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December Story & Poem Entries
Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.



Jane Crandal & JB
2014-11-29 16:06:05
Hoofprints Among the Snow
by Roncy

Dashing through the snow
On a snowy winter's day;
For her, there only is one way.
A horse full of beauty,
Kicking up snow;
Her coat appears to be aglow!

She dashes, she prances!
How glorious, how proud!
A white horse among snow is like a cloud.
She trots, canters, and gallops,
Free as a bird;
Only her long, joyous whinny can be heard.

There are no obstacles,
No barn or gate at all;
To her snow, there is no wall.
She trots through the fluff;
Silent is her clip, clap,
Then she finally yawns, and lies down to nap.

Roncy & Bertone
2014-11-29 20:22:48
A Promised Reward
by Roncy

A beautiful mare,
With her tail full of silky hair,
Flicks away snow, left then right.
Oh, how she shows such might!

She flicks her ears and looks at her colt
Who slips away with a sudden jolt.
But the mare is willing to risk it all,
So towards the pond, she jumps with a fall.

She raises hear head high
But under she went, and we all know why.
On the shore, he thought of his mom whom he was fond,
Who, in saving him, was overtaken by the pond.

Suddenly, there was a flash and crack,
And he saw his mother come up and back
And the joyous colt leaped forward;
For with good actions may come heavenly reward.

Roncy & Bertone
2014-12-01 03:15:40
My Story
By Belhew
It was a lovely morning when I went down for breakfast. Dr. Mike told me “I am going to the reservation today to change Morning Cloud’s bandage, will you come with me?” “Sorry, Ma I need to get the ploughing done today and go and buy some seeds” “Well, in that case may I borrow Lassie to come with me?” “Of course” I answered. Just then Matthew ran in, “Dr. Mike, Cloud Dancing has been in a fight with One Eye and I think his arm is broke can you go and see him?” he asked. “Is Flash ready?” Mike inquired “Yes she already has her tack on.” “Then I will go, come on Lassie” Mike said as she grabbed her medical bag and went out the door.” Matthew, can you please help me with the ploughing today?” I asked “Sorry, I am working in the mine today, ask Sully” He replied, going out the door. After I put my plate in the sink for Colleen and Brian to clean I went out to the barn. Thowra, my black stallion was there with Bonney Dell and his herd of mares.
“Hello, Bonney Dell, hello Thowra, you better get off to the mountains before Hank or anyone else sees you.” I said as I went to get the harness. Thowra gave a shack of his head and calling to his mares galloped away. After I had fed my goat I took Bonney to the field.
At the reservation Mike was looking at Cloud Dancing’s arm. “It is not a break just a bad sprain. Don’t use it to much for at least a week” “Okay, I will” He told her.
Dr. Mike was riding Flash toward town when a gunshot rang out Flash, startled, reared and bucked and Dr. Mike fell off with a crash down the cliff. Lassie barked and barked to her but when there was no answer she ran toward where she knew she could get help.
I was almost finished with the ploughing when Bonney stoped, ears pricked. “What is it girl?” I asked. Then I heard frantic barking. Out of the bush came Lassie, she ran up to me still barking. “Where is Dr. Mike and Flash?” I asked. She started to pull on my skirt “Do you want me to follow you?”

She let go of my skirts and ran toward where she had come from and then ran back to me. I unhitched Bonney from the plough and leapt onto her back, not bothering to go and get saddle or bridle shouted to Lassie “Show me” Bonney covered the ground in no time at all and as Bonney started to follow Lassie up the mountain side I felt that something was terribly wrong when we were on the top Lassie ran to the other side and started to bark down it. At first I didn’t see anything but then a long way down I could see Dr. Mike lying at the bottom. “Dr. Mike! Dr. Mike!” I shouted. There was no answer. I turned and ran back to Bonney, shouted to Lassie to stay. I pounded my heels into Bonney dell’s side. Startled, she galloped as fast as she could and with my hands the only thing guiding her, we galloped in to the middle of town. “Help!” I yelled “help!” as Bonney slid to a stop. Robert E ran out to me “What is wrong?” “Dr. Mike is down a cliff, I called to her but she didn’t answer and I can’t get her out by myself, I need help!” “Show us where she is” someone called out. “Come on then” I said. We galloped to the crag where she had fallen down Lassie was still there, standing guard. “There” I said, pointing to her. “It is a long way down” Jake said “She is probably dead by now.”
I wheeled Bonney around and shouted over my shoulder “I am going to get Sully and Matthew!”
I galloped to the mine. Matthew was eating lunch. “Matthew, Matthew” I shouted as Bonney slid to a stop “Dr Mike has fallen down a cliff and I need help to get her out!!!” “What are we waiting for?” He replied, jumping on to Bear. The two of us galloped towards the cliff where I had left to townsfolk. As we entered into the forest we met Sully, riding Flash, “Where is Mike? I found Flash as I was leaving the reservation.” He asked “She is down a cliff” I replied “Is she dead?” “I don’t know” I admitted “Come on, I will show you.” I added.
When we got to the cliff that Mike had fallen down the townspeople where building a winch to get her out with. Sully and Matthew went to help them.
I surveyed the opposite cliff, it was not as steep as the one that Ma had fallen down and I wondered if Bonney and I could get down it. It was worth a try so with a “Get up, Bonney.” I went on my way unnoticed. As we got to the other side I looked down the cliff it looked even steeper from here.
Matthew was in the process of making a stretch when Grace’s voice rang out “Oh, my goodness!” Matthew looked to where her hand was pointing, there on the opposite cliff was a white horse and a rider “No, it couldn’t be Josephine, or could it?” He asked. Sully came over “is that Josephine?” Matthew asked Sully “it looks like it” Sully replied, looking worried.
I leaned forward “It’s for Mike.” I told Bonney “Can we do it girl?” I asked her, Bonney pawed the ground and pranced with an impatient step. “I think that is a yes isn’t it, girl.” With a rear and an impatient bellow Bonney started to gallop down.
“Sully look” Matthew said, pointing to the opposite cliff. Over the other side the white horse was prancing, then with a rear and a bellow started down towards Dr.Mike. The townsfolk held their breath as she charged down sending rocks flying and jumping logs and boulders.
“Easy girl” I muttered to her. With no saddle to help me and the only thing to hold on to her with was my legs I started to slip and fall. And as Bonney stumbled I fell off, flying through the air and landing with a dull thud a few meters away from Dr.Mike.
Sully and the townsfolk gasped as they saw Josephine fall off Bonney and go hurling through the air.
I hit a rock and blacked out. The next thing I was knew was that Bonney was gently nudging me with her nose to get me to wake up. “Ouch” I said “Bonney I can’t feel my legs!” I propped myself up and then I saw that Dr. Mike was about 50 meters away from me. “Down, Bonney” I commanded. I climbed onto Bonney and through my useless legs over each side. “Walk onto Dr.Mike” I told her.
Brian and Colleen rode up riding double on Taffy. “Where is Ma?” Brian asked Sully. Sully didn’t answer, instead he pointed towards a moving white thing. “What on earth happened, Sully? Collen asked “Why are Josephine and Bonney down there?” “Josephine rode down the other side to try to get to her and since she had no saddle on as she went down she fell of, the way she landed I thought she was dead!” Miss Olive came over to them “we are almost finished with the winch and we need someone to go down there to put her on the stretcher, would you be able to Sully?” she asked. “We won’t need to go down there, look,” he added, pointing to Josephine and Bonney as they made their way to Mike. “Just throw the stretch down to Josephine and she can put Mike on it.”
I told Bonney to lie down next to Dr. Mike so I could crawl off. I felt Dr. Mike’s pulse, it was weak but she was alive. Her legs were broken and she was lucky to be alive. I heard a voice it sounded like “is she alive?” I yelled back “yes” Someone through a stretch down on a rope that was connected to the winch. I pulled Dr. Mike onto it and then told Bonney to get me two straight sticks so I could splint her legs. When she returned, I started to splint her legs. I heard a faint voice and realised that she was awake. “What are you doing down here?” She asked me. “I rode Bonney down to see if you were alright.” She closed her eyes and slipped back into unconsciousness. I yelled to the people on the top of the cliff “take her up!” They yelled back “We will send down a rope for you” I replied “No need, I will ride up!!” I crawled over near to Bonney and got her to lie down so I could get on. I circled her around and went as far away from the cliff we were going to climb. “It’s now or never,” I told Bonney. She stamped her front hooves in reply. I yelled “Get up, Bonney”, struck her with a stick and then we were bolting straight to the cliff. We started up the hill. Bonney sent rocks flying and her shiny shoes sent off sparks as her hooves hit the rocks, she almost stumbled but she regained her feet and then we were almost on the top!
Colleen called to Matthew. “Look” She said, pointing to Josephine and Bonney “I think she is crippled or she broke her leg when she fell off.” Yeah, normally she would just leap on and kick her to go instead of hitting her with a stick; it looks like her legs are all over the place.” Miss Olive came over “What on earth is she doing?” She asked as Bonney started to charge toward the cliff.
We reached the top. Bonney’s white coat was now all different shades of brown and she was grey with foam, there was not a dry place on her. I told her to go to Matthew and got her to lie down so I could get off. I scrambled off and fell unconsciousness. Bonney shock me and when I didn’t wake up she ran to where the townsfolk could see her and reared up and started bellowing, then she ran towards them.

Sully, Matthew and colleen where trying to get Mike’s leg from bleeding when Bonney came racing up to them, rearing, bucking and calling out. The townsfolk all looked as Matthew approached Bonney. Trembling, Matthew laid his hand on Bonney’s nose.
“She is hurt, isn’t she girl?” Bonney stamped her feet to reply and very gently grabbed Matthew’s shirt with her teeth and tried to pull him in the direction that she had come from. “You want to show me something don’t you?” she replied with a little neigh. Matthew sprang onto her broad back and touched her lightly with his heels.
Bonney slid to a stop in front of Josephine; Matthew jumped of Bonney and went to her. Blood was trickling down her forehead from a deep cut that was made when she hit the rock. Matthew called to Bonney, picked up Josephine and got onto her. He then told her to canter back to where Sully and Mike were.
Sully was on Flash’s back with Mike in his arms when Matthew came up with Josephine. Matthew yelled out to him and Sully looked around and saw Matthew with an unconscious Josephine. “She hurt herself pretty good when she hit that rock” Matthew told Sully “We need to get them to Andrew; Mike has lost a lot of blood.” “So has Josephine, when I found her the rock that her head was on had been coved with blood. It’s a wonder she could ride Bonney back up the hill before blacking out.” As the rode towards town Brian rode Taffy over to Matthew “Ma and Sis aren’t going to die are they?” “Brian, don’t think like that, of course they aren’t.”
When Sully and Matthew Rode up to Andrew’s clinic he was there to meet them. “Robert E dropped in and told me what happened. Take them to the room on the left, I won’t be long.” He told them.
As Andrew examined them he let out a little whistle “It’s a wonder that they are alive after falling down a cliff that steep!” “Will they be okay?” Matthew asked him. “Well Dr. Mikes legs will heal and it is a good thing that Josephine splinted them because if she hadn’t I would not have been able to set them right and if she had been down there any longer she could have bleed to death. But Josephine is an entirely different matter, if it was not for you telling me that she could not walk I would have thought she was alright and since they are not broken it looks like she might have brain damage and I don’t know to what extent.” After Sully had moved Mike and Josephine to the recovery rooms he went out to tell the townsfolk what Andrew had said.
“Will they be alright?” Dorothy asked. “Dr. Mike has broken her leg but Andrew said it will heal.” “What about Josephine?” Grace questioned. “Andrew thinks she has something wrong with her head because she can’t walk.”
The next morning Mike came to. Sully asked what had happened “I was riding flash when this gunshot rang out, flash got startled by it and I fell off. I remember falling through the air and then everything went black. Then the next thing I knew was that Josephine was down there with me and then, nothing.” Andrew came in “oh, your awake how are you feeling?” “Alright” she said, looking at her leg “Don’t worry it is only a small break.” He said going out the door. “Where is Josephine?” Mike asked. Matthew and Sully looked at each other. “She is asleep” Matthew replied. Dr. Mike was not fooled “Something is wrong, why won’t you tell me?” She asked. Sully went over and sat on her bed. “After Josephine came and told Matthew and I what had happened she rode Bonney down the other cliff and since Bonney didn’t have a saddle on Josephine didn’t have anything to hold on to. When Bonney tripped over a rock Josephine lost her hold and fell off, the way she landed I thought she was dead. She must have blacked out when her head hit a rock because she didn’t move for a while and when she did move it was like she was crippled.” “What do you mean crippled?” Mike asked. “When she came to she was only 50 feet away from you, she could have just walked over to you. After you got you out we were going to send a rope down for Josephine but she rode Bonney up instead. We were trying to get your leg to stop bleeding when Bonney came back, riderless. Matthew rode her to the other side of the cliff and found Josephine unconscious and she hasn’t come to since.” “Ruff, ruff” Lassie’s voice rang out. Colleen ran to where she had heard the noise. She heard a little groan “Lassie,” Josephine said crossly “Be quiet I have a headache.” Lassie jumped onto the bed and started to nuzzle Josephine with her nose and whimper “I am sorry I got cranky at you, do you forgive me?” The only answer was a little whine. Colleen snuck back to Dr. Mike’s room. “What happened?” Andrew asked when she got back. “Lassie was barking at Josephine she has just come to and it looks like she has a bad headache. “Alright I will go check her out, you go on ahead, I won’t be long.” Colleen went back to Josephine’s room “Josephine” she said softly “wake up” “Oh, Colleen, how did I get here?” “Matthew found you on top of the mountain and we brought you here.” Colleen told her “Is ma and Bonney alright” “They are fine.” Colleen reassured her. Andrew came in “How are you feeling?” he asked. “Kind of funny, my head hurts and I can’t feel or move my legs.” Colleen looked at Andrew and Andrew looked at Colleen. “Are you sure you can’t move them?” he asked “Yep, watch.” I said. I tried to move my legs but I couldn’t. Matthew came in “How is she?” he asked Andrew. Andrew, seeing that I was a sleep motioned him out of the room. “It looks like she has some brain damage that is affecting the use of her legs.” Andrew told Matthew, Sully Mike Brian and Colleen. “Andrew” Mike said “Are you sure that it is brain damage because Sully lost the use of his legs and all it was was fluid on his spinal cord.” “Well that was what I thought too but with the amount of force that hit her head when she hit the rock it is a wonder that she hasn’t got something worse and there is the possibility that she could still regain the use of her legs.”

A few weeks later after Mike had her casts of her legs they moved Josephine to Mike’s clinic.
“Ma, ”I asked “When can I move back to the homestead?” “We will move you back to the Homestead when you are stronger, why do you ask?” “No reason” After ma left I talked to Lassie. “Lass, do you think I should tell Ma about Thowra and Cougar” Lass whined “Yes, I know I should have told her about them when she first started to look after us.” Dr. Mike returned with Grace. “ I made you some carrot cake, Dr. Mike told me it was your favourite.” “Thanks” Mike left the room to go to her patients “how have you been feeling?” Grace asked me. “Annoyed because I can’t go outside. How is Bonney?” I asked “Bonney is fine,” Grace reassured me “I have to go back to the café now but I will come back later with dinner.” A little later Dorothy dropped in “I brought you a newspaper and some wildflowers” She said putting the things on the table next to me “ The newspaper has a write up on those wild horses that are around here” Dorothy opened her mouth to say something else but a roar made her speechless.

“Cougar, you don’t scare me” I said laughing as my pet mountain lion jumped up my bed, purring. I heard Mike running up the stairs “what on earth was that noise? OH MY!” She said coming into the door way “what is a mountain lion doing on your bed?” “Don’t worry she won’t bite you. Cougar met Mike, Ma meet Cougar. Sorry I should have told you about her.” “Well I defiantly think you should have. Shew shew.” Ma said, trying to get Cougar off the bed. “Roar” Cougar protested. “Cougar, I know that you miss me but ma doesn’t want you in here. You had better go now.” Cougar licked my hand, jumped of the bed and went out the door. “See” I said, looking at ma “all you have to do is ask nicely” Dorothy looked at me “you never told me you had a mountain lion” “I raised her on a bottle since she was a cub. The mother left her for some reason. Lassie found here and so I raised her myself.” I told her “I have to go now but before I do Loren and Miss Olive told me to say hi for them. Miss Olive would have come over but she has to fix fences.” “That’s okay, I was going to have a sleep a little later anyway.”
After Dorothy left I picked up the newspaper. It had on the headlines, “Black Mustang Stallion Steels Valuable Mares” pg2. I held my breath, hoping it wasn’t Thowra who hadn’t done it. The article said that a black horse was seen steeling mares from Miss Olive and that they were worth a bit of money. They would hold a muster in a week and if that didn’t work anyone who say him was to shoot him. The description of the stallion matched Thowra. I started to sob and Lassie came over dragging my riding skirt. “Lass you know they would not let me go.” I feel asleep trying to think of a way to save my stallion.
That night at supper Sully and Matthew discussed the muster. “I will go if you go.” Matthew told Sully “Fine with me.” Sully replied. I started to cry. Lassie came over to me and I knew she was telling me I should tell them about Thowra. Mike came over “Josephine, you haven’t been yourself today, what is wrong?” “I need to tell you all something.” Six pairs of eyes looked at me “the stallion that stole those mares is mine and he is not a mustang he is the Arabian that my aunt gave me. He is half-brother to Bonney Dell. That horse saved my life twice once from a grizzly bear and once from a mountain lion and now that I can’t walk I can’t save him and now they will kill him!” “If they catch him they will let him lose again.” Matthew said “no they won’t. That stallion has already killed two people that tried to hurt me and I am the only on that can touch him. If someone tries to touch him he will kill the person that tries to put a hand or rope on him or he will kill himself trying to get away!” “Well we can’t let them catch him in that case then.” Sully declared “but how will we do that if we can’t get near him or touch him?” Matthew asked.
The next morning Miss Olive came over to visit me. “I suppose you have heard what the stallion has done” she said. “Miss Olive I need to tell you something, I own that stallion and he is called Thowra and if you try to catch him he will not let anyone near him but me. He has killed two people already.” “Why haven’t you told me about him?” Miss Olive asked. “I never thought about it. If I can get your mares back will you stop the muster?” I asked. “I wish I could but Hank is dead set on getting that stallion for himself.” “You mean he is dead set on getting killed. That stallion will hurt him if he tries any tricks on him.” Sully came in “Josephine, may I borrow Lassie for a few minutes?” He asked “Sure, Lassie go to Sully.” I commanded her. Lassie jumped of the bed and walked over to Sully, who put a lead on her collar and walked off with Lassie trotting along. “I could ride out there and try to do something” I told Miss Olive. “But how will you hang on?” She asked. “It is called a saddle.” I replied. Sully returned “Close your eyes Josephine” Sully lead Lassie into the room “Okay you can open them now.” “Oh, Sully it is beautiful!” Lassie was pulling a little cart that Sully had made for me. The leather harness shone and Lassie was wagging her tail so hard that the cart shook. “Now you can go outside and look after Bonney” Sully told me.
A few days later I overheard Sully, Matthew, Jake and Hank talking. “That stallion will be mine!” Hank said “Hank, I was nearly killed by that stallion just for riding past his herd” Jake replied “I’ll show that stallion who is boss!” Hank declared “Perhaps you haven’t noticed, Hank but that stallion is already owned by someone, he has a horseshoe brand under his mane and the owner is going to ride out to get Miss Olive’s horses back.” Sully told him “well if I can’t have him than no one should own it because I will shoot it!” Hank whinged. “If you do that, Hank, all hell will break loose!” Matthew threatened. I had heard enough, I had to save my stallion.
That night after everyone was asleep I grabbed enough food to last a few days, a change of clothes and some matches. I crawled to my dog cart, called Lassie and put her in harness. Lassie and I crept out into the darkness. Bonney was startled to see me at this time of night. I took my saddle and bridle and put them on Bonney. I grabbed my extra halter and lead, stockwhip and some lassoes. I got Bonney to lie down so I could get on and then we quietly rode out of the stable with Lassie at Bonney’s heels. It was a full moon so I had no trouble in riding to Thowra’s hideout. Thowra was nowhere to be seen. I sat quietly wondering where he could be when I saw 2 green eyes peering at me from a tree. Bonney started to snort and prance and I knew that it was not Cougar. Lassie started to growl and then with a deafening roar the mountain lion jumped down trying to get on top of me. At the final moment Bonney leaped out of the way. The mountain lion swiped, giving me a nice bunch of cuts on my arm from its claws. The mountain lion backed up, ready to spring, when out of the darkness came a black stallion, rearing, bellowing at the mountain lion.

The mountain lion sprang, its target me but it never got there. Bonney reared up and struck the lion with her hooves. The mountain lion looked at Bonney, snarling and leapt again, but Thowra grabbed it with his teeth and pulled the spitting and snarling cat away, he droped it, pounding his hooves into it and then gave it a parting kick towards the forest. The lion didn’t get to hint to go. It came back, wanting to fight. Thowra stepped aside just in time as the lion came back, springing for his neck, Thowra reared up and struck the mountain lion, ending its life as a killer. Thowra, you saved me!” I said, giving my stallion a hug. A palomino mare cantered forward, and gently nuzzled Thowra.

An old grey mare with a foal also came forward and sniffed the mountain lion. She nickered to the foal that this was an enemy and then led him away from it.
I made camp that night under an overhanging rock. Thowra came over, “You have really done it this time, Thowra.” I said “Taking those mares has made people angry and your life is in danger. A man has said he will try to catch and tame you and if that does not work he will kill you. I must take back the mares you stole and then I will think of something to stop them from catching you and your herd. If they catch you they will steal your mares and take your foals and try to hurt you. That is why I came to help you get away.”
I found the Miss Olive’s horses, rounded them up and pointed them towards home, then I returned to Thowra’s hideout.
The next morning when Dr. Mike went down for breakfast, the others were already there. “Brian, go and tell Josephine that breakfast is ready.” Mike commanded “Sure ma.” He replied. A few minutes later he retuned “she is not there!” he told them “Lassie is not there either!” The five of them dashed to the room. “Her riding skirt is gone!” Colleen exclaimed. They raced out to the livery. Bonney dell was not there. “Look, the dog cart is here and her saddle and bridle are not!” Sully said. He and Matthew went outside to look for tracks taking Colleen and Brian with them. Mike spotted a little piece of paper on Bonney Dells stable post, she walked over to it and pulling it off, walked out of the stable “Listen” she said as she left the stable, Sully and Matthew looked up at her “Dear family, I have gone to save my stallion don’t worry about me will be back soon.” “Is that all she wrote?” Sully questioned “Yes, she didn’t say where she would be going.” Mike answered. “What is going on?” Hank asked. “Josephine has run away” was all they would tell him. Hank walked into the stable. “There are two halters gone, she was only riding one horse. I bet she went after that stallion.” Hank said, running to get his horse. Sully and Matthew looked at each other. “We need to find her before Hank does. Matthew go to Robert E and tell him what has happed, we will get the wagon ready and go to the homestead to grab the horses and go and look for Josephine.” “Alright” Matthew agreed, he could see Robert E over at the café. He ran over to them “Robert E we need your help. Josephine has gone to save the stallion from Hank and we need to find her before he does.” “Okay, meet you at Sully’s homestead” he shouted back as he ran to get his horse. Matthew jogged back to the wagon “let’s go” he said.
As they were getting their horses ready at the homestead Miss Olive rode up “Somebody retuned my horses” She exclaimed with surprise. They looked at each other and exclaimed together “Josephine did it!”
I knew that Hank would be looking for me and the stallion. I had to hide him and the mares. “Lassie,” I said “Run to Dr. Mike, get her to go to the north cliff secret cave, I will meet you there and don’t leave any tracks” I called to Thowra “Bring the mares and follow me, don’t leave any footprints!” I heard a shout behind me and I saw Hank rapidly gaining on us. I didn’t have time to get on a saddle or bridle so I got Bonney to lie down so I could get on. “Run!” I shouted as Bonney rose to her feet and drastic times call for drastic measures so I ran Bonney close to the stallion, grabbed his mane and tried to jump on. I almost fell off but somehow managed to get onto Thowra. I yelled to Bonney “Get Dr. Mike, Hurry!” She galloped away. Hank was closing in on us as we neared the cliff. I rode Thowra to the edge and jumping him off the side, shouted to the mares to follow. Down, down we went faster and faster until we had almost reached the bottom. I heard a shot and felt a sudden stabbing pain in my arm. I stayed on Thowra though and soon we were out on sight, hidden in a secret cave that only Bonney and Lassie knew. My arm felt like it was on fire so I went and washed it in the little stream that flowed through the cave. I heard a bark and a neigh so I emerged from the cave on Thowra. I saw Dr. Mike and the rest of the family with Miss Olive and Robert E on top of the cliff. I started forward towards them and calling to my mares, started up the incline. When we reached the top Mike ran up to me “Are you alright” She asked, noting the blood on my arm. “Well apart from being shot, I feel wonderful!” I said laughing in spite of the pain in my arm “Good thing that this bullet didn’t go into Thowra! Come on.” I added “let’s go home. I will tell you about it on the way.”

Thowra and his mares still run free on the plains of Colorado Springs and he knows that he can come and visit me without the fear of being caught.

And as for Bonney Dell and Lassie, they live it up at the homestead. And at night Bonney runs in the paddock and rears just for the fun of it and thinks about all the adventures that her and Josephine have had and of the ones to come.

Sorry i did have pictures but they will not load.

belhew & Sandy
2014-12-01 03:15:40
Chapter four
When her mother said yes they went on the trail to Pam's for the barn sleepover. When they woke up they got dress for school ( they went to the same school together) they each helped Anna with her school work today the were writing a sentence. Then maths after school. They did chores then dinner. After dinner they played some games. Then they asked her mother if she could have a barn sleepover she said yes.

Ashleigh67 & Snow light
2014-12-02 02:20:57
First Christmas
By ameliabrenes5

Jingle opened his eyes and saw something white fall to the ground outside of his and his mother's stall. He quickly got to his hoof's and peered outside. Out there he saw mounds and piles of the white stuff. It was on trees, on shelter, and it covered the ground! The young colt asked his mother, "What is that stuff mama?" His mother smiled. "That Jingle, is snow. Go ahead outside to it. I promise it won't hurt you." Jingle gingerly walked outside and touched the snow with his hoof. It felt cool, and so he walked onto it, then stopped and sniffed it. It smelled like nothing. Then he felt something, the white snow was falling on his back. He ran around and put his tongue out and tasted the snowflakes, they tasted like water. This was Jingle's first Christmas.

ameliabrenes5 & Rascal
2014-12-02 23:53:49
Away With the Horses
By Little Bit

There was a going to be dam named Mary and sire named Joseph who had to go to Bethlehem Stables to pay horse shoes.They had to travel day and night.But finally they got to Bethlehem Stables they tried to find a place to spend the night but there was no room in any of the stables. At last they came to the last stable they knocked on the stall door the gelding came and said I have no more stables.Joseph said Mary is with foal please help us.The gelding said you can sleep in the barn.Thank you so much.So they went and while there a foal was born.

little bit & Smoke
2014-12-07 00:17:55
Nebaska Trails
By: Varonnica

It was a Winter Morning as Madelyn slept in her horse-printed bed. Her peaceful sleep was then interrupted by her alarm clock. She quickly shut its obnocious sound. She rose from her bed and shivered then looked out the window. She moved her silky cutains out of the way and seen blankets of snow everywhere. No plant life was found really.. Just large frames of trees without leaves and no flowers. Barely any grass. She put on her blue robe that drept down to her ankles and stepped down the stairs as the robe slightly and slowly came and followed her down to the dining table. Her mother Dawn was sitting at the table drinking some coffee and her father, Rick, was present and doing the same as well just holding the newspaper in his hand. He turned the page as Madelyn grabbed the milk and cereal. Mom helped her grab a bowl sense she was not able to reach. I poured the milk and ceral and had a great breakfast. Then she put on her winter gear and walked outside with her hands in the pockets of her jacket and boots plunging through the snow and then tumbling down from potholes in the ground dug from her dogs, Jake and Daisy. She knocked off the collected snow before entering the barn and then turned the heat up for the horses. Madelyn went to the hayloft and started pich-forking hay down. After finishing everything, Such as feeding, watering, mucking and grooming, She goes to the last stall. Her horses stall, Sapphire. She feeds, mucks out her stall, and waters her. Then she grooms her and speaks to her quietly. "Your a very good horse. Lets go for a ride." Madelyn grabs the tack and saddles her up. She makes sure to put on a special blanket that keeps her warm and leg guarders. Then they went off. Nebraska is very very cold and it snows alot. But the hiking and riding trails the Servants have are amazing and they are private property accept for friends. But that day that they went riding had some Bad Luck along with it..
As they were heading down the trails the snow started coming down really really hard. So hard that they could barely see what was in front of them. It was soo cold. Even all the gear they both had on was getting less and less warm. So they tried to backtrack their trail. Which was hard.. Because there were no footprints! The snow had covered them! Madelyn started shivering as with Sapphire. Which was strange because Madelyn never seen a horse shiver before, Their horses were quiet well taken care of. Aspecially during the winter. Madelyn's nose started getting a lightish pink along with her cheeks. She was very cold. Madelyn dismounted and weakly grabbed and pulled the reins of Sapphire and lead her to a sicluded spot where hopefully people can find her and predators cant. But that was the thing, This was private property.. No one accept friends and her family is allowed in! Madelyn shivered as she fell to the ground weak of exhaustion and coldness.

This was the first chapter, Sadly, I think there will only be 1 more chapter to go.. And I think the other chapter will be Wayyyy shorter then this one. Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this very much! I will be making more stories tomorrow :3

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-12-07 23:47:41
My hardships in training with Pepsi
By jjpals

Today was 1 week after I had received my first horse, Pepsi and my dad said I could start riding her!!
So in this story you will hear about what happened in the first couple weeks of owning a high spirited sweet horse

PEPSI or Peppy Miller, is a beautiful bay 7 year old mare who is part thoroughbred and part Arabian or also known as an Anglo Arab, she is sweet, always means well, but very difficult and high spirited.
On this particular day as I finished up stalls and the feeding of Pepsi and some other horses as well, I decided to have a go on riding Pepsi, first I told my father so that he could be aware and also if I needed help he would know where I am and what I am doing, then I slipped on my tan breeches,(pronounced: britches) tall black boots, my helmet, and gloves, then I checked over all of Pepsi’s tack that had come with the purchase of her, and then scooped up new grooming tools that I had bought.
When I reached Pepsi’s stall she looked at me quizzically and while I clip her to cross-ties and groomed her, Pepsi sighed with contentment and fell asleep. This was not the first time I had groomed Pepsi but it was the first time tacking up and riding her, the only things I had been doing with Pepsi is leading her around the farm, grooming her, and reading and doing homework in her stall while she ate dinner.
Once I put the saddle pad down and gently laid the saddle a top it, Pepsi awoke with a start, turned her head to me, when she nuzzled me I patted her neck saying: “it’s alright Pepsi, alright.”
Then Pepsi continued dozing and finally when I started slipping the bridle over Pepsi’s head she jerked up and was shaking her head to make me NOT put the bridle on, I said: “Pepsi stop it!” firmly and brought her head down from where she was shaking it higher and higher, then holding Pepsi’s head down I force the bit gently into her mouth and quickly slipped the bridle over her ears and continued strapping on all the buckles and tightening the girth.
When I led Pepsi out to the indoor arena my father followed us and while I mount up my dad kept Pepsi ‘s head down and in control, then I grabbed the reins tightly and start Pepsi at a walk around the arena, my dad watches us carefully and gives tips and reminders on certain points.
Once I realize that walking around is not a problem I nudge with my heels gently and look up and straight, Pepsi starts walking really fast but never comes to a trot, so I brought her back to a walk and after a couple paces I firmly nudge Pepsi’s sides again and let the reins a little longer and when Pepsi stays at a walk I give a small kick and Pepsi jerks into a trot and I start posting around the arena at a nice fast trot, when I slow Pepsi to a walk she clumps to a slow walk but since I am not letting her stretch yet I set her at a brisk walk. After riding for about half an hour I unmount and lead Pepsi back while my father tells me what he liked and what he thought I needed to work on some more.
When I reached the barn I untacked and put Pepsi back in her stall with no trouble at all

The next day I lounged Pepsi, she had some trouble excepting the lounge equipment but my dad helped me and she was no problem after that.
The 3rd day I rode Pepsi again, but this time she was horrible
When I went to get her from her stall she kept turning her back so I could not get her, finally I cornered her and brought her out to cross-ties and groomed and tacked up.
On our way to the arena she kept shying away from me and I thought something on me was poking her but I checked and there was nothing.
So I just held the reins firmly and stuck to the basics (look up, look where you want to go, etc.)
When we finally arrived to the arena I pulled out my phone and texted my dad to see if he could come because Pepsi was being a brat and it was getting really hard to keep down my tears of hate that Pepsi would NOT cooperate.
As soon as my dad arrived he gave me some encouragement
And helped me mount up.
I gathered up the reins happily and as I set Pepsi at a trot I heard the soft “thump, thump” as Pepsi’s hooves landed and then the next pair of hooves landed and rose to make the steady trot.
After that was going smoothly I asked for a canter a couple times and then worked on Pepsi and my position over jumps.
When I guided Pepsi in a straight line towards the first jump, a pink cross-rail, she snorted and then refused the jump just as I thought that this would be a perfect clearing!
I turned Pepsi around firmly and headed her again, and again she refused no matter what I did or what my father had me do, I was tearing up but trying to keep my tears down did not help, I burst out crying!!:(
My father let me cry for a couple minutes, then he gave me a strong hug and had me and Pepsi try the same cross-rail again but this time it was lower. I set Pepsi into a trot again and headed her for the jump, when we came up to it I hesitantly hung back thinking Pepsi would refuse again but this time she trotted over, a bit jumpy but I was proud! I patted Pepsi’s neck lovingly and told her she was a good girl, then my father said to take her back to the barn for some rest.
After unmounting near the barn I did up the stirrups and led Pepsi back to the cross-ties and took off her tack and groomed her. Once Pepsi was all cozy in her stall, I undid my tall riding boots and helmet and put them away replacing the boots and helmet with a cardinals cap and paddock boots, then I hurried to the house for dinner. When dinner was over my father and two of my other siblings went back to the barn where we gave water, hay, and feed to all the horses in our care

While walking back, my father proposed to train Pepsi a bit in jumping before I started riding her a lot, because if a young person developed bad habits with their horse and without knowing it, retraining a horse to good habits take a long time. At first I felt hurt to think that my father did not think my riding was good but after thinking about what he said while in bed and eating breakfast the next morning I realized he wanted Pepsi and I to have a great relationship but if I ever created bad habits in Pepsi it would be hard to train her, yes, and also to win back our relationship once the damage has been done. I told my father that I would let him train Pepsi as long as he would also teach me how to handle her while training.
Of course my father was happy and he was very proud of the decision that I had made
Over the next several months my father and I trained Pepsi wonderfully, in the first couple weeks we started, Pepsi did not like it at all, but soon she began to LOVE IT!!!! I was crying with happiness the day she realized that we were not hurting her but helping her! :)
She is my GOOD GIRL!
It was the first week of the next month that my father started working Pepsi in dressage as well as in some basic training and hacking
After the 3rd month of training Pepsi was gentle but still her mischievous self! I was sooo happy, and besides all the training I learned how to train and care for Pepsi just how she was and I learned how to also have a GREAT relationship with my dad while we were both doing what we loved!
Within the first week of the 4th month I was training Pepsi and keeping her under control while riding her and my father said that we were in time for our annual horse show that we put on for the local riders and pony clubbers
I was really excited that my dad knew Pepsi and I were ready for a challenge.
Well, the show came and went, Pepsi and I were both well groomed, happy, excited, and proud that all our hard work, and my dad’s work, proved fruitful as we won 2 first places, a third place and ending with 1 second place!!!!
Well I think I will wrap up my long story now by just saying that “even if you think you can handle this situation, always have an adult nearby and except their knowledge if you can trust them”
Farewell and I hope to see your training stories up too!

jjpals & Dynamo
2014-12-09 16:04:03
All A Horse Could Imagine
By: POA Girl1

This horse has begun,
This horse has become,
Anything he may wish,
Anything he may dream,
The world inside,
To the world out,
This is all he could imagine,
Other than the heavens above!

POA Girl1 & Remi
2014-12-10 22:40:26
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