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January 2013 Age 12 & Older Story Contest

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admin & Aslan Equinox
2012-12-30 03:37:18
Rebel Rider part 4: Dodged this bullet, but still more to come
by IotaNine

You honestly can't imagine the sheer terror that I felt when I recognized Mr. Don. I can't even explain it to you clearly enough. But try thinking that you were in Jaws, swimming in the middle of the ocean with no one near by to help, and the music started. Ba-da...ba-da...
When I saw Mr. Don: BA-DA-BA-DA!!!
If you know Jaws, then you know that that music starts, you better start swimming or dodging, or doing something. But once that music is full blown and loud, almost screaming in your ear – then you're done. And the music was in my head, full blast.
I watched closely as Don went up to my mom. She shook his hand, they exchanged a few words, they chuckled. Garrett walked over, and they repeated the steps: shook hands, exchanged a few words, chuckled. (Don't you wish High School was as easy as a handshake and a chuckle??) My heart began to play a fast beat, the thumping getting choked up in my throat. I tried to swallow it down, but it just seemed to push its way back up. But then a though, a brilliant, life saving thought brought me back with a smile.
Don didn't know who my mom was. Don didn't know where I lived, what horse I owned. He knew nothing. So if I could just avoid him, all day, everything would be fine. I could dodge this bullet. I turned my attention back to Rico, who looked like he was nodding off to sleep.
“Feel better bud...” I whispered to him and gave him a kiss on his snout, then I turned on my heels and sneaked my way out the back entrance of the barn. I felt like I was a spy in enemy territory, trying to get my way through the area without a soul knowing I was even alive – or else my life would be over. Thank goodness I'm not actually a spy.
As I was walking out of the barn, I took small steps, looking both ways to see if anyone was near. And then a random stick decided to show up under my feet and snap. Usually my mom doesn't respond to such noises, and I was banking on that. Why in the world, out of all the sticks she has heard break, did she choose this. Exact. Moment.
“Oh, Emmy! There you are! The vet is here, and he has an assistant today. Come say hi.” Mom yelled and waved at my direction. I slumped my back and hung my head low. There goes my life, and I hadn't even broken the rule yet...
“Yeah...commin'” I managed to bark and slowly made my stride over to the small group.
“Hello, little one,” The vet, Dr. Lestrade smiled and reached his hand towards me. Here goes the routine.
“Hi...” I squeaked, and shook his hand.
“You've got quite the mouse, Madam,” Dr. Lestrade smiled at mom. I stood there for a second, just staring at the white coated man. Mom glared at me. I guess that was the exchange of words, my bad. I forced a small chuckle out, but maybe a few moments too late. Lestrade looked at me oddly and gave me that look that doctors do, that whole “I'm examining you,” look where they deduce like Sherlock or something and figure out your whole life story (which is usually %80 correct in my experiences). I slumped my shoulder again and then turned to Mr. Don, who hadn't said a word and didn't change his expression at all.
“And this is Don, sweetie, his assistant for the day.” Mom introduced, Don waved (sort of), and I waved (sort of) back.
“So, is 'ol Ricochet in that barn over there?” the Doc redirected the conversation. Mom nodded and she and Garret walked him over there. Don started his way, but as he was passing by my I grabbed onto his sleeve, determined not to let go.
“Whats with this, huh?” Don's raspy, grumpy voice returned.
“Um...look...about....my mom....” I mumbled.
“Speak up pipsqueak, and speak fast. I've got a horse to look at if you hadn't noticed.”
“She...doesn't know about our...arrangement...”
“Oh, she doesn't?”
I nodded.
“You sure about that? She told me you were volunteering, for school or something.”
“Well...she knows that...”
“And that she was proud of ya for explaining that you can't ride a horse?” He continued, an eyebrow raised. I stood silent. I honestly didn't know what to say! I had this elaborate plan laid out, these lies already told and done with, and I wasn't able to even ride a horse for five minutes before it all fell out from under my feet.
“I expect to see you tomorrow, and you better be wearing some riding boots.” Was all Don said before he shifted his arm, releasing my grip on it, and walking to the barn to join everyone else.
I couldn't believe that after that, Don was still going to give me lessons...But I couldn't let myself ponder on that too much, not right now, not when everything was (oddly) still in motion. I took a deep breath, got all of my anxiety from the events today out, and went inside to get ready to go to Pine Brook and muck out some stalls. It really only took a simple change of jeans and grabbing some gloves to get ready. I quickly got on some work boots, went back downstairs and opened the back door.
“Mom! I'm leaving to muck out stalls!” I yelled.
“Alright, hun!” She yelled back, halfway standing out of the barn. I waved then turned and went into the garage, grabbed my bike, and pedalled my way out of there. The 15 minutes of riding wasn't quite long enough for me to think about what Mr. Don had just done for me. I mean, he heard my mother say I couldn't ride horses, why did he choose to give me lessons tomorrow, anyway? And what about having the papers to sign? Liability paperwork and whatnot. I read on various sites when looking up stables that, along with the $35 fee, if you were under 18 your parent or guardian would have to sign liability papers, just in case you were to fall off and hurt yourself or something. And, in case Don hadn't noticed, I was under 18. What was I going to do? I had thought out everything but that. I mean, I thought about it once for about 5 seconds when watching t.v. One day. It was a crime show and a guy had forged a signature. “How about that!” I thought, “Forging a signature, I should do that.” But thats as far as that thought went, and the problem hadn't entered until today. And I would need a solution tomorrow.
Just then I rolled onto Pine Brook's lawn and parked my bike. I started to head my way to the back of the stables, opening up the small gate leading to the main barn, when I heard a voice.
“Hey! Wait up!” He yelled. I looked up and saw a boy, around my age, jogging towards me and waving. He had jet black hair and pretty pale skin, wearing some worn out jeans and a plain grey t-shirt.
“Yeah...?” I asked (more like framgoozled. Let me explain that word for a second. So, you know when you see a cute guy or your crush for some odd reason decides to embrace your presence and actually speak to you, and you jumble out something like, “Sldkfns” when you meant to say something like, “Hey, whats up?” That is framgoozled. And I'm pretty sure that, although in my head it sounded like “yeah” out loud it sounded something like, “Umfooeh?”)
“Umm....Do you know when Don will be back? I..honestly don't like to be in there without him.” He chuckled.
“Hm?....Oh! Oh yeah! Haha, right...erm...Well, Don called me earlier today and said that he wouldn't be around when you stopped by. He wanted me to tell you that you either had to deal with me or not get in, so...” I trailed off, opening the gate wider.
“Oh, well....” He sighed, looking down at the ground. “I really needed to see my horse today...”
“Well, then, what are you waiting for?” I smiled and walked through, leaving the gate open. Ok, now it was time to be cool. I would leave the gate open, I would walk coolly away, not even looking back. He would sit there and think for a moment, then he would stride through and I would say, “Oh, you'll be joining me then?” and then give a ever so slightly smirk....
“You left the gate open.” He called through. Good grief, why couldn't he play along with my plan??
“You, uh, were supposed to walk through...” I chuckled.
“Mmmhmm, well, I guess since I need to see my horse....” He sighed and then strode through the gate, locked it behind himself, and walked passed me and into the barn. Why the heck can't making friends be as easy as a handshake, an exchange of words, and a laugh? I gave out a sigh, then resumed walking into the barn.
Once inside, the stranger was out of sight, no where to be seen in the barn. He must be in the back part of the stables. I slumped my shoulders over in failure, but Diablo peeped his head out to see who else was disturbing his slumber. He neighed happily and pawed at the gate to let him out.
“Not yet, boy. You know I start with Harley's stall first.” I smiled and patted his black snout. He truly was a beautiful horse, what I would give to ride him!
At the sound of her name, Harley Quinn perked up her ears and looked in my direction. “Hey, girly,” I smiled at the black and white pinto. She turned her head away as if to say, “What took you so long?” and I rolled my eyes.
“You little drama queen,” I nudged her head a little and she nudged it back. She certainly has a personality! Before she could decide whether or not she even wanted to come out of her stall, I grabbed her halter, slipped it on, clipped a lead rope and led her into the pasture.
“Have fun, sweetheart.” I smiled as I unclipped the lead, pushed her inside the fenced area and closed the fence behind her. She ran off to let out some energy (her owner is on vacation, and we have strict orders not to ride her. Its a shame, she really needs to get out that energy). Upon returning in the barn, Diablo stared at me with his ears perked and his head turned.
“What?” I asked, and he turned his head even more.
“You can't go in the pasture, buddy.” I laughed, “You don't do well with the mares, sorry to say....Or the geldings, for that matter.” I shook my head. Diablo snorted and turned his flank to me.
“Oh, yes, what a nice sight...” I mumbled, but turned my attention to Harley's stall. I got out the pitch fork, put on my gloves, and wheeled the barrel in front of her gate, and began digging, turning, placing in the barrel and repeating.
“What are you doing?” A voice called from behind.
“Mucking out Harley's stall. What do you think?” I snorted and turned around to see whom my offender was. Of course, of course, of course, it was the cutie black haired, pale skinned boy from before. With freckles running across his nose and blue eyes that could outshine Elijah Wood's (and thats a hard eye color to beat!).
“What about this guy? Why doesn't he get to go out in the pasture?” He asked, pointing to Diablo...Well, more like Diablo's flank, but whatever.
“Hedoesn'tdowellwithhorses” I splurted out nervously, and turned around before I could humiliate myself even more.
“What happened to the sarcastic tone, huh?” He laughed. I rolled my eyes. He was becoming less attractive with every sentence.
“Look, I'm trying to work here, so...” I hinted, but he didn't get the clue.
“I'm trying to work, too, but someone is getting in the way. And let me give you a hint on who- it isn't a horse.”
O-Kay, so maybe my taste on guys isn't the best...I turned around, and opened my mouth to run off on this guy! Was he going to get an ear full!
“Look, here, dude! I work here, I got the pitch fork first, and I need to do my job! Maybe you could just be patient and spend some time with your horse!”
But of course, the framgoozle effect came back and I said, “Patesnfs okdfsia, horse.”
“...What?” He replied back, and I sighed. Gosh darn it, why did he have to have such pretty eyes??
“IreallyneedtomuckstallsforDonsowait” I splurted out again, and turned around quickly. He chuckled,
“Ok, fine. I'll be with my horse, just call me when you're done, Ms. Gibberish.”
“Whats your name?” I asked. (AHA! Finally! A sentence! I'm getting pretty good at this.)
“Todd.” He replied simply and left to attend his horse. Ok, not sure about you, but normally I don't get a sentence AND a name in the same day. So you can imagine that I was walking on clouds the rest of the day mucking out the stalls. Even if he was a jerk.
After finishing up with the stalls and putting the horses back in their respective places in the stables, I called out Todd's name to let him know he could use the tools. But I didn't get a response.
“Todd?” I called again, but still no answer. I shrugged my shoulders quite disapointingly. I really wanted to try out my new talking skills some more, but I guess it'll have to wait. After all, I work here and he boards here, this can't be the only meeting we are to have. And with that, I patted the horses goodbye and walked to grab my bike. Just as I was closing up the gate, a white truck pulled up and Don stepped out.
“Follow me,” He said (ordered), and my heart began to beat. Did he tell my mom everything? Did he change his mind about the lessons? I dragged my feet behind him, following him into his house, my heart slowly sinking with each step...
He led me to his office, and waited for me to step in. I took a deep breath, mustered up courage, and took those last steps into the small room. Don closed the door behind him and walked over to his desk. “Sit.” he ordered again, and I did so immediately. (The dude is intimidating, alright?) He did the same and sat on the other side of his desk. His hands clasped together and placed under his chin, as if he were waiting for me to confess something before he would actually talk. I kept my mouth shut, waiting for him to make a move.
“I talked with your mother,” He began, and I gulped. “She said that you weren't allowed to ride horses, not that you just can't ride the ones at your house.” He stood there, his eyes piercing through me.
“I...um....” I couldn't find the right words. Nothing I could think of could even begin to actually explain. I mean, what would I say, “Hey, yeah, I know I'm not allowed to ride horses, but if you promise not to tell me mom about me riding horses, I promise not to tell her that you allowed me to do it anyway”? Yeah, right! Besides, Don didn't seem like a guy who enjoyed such bargains, especially not from someone who was still in High School.
“I don't want to know why you can't ride a horse. I don't want the details, because I'm simply not interested. You understand that you can't ride a horse without a guardians consent, yeah?” He asked, and I was surprised. Was he still willing to give me lessons?
“Y-yeah,” I splurted out.
“If you give me a signature, I'll give you the lessons. Simple as that. Now go home.” He waved his hand to shoo me away. I stood there for a second, a small smile crawling on my face. He was still alright with the lessons. Regardless of what my mother said. All I needed was a signature!!......All I needed was a signature...of a guardian! What was I going to do?
“Thank you,” I smiled and left the room to figure out this next puzzle. If only I could really forge a signature, it would be so much better...I returned back to my bike, slapped on my helmet and rode off towards the direction of my home.
“What am I going to do?” I whispered to myself. I had done so much to try and ride a horse, but it seemed that no matter what I did, another obstacle made its way right in front of me. But then it dawned on me...I just needed a guardians signature. It didn't have to be my moms...And if I remembered correctly, Garrett didn't care if I rode a horse. And then, my brilliant, wonderful brain began working on a plan to get Garrett to say yes, without Mom knowing.
Hey everyone! IotaNine, here! I really thought that I could get to her horse lessons in this chapter, but it seemed another obstacle got in Emelia's way. :/ Anywho, the next chapter, I know for sure, will have more horses in it! This is, afterall, a horse story! Thanks for keeping up with the chapters, and I hope you continue reading it because I know I'll continue to write it.
<3 IotaNine

IotaNine & Kal El
2013-01-01 16:39:06
The Loner
By sockylola1

Stone walked through the snow, shivering as the cold wind whipped around him. How much farther was the cave Boulder had told him about? He started to trot, the snow slowing him down as he pushed through it. Finally, he saw a opening in the mountain beside him. He shook his fur and then walked in, his hooves echoing through the cave. He looked around. It wasn't too big, but it was big enough. He settled down and rested his head on the cold floor. He soon fell asleep.

Stone woke up. He was struggling to breathe, and he stood shakily. The entrance to the cave had been covered in snow, and he cantered at it, pushing it over slowly. Finally, with a THUMP, the snow fell out of the cave entrance, falling down the near-by cliff. Stone looked. Was it...Closer? He shook his head, and then looked again. Taking a step forward and peering over the edge, he saw that part of the ledge had fallen into the gaping pit. He sighed. Anything to make it harder. He shook out his mane, and then continued at a fast walk along the ledge. It soon widened out, and he cantered across the large clearing. He slowed, remembering his father's warning: "Things you have nightmares of will come alive there; things that are good become evil." His skin crawled. Was someone watching him? He spun, looking around him. Nothing. The feeling faded away, and he continued. He passed a few pine trees, and then ahead of him, was a barren land, with snow here and there. Hot steam shot up from holes in the ground randomly. He trotted forward, avoiding the holes. He was near the end of the clearing when he stepped in a hole, and he jarred his leg badly. He winced as he pulled it out, testing it. He could put little weight on it, and he limped slowly to the end of the clearing. He checked his leg for scratches, but it seemed alright. He tested it again. It seemed alright, as long as he didn't put too much weight on it. He continued, limping along. The snowy forest turned into a warm, green meadow. He looked around. Tall grass was everywhere, and he could hear a river not too far away. He walked as fast as he could to the noise, and he saw the long river of water running along the rocks. He dipped his muzzle into the water, only to jerk it out again. He was on a Quest, and a dangerous one at that. The water might be poisoned, or worse, had a spell on it. He wouldn't eat the grass either.
"Aren't you hungry?" a soothing nicker sounded from Stone's side. He looked. A mare, shorter than him, was standing next to him. She had a long, white mane, and a glossy coat. Her nose had a white snip on it, and her eyes were big and brown. She repeated the question, "aren't you hungry?" Stone shook his head. This mare, she could be just as dangerous. The mare looked at him. "Then let me show you where my herd lives," she offered. Stone thought a moment. He had been on the road a while, and he hadn't seen another herd in months. He nodded, and started after her as she walked through the grass.
After a few minutes of walking, he knew something was wrong. All around him, burnt grass was ripped out of the earth. Flowers were scorched. And looking up, he saw a flame burst out from a nearby cave. The soft ground had turned to hard rock. "You. . .Live here?" Stone neighed disbelievingly.
"Oh, yes. We love it here. So many things to burn, and ruin," answered the mare. Stone stopped. He could see inside the cave. And what he saw he didn't like. There were around twenty, maybe more. They were shaped like horses, but instead of fur, they had scales, and their mane was short and spiked. Their tail was long and pointed, with spikes running along it, and a spade at the end of it. Their heads were long, like a horse's and had horns coming out by the ears. Their teeth were sharp and pointed, and their eyes were a dark red that glistened with evil. Stone glanced over to the mare again, but she was gone. In her place was another of the dragon-horses, and it was heading toward him. He took a step back. "What are you?" he neighed, half angry and half afraid.
"We are Dorhos,"answered the "mare", "And I am Fang, the leader of the tribe. My Tribe is hungry, and I prophesied them a meal." Stone got the message, and started galloping in the opposite direction. A shrill laughter sounded behind him, and he ran harder. "You can run, but you can never out run a Dorho!" screamed a Dorho, who was close behind him. Stone's leg was sending shoots of pain along his body, and with each step the pain increased. He was sure he'd collapse when a shout came from the Dorhos.
"The Hadlan! Get back, it's the Hadlan, go go!" He heard them leave, and he stopped. Hadlan? He looked around. He spotted a hawk, circling in the sky. It looked small. It circled again, and then dove down. It landed, sending up a cloud of dust. Stone shut his eyes tight, and then opened them slowly. The hawk was huge, bigger then any hawk he had ever seen.
"I am Hadlan. I saw you were having trouble with the Dorhos, I thought you could use some help," the hawk said, speaking with a deep voice. Stone nodded. "I do need some help. I'm trying to find the RiverStone, as my herd needs it back at home. A serious illness has spread, and we need the stone to help us." Hadlan thought a moment.
"Alright. I'll fly you to the end of the River, but I won't help you get the stone out."
"Get it out?" asked Stone, who was clambering up on Hadlan's back.
"Why, of course! Don't you know? You follow the river to the sea, and then dive to it's deepest, darkest depths and retrieve the stone. No one's been able to do it in a thousand years. But cheer up! I'm your get out of jail free card. I'll help you get to the river."

They flew for hours. Hadlan finally landed, and Stone walked off. "Here you are! Now I have to go." Hadlan flew off, and Stone looked at the river. It was a maze, he realized. It curved ahead of him, to the left, and to his right. Where should he choose? He chose left and then walked along. He was sure he spotted yellow eyes looking out from the water....
"We found him, what are you orders?" asked the sea serpent.
"Destroy him, and the RiverStone. Find it before he does. Over and out." The sea serpent smiled, and then signaled with his tail to his army.
"Find the RiverStone and destroy it. Destroy the stallion as well." The serpents rippled under the water, leaving to do their work.

sockylola1 & Spirit
2013-01-01 18:13:47
Title: Alex and Comet
By: Horsesforever12
(This is my new series! enjoy!)

Alexandria Moorefield, or "Alex", dashed down from her room and outside. She heaved a big box filled with papers into a moving truck and stared sadly at her apartment. Alex was a 13 year-old girl with black hair and twinkling blue eyes. She had a big imagination, and an outgoing and ambitious spirit. She and her dad and older sister were moving from their home in the city to a farm owned by her Auntie Nana and her Uncle Greg. Her mom had left when she was 2, so Alex turned to horses for something to fill up her life. She began riding at a stable in the city. But now she was leaving her home and horses!
T.B.C. (To Be Continued) :)

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-01-01 21:23:54
Alex and Comet Continued
By: Horsesforever12

"Come on, Alex, we've got to go!" Alex's dad shouted from their lime green pickup truck. Taking on last look at their old apartment, Alex climbed into the truck and shut the door. "I'll never be happy again...NEVER." the girl thought as they bounced down the road.
One day later, the Moorefields pulled up and parked in a dirt driveway. A small farmhouse sat snugly in a grassy field, with puffs of smoke wafting out of it's chimney. A big red barn lay about ten feet away, and miles of corn and potato fields stretched forever. Auntie Nana and Uncle Greg barged out the front door of the farmhouse followed by a big golden retriever. Alex climbed out of the truck as her Aunt and Uncle hugged her. Alex tried to smile, but she really didn't feel like smiling. She made her way out of the crowd of movers and family, and dashed over to the barn. The big doors creaked open, filling the air with hay and animals. Alex strode in, greeted by moo's and baa's, and often a cluck and snort. But not a single neigh. There was no horse, nowhere. Alex slumped down on a hay bale. "Great...I'm on a farm, far from my friends, and not a horse in sight." she said to herself. "Aw, don't be too down on yerself," said a voice. Alex jumped up and turned to see a handsome young man feeding a cow in a stall. The man walked out of the stall and shut the door. "I'm Ronald, but you can call me Ron." Alex tried to smile, and wiped a strand of black hair from her face. "I'm Alex." Ron smiled, his dimples making his dirty face look handsome in a very odd way. "Sorry 'bout your circumstances. But if it helps any, you can help me pick out a new horse tomorrow...yah see, ol' Bubble Gum, our shire horse, died, so i'm goin' out to git a new horse. It can be a work horse or a regular horse, dant' matter. What yah think?" Ron asked. Alex shrugged. "Sure," she said, still upset.

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-01-02 19:24:37
He is mine
By: Tree45

Charlotte was walking to her Aunt Bella's house, she was 11 at that time, and her family ignored her most of the time, so she would go to Aunt Bella's house to ride her Aunt's ponies.

Charlotte saw her dream pony, Suki, lying on the floor, sneezing and coughing. She ran towards her Uncle Rupert crying out to him"Suki! She's ILL!"

" She is an old girl, call your Mum, she's a top vet, she will certainly know what to do." Rupert said.

"Oh, poor Suki, but, I have good news! She is getting fatter and fatter each day, right?"

Bella and Rupert nodded.

"Well, I am glad to say...."

"SHE'S PREGNANT!" Charlotte screamed.

Day by day, she got fatter, and also, Charlotte stayed at her Aunt's house to keep watch of Suki.

A few weeks later, it was her birthday, 12th of August. And just as she got up....


Her Mum came over to announce that she was responsible enough to have her own pony,and the foal and Charlotte made a pretty special bond.

tree45 & Hidden Moon
2013-01-03 11:45:34
Alex and Comet Continued
By: Horsesforever12

Alex said goodbye to Ron and headed into the house. Her Aunt, Uncle, sister, and Dad were eating supper around a fairly small table. The kitchen was small but sweet, and smelled of roasted chicken and bread. Alex sat down and stared at her plate of food. "Alex, where were you?" her dad asked, and hint of concern in his voice. "I was in the barn. I met this guy named Ron, and tomorrow we're going out to get a horse." Alex replied. Her father looked confused. Auntie Nana explained, "Our stable-hand Ron is going out to a auction to buy a new horse for us. Our old shire died of arthritis." Dad smiled. "Good thing you're getting used to the place already," he said to his daughter. Alex smirked. Then she noticed that her sister, Aurora, (or Auri for short,) hadn't even touched her food and was looking very smug. She had to find a way to cheer her up. Alex knew Auri missed her boyfriend, and leaving him must have been hard. "Too bad there isn't a boy HERE," Alex thought. Then she smiled. "There IS a boy here...Ron!" Then her Uncle's voice broke her thoughts. "Alex? Were you listening?" he was saying, and everyone was staring at her. "Huh?" she said, feeling a bit embarrassed. "I said what do you think of our farm? It's not as nice as the city apartments I suppose, but it's quaint." Uncle Greg said, his mustache twitching as he talked. "Oh...yeah, it's nice." the girl answered, stabbing a green bean with her fork. Her stomach knotted as she chewed, and she decided it was no use...she wasn't happy, hungry, and she was homesick.

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-01-03 20:49:50
Riding At Midnight
by thegoldqueen

With a creak and a sigh, the barn door slid open. As the moonlight spilled in behind her, a little red-headed girl stepped in. Quietly closing the door behind her, she tiptoed down the aisle towards the very last stall on the right where the brass name plate held the name 'Midnight Wings'. From inside the stall there came a great rustle and thud, followed by a whispered neigh.
"Shh, Win! It's just me, Amelia," said the little girl, looking in on the little black mare. The glossy Welsh stuck her head over the door, nearly knocking Amelia over with her nose.
"Hey! Be quiet. We can't go out if mom and dad wake up," she giggled, pushing the nose away and opening the door. Careful to be as quiet as possible, she slid Win's bridle on and made sure everything was right. Sometimes her little brother stole Win's bridle to use on his mite of a pony because he was too lazy to find his own, so of course the bridle was much to small for Win when Amelia first put it on. But the little mare stood still as her girl's slim fingers loosened the straps until the rubber snaffle was in the right place.
Placing her helmet on top of her fiery hair, Amelia led Win from the stall, or rather, Win followed Amelia (who wasn't holding the reins). Coming to a stop in front of the door, Amelia slid it open a crack, poked her head around, and looked to see if anyone had noticed her getting up. When nothing moved in the house. she pushed the door open the rest of the way and walked into the yard with Win. Moving like shadows, the little girl and her pony walked across the dusty courtyard and over to the woods. Amelia stepped up onto a stump and Win walked up next to her, standing very still as Amelia clambered up onto her bare back. With another furtive glance, the walked quietly down the path, horse and rider in harmony.
The moment they were sure no one could see them, Win stepped up into a floaty little trot, covering ground with a short, sure-footed stride. They rode down the path, sliding through shadows and patches of silver-white moonlight. The only sounds were the wind in the trees and the thud of Win's hooves on the slender trail.
Through the trees up ahead, they could see a moonlit clearing. Win picked up her pace until she was nearly cantering and Amelia just sat quietly, along for the ride. Seconds later, they were on the edge of the field where Amelia's mother and her horse King practiced jumping. On one side of the field was an oval of fencing, enclosing a sizable area containing a full course of jumps. Tonight they were all over five and a half feet, much too high for Win and Amelia. But Christine, Amelia's mom, always left a jump or two lower so that Win and Amelia could jump something (Even though she wasn't supposed to know about the midnight rides.)
The little pair paused a moment on the edge of the sea of grass in front of them. The moonlight shone on the stalks and made it look like a little sea, trapped right there in that circle of trees.
"Just for us," Amelia stated.
And then the spell was broken. Win jumped into a gallop and the pair flew over the silver grass, never seeming to touch the ground. They ran alone, flying without wings. Skimming over the grass in earthbound flight, more free than the creatures swooping overhead, if only for a short time. The wind whipped Win's mane and rushed past, as if it had urgent errands to run elsewhere.
Time seemed to stand still in that field for those two, dancing around like the embodiment of youth. But when the earliest birds began to sing, they started to head home. Sneaking into the stables like bandits, they tiptoed into the last stall on the right. As long as they were both back where they should be by dawn, they were safe. As soon as Win's bridle was off, Amelia gave her one last kiss on the nose and scampered out of the barn. Climbing up an empty rose-trellis, Amelia crawled through her first-floor bedroom window. Pulling off her riding clothes and hiding them under a blanket in the closet, She jumped back into bed and pulled the covers up to her chin, closing her eyes and pretending to sleep. She knew that in only a few hours her mom would wake her up to help with barn chores, but for now she could lie in bed and relish the memory of the midnight ride, alone with her horse.
From out in the hall, a tall brunette woman with strange gold eyes stood in the hallway, listening to her daughter return. Christine Morstan stood in the hallway and shed a tear for her lost days of joyous midnight rides. Walking down the hall in her bare feet, she stepped out into the clear spring night and walked over to the stall where her horse was spending the night. Pulling the door open, she walked up to her glossy silver gelding.
"Nightmares," she sighed, wrapping her fingers in his short mane. In two quick steps, she swung around and onto his back, ducking as he sprang through the open door and into the fresh dawn light, galloping into the woods and away from their nightmare memories.

**To be continued, if people want to read more**

thegoldqueen & Ridley
2013-01-04 01:50:54
The Impossible
By: powers8519

"Nooooooo!" A boulder glanced Rob's shoulder, but the horse didn't notice. All that was on his mind right now was his beautiful Laya. Laya lay beneath a boulder as big as Rob. And there was nothing he could do about it, either....

Rob awoke, covered in sweat. A dream! Laya was sleeping peacefully beside him, her body heavy with foal.

All of a sudden, Laya started having her foal! All Rob could do was watch as his baby arrived.

It was a beautiful foal. A filly.

Powers8519 & Bayal
2013-01-06 00:53:15
Gideon, Part One
By Avari Terrwyn Miles

“Gail! Danni! Look! Right over there! Between those two gum trees! Can you see it?” I exclaimed pointing wildly in the direction of the cause of my sudden excitement, forgetting that I was supposed to be completely still and absolutely quiet. My cousins, also peering through a pair of binoculars, strained to see what I was pointing at.
“Ronnie, I can’t see anything.” Danni sighed.
“It’s right there!” I trained my binoculars on the exact same spot, but it had vanished. I groaned. “Sorry guys. I was so sure…”
“It’s okay.” Gail smiled over at me. “This isn’t the usual place anyways. Dad just said he saw a herd down near the creek this morning and wanted us to check it out.”
“Whatever it was, you probably scared it away with your hollering.” Danni grinned.
“Let’s show her our lookout. We’ve seen heaps of them from there.” Gail suggested.
“Alright.” I smiled. My parents and I had moved onto Dad’s brother Andrew’s station just last week. Uncle Andrew and Aunt Joan had three kids: Abigail and Daniele, who were 14, and twins, and Noah, who was 11. I had an instant connection with Gail and Danni, and this was our first adventure together. It is my cousins’ hobby to go Brumby Spotting. Brumbies are wild horses in Australia, and Gail and Danni photograph all they can that get around the station and name them all. So far, they have 30 brumbies captured on camera. Unfortunately, their endeavours have been less successful with me around, and we have come to the mutual agreement that I am only seeing things that look like a horse. Nevertheless, it is a lot of fun. We have found one new horse today, and I got to name her: Bush Rose. A pretty red roan mare. However, there is a specific goal today, and that is to photograph Gideon, the elusive buckskin stallion who always shows up when you are unprepared. He prefers to run alone, away from the other horses. A very mysterious horse. So of course, I was instantly interested. I follow my cousins down a well-worn, horse-made trail until we reach a large gum. A huge, gnarled white thing with branches the size of a regular gums truck. Gail and Danni dismount their horses; matching dapple-grey Stock horse mares called Harper and Piper, and begin scaling the tree to sit on a long branch, about halfway up the tree.
“Come on, Ronen. Leave Emmy with Harp and Pip and climb up here with us.” Gail calls down.
“Okay!” I reply, and dismount the bay mare, Ember who has, to a certain extent, become my horse since moving to the station. I step towards the tree and look up. It is massive, and I am supposed to climb it? Lord, don’t let me fall! I pray, and begin to ‘rock climb’ its trunk until I reach the first sturdy branch. From then on, the branches form a sort of stepladder and I climb easily to join the others. The view is amazing. I snap a couple of pics with my Nikon and then switch to binoculars to survey the landscape. Scrub-covered hills on both sides fall down into a valley with a stream through the middle. “I can’t see anything.”
“Look to the left a bit, over near that gully. That is Cooper and his herd. The big chestnut at the end, that’s him.” I turn in the direction Danni is pointing.
“Whoa. Hey! Foals! They are sooo cute!” I take a few photos of each horse, clicking wildly.
“Cooper is Gideon’s enemy. Cooper stole Gideon’s only ever mare and Gideon has never got her back. See that palomino mare there? That’s her, Charona.” Gail informs me. Peering through my binoculars, I get a closer look at the mare, trailing behind the others with her head down.
“She looks sad.” I remark.
“She is. Whenever she tries to escape, Cooper finds her. She even fights him sometimes, but of course he wins.” Danni adds.
“Poor Charona. Does Gideon do anything about it?”
“Of course!” Both of my cousins exclaim. Then Gail starts pointing wildly.
“Look! There he is! There’s Gideon!” I turn, and bursting out of the scrub to the right of our tree is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen. A tall, muscular stallion that looked like he had Thoroughbred in him (I may have imagined that). His coat shone golden, despite being scruffy, and his black mane was long and streaming. With a trumpeting neigh, he charged down the hillside.
“Quick! Take some photos!” Danni nudged me. I clicked a few shots of Gideon before returning to my binoculars. Cooper, seeing his enemy, screamed his warnings. Gideon charged straight for his foe. Charona whinnied with elation, and Gideon answered. Cooper took up charge too, and the stallions got closer and closer…

Avari Terrwyn Miles & Sheraga
2013-01-06 03:56:57
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