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Clip Clop Magazine story contest Enter stories here - get paid if they are run in Clip Clop Magazine. Stories should be suitable for all ages and have a horse, pony, donkey or other animal in it.

Clip Clop Magazine story contest

Enter stories here - get paid if they are run in Clip Clop Magazine.

Stories should be suitable for all ages and have a horse, pony, donkey or other animal in it.

Jane Crandal & JB
2022-12-28 20:53:03
To get paid you need to have a valid email address as we pay electronically.
admin & Aslan Equinox
2022-12-30 03:52:34
How do I get away? thought Austin Bandit,he had been stuck in his stall for 2 nights now and he began to get antsy. Finally his owner let him out. he was so happy he reared and slashed his owner's jodhpurs. Then he had to lunge even though he whinnied in protest. He walked,trotted,cantered,and galloped. After his owner groomed him after that he was ridden over huge oxers that seemed to touch the sky he was only 12.0 hand high. Next,his owner walked him and groomed him til' his coat gleamed.
That night he got granola in his grain.He loved the nighttime air.

linusthegreat & featherheart
2022-12-30 16:33:01
The Unknown Hero
On a foggy October morning in a quick barn there was a colt and his name was Blaze. He was a little different from the other horses. For starters the other horses were taller, but he was smaller than them. And that made him very sad. But it didn’t bother him that much. When the sun was up the very next morning there was a strange smell in the air. But the smell was a bit odd. All the other horses did not know what to do about it, but Blaze did. He knew he had to do something about it, so he hatched a plan. He would first find where the smell was coming from, so he found out that the smell was coming from the dump. The dump must have gotten too full of trash, so that was why the smell was so bad. So he had to get the horses to move to a new place. He went to the barn to tell the horses that they had to find a new place to live. But the horses just said why should we listen to you. He told them all about it then they said where should we go. So Blaze said we must go to North Dakota. But Blaze that is too far said one of the horses. But we must, Blaze said. So they traveled to North Dakota. And the following year Blaze was a hero.Blaze had come from being a one to being a hero.

patiencegirl & Patience
2022-12-30 18:44:53
"Come on Comet ",whispered Charlotte. She was at Badminton Horse Trials on her mule Barley Blazer.
He was a paint mule and, when he saw a crowd and was in the ring he sure did know all eyes were on him.
A year later he was still jumping like crazy. He was soon to be like the dressage mule Buckeye. And I'm sure he knew it.

linusthegreat & featherheart
2023-01-02 17:59:31
„Komm Komet“, flüsterte Charlotte. Sie war bei Badminton Horse Trials auf ihrem Mule Barley Blazer.
Er war ein Farbmaultier und als er eine Menschenmenge sah und im Ring stand, wusste er mit Sicherheit, dass alle Augen auf ihn gerichtet waren.
Ein Jahr später sprang er immer noch wie verrückt. Er sollte bald wie das Dressur-Maultier Buckeye werden. Und ich bin sicher, er wusste es.

linusthegreat & featherheart
2023-01-02 18:00:16
Heidi had always lived a pampered life. Her owner, Icelandic monarch Reykjavik Kevniedch, spoiled her with a large box stall and a sprawling pasture.
Until the summer of 1876, when raiders invaded the Acedic Foothills. The battle between the raiders and the villagers soon spilled onto Reykjavik's land. Heidi was taken as a prisoner of war, and the young king was seized.
After a few weeks with the intruders, Heidi was unrecognizable. Her silver horseshoes had fallen off with time, and her coat grew out to be long and shaggy. She was allowed to roam about with all of the other horses, munched on the same wild grasses that they did. She was not the same pony anymore. She was a normal horse, wild and free. And she loved it.
Over the years, Heidi became a symbol of Iceland's freedom from Izelxiar. She mothered many a foal, and lived a wonderful, long life. The "raiders" were sent from Reykjavik's brother, Iytredjaer, to collect Heidi. It had all been arranged on a formal document. But when the villagers became hostile to the visitors, it became a full-blown battle.
Heidi has been gone for 147 years, but anyone in Iceland will be able to proudly tell you her story.

thunder4ever & thunder
2023-01-02 18:08:32
The new year adventure
The first new year was one I can remember very faintly, and it started with everyone in the house in a rush to get ready for supper.Everyone was so excited for the new year to be here except for me. But for me I was nervous. When I told my mother she said, “ Why are you so nervous? The new year is going to be great”. “I guess it will be.” “Just don’t worry about the new year. Now that's it I’m going to go and get dinner made.”Ok mom I’m going to go ride Kamali.” “Ok sweety.” As I went to the barn I thought about how great the new year could be. “Hi boy, how are you doing? Are you a little nervous about the new year? Well I should go get some brushes.I’ll just finish brushing you then we can get your saddle. Ok now I can tighten up your saddle. Now we can put on your bridle. Now boy, we can go on a trail ride. The trail is just up ahead. Look at that deer, it is so beautiful. Do you want to go on that trail or do you want to go on that one? Woo boy! Ok we’ll go on that trail. Wow, it is so beautiful out here. Come on, let's go further . Look, it's a bear. Wait, it's a bear! Ok boy let’s go. Hyah! Oh no it’s chasing us! Which path leads back? Ok let’s just go this way. Never mind, this is the wrong one! It’s the other path. Let’s go though this path and it will lead us back. Let’s see if the bear is following us. It still is. Come on! Down this trail! Look, it's the entrance. And look, the bear is not following, and look we’re at the barn. Now I can go get your halter . Ok now I can put up your saddle. Then I can feed you. By Kamali, see you tomorrow. Hi mom. “Hi sweetie, how was your trail ride?” “It was fun.” “Sit down and have some food with us”. “ Are those rolls and cranberry sauce?” “Yup.” And that was the new years night I will never forget.

patiencegirl & Patience
2023-01-02 18:18:22
I have a poem instead of a story:
My Horse
My horse is the most special,
none other can compare.
And when we soar over the jumps,
we fly right through the air.

When i'm having a bad day,
the thing to cheer me up is his neigh.
If I fall off, i needn't have fear,
because my horse will be near.

I love my horse, he is the best;
he's much more special than the rest.
I eat cookies, he eats his treats,
my horse Beau is the most sweet.

thunder4ever & thunder
2023-01-06 22:59:22
My New Puppy

She yips aloud
Trying to tell me
Her life is different.

janefleckart & Sahara
2023-01-24 03:14:50
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