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Ok I will post something on my page, you can to. Send out W-mails to your pals. Tell them about it ask them if they would like to join.
Ponygal103 & Sai
2017-11-08 16:04:25
you can come for the teeth
allie & Queen of Hearts
2017-11-09 01:56:20
Lets just do some flat work and if it goes well we can do a bit of jumping I smile. Now go get your horse cow girl
BecauseofHorses & Dancer
2017-11-09 08:39:39
Ponygal103 & Sai
2017-11-09 14:15:57
"Ok" I laugh I run into the barn and grab Knight Blue halter. when I return Knight is in he far corner of the pasture. "KNiiiight. here boy." Knight looks up, sees me and comes trotting over. I give him a hug and slip on the halter. I lead him into the barn and tie him. 20 minuets later he i tacked up and ready. I lead him out to the arena where Layla is waiting.
Ponygal103 & Sai
2017-11-09 17:57:48
Alright since he is new to the ring just walk him around both ways first,Knight walks forward calmly looking around the ring. Suddenly a small bird flys out infront of him. He spooks and rears up kicking his legs at the bird you say/do. Me; I come running to you.
BecauseofHorses & Dancer
2017-11-10 07:23:19
Hi, can I join. I'm new at roleplays, so I might be writing shorter ones at first.


Name: Dakota Coursey (or Koda for short)
Age: 14
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Brown
Character:Funny,wants to know everything about horses, can be Hot-headed at times, she is a little shy at meeting new people but, is very nice once you get to know her.
Riding style: English
Riding experience: Knows how to walk and trot but, is very eager to learn

I would like to ride Cinderella first if that's okay.

GodHorsesAmerica & Pocket Full of Sunshine
2017-11-10 17:38:05
I see the bird a second before Knight freaks. I push my heels down and grab a fist full of mane. When Knight rears I stand up and as soon as he lands. I turn him in a circle. and urge him forward. I speak clam and soothing words into his ears. I pat him and he calms down.
Ponygal103 & Sai
2017-11-10 21:04:08
MaddieGrace05 & Spartain
2017-11-11 02:32:00
welcome to the role play Dokota

BecauseofHorses & Dancer
2017-11-11 07:50:32
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