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Summer Stories Post your story below to enter our My Summer Vacation Story Contest -- the stories will be published in the Pony Pals Magazine. One winning article each month will get 3000 Wbucks and the writer will also get a pink saddle. All articles will be published in the Magazine. Articles must be at least 500 words long.

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Jane Crandal & JB
2013-06-15 21:55:32
Runaway RaceHorse
by: jasira2002

Kristen got up on a sunday morning she got dressed in some baggy jeans and a blue t shirt she walked down the stairs in to the living room then in to the kitchen of corse her mom sister and dad were still sleeping because when she looked at the clock she realized it
was 3 in the morning but she still make a pancake ate it and went down to the barn she groomed every horse in the stable but gypsy she was a racehorse and a very mean one at that she was a dark brown black and white paint her race name/show name was festival gypsy she hated Kristen the most though but today she did not care because she knew she was geting her first horse she tried to make her self busy by cleaning stalls but finally she decided to go for a ride she tacked up teddy and led him out in to the ring now you see teddy in like 17 hands so it took some effort kristen tried swining her self up and tried jumping on but finally she decided to just use the mounting block

jasira2002 & Thunder
2013-06-18 15:01:23
My Summer Story
By:bay speed

This summer I am taking over my stable and giving lessons and training horses. I am getting a Friesian colt that is just getting weaned to train. I am super excited. I am also tajing over my moms students and teaching them how to be a better rider and better horseman. I love giving people the oppertunity to feel a beautiful connection with your horse.

I am also taking lessons from other people to perfect my riding and seat as well. I enjoy jumping the most. But I do western and english both. I am also getting prepared for the show season and hope to be taking my wonderful pony Ruby there.

I just got back from North and South Dakota trail riding. Madora was awesome and I even got to see wild horses!!! It was amazing. I am so happy my granparents envited me to tag along. Ruby was perfect for me and is getting over her fear of water. She is the best!

This summer I will also be looking for another dressage and jumping horse. I need a horse that is experienced and knows what its doing.

I give lessons $15 dollars for a half hour and $25 for an hour. I teach the rider how to perfect his or her riding by what the horse needs help with too. I also like to see if the horse is the one causing the fault or the horse. It is very interesting to see the different things that different people need to work on.

I also am going to try out for school sports and help the community with bible related topics. I think that all that is important.

I want others tobe able to feel like they can do anything and accomplish anything with some work. I want to work hard to become a better horseman and better teacher. I also want to help build a even greater relationship with my horses and other peoples horses.

This years horse expo I was able to lead a Friesain in for the parade of breeds and her name was Isis. I will send a picture of me and her there later.

I am so lucky to have had a mother who always was there for me and that helped me be the horseperson I am today. I always wanted to thank her for that privledge.My mom was the best kind of trainer. I felt like she could fix any horses problems and get them to trust. she was also a certified perelli trainer and a certified instructer. She was amazing! I always want to be like her.

Me and my grandpa are going to go on many trail rides this summer. We also just set up a jumping course in my arena. For me to practice jumping with Ruby. One of my stables borders is putting dressage letters in my dressage arena. I am so excited to practice and get a lesson from her! Me and Ruby make a great team!

I am hoping to give a lot of weekly lessons. I have to go over to someones house and drop a horse off for her and her daughters. I will miss that horse but will be happy to have someone else work with him and enjoy him.

I am also hoping to go trail riding with my friends and give them some free lessons. I am dying to ride with them!

This summer I will also have to drag the arena and pick rocks out of it and ride my 4-wheeler out on trails. I will also have to desensitize my horses and training horse. With tapes, tarps, water, and plastic bags.

I am also hoping to get my horse to do more things with me when we join up. That is so much fun! I just taught one of my students how to do different things while joining up with her horse. It was a blast and exciting to see how other horses would react to it.

It was a little difficult to get her horse to respond as well he did to me. We got through it though. We also worked on a lot of canter work and diagonals.

I am also reading a lot of horse books and magazines on essential oils and different horse massage therapies. I also am going to learn different training techniques and better ways of doing things. I also want to keep up to date with the best feed and medical treatments.

Will finish my story later. bay speed

bay speed & Ruby
2013-06-18 18:47:38
My Summer Story
by rainstar13

Ahhhh. Summer. After school is out, when the days get hot and you long for that swimming pool. This is exactly how I think of my summer. Summer is always relaxing to me. It reminds me when a very special thing happened to me. I will tell it to you, because it is very important in my summer.
I sighed; a long, deep one too! I just didn't understand! I don't have a swimming pool, so what do I do all summer? Work. Sleep. Eat. I hate living like this! If only - no. I can't think like that! If I had a dog, everything would be different!
That is exactly how my summers were for 7 years. Until I caught my Dad on Craigslist, looking at DOGS! I was so excited! When I did get Sasha, she was a total surprise!

Now I no longer spend my summer complaining about being bored. I spend almost every moment with Sasha! I train her tricks and I run her through her agility course a couple hundred times. ( No laughing, please). When I am not with Sasha, I visit all the neighboring horses. I slide out the fence, grab a brush, and start brushing! Sometimes I ride them (with the owners' permission of course)! Last summer, I rode a mule. NOT A GOOD CHOICE! That silly mule was so stubborn! Another time I got to ride a chestnut mare. But she had bad feet! My favorite ride was Kate. Kate was an ex-racehorse. She was very gentle, and SOOOOO smooth! I was also privileged to ride a pure-bred Arabian mare called Gimmegirl. Her trot was like walking on butter! Not as slippery, though!

This is how I usually spend my summers. I divide my time between my church Camps, summer work, Sasha, and horses. It is very relaxing! When I am with or on any horse; I always have fun!

rainstar13 & Nightfire
2013-06-18 20:30:29
My summer story
By hobbihorse2001

I rode around the arena, smiling as big as I could, I was so happy. Ever since i was a little girl all I could remember was dreaming of riding and horses.I was born to have a passion to ride and love horses, my mom promised me when I was older I would be able to ride, and every birthday when my parents yelled "make a wish!" I wished to ride like a pro.On my fifth birthday my riding dreams started to seem like only day dreams or impossible. My parents got divorced, & really I wanted my mom AND dad not just to come to my first lesson, but to be there when I got back from school. years went by, I started riding at six & loved it. I got used to seeing my dad little by little & him coming to my lessons once & a while. In grade three my dad moved to a town a hour away from where I lived.I was having lots of fun till I got cut off again. I had to stop riding, my teacher got a better job and that was that. More years went by and before I knew it I was ten!. One day on summer break my mom found a article for a horse camp at stride away stables. My mom put me in it with no regrets. She even got my best friend in it too!. at the horse camp I meet my most favorite teacher Keelie, and my favorite pony hobbi.I started lessons with him after the camp with my bestfriend on a pony named sadie.A year went by after I began riding him & we got closer & closer. I was begging & begging to get a horse but I just was not allowed!, I was very upset too when my dad almost said yes but the next day jammed out, again.This summer alot of talking came back & forth & I was very excited. I was allowed to lease hobbi!, my most favorite pony!!. Now I don"t complain or say " I wish I was riding" I spend every moment with hobbi. We go in shows, I braid him, pamper him, wash him, and it"s not fun but do SOME chores. I am very happy now & my dad is more promising and of course, my dream came true after all..

hobbihorse2001 & hobbi
2013-07-01 00:33:21
Christie and the Lost Stallion
horsecrazygirl80 and Canela

Christie tightened the saddle and swung upon the handsome steed. A chestnut Apploosa held its head high as the wind blew back its black mane. Christie held tight to the saddle horn as the stallion galloped into the horizon. Suddenly a voice came calling, " Christie!" Christie turned looking for the owner of the voice. Suddenly the Apploosa reared up and fell backwards. Christie went flying through the air turning to where she was facing the hard ground. Suddenly a flame appeared and grew into a great fire. Christie screamed then it all went black.

"Christie!" called Mom, "Are you okay sweetie?" Mom ran up the stairs, with a sense of urgency in her voice. Christie sat up from her bed with a start. Mom walked in the room. "I heard you scream, are you okay?" Christie said, "I'm fine Mom, just a bad dream." "okay... call me if you need anything." said mom and she went downstairs.

Christie sighed just a few weeks ago she would have been at the stable riding....but their was no stable anymore...no horses..no instructor...and no Storm. Last week while she had been riding the hay caught fire in the hayloft at the riding stable she took lessons at. She had been in the stable when the fire really got bad. The horses were already out thankfully. The fire spread and got the riding area's. Christie had jumped onto her favorite horse a beautiful Apploosa stallion named Storm, to escape. She had thought she had made it when Storm got spooked and reared up and fell backwards into the fats approaching flames....so did Christie. Storm survived but ran off after he had been rescued. Christie was sure he was dead. She had been severely injured her face was red and swollen and she had scars all over her back. Worst of all Storm had fallen on top of her breaking an ankle.

Christie could barely move her hands they were so badly burned. She sighed and got up onto her crutches moving slowing to get dressed.
. . . . . . . . . .
The doctor had said to take several walks a day to help heal her ankle. Christie had taken slow walks on a safe public trail. Christie walked through the forest admiring the beauty. Then she noticed a different trail. Curious she decided to take a look. She had walked about half a mile when she realized the path had been made by an animal of some sort. Suddenly, a horse reared up suddenly knocking over shocked Christie!

. . . . . . . . . .

Christie woke up. She looked around and remembered where she was at and franticly searched for her crutches. She found them, one broken in half, made impossible to use. She heard a snort and saw a dirty large horse standing near by. She looked for the trail and realized the horse had trampled all over it. She was now way deeper in the forest then she had thought. The horse suddenly noticed her looking at it and became tense. Christie realized she was alone, deep in the woods, injured, and with a wild strange horse!
to be continued if I get enough votes

horsecrazygirl80 & Flame
2013-07-02 02:45:51
Whoops sorry did not see the theme of the story. I'll restart

My summer story

This summer I want to train my pony Modra. She is a little green but is a great pony and is willing to try new things. I just taught her how to back up and be reeled in. ( I know that sounds kinda like small but its a great start to other big things I want to train her to do) I just got a great book on how to train horses. Its sooo great! I also want to learn more about caring for horses this summer because I'll be at my grandparents house often which is where Modra lives. Its so much fun! I've never really gotten to care for a horse like this. I also want to be able to train my dogs agility this summer. I'll finish later :)

horsecrazygirl80 & Flame
2013-07-02 02:55:48
Hi I wrote a story here yesterday but its not here
horsecrazygirl80 & Flame
2013-07-02 15:42:30
All stories need to be read and approved by an admin before they show up.

Jane Crandal & JB
2013-07-04 05:38:31
Come Back!

Finally! Summer is here! I couldn't wait to go down to the barn, and ride my favorite pony, Sparkle! She was the first pony I have owned. I sat straight up in my bed, looking at the time. It was only 5:30, in the morning! "Oh well," I thought to myself, "I guess I can still go down there to ride Sparkle, just a little bit. I don't think it's a bad idea or anything." I quietly got dressed, and put on my boots. Then, remembering I haven't ridden Sparkle since last month! Forgetting the time, I ran downstairs as fast as my legs would let me. I slammed the door behind me, then I remembered. "Dad's going to kill me" This time I said aloud. I decided not to wait for him, and just brushed Sparkle off, before putting on her tack. I know this routine by heart. First the curry comb, then the hard brush, nest the soft brush, and after that the mane and tail brush, finally the hoof pick. I know it seems like a lot to do, but it actually doesn't take very long. Sometimes, if Sparkle is really dirty I wipe her down with a dry rag, to get the extra dirt off. Now for the tack, first the saddle pad, then the gel pad, next the martingail, fourth, the saddle, after the saddle is the girth. Finally, the bridle. The bridle is the hardest thing in my opinion. I took off the halter and lead rope, then she bolted. I forgot to turn her out! She ran into the woods, and I quickly got a bridal on another horse, and rode bareback after Sparkle. I was almost next to her. "Come Back!" I yelled. I stopped. I saw a wild horse. He was a buckskin, and very beautiful. I got off of Charlie, the horse I was riding bareback, and reached to pet the wild horse. He spooked, but then let me touch him. I was going to name him Zico. I knew I wouldn't be able to take him back to the barn, so I left him here, Ever morning, after I got sparkle back of course, I would come visit Zico and give hime carrots. Someday, I would own Zico.

NewMorgan12 & Sparkle
2013-07-06 14:47:24
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