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May Story Contest Age 12 & Older Note: To be eligible for voting, the story must have a pony or horse in it somewhere.

Jane Crandal & JB
2013-04-28 20:31:11
Rehabilitation Part 3

By ParelliChick

I groaned as my alarm clock beeped its annoying buzzer, then I jerked upright in bed. SUNNY! I leapt out of bed and pulled on a hoodie and boots over my old black running shorts and blue tank top. I raced outside and into my barn. "Well, who's ready to get some morning feed!"

After all my horses had been fed, groomed and turned out, I put a rope halter on Sunny. "C'mon girl, the doc said you were ready for some therapy today." I led her to the round pen and let her graze. Once in the pen, I locked the gate and took off her halter. I stretched out her legs like I do before a big jumping show so that her legs don't cramp. Then I put the halter on and led her around and over groundpoles.

_____5 months later______

"Nikki!!!!! NICOLETTE!!!!" Alison yelled as I got off my late school bus.

"What's up?" I asked, confused.

"Doc's here, said something about Sunny ready to ride?"

"What?!" I took off down the driveway and chucked off my backpack and saw Sunny in her old tack, both gleaming from my gentle care. I hugged her neck and she gave me a horsey hug.

"Sunny's ready for SLOW riding." Doc King instructed.

I swung up onto Sunny's back and she stood. I let her get used to my weight before asking her to walk. As Sunny took her first steps, I had a flashback, a horrible flashback, to the show that had made this happen. I fell to the ground with a thud and lay in terror.

Dear Reader,

You may think that this is a horrible ending to part 3, but in part 4 you shall see...................................................................................................................................................-ParelliChick

ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2013-05-01 11:25:00
Black is the New Pink

By ParelliChick

I dug my knife and fork into the pot roast and peered through my hair at the boy with jet black hair sitting next to me.

"So. Luke is it?" My mother asked.

"Yes Ma'am." Luke responded. My father's eyes darted between me, Luke and the carving knife in the pot roast.

"You want a job here?" My mother asked.

Luke nodded.

"Why?" My father asked, his eyes flicked to me, then back to Luke.

"I need the money to pay for a football summer camp. My family thinks football is the most dangerous sport and won't pay for it themselves."

My whole family snorted at football being the most dangerous sport in unison and my father turned to me. "Get the nightly chores done."

I stood and took my plate to the kitchen and put it in the sink, I cleared off my plate into the compost bin. I put my plate into the dish washer and grabbed the bin. I walk outside and to the big compost bin, I dump the smaller bin in it and shut the lid. I put the compost bin back inside and go back outside. I walk to the chicken pen and mix some feed, I put it in and the chickens flock around. I close the run's fence and return the feed scoop. I walk to the barn and grab a halter.

Soon I had all 15 horses in their stalls and feed in their buckets, I grab a grooming kit and the blankets. I groom and blanket all the horses. Then I put some food out for the barn cats.

"You have to do all that every night?" A deep voice rumbled behind me. I turned to see Luke.

"Yeah. And feed everything, groom horses, collect eggs and let the chickens out every morning."

He let out a low whistle. "Wow. I could never do that."

"Takes some practice."

Luke walked to a stall and rubbed a horse head. "Who's this?"

"That's my horse. Boom Boom Pow. We call her Pow. You get the job?"

"Yup. Everyday after school your going to teach me how to muck out stalls and groom horses."

I crack a smile. "The less for me the better."

Luke smile.

Ahh.... Good ol' fatherly protection.

Southern Pride & Peach Iced Tea
2013-05-01 14:44:54
Title: Taming Mustangs
By: Horsesforever12
Book 1: Eagle's Wings

Chapter 1
Alicia Burningham ran to the barn that was just behind her house. Her auburn hair bounced against her shoulders as the chilly September air brushed by her skin. Barging through the barn doors, Ali was greeted by happy whinnies. She patted Emerald, her families’ brown Morgan mare.
"Alicia!" Ali’s mother’s voice echoed into the big horse barn. Ugh. Why does my mom have to call me that when she’s angry? I like Ali, thought the girl. Ali and her mom had had a fight. Her family was selling her Shetland pony, Blacky. The fourteen-year old girl knew that she had had Blacky for at least nine years, but it was hard to give up such a faithful friend. Ali entered Blacky’s stall and hugged him. "Oh, Blacky, I’ll miss you." Ali said as the little black pony nuzzled her arm.
Ali had grown up with horses her entire life, and knew almost everything about them. Her mom and dad had divorced when she was five. Her dad moved to Texas while Ali, her mother, and her older brother had stayed in Montana. Ali still loved to visit her dad, and they shared a special bond: their love of horses. Ali’s mom, Marie, loved horses too, along with Jake, Ali’s eighteen-year old brother. They owned ten-hundred acres and had a huge barn where they worked as a rehabilitation place for horses. They took in hurting and troubled horses, and broke green ones. Montana was known for it’s mountainous ranges and wild mustangs, and Ali has always treasured the fact that she lived in such a horsey place.
Besides Blacky and Emerald, the family owned four other horses: Windy, a frisky Connemara/Thoroughbred bay mare; Mystery, a Paint mare; Chance, a Palomino gelding; and Devil, a black Dutch Warmblood stallion. At the moment they were boarding three others and working with two.
Ali looked up from Blacky’s dark mane and saw her mom standing there.
"Ali, try to accept this…please," said Marie softly. The girl wiped her eyes, just realizing she had been crying. "Okay," Ali relented, coming out of the pony’s stall and latching the door shut. Marie hugged her daughter and smiled.
"Dear, I’m sure we’ll find the right buyer. But right now, you should focus on getting ready for school." Ali groaned, remembering that it was Monday. She didn’t have any friends, mostly because she wasn’t the socialist, and mostly because she couldn’t find anyone that loved horses as much as she did. Sometimes she wished she could just skip out on school, and ninth grade was super hard. Junior high wasn’t exactly swell fun. Her algebra seemed to get harder and harder every day.
When in the house, Ali glanced at her watch and yelped. It was seven thirty! The bus was arriving in thirty minutes. She brushed her hair and put it back in a ponytail. Gulping down a piece of toast and a glass of orange juice, Ali quickly said good-bye to her mom and rushed out the door. Her backpack bounced against her hip as she ran to the end of her enormous driveway. She got there just in time. Finding a place to sit in the bus, Ali plopped down and tried to ignore the chants of Lucas Aston, the boy who just loved to pick on her. His splash of freckles seemed to glow with evil.
"Here comes Miss Horsey who loves horsey orsey horses!" Lucas teased, his dark eyes gleaming with mischief.
"Why don’t you just go jump off a cliff?" Ali murmured, wishing she could just show him the amazing gift of horses. Why didn’t people understand her love of this animal? Besides Lucas, Selina Mason was the other pain. She rode at an exclusive riding school that was very fancy, and Selina just so happened to be a rich snob who would rub it in her face. She was sitting in the front, chatting with her friends and whipping her dark blond hair over her shoulder. She was gaga over Jay Robins, the cutest boy in ninth grade. And Jay couldn’t help but notice her as well…not only was she a snob, she was cute. Selina’s friends were really flakes; they really didn’t care about Selina at all and didn’t count as loyal friends.
The bus drove into the school parking lot and everyone hurried out. Ali brushed quickly past Lucas and Selina and half-ran to the school. She hurried into her first class, English and Grammar. Mrs. Herbert, the school’s ninth grade English teacher, was sitting at her desk looking mean and stern…as usual. Ali slipped into her seat and watched the other kids to the same.
After everyone was settled in, Mrs. Herbert’s voice crackled, "Welcome students. Today we’ll be studying for a big grammar test on ‘propositions in action’. I expect you to do as best you can, which half of you won’t even try…but please do your best to ace the test. Last week we looked at how…" Ali drowned out her teacher’s voice for a moment and studied the other students in her class room. Elsie Turner, the "geek" of the school, had bright red hair and glasses, not to mention she was kind of ugly. But Ali did feel bad about her sometimes. Besides Jay, the other cool guy was Roy, a cute, brown-haired boy who Ali didn’t know much about…and she had to admit, he was good looking. Besides all the other girls in her class, Sara Morello was a girl Ali knew nothing about. She had long, dark hair and gray-blue eyes. She often snuck a look at Roy, and Roy would look at her too. Maybe they like each other, Ali thought.
After school Ali went to the barn to do her afternoon chores. First she mucked out stall, filled hay nets, and groomed a couple horses. Then she went to work with Cody, a dun colored gelding that was a cribber. Ali got an old stirrup strap and made it into a sort of cribbing belt that prevented the horse from bending his head to inhale. Then she went in the house where Jake had just got off the phone.
"Good news! That was Jasmine Morello. She has a five-year old girl who wants a pony. She’s interested in Blacky. A buyer already!" Jake said to Ali. Morello? That sounds familiar. Ali thought. "Are they coming to look at him?" she asked her brother.
"Yeah…she’s coming over tomorrow at four…right when you get out of school." he answered.
Jake had skipped out on college and put all his time on working at the barn. Marie had thought that was a wrong decision, but he was an adult now and could decide what he wanted. And he loved horses.
"Where’s mom?" Ali changed the subject.
"Out exercising Emerald in the ring. Windy still needs to be ridden…you want to exercise her?" Jake asked his sister. "Sure," replied Ali heading for the door.
Windy nickered happily as Ali heaved a saddle on her back. After tightening the girth and checking the stirrups, she led the mare outside and into the ring. She mounted and walked her around for a few minutes before kicking her into a brisk trot. "How was school?" Marie asked, walking Emerald over next to her daughter.
"Fine. Did you hear that we’ve got a buyer for Blacky already?" Ali said to her mother, changing the subject quickly. Marie shook her head "no".
"Wow. Who was it?"
"Jasmine Morello."
"Oh, Jasmine! It must be her little girl, Mary." Marie said happily. Ali decided that if her mom liked the woman, maybe she would too.
The next day, Ali rushed home from school and awaited the time for Mrs. Morello and her daughter Mary. And, at four, a red car pulled in the driveway. Jasmine, Mary, and much to Ali’s surprise, Sara and Roy came out of the car. Oh, Morello! That’s what sounded familiar, thought Ali. Ali went over to Sara. "Hi," said Ali. The girl turned and stared at Ali for a moment, her eyes flashing.
"Oh, Alicia, isn’t it?" Sara smiled.
"Yeah…just call me Ali." Sara nodded and tucked a strand of her dark hair behind her ear. "So…what’s Roy doing here?" Ali asked and was surprised when Sara began giggling.
"Don’t you know? Roy’s my twin brother." said the girl, her nose scrunching as she laughed.
"Oh…I guess I never put two and two together! I never did know his last name." Ali said, as she began to laugh too.
"Well now you do!" Sara said in an exaggerated voice. Mary ran up to Ali. "Can I see the pony now?" she asked, her blue eyes sparkling in a cute way.
"Why not?" Ali smiled, leading everyone into the barn. Blacky’s head appeared out of his stall and whinnied a welcome to everyone. He nuzzled Ali as she opened his stall door. Clipping a lead rope on his halter, she led him out for Mary to see. The little five-year old rubbed the pony’s muzzle.
"He’s cute! What’s his name? Can I ride him?" Mary jumped up and down.
"It’s Blacky, and sure. Let me get his tack. Do you know how to groom?" Ali asked the girl.
"Yes. May I groom Blacky?" Mary questioned the older girl expectantly. Ali nodded. She handed the little girl a grooming kit and went off to the tack room. Sara followed.
"My sister loves horses and ponies," Sara informed Ali. "She wouldn’t stop nagging Mom to come out here!" Ali looked at Sara.
"Do you like horses?" she asked. Sara seemed to think for a moment.
"No." the girl replied.
"Oh," Ali said slowly as she picked up Blacky’s saddle and bridle.
"I LOVE them," Sara laughed, a teasing look in her eye. "Gotta, didn’t I?" Ali tried to look serious, but the corners of her mouth soon turned upward.
"Did you ever!" Ali said, pretending to give a sigh of relief. She went out of the tack room with Blacky’s tack and began tacking up the pony. Marie was beaming.
"Jasmine says Mary will be perfect for Blacky…we’ll just see how she does when she rides. Mary has been taking riding lessons," Marie told her daughter.
"That’s nice," Ali said, but she acted as if she didn’t mean it. Giving up her favorite pony in the world wasn’t exactly fun.
Ali led the little Shetland out of the barn and into a riding ring. Mary walked over to the pony and put her foot in the stirrup. She swung aboard and took hold of the reins. "Just ask him to walk and trot at first," Ali said as she stepped out of the ring. Mary nodded and walked Blacky around the ring twice before kicking him into a very bouncy trot. Ponies that are small tend to have bouncy trots, but Mary rose gently in the saddle and kept her feet firmly in the stirrups. "Ask him to canter!" Ali called to the girl after a few minutes. Mary quickly gave Blacky a kick. But Blacky kept on trotting, ignoring her kicks. "Tap him with your crop," Ali instructed. The girl gave the black Shetland a reminder with the crop, and he immediately thrust his head forward and cantered beautifully. "Oh, his canter is so smooth…a bit bumpy at first but it’s even!" Mary called, her face glowing. Ali nodded, remembering her pony’s brisk trot and rocking canter. It would be hard to say goodbye, but Mary was perfect for Blacky.
"Does Mary know how to jump?" Ali asked Jasmine.
"Yes," smiled the woman. Ali turned back to the girl and said to her, "Would you like to take Blacky over a few small fences?" Mary grinned and half-shouted, "Yes!" So Ali strode into the ring and set up a little course of jumps. Then she went back over to Mrs. Morello and Mary cantered Blacky toward the first fence, a couple parallel bars. The pony brought his legs under him and snorted happily as he cleared the jump. They went over the whole course, only knocking down the last fence. Mary cooled Blacky down and brought him up next to Ali, Jasmine, Marie, Sara, and Roy.
"So? Do you want him?" Mrs. Morello asked her daughter expectantly. The little girl rubbed Blacky’s nose, and kissed his cheek.
"Yes, mom, he’s perfect for me. One more thing…how old is he?" Mary turned to Ali. Ali scrunched her nose, thinking.
"He’s probably eighteen, but he’s in perfect shape. Just take care of him, and give him a happy life."
The girl nodded. "Does that mean he’s kinda old?" she asked.
"Yes. But he’s healthy and has no arthritis or any illness. His bones are strong. Just give him plenty of grains and vitamins. But not too much…this little guy can get fat easy!" Ali replied.
"And a lot of vet checkups," Marie added.
"And a whole bunch of TLC!" Sara laughed.
"What grain is that?" Mary questioned her older sister. Everyone laughed this time.
"Tender Loving Care," Jasmine explained to her daughter.
"Oh," Mary said slowly and began giggling. She took Blacky to the barn and untacked him. She put him away and gave him a flake of hay.
Ali watched Mary and jumped when Roy came up beside her.
"Oh, sorry," she said, her cheeks red. "I guess I was in thought."
"It’s okay." he replied.
"So, Sara told me she loves horses…do you?" Ali asked him, excepting him not to. Most times girls were the ones who loved horses the most. Some boys did love horses. But she didn’t think he was the type. Roy patted Devil, who had just stuck his head out of his stall.
"Don’t think I’m weird…but I am as crazy about horses as my sisters are! Mary, Sara, and I attend a riding school not far from town. We all ride pretty well…my favorite classes are dressage and cross country," Roy answered, his green eyes staying on Ali, making her a bit uncomfortable. She always hated talking to boys. But not as much Roy…he seemed different. She forced her eyes to meet his, but they only made it as far as his chin.
"Wow. I love hunter jumping and dressage." Ali smiled. "You are the only boy I’ve met that loves horses as much as I do…except for my dad and brother." Roy nodded, and turned his eyes to Devil, who was arching his neck proudly.
"This dude is a beauty!" Roy said as he scratched the stallion’s black neck. "What breed is he?"
"He’s a Dutch Warmblood," Ali replied. She admired the feisty stallion too. "His name is Devil." she told the boy.
Roy smiled. "Perfect name for this bad boy! Who picked it out?" Ali’s cheeks flushed pink.
"I did. Before Chance, another horse of ours, was gelded, he got Emerald, our family’s mare, pregnant with Devil. As soon as I saw the strong willed black colt, I knew excatly what I would call him." the girl looked down and felt Roy looking at her.
"Wow…I never would of thought of a name like that. I would of called him Black Beauty or something," Roy chuckled. Ali looked up and their eyes met. Her stomach flipped about ten somersaults. She looked back down and swiped a piece of hay from her shirt.
"Roy! We have to go," Jasmine called to her son. Sara sped past them, jabbing her brother playfully in the ribs.
"Bye!" she called to Ali. "See you in school!" Ali waved to the girl and smiled at Roy.
"You’d better go," she told him. He nodded and turned to his mother.
"We’ll pick up Blacky tomorrow," Jasmine told Ali. The girl forced a smile and went over to Mystery’s stall. The brown-and-white mare nickered softly at Ali before returning to her hay net. Ali sighed. Saying goodbye to Blacky wasn’t going to be easy.

Please vote!!!!

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-05-01 19:16:58
by Uniocornia

Eleanor was a pretty chestnut mare with wavy mane and deep chocolate eyes. She could run as fast as any of her friends and they always included her in their games, but it wasn't enough. You see, Eleanor was different. She was the one ordinary pony in the forest where she lived. Eleanor sighed. All the horses in the wood, no, every single creature was magical. Flame coloured phoenixes and gryphons flew with the pegasi, beautiful rainbow coloured shimmering fish and hippocampi inhabited the streams and pools. Fairies, elves, all the fantastic creatures you could think of. Even an occasional dragon visited this enchanted place. And the whole wood was thick with unicorns. So why did Eleanor have to be the only non-magical pony? It just wasn't fair. She wanted more than anything to fly, to cast her own enchantments, to... Anything really. Just so that she could fit in.

Eleanor sighed again. It really wasn't worth dwelling on it, she supposed. But wouldn't it be wonderful? ... And she was off again, trapped in her daydreams.

Eleanor woke up with a start. It was completely dark. No. Not completely. There was a light, glowing softly, over there. She stood up and cautiously went to get a closer look. It was coming from the middle of a lake. She started. There hadn't been a lake there before. Against her common sense's insistence she walked forward, and then stopped suddenly. There was a face in the lake! She almost screamed before realising it was her own reflection in the mirror-like surface. Eleanor giggled. She was getting too jumpy in the silence. She looked again. The light was emanating from the bottom of the lake! She hesitated. What if it was some sort of trap? Or an illusion, or...Oh, she didn't know. Then she felt it, its power, drawing her in. *Well, she thought, If I don't go and have a look, I will never find out what it is.* With this logic, she stepped into the pool.

It was deeper than it looked. Eleanor panicked, kicking up bubbles. She could swim, the hippocampi had taught her, but this water seemed to want to pull her in, to drown her. She screamed, but only more bubbles came out. She watched her remaining air dissipate, losing consciousness as she was dragged down further.


I hope you enjoyed the first part of this story. If you know what happens next, please tell me, because I have absolutely no idea. Although I promise she won't die. It's actually a re-written (and hopefully much better) version of a story I wrote awhile ago, but that only included the basic problem and an enchanted lake. ;) I may do an illustration too, if you like.
See you,

Uniocornia & Erich
2013-05-04 20:46:09
Follow your Dreams

I am a young, normal chestnut filly. When I grow up, I want to be a winner. Even though, my brothers and sisters boss me around, I try to ignore them. The lesson I had today was terrible with a capital everything. I was caught daydreaming, and worst of the worst, I jumped and hit my hoof on the pole! And now, here I am, in the stable recovering from a cracked hoof.

I am now being teased by my brothers and sisters, which makes the problem WORSE. Because of this accident, I will be more careful, and obviously try not to crack my recovery hoof! Anyway, join me next month to check up on me! Remember, whatever happens, KEEP FOLLOWING YOUR DREAM!

tree45 & Hidden Moon
2013-05-05 11:19:17
Abby Goes to horse camp part 3

~In the last parts Abby and Clair hopped on the bus to horse camp. Clair met a new friend named Hazel. Abby becomes jealous, enjoy what happens next!~

Chapter Three

The bus screeched to a stop. We hopped out. All the girls stood in a line in front of a woman in riding clothes. She was telling who was in what room. When she got to us she said “If you're Abby McCarty, Clair Anderson, and Hazel Li you are all in cabin Arabian.”

Oh great, just great. I thought. We were all in the same room. Clair and Hazel seemed pretty excited though.


There were three twin beds in the room. The room was decorated with Arabian posters, Arabian bedspreads and Arabian figurines. Clair went in the middle bed and me and Hazel were at the sides. Worst of all Clair had invited Hazel to join Horse Crazy Girls Club!!!! (HCG) And Hazel said yes!

While Hazel was changing in the bathroom I said to Clair “how could you have invited Hazel to join our club without asking me!”

“I was just trying to be nice”said Clair, “I'm surprised at you Abby, normally you're nicer than this.”

I felt bad. Clair actually sounded disappointed. “I'm sorry Clair I guess I was a little jealous.” I apologized,

“Its okay Abby, just try to get to know her. Okay?” said Clair.

I did not want to upset her, “okay” I gave in.

“Thanks, I knew you would understand” said Clair smiling.

Then Hazel came out. Clair went in the bathroom to get dressed.

“Hey Hazel” I began, “I'm sorry I got a little rude in the car, friends?” I asked.

“Its okay Abby, friends” Hazel said. I was glad she forgave me but I was not really sure about her. After I had gotten dressed it was time to go get assigned to the horses!!!


We walked into the stable yard in our riding clothes.
I wore a black helmet, blue t-shirt, blue breeches, and black half chaps and paddock boots. Clair wore a black helmet, hot pink shirt, white breeches, and tall black boots. Hazel wore a black, helmet, red t-shirt, gray breeches, and black paddock boots.

Once all the girls were gathered together in the stable the riding instructor said “okay I will have each girl come up one at a time and I will tell them which stall their horse is in.” Once it was our turn we walked to the stalls. Mine was stall 29, Clair's was 28, and Hazels was 27. I looked into the sweet smelling stall. Inside was a beautiful piebald Pintabian! She was gorgeous. She Had a white wavy long mane and tail, a white stripe down her black face, three white legs one black, and black patches on her back. Her blue halter said Cookie. She nickered. I gasped, she was perfect! I opened the door. I held out my hand for her to smell. She sniffed it and tried to stuff her nose in my pocket. I laughed and gave her a pat and the carrot she was looking for. “Clair come see this!” I said.

I walked into Clair's horses stall. She was giving a beautiful gray dapple Thoroughbred a apple. “Isn't she beautiful!” said Clair dreamily. “She is whats her name” I asked. “her pink halter says Beauty, its totally suits her!” said Clair. “Hazel how you doing in there?”

“This is great!” came Hazels extremely happy reply.

We went into 27. Hazel was petting a handsome black Arabian stallion. “Is he great or what?” said Hazel enthusiastically. “his name is Black Night, I'll just call him Night.” “He sure is handsome all right.” said Clair. I went back to my horses stall.

Cookie was eating her hay. She nickered when she saw me. I smiled. I stroked her beautiful coat, “I cannot wait to ride you Cookie, this summer will be awesome!” I whispered. Still with a mouthful of hay Cookie nodded her head enthusiastically as if to agree. I laughed, it was so adorable I could not stand it!!

“Girls” the instructor announced, “today you can just get to know your horses, grooming, feeding, some lunge lining is okay, and later you can ride.” I found the grooming box that said Cookie in the tack room. I groomed Cookie in the cross tie. Hazel was grooming Night in the side tie and Clair was grooming Beauty in the cross tie in front of me. I started currying Cookie. The three of us were a little too excited to talk. I braided Cookie's mane and tail in long braids and picked her hoofs.

Clair was wetting Beauty's mane then doing in a braid then taking it out so it was wavy. She did the same with Beauty's tail. Hazel was brushing Night's mane and tail till it was silky then she brushed him. “Why aren't you braiding his mane?” asked Clair surprised. “He's a boy! Plus I do not think he will enjoy that kind of braid” she said nodding towards Cookie's long braids. “I'll do the short kind.”


Later at about 4:00 pm. The instructor called us together. “Okay, tonight I would like everyone to check the calenders in their cabins to see what we will be doing in the next two months.” We went to our cabin.

Chapter Four

We walked to our cabin. Hazel and Clair were whispering to each other on the way. SOOOOO irritating! I thought. I was getting jealous again! They were talking about their horses. I can understand that, but they could at least talk to me about it!

When we got to the cabin I looked for the calender. Hazel and Clair were talking about hair styles. Don't they even care! I finally found the calender. “Hey you guys...I found it!” I said. “Good” said Clair. “What's on it?” asked Hazel. “Now its the 29th of May,” I began. Tomorrow we go on trial rides and learn how to feed our horses. Then we practice jumping on Friday.”

“Sounds good” said Clair. Then she glanced at her pink watch. “Oh no! We're late for lunch!” she shrieked. Me and Hazel gasped. It was 12:01. One minute late! We quickly put on our usual clothes and ran out of there!

The cafeteria was in a big, big cabin. When we walked in there were lots of girls in a lunch line. We walked in. We were last in line. A girl was in front of us. From her back she looked pretty, long pale blond hair in a perfect ponytail. She was wearing a white t-shirt with s lacy cover and a black skirt. “I absolutely adore your outfit!” exclaimed Clair. The girl turned around. She had a snooty smile and lots of mascara. “Thanks” she said with a high nose, “and I suppose your outfit is just perfect” she said looking at me. She walked away. “How rude!” exclaimed Hazel. “Talk about it” commented Clair while putting a piece of pizza on her plate.

horsecrazygirl80 & Flame
2013-05-08 20:40:28
Pain and Forgiveness,
By: CaroleApollo123

BEEP BEEP BEEP, Goes Gabrielles alarm as she smashes her pillow over her head. It's 7:00 AM at Silver Valley Stables, it was quite with the peaceful sound of horses neighing. Gabrielle gets up and gets dressed. As she walks out her horse neighs at her, like she was telling her something. Then, she gallops over to the shelter where most horses rest. She opens the gate and walks over. "What's wrong Apollo?" she asks. Another neigh and Apollo is off to the shelter, then she looks more carefully. She gives a gasp and runs over. "Eclipse!" she shouts. She runs over the the pregnant mare, she was giving birth. "Easy girl, calm down" she whispers. 1 hour later she is still going. She decides to call a vet. "I don't know, she is pretty bad" Dr Casey says with sadness. "But you can save the foal, right?" crys Gabrielle. "Yes we can, but I dont know about poor Eclipse here" He replys. "Oh no" Gabrielle says faintly. "Well we can pull the foal out" he said. Later that day, Eclipse was put to sleep, ever since that day, Gabrielle regret not staying with her, when she kept lying down and getting up the night before. She named the foal Miracle, as that he was a miracle, and he was her precious gem.

CaroleApollo123 & Apollo
2013-05-12 09:53:47
Thoroughbred Dreams: Book One: Star Of The Night
By Starwalker123

Chapter One
I pulled the truck out of the drive way. I had turned 16 two weeks before and gotten my driver’s license. I drove the 10 miles to the barn in the dark. It was pitch black out at 5:00 when I had gotten up by now at around 6:00 it was growing lighter as a pulled into Winter Wind Racing the Thoroughbred racing stable I worked at. I stopped the truck and head into the barn. I walk down the stalls to the head grooms office. I glance at the work out postings all 4 of the horses I’m groom for are going out. I head down to my stall block in the first stall is the two year old pale gray colt Diamond Guy around the barn he is known as Tango. He can be a handful. In the stall next to him is the dark bay 2 year old filly his half-sister (Same Dad) she is Diamond’s Passion Fruit better known as Fruity. Tango and Fruity both show off their sire Diamond In The Rough or just Rough a 10 year old Bay belonging to the farm. In the next stall is Time’s A Wastin or Wasting a 3 year old chestnut. He was recently bought in a private sale and this would be his first work at the farm. In the last stall was the light bay with the black mane and tail gelding named Reflected In A Diamond or Reflection. He was the oldest of Diamond In The Rough foals at the age of 5. I garbed Tango’s halter at lest he had gotten his mom Ice Lady cool temperament and not Rough’s fiery one. I lead him into the cross ties. Then I lead Fruity in to the second set of ties she has her dad’s temper and her mom Lasting Fruit’s eyes. Then I lead out Reflection the gelding prance next to me as I clip him in the cross ties.

Starwalker123 & Star
2013-05-25 22:01:16
The Storm
by kodagirl2

The room the desk lady walked me into was dull and gray. It gave me an uneasy feeling, as if I was a criminal about to be accused. "The investigators will be here shortly," the lady said with an accusitory tone. About a minute later a man with a white dress shirt with black pants and a lady with a purple blouse and black skirt walked in and shut the door behind them. They both looked middle-aged and very serious as the woman sat down. She talked in a somewhat soothing voice.
"Now, we aren't accusing you of anything, yet, but you are a witness Kasey and so far a suspect.We are just here to know what happened the night Jake Hartford went missing."
I clear my throat and my palms get sweaty as I begin my story.
It was last Friday when it happened. Jake came over to have dinner with me and my family for my 17th birthday. We were cleaning up our dishes and decided to go out for a ride on the trails. We didn't want to be out for very long since it would be getting late and didn't want to ride the horses at night. So we went out to the barn and tacked up. He rode his arabian mare Silver and I rode my appaloosa gelding Denali. When we set out-the man interrupted,
"When was that?"

"I think seven or seven-thirty, we were gonna'go out until eight because it gets dark around nine. Anyway,when we set out, I noticed the sky was clear and it was a beautiful evening for a ride. So about, I think, a half-hour later of riding we decide to turn around because it looked like storm clouds were coming in fast." I chuckle and my eyes get heavy, "Jake said 'I bet I can beat you to the barn'" I remember his playful grin and those blue eyes that held so much emotion.
"I smiled and said 'HA! By the time you get back, me and Denali will be waitin' in the pasture!' then we raced, and it stared thundering pretty hard. I was in the lead, wanting to get home before it got real dark, but then something went terribly wrong. I'm not sure if Denali was spooked by the wind and rain or something popped up but all I know is Denali reared and fell back on me. I screamed in pain as we hit the ground with a loud thud. I felt a pain shooting up my thighs to my spine and chest.Denali rolled off me, got up, and took off but he suddenly tripped over a root and flipped to the ground. I screamed his name as this happened. I then felt Jake jump down from Silver and he looked at my injuries. He kept repeating 'You're fine Kasey,okay. You're gonna be fine' but I sensed the weariness in his voice and I know things were definitely not fine. He got up and ran to Denali to check on him. He ran back to me and put his jacket on me. He said'I'm gonna go get help, okay? You're going to be fine don't worry Kasey.' He jumped on Silver and shouted 'I'll be back, Kasey! I'm not going to leave you here!!' and that was the last I heard his voice." A tear built up in my eye and I took a trembling breath.
"It took me all the energy I had to crawl over to Denali. It was too dark to see anything on his wet dapple grey coat but I could tell he wasn't doing very good. I slung my arm over his neck in wincing pain but then settled. I started singing lullabies and whispering to Denali about how we'll be okay and that soon we'll be free from this nightmare, but, that was when I blacked out."
The lady finished writing something in her notepad and looked up at me,
"That'll be all for today. Comeback Monday morning and we'll talk with you again." And they left. As soon as the door closed and I was alone, I cried until I could cry no more.

This is the first part and I will most likely make more. Thanks for reading too!
Dear JC,
I'm sorry if its too graphic but I can change things if you would like?

Thank you,

kodagirl2 & Cheveyo
2013-05-26 19:05:25
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