wall, shaking his head. "The only reason I think that is because you have a way better life then me, and you could get anything you want, anytime you want. Thats not true for me." The words that gushed from between Aero's lips touched my heart, and I instantly felt sympathy for him.

Releasing my feelings of anger, I stepped back and balanced against the table. "What do you mean?" I asked him calmly, putting as much effort in my words as possible. "Maybe its just best for you to leave. I've said way too much already." Feeling he regretted his words, I watched him open the door for me. Finding my shoes, I took his offer. "Sorry again." Having a feeling he didn't hear my apology, I swiped up the blue basket and slipped out the door.

After my first step out, the door instantly slammed behind me. Hearing the click of the lock, I sighed and stepped down. He didn't seem to be much of a friendly person, no matter how much I tried.

With mixed feelings I didn't understand myself, I felt like I had portrayed a social worker in questioning him.

Aero's life was none of my business, but I wanted to befriend him and make his life better. He seemed so crushed and unfriendly; like the world had turned its back on him. But I knew otherwise, and I was determined to prove him as a worthy, friendly person.


flowergunner & Black Lantern
2012-08-06 20:03:58
by hananlinzy

A jet-black Thoroughbred stallion galloped along the side of the ocean, racing with the wind, and apparently Lora Salvester jumped a little at the sound her old teacher's voice. She peeked up, peering through her auburn hair with a little groan. "Lora?" she said, in her grouchy voice. "Would you like to explain the respiratory system to us?" "Uh, no, not really." She replied, blushing when her classmates giggled. "If you do not listen in class, you should not even be here!" Fanny Genteel, who was also known as the teacher's pet, agreed with a smirk.

hananlinzy & Emmy
2012-08-17 19:53:23
That inseperibal love
by missladypotter

One night two drunk brothers were going home one of them threw there cigarette out the window of the car. By unfortunate luck a truck had a petrol leak right in that spot it immediately set fire. But by then the the two brothers had speeded of into the night. It spread quickly devouring anything in its path. Soon it reached a horse farm were it set fire to the the wood barn which spread onto the horse shed. The owner was awoken by desperate calls from the horses he quickly got all the horses out apart from one unlucky foal. His mother called out to him in desperate worry but the owner could do nothing. But the mare had other ideas she reared up pulling the rope from the her owners hands she galloped into the barn. She did not reappear. The fire brigade put the fire out they went into search the building for any life “Mr. Smith you have to see this” shouted one of the firemen Mr. Smith hurried into the building to see what the fireman wanted “Oh my goodness” said Mr. Smith. There huddled in the corner was the mare and foal save and sound.

missladypotter & Monkey puzzle
2012-08-19 15:08:19
Samantha gets a horse. THE END
buddy09 & Pegasus
2012-08-22 16:22:02
Maggie's Strength
by Maid Mairain

"Mumma NO!" wailed Maggie Cooper, tears streaming down her face, like waterfalls, glinting in the sunrise, "No Mumma! You can't die like this! You can't leave me all alone! Mumma! No. Please don't die! You have to stay alive, you have to help me reach Idaho Mumma! Please! You have to live! You just have to!"

Mrs. Cooper raised herself up on the bed in the wagon and spoke in a broken, raspy voice. "Listen...to.... me, Maggie. You- you've got... sense. Follow-" Mrs. Cooper sank back down, breathing in loud labored breaths, punctuated by coughs. For a moment she rested and then raised herself back up. "Propmeup." She spoke quickly, running the words together, for she could only say a little bit without going into a spasm of coughing.

Maggie helped her mother lean against the boards below the canvas by the bottom of the wagonbed and maneuvered some blankets and pillows to help her mother be as comfortable as she could be.

Mrs. Cooper finished her sentence she had started. "Follow- follow your......instincts. There's a good......g---i--rl." Mrs. Cooper sighed, and fell into a deep sleep, a sleep from which she would never wake.

"MUMMA! NO! Why? Why? Oh Mumma!" All the tears she had held back for the long five days that her mother had been sick came out now, in torrents. Her tears were raging rivers, trying to wash away the hurt and sadness of the last month. "Why God? Why?" Maggie screamed. But then she remembered, the month before, looking at her Father's grave marked by a cross.....

"Mumma, why did God let this happened? I hate him for letting it happen! I- I- Oh Mumma!" Maggie had cried a month ago, oh how long did it seem now since her Father's death. She had hugged her mother for what seemed like an hour. Finally her mother spoke, and you could tell that she too had been crying.

"Honey, That's the wrong thing to think. Don't get angry at the one thing in the whole universe that can help you. It is man's own sin that makes him die, not God. God is the one who saves people. You know honey, of course you know, Papa has no more pain. He's in Heaven now. He's with Jesus. Be happy for him." Mrs. Cooper hugged Maggie hard, "Oh sweetie, I know you miss him. I do too, but I go to God, and he takes away my sorrows. You do the same girly. You do the same." They had cried and prayed and cried together for the rest of the day.

Now Maggie was sitting in the wagon and those words came back to her. She picked up her mother's hand and kissed it. "I won't forget Mama. I'll go to Jesus. He'll be my Strength. He'll be my Rock. He'll be my Refuge in a time of trouble. Maggie ran out of the wagon and hugged the old Wagon horse, Nell, and cried herself out. Then She led Nell and Bess to the stream and took a long drink.

Maggie dug her mother a grave, for she was strong for her twelve years, and buried her mother. It was, perhaps,the saddest experience in her life, but it could have been much sadder, for she kept her promise. She went to Jesus. He was her strength when she dug the grave, He was her rock when she looked at her mothers sweet, happy face for the last time. He was her Refuge for the many trialing times to come.

This sorrowful story will be continued next month, and who knows, it may get better or it may get worse, but Maggie will always trust in Jesus, that I know.

Maid Mairain & Dawn Rising
2012-08-23 21:19:02
The Chariots

Lana looked up into the sky, there wasn't a cloud in sight and the sunshine was hot, streaming down in rays of yellow and ultra violet. Her long blonde hair was tied up in a messy bun, long strands hung losely by her face, framing her pretty features. She wore a loose blue top with a silver stallion printed on it with the words 'Free Spirit' written beside it. Her shorts had tiny hoof prints all along the pockets and her shoes had a little horse galloping along the side. she was very diffrent to everyone in her class. While they wore mini skirts and high heels to special outings with the school she just stayed with her usual look, pony mad. Thye were visiting the roman museum, it was a long way from her school so everyone was tired from the long road trip. All except for Lana, she had a skip in her step and a smile of her face becuase today she was sure to see the chariots. All she ever thought about was horses, she did all her projects on horses, her room was full of everything horsey and all her clothes had at least a single thing with a horse on. Today she was especially excited, she was going to take photographs of all the sculptures and pictures of horses in the museum. As the class filed out of the buses groans and mutters started to come from some of the more less enthusiastic children at their destination. They all followed their year tutor, Mrs Fern. She was a short woman but she could be very stern and half the students were scared of her. Half way through the long corridors of the building she started to talk about what they were going to do that day.

She started off by telling them the scedule and that the bus driver had asked them to not to leave their rubbish under the seats or spread too many crumbs when it came to lunch time. It started to get boring, even for Lana, but then they finally arrived at the center of the building. There was a small gift shop selling cheezy toys and small plastic figures of roman soldiers. A tall thin lady walked out infront of the children and asked them to come into the introductory room. the children were seated; then a large screen scrolled down form the ceiling. A video of a roman chariot and four black horses started playing. A flame haired lady shouts for them to go faster, the horses gallop at a great speed, pulling the lady along as if there is no weight there at all. A voice strikes from the audio talking about the lady. Lana didn't care at all, she was watching the horses too hard, they had the most beautiful faces and their striding was imaculate. Sheets were passed around about what was being told on the audio but Lana hadn't heard a thing. All she had watched was the chariot horses, thye were so fast, so alive. The day passed quickly but Lana didn't care for Roman homes or the native people's struggles against the empire.

She looked for the coins with horses on, there were hipposandals and scriptures about man's relationship with horses. But the best was a large statue of two horses and a chariot with the flame haired lady controling them. The statue gleamed of copper but a few small points had rusted slightly. It looked like the black horses from the video really had exsisted in real life. everyoen filled in their sheets but Lana took lots of pictures of the horsey things she could find. It was nearly time to go before Lana realised that she had nearly no time left. She dashed round to fill in all the answers but at the end she returned to the great statue and looked at the horses for the last time. She handed in her sheet at the end of the day but she couldn't stop thinking about the horses. On the way back she fell asleep against the window and dreamed of the two horses galloping around in her own garden. She knew they would never be there but next door had some land and it was for sale too.

When she returned home she was that there was already moving into next door, her hopes were gone but her dream wasn't. As her mother tucked her up in bed that night she heard the sound of horses. Tree horses called to each other and galloped about somewhere. As soon as her mother stepped out of her room she crawled out of bed and peeked throught he curtains to try to find the horses. What she saw was the best thing that could have ever happened, a little girl who looked around her age, 8, was standing by a field next door with tow black horses and a diamond white pony playing around next door. The little girl looked up at her bedroom window and Lana opened the curtains wider. she waved politely to the little girl and the little girl waved back, jumping up and down. Lana smiled, she knew that she was going to have a lot of fun with a new horsey friend.
To Be Continued.


TGG & Dekka
2012-08-24 19:03:15
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