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** High Hopes Animal Rescue Sactuary ** It will be a rescue sactuary and we take in abused animals and put them in foster homes to get better. And once they are better we adopt them to permanent homes.

then can i have thunder?

lexieawesome115 & Chessie
2011-12-06 12:23:54
Carly 9- Congrats on your adoption :) I'll call you Stevie so long as I remember

Little Toby- Thank you for telling me about this fabulous club. I never would have joined without you. You made a new plaque?

Question- If no one wants to adopt our animal, can we give it away to a make-believe person?

*Mandy spends as much time as she can making sure Mystery and herself are ready for the show next weekend. She practices braiding, buys tack cleaner, works on the form of Mystery's gaits, practice courses with her horse and helps to prepare Mystery for seeing a lot of unfamiliar horses and people. The day before the show, Mandy finds Mystery's stall full of diarhea and the horse is laying down. She's worried about missing the show, but is mroe worried about the mare she has grown to love! She calls the vet immediately and they load her carefully into a trailer. Mandy cannot believe this is happening and sits down once the trailer has left and cries silently with her hands shielding her face. 2 questions haunt her thoughts: Is Mystery colicing? Will she be all right%3Pr

columbinestables & Nala
2011-12-07 00:24:09
I'm going to start the post with Doc in a large corral.

I cantered around the corral and then a human comes to the fence. it stretched out its arm and held out something. then it came into my corral held out its arm again. There was a wonderful smell coming from behind the human and I heard soft noises coming from it. I darted past the human to the other side of the corral and suddenly realized that the smell was coming from the human! I couldn't risk going near the human. so many had hurt me. this one will too! But the soft, comforting noises beckoned me to the human and I walked a little ways towards it, but then stopped suddenly reminding myself that humans are dangerous and they hurt me. I can't risk going near it. then the human threw the wonderful smell at me but I shied away, thinking of the rocks that many other humans had hurt me with. the human
walked out of the corral and I didn't move until I couldn't smell it anymore, then I stepped towards the "rock" with the wonderful smell. as I touched it, it didn't feel hard and sharp like all the rocks that had hit me. I glanced at my scarred body that reminded me not to trust humans,
and then finally took the "rock" up between my teeth. It tasted so good! It was the best thing I had ever had! then the human came back to my corral with a bucket in its hand. the human came towards me slowly with the soft noises coming from it again. I had to admit it: this human was very different from all the ones that I had lived with before I was taken here. it put the bucket down in the center of the corral and then left. I walked over to the bucket and pushed my nose in and started eating

To be continued....

Danielle Rose & Dandy
2011-12-08 02:57:49
Sorry, I haven't posted, I've been busy.

Emma walked outside. In her yard was a pony with a note taped on her. "I can't afford this pony anymore, please keep it." She ran to her mom and asked if she could keep the pony in their barn. Her mom said yes!! She named the pony Tellie. She was a chestnut mare.

Oreopony6 & Oreo
2011-12-08 03:07:36
Ill take kitten number 4!!please?
Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-08 15:39:26
I take home the little male kitten whom I name Lazer(i know its spelt wrong)*I feed him and gently stroke him."It's okay Lazer I won't hurt you"*Lazer quickly jumps from my hands and hides*"It's okay,come back buddy."*I leave Lazer alone and let him come out when he's ready*
Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-08 22:32:34
Is it to late to adopt levi?I really want to adopt her.

lexieawesome115 & Chessie
2011-12-08 23:43:12
Sure I still want him! *Pats Levi* Wanna go meet your new buddy? Be right back *Walks to Lucky, Hooks her hand under his cheek bone on the other side, walks him, un-haltered, to Becky and Levi* This is Lucky. I re-trained him. *Swings up onto him, bareback*
arabluv & teapot
2011-12-09 13:40:28
"Heyy,how are you?Hey Chance!"*I give Chance a hug.*"Yes I can just let me know when ehen he gets adopted!"

*I walk around looking for Lazer.I finally find him under my couch*,"Hey Lazer,come here boy.*Lazer comes to me and I pick him up*

Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-10 16:28:41
(I do want to adopt him)\

Lucky: *noses Levi hello*

Thalia: Aww! He likes him!

arabluv & teapot
2011-12-10 16:45:14
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