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*********Bubbling Springs Equestrian Center*********
You drive up the long beautiful dusty driveway and over the wooden bridge. You see pastures full of different sized horses and ponies, every color you can imagine. On the plaque it says: WELCOME TO THE STABLE

*********Bubbling Springs Equestrian Center*********

You drive up the long beautiful dusty driveway and over the wooden bridge. You see pastures full of different sized horses and ponies, every color you can imagine. Roans, Paints, Appaloosas, dappled Horses, plain colored horses.Then you come upon the stable, designed for easy use of people and comfortable use for our Equine friends. a cute pony sticks it's head out of a wind ow in th stable and whinnies at you. The you drive into the yard and see it.

A beautiful bronze statue of a rearing horse. One of many such surprizes advertized by Bubbling Springs. On the plaque below the horse on the stand, it says: WELCOME TO THE STABLE

Hello and welcome to my club!

If you would like to join, can you fill out this form? Just fill out a human, a horse will be provided.


There are three levels of riding.

1. Walk
2. Trot
3. Canter
4. Gallop
5. Jump

There are many school ponies, these will be posted later. More are added all the time.
This club encourages Creative Writing. Shows are judged on your writing ability, as is your level of riding. You are given Job Dollars (which you can use to help buy new school horses) if you write out a paragraph explaining how you do the job. Tips are given to help you improve your skills. If you don't like educational stuff, that's fine because you won't even know that you're learning, it will be so fun!
I'll also try to post a map on Wiggins Weekly, and if we all chip in, I'll have a person who I believe has expertice make a saddle pad for our club, and maybe a painting or advertizing plaque as well.
There are two rules. Be nice, and above all, HAVE FUN!

I hope to see you around the stables soon!

- Anna

horses1002 & Diego
2013-05-09 03:29:28
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 440071
Jane Crandal & JB
2012-08-22 22:22:33
Name: Gemma Lynn Smith (Gemma, Gem, Lynn)
Gender: Girl
Age: 16
Personality: RPO
Talents: Jumping, calming horses, training horses
Hair: Jet Black with dyed Ice Blue Tips, Side swept bangs, long, scene hair cut
Eyes: Ice Blue
Height: 5'9

ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-08-23 22:23:03
Personality:kind, funny, shy, crazy when around good friends
Talents:barle racing, playing the volin, and singing
Hair:brown, shoulder lenth, with naturel hilights, usaly up in a low ponytail of french braid
Height:5ft 6in (not an exaration. this is my true hight, give or take a centameter)

pp2 & Finnigan
2012-08-23 22:23:03

Talents:Everything Horse,swimming
Hair:Blonde with a little brown
Eyes:water blue
Height:5ft 2in

Riding Level:Jump

ilovesunny & Thunder
2012-08-28 18:23:53
Name: Chelsea Ally
Gender: Female
Age: 13, almost 14
Personality: Sweet and kind, puts her horse(s) before everything else.
Talents: Working with horses, understanding them
Hair: Blond to lower back, worn in a braid or a ponytail
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'2"

chelsea2 & Irish
2012-08-29 23:39:39
May I join?! This club sounds fun!

Name:Lena(pronounced "Leena")
Personality:Timid, and very laid back. Is often the "Odd Sock" in a group. She very clumsy, and used to being made fun of, so she is really surprised when the others don't tease her. Her real mother died when she was 2, and she treats Susan like a mother.
Talents:She has been riding for 2 months, and is learning the sport fast with a natural seat, but she is still very clumsy on a horses back.
Hair:Strawberry blond
Eyes:Deep green

That good?

Danielle Rose & Dandy
2012-09-03 21:36:01
Check out the map in the September Pony Pals Magazine!


Beautiful artwork by Maid Mairain

msjane & AE
2012-09-04 02:08:03
Hey! You stole my name for a school horse :P Now I have to do another

Name: Kierra Nala Smith (not my real name)
Gender: Girl
Age: 14
Personality: RPO
Talents: Western Riding, but is a good jumper and horse trainer
Hair: Jet black long and straight with side swept bangs in the Scene style 'Extra Long Shag with Bangs'
Eyes: Bright Green (No contacts)
Height: 5'10

ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-09-04 12:30:42
How tall is Champ
ilovesunny & Thunder
2012-09-04 22:07:58
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