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October Story Contest Age 12 & Older Start your entry with TITLE by USERNAME The rules are your story must have a horse or pony in it somewhere to be eligible for voting.

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Jane Crandal & JB
2013-09-30 19:47:35
Best Summer Ever
By: laney17

Today's the day! I thought as I opened my eyes and got up to get ready. After putting on my old, worn tall boots I ran downstairs. Mom was making eggs and toast for breakfast. People always said I looked just like her when she was 12. We both have bright blue eyes and dark curly hair. Once we ate I checked all the things off my checklist for the thousandth time, I just couldn't wait! I was so thankful the barn was only 10 minutes away. I couldn't have sat there any longer. Once we got there we started getting things ready for her. After what felt like a lifetime I heard the sound of a truck and trailer. "She's here, She's here!" I exclaimed. Once they came to a stop I grabbed my new purple halter and lead rope and went to get her. I lead her off the trailer and to her stall. Once I got her in I looked at the shiny brass nameplate that read "Step in Time" and thought to myself, this will be the best summer ever.

laney17 & Sporting A New Trend
2013-10-01 19:12:34
Could the Jump be any Higher? (Chapter 1)
By Sockylola1


Sara buckled on the black halter to her gelding, Luck, then clipped on the leadrope and led him out of the stall. He plodded along slowly, letting the warm sun soak into his black coat. Sara rolled her eyes and clucked to him to speed up. Finally, she got him into the cross-ties, and she began to groom him.
Her friend, Abby, walked into the cross-tie across from her. "Another early morning of jumping practice?" she asked, frowning. Sara nodded.
"Yup. I'm going to beat Brittany Washbourne if it's the last thing I do. Know how many years she's beaten me? Three! Three whole years, every single time I've gotten second in this competition. Well, if I'm good enough to get into the Town Championship every year since I was old enough, then I can beat her."
"Whatever you say," Abby said teasingly. She whisked dirt off from her mare's coat in quick, strong strokes. "THe only reason Brittany wins is because she gets a better horse every year, you know. That's her down fall." She pointed her hoof pick at Sara. "She doesn't get a strong relationship with any of them."
"Does it matter?" I answered, switching from a curry to a body brush. "All of her horses can clear the water jump, because they all are taller and have longer legs then Luck."
"Well, he is a Shetland, you know. They may be good at jumping, but their legs pretty much are a con." Sara sighed, putting her brush away.
"I know. Mom and Dad say I have to start looking for a new horse, since ponies are going to be too small for me in a year or so. But I don't feel like I could give up Luck." She patted the gelding's shoulder.
"Hey, don't get worried," Abby soothed. "It's the first weekend of the summer. You have no reason to worry, there's tons of time to find a new horse, or find an alternative." Sara nodded, then tacked up Luck in silence.
When Luck was ready, Sara led him up to the jumping ring and mounted up. She put her feet in the stirrups, gathered the reins, and began to walk Luck around the ring. As she warmed up, she thought through the course in the ring. It was an easy course, just verticals, crosses, and some double bars--Sara called them Double Lucks, since they were Luck's speciality.
She finished another circuit of the ring at a trot, and made a smaller circle to the right at a canter. Then she pointed Luck to the first jump, an easy cross-bar. He bunched himself at exactly the right time and tucked up his legs, jumping over and landing smoothly. Sara put him through another few easy ones, them turned him to a harder set combination; three Double Lucks with only a few seconds between each jump. She loosened the reins up a little to let Luck put his head down or farther, and to help him navigate his own path. Luck understood and began to slow a little, then jumped carefully over the first one, landing as short as he could, taking off a stride later. They cleared the combination, and Sara slowed him down and grinned.
"Great job, as usual, Luck," she praised him, scratching his slightly damp neck. Turning to walk around the ring for a short break, Sara tried to imagine jumping without Luck. 'It just wouldn't work,' she told herself. 'There must be another way.'

sockylola1 & Spirit
2013-10-02 21:19:08
Under The Star Beams Part 2
by Horse Gentler

Jupiter only watched the jackal depart. He didn’t say anymore. He stayed standing. Finally, Saturn broke the silence.
“So, if this lion is coming to the Milky Way, what are we to do?” he said. “Are you sure this is not just some foolish prank and all?” Mars answered the question with a question.
“Finding the lion will not be a problem,” Sun said to Saturn, “but finding his allies will be.” Mars tilted his head. “How do you know he has allies?” “This lion knows the laws of the Universe,” Neptune answered. “which also means he’d know that the Feather is protected by law. If he wants that comet, he will have to fight for it. And it’s not like he can just waltz in and win a war against the council. He’ll need an army- a fairly big one- and that’s why he would have allies.” “That is very logical, Neptune,” Sun said. “That was exactly how I figured it.”
Mars didn’t seem convinced. “So eleven horses are going to go to every corner of the universe to find evil allies? We got light speed or something?” “Don’t be a nag,” Saturn said. “We’d go separate. Solo. We don’t need super speed.” “Yeah, chase sound waves,” Pluto piped. “That jackal is just a sneaky liar. It’s probably something to stir our nerves up.” “Too bad,” Saturn continued. “I’m going anyway.” “No defying good,” Uranus said. “besides, if Jako is talking serious and we ignore it, it could be bad for everything.”
“It’s settled then,” Sun said. They gathered around him to receive assignments.
“Mercury, you must inform the councils of Leo, Pegasus, Capricorn, Cancer, and Canis Major about the lion’s move.”
“Venus, you will investigate the Tucana Dwarf Galaxy. Find out where Tal-Ak lives and his intents.”
“Earth and Moon, you will search the spiral arms of the Milky Way and calculate the one the lion will enter.”
“Mars, search the Andromeda and Gemini constellations.”
“As for Jupiter and Saturn, you’ll investigate the more distant galaxies and stars.”
“Uranus and Neptune will search Scorpio and Taurus constellations.”
“Pluto remains, and I’d like him to dig up some information from the jackal prowls of Xena.”
“When you’ve accomplished your tasks, meet back at Titan. I will be watching for signs of Tal-Ak here.”
Great, Neptune thought. I forgot how much I despise doing things alone. “You are not alone, Neptune.” The young steed jerked around to face his dam, Venus. “I’m sorry, I just…” Neptune blurted out, but Venus broke in. “Look at the stars, Neptune.” And he did. “If not one of them is out of place, do they know their way around the sky?” “Of course not,” Neptune replied, hastily. “No one should believe the stars have minds.” “All that is true, son. So if the same One who placed the stars in their position and knows the trillions of them by name, don’t you think that He is also always guiding you?” Her son hesitated. “Yes,” he breathed. “Remember, ‘All things work together for the glory of God.’ Now, go and trust Him.” Neptune looked into her reassuring face. She smiled at him, then turned to go her own way.
Her colt stared after her a moment, then turned to look at the spiral arm of the Milky Way. None of those stars were out of place.
“Before you go, Neptune,” Sun said, “I am best off telling you that the words of the scorpions often contradict their thoughts. So you should…” “Watch them out of their sight,” Neptune finished. “Precisely,” Sun said. “And do be careful of their stingers. The infliction can be deadly.”

Mercury’s Message
The messenger horse of Sun approached constellation Leo with eyes wide. He’d seen this constellation several times, but its size had always stole his breath.
Get to Regulas, tell its king, Tal-Ak an army going to bring, Mercury repeated in his head over and over. He didn’t want to forget. He might have called it his “most important message of all time within the heliopause.”
At last, he reached the king star and found who he was looking for. Aslan, the great lion and leader of the Milky Way galaxy.
Much as all the lions of Leo were gorgeous, Aslan was even more beautiful. He was white as snow, his golden mane reaching his knees. His powerful legs and pearly claws made him born to hunt. He never abused his gifts.
“Good day, Mercury,” said the Lion, “what brings you so far out from the heliopause?” “An urgent message, your majesty,” Mercury replied. “The lion from the dark hole, Tal-Ak, has overstepped his boundaries.” “Should he do anything less wicked?” Aslan asked, apparently disturbed. “What do you mean?” “Ah, he’s my brother.”
Mercury looked as if he’d been slapped in the face.
“Yes,” the big cat began. “We were twins in the litter, and when he learned I was next in line for the throne, he became envious of me. Envy turned in to hate. After he murdered my Mother, the queen, The King, my father banished him to the dark hole. His plan was to murder the whole royal line. Now he seeks revenge.”
“Jako told me that Tal-Ak was coming to hunt the Pegasus Comet,” Mercury said. “Brother,” said Aslan, “doest thou believe the lying tounge of a fool?”
The two talked for a while longer, then Mercury departed for the other constellations.

Venus Listens
Far away in the Tucana Galaxy, Venus tracked the dreaded lion. She had friends in this galaxy and hoped to pick up information from them.
She wanted to visit her best friend, Neras, first. Neras was a bird of paradise who’d moved away from her old constellation to the Tucana galaxy because of the poor conditions back at her home.
Venus found her friend flying about, enjoying herself. When Neras saw her horse friend, she stopped short.
“Why, Venus!” she said, “what are you doing way out here? I thought you’d be gossiping over your volcanoes.”
“I’m on an urgent mission,” was Venus’s simple reply. “You see, Tal-Ak,” “Has overstepped his boundaries again,” Neras finished.
Venus seemed surprised. “How did you know that?”
“My colony doesn’t expect much more from him nowadays. Since he fell into a comet nuclei, he’s been plotting to destroy every comet in the universe.”
“I didn’t doubt you,” Venus said. “That’s why I came to you first.” “I am delighted you found favor in me,” Neras said, ruffling her fluorescent mauve feathers. “Anyway, I’ll tell you what I know. Last night, Tal-Ak destroyed a comet around here and swallowed it whole. He had another creature with him, a jet-black one. I think he referred to it as Antares.” “Antares?” Venus was instantly concerned, “you mean the scorpion that almost defeated Mars in the fight last year?” “The same one,” Neras said in a low voice.
Venus depicted Mars’s nemesis in her mind. A jet-black scorpion as long as an Egyptian obelisk with a stinger, as large as Jupiter’s head, with poison that could kill a horse the size of Sun within five minutes. If it had not been for the efforts of Aslan, the Solar system herd, and Goura the dove, Mars might have died in the fight. And now Antares was back.
Neras interrupted Venus’s thoughts. “Tal-Ak told Antares to meet him again tonight. That would be a perfect time to pick up some more tips.”

Venus and her friend moved closer to the lion. Tal-Ak was obviously unaware of their presence. He just walked on, rather purposefully. Then he stopped. So suddenly, Venus nearly tripped over her friend.
The comet-hunter stood as still as a statue. Moments later, a critch, critch, critch, critch, announced the arrival of Antares.
The scorpion, barely visible against the black backdrop, said in a creaky voice: “Recruits are ready. They await your orders.”
If Tal-Ak was pleased with this news, he did not show it. He simply said “Put them on hold, I hunt again tonight.”
“But,” Antares continued, “my clan is brisling with excitement. They long to fight. As do I.”
“I said, put them on hold. I shall deal with them later. I am in no mood to worry myself over who wins this fight. My brother, he shall get what he deserves. Now go, Antares, and don’t bother me until I summon you again.
“But if you do long to hunt, don’t go for the comets. You may have all the asteroids, meteoroids, and star scraps you want, but I want to see to the demise of those traps. I shall see they are destroyed if it means I must also destroy the universe to do so. Now GO!”
Antares departed, but he did not seem daunted, either. Tal-Ak’s response would have normally sent any creature cowering down and scampering away.
Tal-Ak stayed a while longer, the he, too, left to hunt.
After both had gone, Neras and Venus looked at each other.
“Some meeting that was,” the bird of paradise remarked, “calling someone over to yell at them.” “Maybe Tal-Ak does that just to make himself feel better.”
Silence followed. Both friends seemed to know what the other was thinking. Antares had joined sides with Tal-Ak, and the scorpion would be worse. Much worse.

Horse Gentler & West Australian
2013-10-04 14:15:17
Title: ~New Horizons~ chapter 2: A New Herd
By: Horsesforever12

Warrior watched Malcana fade behind him and looked down to see himself standing on a field...on earth. He looked behind him and saw the other horses, and beside him he saw Athena.
"Well here we are," he said in a grim tone, his amber eyes scanning the plains.
"Yes, and let us make the best of it." Athena said, trying her best to be optimistic. The sun glowed down on the little meadow, and the flowers raised there dainty heads to the sunshine. A river danced nearby, and the breeze was warm and inviting. Warrior took a deep breath and caught whiff of something. Another horse. He peered into some bushes that stood beside him and bumped a nose. A small filly stepped out, her brown and white coat covered in leaves.
"You are a strange herd!" she said, looking Warrior straight in the eye.
"Herd? What is that?" Warrior asked, confused.
"Silly!" laughed the small horse. "It means you are a bunch of horses that live together and have a leader. Are you the lead stallion?"
"I don't know," said Warrior.
"Yes he is," Athena said, stepping forward and smiling at Warrior.
"You should lead us, Warrior. Let's start our own herd." Athena said firmly, but with a twinkle in her eye. The mare never said no to adventure.
"I'm Shaula, by the way. I have my own herd. I could show it to you," said the filly.
"That would be splendid. Let us meet some other earth horses." said Athena, following behind Shaula. Warrior shook his head and followed. Maybe this wasn't so bad. At least they had each other...and their own herd.

more coming soon! Join the club "Brumbies from Malcana" for more adventure! :)

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-10-04 18:36:52
Storm's Head
Part/Chapter 1
By: Chelsea2

Storm – A 6 year-old stallion. Herd leader, he is stronger and faster than any horse he's yet to meet. This golden-flanked buckskin stands 17 hands high and is NOT one to mess with. He's a fighter - the toughest mustang around. He has no white markings, but his golden hide, black legs, and black tail are striking. Don't let Storm's youth fool you - he's seen it all. He's fought off many other stallions and broken the spirit of some of the hardest mustangers around. Mustangers value him for his handsome appearance, speed, agility, intelligence, and bravery.

Starlight – This sitting-pretty 6 year-old palomino mare stands 16 hands high and is second in command, being as she's Storm's mate. She is a beautiful golden color with a white mane and tail, and a perfect star on her head, the shape of a five-pointed star! She is sweet and loving, and cares deeply for her foal, Duke.

Duke’s Shadow – He has inherited his father's speed, intelligence, and agility, and his mother's peaceful, loving spirit. He did not, however, inherit his color! Duke is pitch black, with four white stockings, and a thick white blaze up his face. He stands 16.2 hands high. He is the son of Storm and Starlight. He is back-up Lead Stallion. Nicknamed Duke.

Blue Light – She is an 8-year-old blue roan mare with a white spot on her belly. She stands 15.1 hands high, with shockingly pair blue eyes set on her blue face. She spends most of her time in the forest getting herbs or spending time by the herd, but not with anyone, getting ready for anything that could harm the herd.

Sunshine – Sunshine is a palomino mare that stands 16.1 hands high. She has gentle chocolate brown eyes set on her head. Flared nostrils on her muzzle. Her long legs and powerful hindquarters show of that she is a strong and fast mare. She has a love of feeling the wind in her face. She calls herself the earth’s mare.

Fern – This mare is one of the prettiest mares around. She has brown eyes that just make you melt when she looks at you. They look up from under her short black fetlock. Her coat is a golden yellow, making her a buckskin. She’s one of the shorter mares in the herd, standing only 14.2 hands high. But, she just makes up for that being the best fighting mare in the herd.

Sundancer – An all-around "wow" factor, this four year-old mare has been up and running from the start! She stands 16 hands high, and is a red-gold chestnut with four white stockings. The second fastest horse in the valley, she is well on her way to outrun Storm himself. She has a wild spirit that will never be broken, and loves to just run.

Fauna – Fauna is a gentle mare that loves sticking close to the herd. She has a lively chestnut coat with a splash of white on her rump. She has stockings that go to her hocks on both her back legs. She stands 15.3 hands high. Enjoying helping Blue Light get herbs, or run with Sunshine, or even play with Fern. Fauna isn’t an all around like Sundancer, but only a herd mare.

I look over the herd, the breeze gently blowing my cream tail and tail, my ears pricked, my eyes alert and looking for any danger, every now and then, I would look over at Fern. That mare had the prettiest coat that I had ever seen, her legs as black as Storm’s mane and tail, that pitch black color that sent awe through your whole body. Above that black, was a golden body, golden like the sun mixed with honey to make her coat. She had very beautiful dark brown eyes set on her head, with a hint of a dished nose to her face. I look at Duke, who was standing talking to Fauna. His black coat making hers look even lighter and brighter.

Duke looks up at me as I look down at him, he starts talking towards me, leaving Fauna to look after him. Duke was the best looking stallion around for miles, or well second, after Storm. His dark ears pricked forward, his brown eyes fixed on me, his black mane blowing gently in the breeze that has my tail floating in it. He halts beside me, and turns to look at the herd like I am. “It’s a beautiful view.” I nod my head, his voice made me want to just keep on listing to him talk forever. “The only think that could make it better was if I was looking at you, and not the herd.”

My heard jerked up at those words, looking at him. “What do you mean?”
He smiles at me, and flicks his ears. Turning his head to over look the herd again, he watches Sundancer canter to the herd, and report to Storm, then come and talk to Fern. Sundancer was almost as pretty as Fern, the second prettiest mare for days travel. She had the beautiful dun coat. It had a soft look about it like her fur was made out of silk. She had the built of a famous show jumper, not a wild horse. Her eyes where alert, and had a rare light glowing in them. “I mean, when I take over the herd, Sundancer will be my lead mare. She is the one that Starlight has picked to lead after her. I wish it was you that would lead beside me.”
“I am honored, but I don’t have the leadership that Sundancer has. I’m sure she’s her name. At times it seems like she really could dance on the sun.” I thought my voice was rough, like tree bark. Not like Duke’s smooth voice, or Sundancer’s sweet, soft voice, like a bird’s song.
Duke sighed at those words. “I just love listing to you, your voice may not be as soft as Sundancer’s, but it’s like honey, soothing, not soft like a song, but once you have it, you don’t want to give it up.”

Down in the herd Storm sent up a nicker, turning every one to face him, and start to pick their way down from where they where to him.
Once ever one was there, and had their place, Storm started talking. “Sundancer reported that there is two stallions scents just to the north of us, I want to go cheek it out, Duke, Sundancer, and Sunshine are coming with me. Fauna, Fern, Blue Light; Look after Starlight.” And with that, the four of us head out.

Storm leading us, with Sundancer cantering at his shoulder, and Duke at his other shoulder, leaving me to trail behind.
I slide to a halt, and hold my nose to the right of us, stopping in my tacks. Storm slows and looks back at me. “Sunshine, keep up.”
“I smell something.” I nose a bush, and walk around it, the stallions’ scents where strong, they where close, and Storm was just going to lead us right past them. “Their here.” Once those words where out of my mouth, a scream sounded a little ways into the woods, close that if the horse wanted to charge me, I wouldn’t have time to turn and run, and I was fast on my feet. Duke pushes me back, standing in front of me. Storm sending up his own scream at the stallion.
“Sunshine, don’t scare me like this again! You are in danger here!” Duke says the words still facing the stallion, but fear dripping off every word he says.
A large black and white stallion steps from the bushes. “Off of my land.” Storm rises to his challenge. As Storm fights the black and white stallion, the other stallion, a little bit smaller then the black and white one, charges us.
“Sunshine, Dancer, run!” Duke tells us as he meets the other stallion, keeping himself between the stallion and us. Sundancer was out of there like a pack of hungry wolves where on her heels, I was frozen their watching Duke and Storm fight. “Sunshine, I told you to run!”

Storm snorts at Duke and I. “Duke, you know you will marry Sundancer when you are ready.”
“I know, Storm.”
“Sunshine, Duke, second in command, told you to run, but you didn’t do it, you froze in place.”
“I was scared for both of you.”
“Storm.” Duke picking up his head, and saying Storm’s name with just as much authority as Storm and said his.
“Why did you have to do the same thing I did?”
“What?” Duke looking at Storm.
“I fell in love with Starlight, when I was to marry Sundancer’s mother. She fell in love with another stallion, and Starlight and I left to start a herd, and this is our herd. I will talk to Starlight about changing, so then you and Sunshine don’t have to run away.”
Duke and I share a look; mine half hope, the other half buried deep, it was doubt. What if he fell in love with Sundancer, or I another stallion? Duke’s look was pure hope and love mixed together.

We walked to the herd slowly, Duke and I walking beside Storm, Starlight and Sundancer running forward to meet Storm and Duke.
“Oh Storm! Are you ok?” Starlight asked him, looking over his buckskin pelt, before nuzzling him. “Oh Storm.”
“I’m ok Starlight.”
“That’s good.” Sundancer whispers, nuzzling Duke, who, to my fear, was nuzzling her back.
Fauna nickered to me. “You keep showing that you have the Great Spirit’s spirit, you can’t be broken.” Blue Light looking up at me when Fauna says those words, Duke’s and Storm’s cuts forgotten for the second, everyone’s eyes where on me, measuring me up to famous Spirit. “That has nothing to do with what we are talking about, if any one has it, its Sundancer and Storm, not Sunshine.” Blue Light says, when she talks you listen; she’s a mare of few words.
“I see it!” Fern exclaimed, and touched her nose to my mane. I kept thinking to myself yet again how I was lucky to have Fern and Fauna as my best friends, my only friends.

chelsea2 & Irish
2013-10-05 21:17:01
The Trail
By Maxymoon

Hasley Freeman was cleaning Spot’s stall. Spot was a seventeen hand, blonde mane and tail, chocolate coat, Tennessee Walking horse. He used to be a show horse, but broke loose from his abusive owners. Hasley found him walking on a trail on a warm spring day. He was bruised and cut and walking with a limp. Something told her that she had to help him, so she grabbed some grass and led him back to the barn. With love and care, he was nursed back to health in eight weeks. They practically had to retrain him; he was hurt far more than physically. The only person he let, touch him was Hasley. After plenty weeks of training, (with Hasley’s help of course) he was now going to go on his first trail ride. Hasley was probably more excited than him! As she was cleaning his stall she was telling him about how they were going to compete in a cross country show and win first place. Hasley told him stories of riders and their horses, and how they were going to become the most popular horse and rider ever!
“Hasley, are you ready for the trail ride?”
“Yes!” screeched Hasley. She quickly tacked him up and led him outside. She led him up to a short log, it didn't take much for her to get up on him, her long legs and tall body helped a lot. She had straight, long blonde hair that blew in the wind. She was an English rider, jumper type, with a friendly smile. She was a sweet girl with a mysterious past.
“You ready Spotty?” Hasley asked Spot. Spot whinnied excitingly. She leaped up onto the tall horse and clucked a “walk on” to her animal.
They headed to the main trail following Jess, the riding instructor who trains Hasley and Spot. Jess and beautiful long black-brown hair, with freckles and blue-green eyes. Hasley looked up to Jess, without her she wouldn't be able to be riding Spot today.
They entered the cotton wood and pine tree forest, Jess giving Hasley pointers on how to handle Spot if something happens unexpectedly. Hasley wasn't worried, she knew her and Spot would be great. They kept riding until they came to the fork. The trail on the right was called Wildwood; an overused trail that led back to the barn. Then you have The Pine, which goes around for about a quarter mile, then blends into the Wildwood, which leads back to the barn. Then the Forbidden, no one went there over 11 years because strange things happen after you ride it and return to the barn. No one knows why because it’s just unspoken of.
“Well, I got a lesson in thirty minutes, so I need to head back.”
“OKAY, Jess, can I ride a little farther?”
“You've done well with him, so yes, you deserve it.”
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
“Have fun, but be safe. I trust you.”
“OKAY, I will thanks!”
Jess disappeared into the woods and Hasley thought about which trail to take. Wildwood and The Pine have been done to death, she thought. So she did the unthinkable and trotted down the Forbidden.

Hasley couldn't see what was so bad about this trail. It was just as great as the other ones, if not better. Spot seemed to be enjoying the ride too. Something felt weird, not like scary, just different. The air felt thicker. Her throat felt dry. She felt a little light headed.
“Spot is handsome. Spot is mare’s man.” A deep, hypnotizing voice told her.
“Jess, is that you?” asked Hasley, her eyes still closed. She opened them. It took a minute to readjust, and then she asked “What happened?”
“Well a, you got kind of unbalanced, like you were going to fall off so I crouched down, and well, let you fall off.” A deep playful voice responded. Hasley looked up and big chocolate head with a blonde hair tickled her forehead. “Jess?”
“No it’s Spot.”
“What!”Hasley screamed backing up.
“Calm down! I’m a really nice guy you should know that by now.”
“How can you- what? Why?” asked freaking out Hasley.
“Well you know people don’t come down this trail, trying to be rebel, are ya?”
“What does the trail have to do about anything?”
“With you on it, it makes us talk.”
“What do I have to do with anything?”
“Jess will explain it to you. So want to head back to the barn?”
“I guess. But you’ll still be able to talk to me?”
“Yes, but you can’t tell anybody!”
“Well, OKAY!”
Later when they returned to the barn, she did her evening chores around the barn; she had to talk to Jess. When she found her, she told her everything. She was nervous to ask Jess about how she knew Spot could talk.
“Jess, Spot told me you knew you he could talk,” her voice shaking. “How?”
Jess paused, “When you were really little like one year old, I found you on that trail, all alone. I couldn't leave you out there, so I took you back to the barn. The horse I was riding was Spots mom. She knew that she’d have to have a baby that was the same as you.”
“Am I a freak or something?”
“No, you’re not; you were the one that triggered animals to talk. We don’t know why, but someday we will.”
“I don’t know, but soon, we will.”
The next day Hasley came out to the barn. She had to talk to Spot. “Spot, let’s get ready.”
“What for?” asked Spot.
“The adventure we’re taking to find out what makes me make you talk.”

maxymoon & moonshadow
2013-10-06 22:02:29
Unicorn School Part II
By Dragon Girl

Principal Yianna was sitting behind a high desk that rose in front of me like a mountain. It loomed like a bear. The unicorn mare glaned up above her glasses. "Can I help you?" she asked in a dull and slightly droning voice. She sounded like she had stayed up for three weeks and was living off of coffee. "Um, hi....I'm Kitty, and I came here for my dorm room number and class schedule." I muttered in a tiny voice. She looked up from her papers and studied me. "Kitty?" she asked. "Yes mam." I said. "We don't have a Kitty here. Is that a nickname?" "Oh, yes. My name is Katherine." I squeaked. She got down from her stool and opened a file up. She levitated a small envelope to me. "Here you go." she said in a dismissive voice. She clearly meant for me to leave. Then she stopped and looked straight at Mari. "I want to speak with you, Katherine. Annamarria, leave us." Mari snorted and trotted out the door with her tail in the air. "Good luck, Kitty." she called. The principal gazed down on me like she was reprimanding a foal. "I would suggest not 'hanging' with Annamarria or her friend, Katherine. She is a lot of trouble, and you seem like a reasonable young mare." she announced. "Er....why is she trouble?" I stammered. Mari didn't seem bad. "She and that stallion she's friends with are the alley cats around here. They get in fights with the ones you young ones call 'popular' and are responsible for most of the large disruptions here. Not the type I would like to see my more mature students with." she finished, turning around and making her way back behind the desk. I took that as my signal to leave. I walked out the door and opened my envelope, searching for my room number. The small paper floated out of the container, but I caught it with a levitating cloud and held in front of my face. 302. Great. No directions. I trotted down the "wing" and looked for someone who might know where the actual dormitory was. An older mare with a tight bun was writing up some graphs on a chalkboard. I poked my head in. "Sorry to bother you, but can you tell me where the dorm is?" I asked in the meekest and nicest voice I could muster. The old unicorn looked at me with dark, sad eyes. "Right of the first level of stairs you see, sweetheart." she said in a kind voice. I dipped my head in thanks, wondering why her stare was so sad. I headed back down the hall until I saw a flight of stairs leading up. I gulped. I had never seen so many stairs in my life. Cautiously, I placed my hoof on the first step. Nothing happened. I placed another hoof on the one above it and started to climb. 'This isn't too bad!' I thought to myself as I hauled myself up another stair. Just as I thought I was doing well, I reached the last stair. It caught my hoof and I was thrown forward. I rolled over and slid right into a tall stallion with a very loosely tied mane. I jumped up and started to apologize all over the place as fast as I could. He picked himself up and nodded to me. "It's all right. I'm fine." he said calmly. He looked at me with handsome eyes that were slightly covered by a small length of his dark mane, a shadow over his white coat. He gave me a smile and trotted off towards the right wing. Some mares started to giggle uncontrollably, and I suddenly was aware that I was blushing brightly. I ducked my away and walked down the left wing where all the mares seemed to be. The rooms were aligned to numbers on each side of the hall. 100's on the left, 200's on the right. If the doors went in order, the 300's should be on the left, while the 400's would be to my right. I took a turn around the corner and found myself in a near vacated hall. The 300's started up. 300.....301....302...WAIT. 302! I took a deep breath and entered the dorm room.

Dragon Girl & Frodo
2013-10-07 00:25:21
The Show
By: Italian Rider

One more week. One more week of nervous anticipation. One more week till the big day. One more week till the Bucks County Horse Show.
Those were the thoughts that swam through my head as I warmed up my Welsh pony, Pirate. “Okay, Grace”, my instructor, Mrs. K. called, when you’re ready, you can bring Pirate to a canter.” Sitting down deep in the saddle, I tapped Pirate with my outside (the one closest to the rail) leg and made a clicking sound. “Come on Pie-Pie!” I coaxed. I wanted to canter, but Pirate had other ideas and stubbornly stayed at a trot. I tapped him again and squeezed with my legs, making sure to not keep posting. Finally, with a shake of his head, Pirate burst into a canter. I sat comfortably to the “one, two, three, one, two, three” beet of his hooves. After going around the ring once or twice (the entire time squeezing with my legs to keep him going), Mrs. K. told me to bring him to a walk. I knew what this meant. While Pirate and I caught our breath, she was going to set up the jumps. There was a sudden whirling feeling in my stomach that always comes right before I jump. I know why, too. When you jump on Pirate, you never know what to expect. He could be really good and not break into a trot or take a big spot before the jump. He might also race through it, making you feel like there’s a giant spikey ball bouncing around in your stomach. But, worst of all is when he’s lazy and slow. You have to keep your leg on him the entire time, and when you prepare to go over the jump, he breaks into a lazy trot and steps over it. That is exactly what I’m worried will happen at the show! I look over to the other side of the ring and see that Mrs. K. is finished setting up the jumps. “Grace”, she says, “just come down this outside line.” I gulp. “Okay.” I manage to squeak. She’s pointing at the green and white “x” and the blue and white “x”. They seemed like ordinary jumps before, but now, right now, as I gaze at them through Pie-Pie’s fuzzy ears, they look gigantic. Monstrous. Huge. I gulp again, trying to swallow my fear so Pirate doesn’t sense it. It doesn’t work. I still have that sinking feeling in my stomach. It’s then that I realize that if I feel this way here at the barn, I’m going to feel much, much worse at the show. This is the first show I’ve entered that has a jumping class. I know that I should just face my fears and do it. So I do. I cue Pirate into a canter. This time, he listens and soon the rhythmic beats of his hooves fill my ears once more. As I round the corner, I spot the blue and white jump and begin counting strides in my head. “Five, four, three, two, one, and now!” At “now”, I lift myself into a proper jumping position and Pirate gracefully sales over the jump. “Phew!” I think. One down. I begin counting strides again as we approach the next jump. Just like before, I raise myself into a two-point-like position, and for a second, just a second, we are airborne. Ahh! I love that feeling! Pirate canters away from the jump and I slowly bring him down to a walk. “Well done, Grace!” says my instructor, beaming. “That was great! If you do that well at the show, you’ll get a blue ribbon for sure!” I smile, but inside, I’m thinking, what if we don’t do that well at the show? What if I blow it? The happiness that was inside me rushes out, like the air of a popped balloon. That’s what I am, a balloon, a floppy piece of rubber, being tugged this way and that by my emotions.
I’m still feeling anxious about the horse show in the car ride home. Uggh! Next Sunday is the show. That means next Saturday, not only will I have my lesson, but I’ll have to give Pirate a bubble bath and clean my tack, too.
Saturday has finally come, the day before the show! My arms tremble with excitement and nerves as I groom Pirate for my ride.
Pirate is slow throughout our warm up of trotting, but that’s nothing new, he’s always lazy. Oh please, please don’t let him be this way tomorrow! Mrs. K. tells me ask Pirate for a canter and I do. He doesn’t listen, just keeps on trotting. I have to ask him three times before he breaks into a canter! We don’t do as much flat work today and get right to jumping. As I near the jump, I get that awful feeling again. Can I do it? Can I do it? That question keeps floating around in my head. The way things are going, I’ll be lucky tomorrow if I don’t throw up!
Again, Mrs. K. praises Pirate and me on our jumping, but I don’t think we really deserve it. I mean, if we don’t win tomorrow, it’ll all be over, right?
It’s Sunday! It’s Sunday! Hurray! Oh no! Ahhh! I still can’t control my emotions! As my mother drives me to the Bucks County Horse Park, I try yet again to calm down and make the thumping in my stomach cease. My efforts prove unsuccessful and this time I not only have a thumping stomach, but also a pounding head and shaky hands. I don’t know why I’m so scared! I’ve showed before, I tell myself, I’ve just never been in a show with a jumping class!
We’ve arrived! Finally! I breathe deeply as the wondrous scent of horses fills my lungs. I walk around for a bit, hoping to spot Mrs. K. Ah ha! There she is! When I walk over to her, all the thumping, pounding, and shaking gets worse! I feel like I’m about to throw up. I think Mrs. K. can see how I’m feeling and gives me a reassuring talk. She tells me that I’ve worked very hard and have come a long way. Also that this is, after all, my first show in this division. Her words make me feel a little better, but just a little. I still don’t want to lose. She ends by telling me to go over to the trailer and get Pirate ready. For about half an hour before my class, there is a schooling break in that ring. She wants me to practice going over the jumps in this new environment. After Pirate’s tack is on, I put on my helmet, mount Pirate, and walk into the ring. I get him warmed up and then, it’s time to jump. I have just one word to describe my feelings: terrified. Mrs. K. tells me to jump the two outside lines starting with the blue jump.
Pirate and I canter towards the first jump, then the second, third, and fourth. Before I know it, my practice round is finished. All the joy that I felt when I practiced at the barn is absent and I’m left with a cold feeling of fear. Pirate and I do well, though, and I’m a bit pleased with myself. “Good work, Grace!” my instructor exclaims, “That was great! Why don’t you walk out of the ring and wait for your class, okay?” “Okay”, I say. I’m actually starting to feel a little better. Maybe I can do this! The pounding starts up again in my head though, and pretty soon all the hope is sucked out of me. I can’t do this! I just can’t!

“Number 62, Grace Elliot!” the announcer bellows. “That’s you, Grace,” my parents say, and Mrs. K whispers, “Good luck out there! I know you can do it!” I wish I did. I breathe deeply. In and out. In and out. It’s as if all the bad emotions leave my body. They are replaced with one strong one: determination. I’m determined to do my best. I take another deep breath and tap Pirate forward into the ring. As if in slow motion, we circle, then walk, then trot, then canter. Soon, we are cantering towards the first jump, a blue one. “Five, four, three two, one, and now!” Just like always, at “now,” we rise gracefully into the air, flying for just a second! We’re on the ground again, Pirate thundering towards the jump. He is on full alert. Within seconds, we near the second jump and leap over it. We round the corner now, speeding toward the third jump. It goes well and do does the fourth.
Sooner than I thought possible, my round is over, and I am doing my courtesy circle. My family and friends cheer as we walk out of the ring. I feel like I can do anything! I have conquered my fear, and I enjoyed it, too! My family and friends are proud of me. I am proud of myself, but not half as proud as I am of my wonderful horse. As soon as I dismount, I wrap my arms around Pirate’s neck and give him a big hug.


Grace ended up winning second place in that jumping class. She was overjoyed, of course and went home and pinned that red ribbon on her bulletin board. She knew that if she kept working hard and practicing, that next year, she’d come back and win a blue ribbon!

Italian Rider & Golden
2013-10-13 21:32:31
The Little Mermaid
By: Seemsom14

Under the sea, there lived a sea king who had six daughters but the youngest mermaid was the prettiest one, her name was Lula. Her skin color was as white as snow and her lips as red as a rose. She always dreamt of being part of the human world and owning her own pony. One day, the sea king told his six daughters not to go to the surface or talk to humans but Lula did not like his rule so she swam up to the surface. There, she found a beautiful white Welsh pony grazing beside the ocean. Lula was so in love with that pony and that it made her want to be a human more than anything else in the world. Lula began daydreaming that she was a human and that the Welsh pony was hers until a fairy with a wand appeared. The fairy knew what Lula wanted so she made her sit on a rock and with a poof, Lula’s mermaid tail transformed into legs and she found herself wearing riding clothes, a riding boot and a helmet. Lula was so happy that she ran to the pony. The pony liked Lula too so she nuzzled her affectionately. Then the fairy used her magic wand for a saddle and reins for the pony and told Lula that after an hour she’ll turn back into a mermaid and that the saddle and reins will disappear too. Lula did not like it but she was grateful to the fairy that she was a human and that she could be with the pony. The fairy then disappeared. Lula mounted the pony. Although she was a teenager, she still fits on the pony. She decided to name the pony. She named the beautiful pony Valentine. Lula was happily riding until she forgot that she was going to turn into a mermaid soon. After an hour, Lula’s legs vanished and her mermaid tail was back and Valentine’s saddle and reins were gone too. So Lula was a mermaid who’s sitting on a pony bareback so she told Valentine to take her back to the sea.
Back at the sea, the sea king sent his guards to look for Lula. He was really worried and wondering where she is. The sea king thought and thought but he had no idea where she is. Abruptly he had an idea. He knows that Lula loved to be a human and always dreamt of being one. So he thought that she swam up to the surface so he decided to go to the surface to see if she swam up there. When he was on the surface, he saw Lula sitting on the rock back in her mermaid tail and was saying goodbye to Valentine, whom she loved and rode. Valentine was whinnying a goodbye to her too. The sea king was very angry at Lula for disobeying his rules and when Lula saw her dad, she smiled. But he did not smile back at her, he was too angry to smile. The sea king took Lula back to the sea and yelled at her for disobeying his rules. He told her to never ever go to the surface and he even told her to stay away from Valentine. Lula protested that she loves Valentine so much and that Valentine was now her best friend. The sea king did not care. So Lula swam away and wept and wept.
After long hours, the sea king understood how Lula loves the human world and how she wants to be one. So he swam to Lula, who had been weeping so much, and told her that he has a special surprise for her so he told her to follow him to the surface. Soon they were on the surface, and he directed Lula to sit on the rock, like, how the fairy directed.
Soon Lula was back wearing her riding clothes, riding boots and a helmet and she thanked her father so much and told him that she was sorry for disobeying his rules. Valentine was happy to see Lula again. Soon Lula was back riding Valentine and they lived happily ever after.

Seemsom14 & Snow White
2013-10-20 02:38:10
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