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Jane! How long has it been since you W-mailed me? Oh, right, you W-mailed me. . .today, didn't you? heh heh. Ahem. Nobody;s laughing. You're supposed to-anyway, I'd like to have a clan called. . .wait for it-dramatic effect. . .ElementClan. This is just for fun to see how it goes! I'd like the plaque to be of a Russian Blue cat with the background of clouds against a clear blue sky! Thank you so very much!
Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2015-09-16 21:50:42
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 558967 p713
Jane Crandal & JB
2013-12-05 01:22:05
All righty! I love the plaque, Jane. The pose is perfect! Thank you so much for making it!

This is how ElementCLan works. Your cat(s) will have specific talents in controlling the ELEMENTS!!! Such as the weather, day or night, etc. Nothing such as Okami, or anything creepy like that. This is just for fun! You can control certain parts of the weather (sun, wind, etc.) You can control several things slightly, or focus all your mind power on one thing, and ace at that. It's your choice. Here are my cats.

Age-26 moons (26 months)
Color-Blue-gray with thick, luxurious fur coat
Eyes-Electric yellow
Power-Can control lightning and the sun, though the sun is less under her control
Special Qualities-Her paws crackle when she is angry, and sparks can form on her whiskers and glisten on her pupils is she is mad, too

Age-18 moons
Color-Gray with ripply white stripes
Eyes-A pale, almost transparent blue
Power-Can control wind and rain, can bring up storms and create floods, bring hurricanes and tornadoes.
Special Qualities-His fur ruffles and moves even when there is no breeze. His paws will tense and water will seep from them if he is getting angry. He and his sister Currentstar make a deadly team.


Long ago, when the first cats were creating the four original Clans, far away, there were two cats. One was a thin black tom with white markings like a blizzard and icy blue eyes. Frost was his name, and his sister, Serena, was the opposite. She was warm brown with gray markings like moths on tree bark, with warm yellow eyes like sunshine. Frost was dark and powerful, and lived on a mountaintop of cold, white snow. He conjured up blizzards and avalanches to destroy homes for animals and Twolegs alike, driving the Twolegs from this territory, thus none of them ever bother us. Serena lived on a warm green meadow where the sun shone always and never set, for she needed no rest as long as she was in warmth and light.
Frost hated his sister, his own flesh and blood, and sent snowstorms and mountain creatures to destroy her. She guided the rays of sunlight to his mountain throne and melted the ice of his cave. He screamed with the voices of blindingly cold and sharp winds, pummeled at her with hail and shards of ice. She retaliated by sending hot gusts of air at him, weakening him and sending him retreating into the cold, dark depths of his tunnels. But he persisted. Their battles grew bigger and longer, and they each hurt the other more and more. One bitter day, when the world was weary of such violent uprisings over and over, and the mountainside could not heal from numerous battle scars, Frost attacked. Serena threw her sunlight and gales at him, but his sharp snow and ice gusts sent them back. Serena melted the ledge that he perched upon, but he formed another of frost, as fragile as he was, but as stubborn as he was, also. FInally Serena threw one more bolt of warmth and light at him and it struck him in the heart. He screamed in the voices of blizzards while Serena's cry was that of hot, angry gales and hard, relentless sunlight. Frost sent an unfathomably huge snowstorm at his own sister, made of cold, cutting ice, boulder-sized hail, pelting snow, shivering winds. Serena screamed and the blizzard engulfed her. AS it consumed her in ice, she blasted at Frost with all she had, and the earth was thrown out of balance, as their two forces met, the mystical world they lived in exploded into blackness and bright yellow sparks. . .
ANd both were lost. From the sparks of their ending, a new beginning started. A golden beam of sunshine, bearing with it a cold breeze, formed a small cove in the darkness. A soft, lush mossy cove with a stream of cold water, and fields, the it grew larger, and forests grew, and animals came to live there. . .and ElementClan was formed. It is our duty now to guard the powers that we attain, so they do not consume us in hate, jealousy, or greed as they did with Frost and Serena. We learn from this legend that wars and powers can make a happy soul hard, as it did with gentle, content Serena when Frost warred with her. Guard your heart against temptation, Clanmates, lest you become like Serena or her long-lost brother, Frost, who creeps over his sister's sun-warmed leaves every leaf-bare, when the air grows cold and snow blankets the forests.

I will periodically write things down like the legend above. When it's true, I will write HISTORY: etc. but when it is false, a legend of story or wishful hope, I will write LEGEND: etc. Hope you enjoy!

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2013-12-05 19:30:28
I want to join!
Name: Magicpelt
Gender: she-cat
Rank: Deputy pleaseeeee!
Age: 2 seasons
Pelt- chocolate brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Personality: Fun, funny, a great strategizer.

Name: Silverwing
Rank: Medicine cat
Gender: she cat
Age: 2 seasons
Pelt: White with black spots all over
Personality: Sweet, kind, understanding,'patient, caring.
RM: May i have the ranks i asked for?

rainstar13 & Nightfire
2013-12-05 19:47:50
RM-Yes, Rainstar13, you can be Med cat and deputy! And Nelliegray6, there isn't really a strict form, all you have to do is your name, gender, color, age, rank (warrior, queen, kit or apprentice), and power. You can have as many cats as you want! As long as you can remember them all. Rainstar13, what are your cat's powers?

Currentstar-*draws her forepaw over her cheek, which crackles faintly* Nimbleflow, the air has been so dry lately. I feel as though I'm going to combust-oh! *she runs her claw long the ground and sparks shoot up* Nimbleflow, can't you do something about that?

Nimbleflow-*smiles mischievously* I could. *lifts his nose up towards the sky and his fur ripples though there is no wind. He twitches his tail and it immediately starts pouring down cold sheets of rain* How's that?

Currentstar-It would be much better if you weren't-puh!-drowning me! *flicks her forepaw and sends a weak string of electricity at her brother* Now be good or the next bolt'll be five times stronger. *goes into her den*


Camp-Deep ravine with a clog of fallen trees at one end, the wall of the ravine, steep and impossible to climb, at the other, creating a safe, sturdy defense system. Brambles and ivy create a thick, tall wall with a heather tunnel leading out of camp

Leader's den-a shallow cave underneath the Stone Pillar with a sandy floor and ferns in front

Stone Pillar-A tall rock that spirals upwards into the sky where Currentstar makes her announcements. Surrounded by smaller boulders. At the end of the ravine by the nursery

Medicine cat den-On the other side of camp by fallen trees. A hollow made of branches and brambles with a sandy tunnel leading downwards where the herbs are stored to keep out rain

Warriors den-A huge boulder that cracked down the middle and now forms two walls on either side of the mossy nests. The back is butted up against the steep ravine wall, and the top is covered with branches and bracken. THe floor is cold stone, but the nests are numerous, thick, and stabilized with ivy that makes a shell to put moss in. Beside Stone Pillar

Nursery-A roomy shell woven of ivy, brambles, and ferns. The walls are thick and fortified with moss and dried bracken. The floor is thick with moss and feathers to make a soft surface for kits. The roof of the den is woven out of branches and ivy. The den is on the opposite side of camp from the medicine den, by the steep ravine wall

Elders den-A fallen tree with one side split open. Bushes and a stunted sapling grow to block out rain. Floor is covered with moss. Beside warriors den to the right of Stone Pillar

Apprentice den-A cave with ferns in front by the path leading up the ravine and out of camp

We're bordered by PineClan and NatureClan.

I think I've got everything.

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2013-12-05 20:40:35
RM: Thanks! Magicpelt controls the prey. (so we can always have prey!) and can make herself run really slow or cheetah-fast.
Silverwing controls the color of everything lol :)
Makin anothr cat
Name: Heartcall
Gender: tom
Pelt: Cream
Eyes: Green
Mate: Currentstar?
Power: Power over all objects. (he can move them)
Heartcall- *sits in the overhang of a rock and forces a pebble to hit Nimblefur* (no one knows his powers yet)
Magicpelt- *rolls eyes and lies down, tail twitching*
Silverwing- Magicpelt, should the deathberry be bright orange or bright pink?
Magicpelt- I dont know, Silverwing.
Silverwing- *shrugs and decides to leave it bright red, but as she shrugs accidentally changes Nimblefur's pelt to bright green*

rainstar13 & Nightfire
2013-12-07 00:47:54
can i join?
DragonShadowCave & Artemis
2013-12-07 00:53:51
RM-Heartcall can be Currentstar's mate, sure! And NImblefur's name is NimbleFLOW. I try to call him Nimbleflu. :-|

Currentstar-Silverwing, would you please turn my brother back to normal?

Nimbleflow-*glares good-naturedly at SIlverwing and winks. Rain begins pouring down on Silverwing* And there you are. Say, has anybody figured out why there are rocks throwing themselves at me?

Currentstar-*bursts into peals of helpless laughter*

Nimbleflow-*twitches his forepaw and sends a gale of cold wind at Currentstar, who retaliates by playfully sending a bolt of lightning to Nimbleflow's forepaws, making his bright green pelt bush out*

Currentstar-Say, SIlverwing, I know you're a bit wet, but can you turn Nimbleflow back now before he drowns you? *giggles and rolls in another bout of laughter*

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2013-12-07 05:15:17
RM-Yes, Dragon, you can join! I forgot it in the last post. . . .
Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2013-12-07 16:07:15
RM: lol okay
Silverwing- *chuckles and twitches her whiskers and changes his pelt back to normal*
Heartcall- *pads to Currentstar and makes a stick hit Nimbleflow on the head* Hi Currentstar.
Magicpelt- *laughs*

rainstar13 & Nightfire
2013-12-07 20:15:28
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