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Are you okay I ask,You handled that very well. Would you like to get of and get your breath back? I can walk night around for you if you like. Night shifts,and snorts before rubbing his head on you as if to say sorry. You say/do
BecauseofHorses & Dancer
2017-11-11 07:52:27
I hope out of my Mom and Dad's car. They say bye and good luck. I walk around trying to find Layla. Then I see her in the arena training a girl on a beautiful black horse. But, she looks busy so I wait beside the entrance.
GodHorsesAmerica & Pocket Full of Sunshine
2017-11-11 15:12:40
I nod and hop off. I hand Layla the rains and sit on the mounting block. I look up and see a girl beside the entrance."Hey, Layla looks like the new girl is here."
Ponygal103 & Sai
2017-11-11 16:09:57
Layla and the girl look like they're finished so, I walk up to them. I walk up to the girl sitting on the mounting block and say "Hi, your horse is beautiful. Oh, sorry my name is Dakota. What's yours?"
GodHorsesAmerica & Pocket Full of Sunshine
2017-11-11 17:01:26
Hi may I join?

Name: Heather Brooks
Character:Out going, Funny, can be stubborn and stuck up
Riding Style:English Jumping.
Riding Experience: I can jump 3 feet and I can do cross country.
I would like to ride Snazzy please.

Horse Luver132 & Victory
2017-11-11 17:12:59
"Oh hello, you must be Dakota. I am Mrs. Carson." Follow me and I will show you where you around."
Ponygal103 & Sai
2017-11-11 18:58:21
Sorry I was posting on the wrong role play page.:)
New roleplay.

I see the new girl walking towards me." Hi, you horse is beautiful. Oh sorry my name is Dakota. What is yours?" She asks. " I am Darian, this is Knight. Follow me I'll show you around. Mrs Carson will be along shortly."

Ponygal103 & Sai
2017-11-11 19:01:55
"Well, it's nice to meet you Darian. Okay sure lets go." As we walk away from the arena I ask "How long have you been riding?"
GodHorsesAmerica & Pocket Full of Sunshine
2017-11-11 20:48:42
"I just moved here from England where I lived for four years, that is where I learned to ride." We arrive at Knight's stall and I start to untack him."What about you? What is your back story?" I ask.
Ponygal103 & Sai
2017-11-12 02:18:33
"Oh, cool I've always wanted to visit England. Ummm, me? Well, I've lived in Georgia my whole life until my dad transfered jobs. My family has always wanted to live in the country but, I didn't really want to move. Until, my dad found our house here and I was like, um if we live here I get a horse right hahaha. My dad and mom actually agreed to let me do lessons so here I am. And they said I might can get a horse if the instructer thinks that I could take care of it and ride so yeah."
GodHorsesAmerica & Pocket Full of Sunshine
2017-11-12 13:11:55
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