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**** girls only home-school club****

What's wrong with u guys!?Liam is so adorable!!I love is shagy blonde hair a nd blue eyes!!!And Josh Is AMAZINGLY GORGOUS!!!!I<3 both of them
Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-19 17:52:00
Lol Jane it doenst!!Thanks Bannana,Liam is Adorable!!And Josh....Jodh is sooo Sweet and HOTT!
Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-21 03:51:05

bannana & mindy
2011-12-21 14:42:49
Who's JAke Gyllenhaal??
(IN my opinion)
Laim Hemsworth=cute,love his blue eyes
Josh Hutcherson=HOT,sweet,love the drk brown eyes
Jake=?idk who that is!
Taylor Launter=adorable,muscular
Justin Bieber=UGLIEST dude ever:Psorry i dont like him,
Cody Simpson=idk nothin about him,altho I like his accent
Greyson Chance=idk nothing about him
well like I said that is my opinion!!

Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-22 03:41:43
i think that bannana should get it!!!!!!!i know this is bannana but it is not the person that owns this account.this is mady i used to own this club.so i think bannana should get it because she is my best friend!
bannana & mindy
2011-12-22 14:51:35
not me little Toby! i just looked him up and he is pretty ugly in my opinion.i agree with you on justin bieber sunnyhorses!
bannana & mindy
2011-12-22 14:57:18
i mean jb is not that ugly but he is not the best!
bannana & mindy
2011-12-22 21:50:10
Can i please have my club back?
mdo17 & bunnykinz
2011-12-23 15:07:05
JoshH. is HOTT
PS its Sunnyhorses1234567 I changed my name

Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-23 18:14:01
Jane?***BOO*** what or who?
Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-23 19:21:04
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