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**** Moonlight Acres Academy****

new thingy!lol
6:00-Early morning ride if you want
7:00-Get up and feed your horses
7:30-Tack up and ride down to Clear Creak (river)
8:00-Eat breakfast at Clear Creak
8:30-Come back untack and groom your horses
9:00-Get ready for your first day at school
9:30-First class is learning about dressage with a dressage teacher
10:30-Horse care class,tacking up,grooming and learning more about caring for your horse
11:00-Jumping class
12:00-For your first day you would have to do a jumping assessment on horse back,for the ones who have been at the school for longer would work on there jumping skills
1:00-Lunch in the riding lounge
2:30-Dressage assessment,people who have been at the school before would work on there dressage skills.
3:30-groom and untack your horses,school is over,let horse out to pasture.
4:00-have fun,go in the swimming pool (we have a pool)
4:30-go to the spa if you want.
5:30-trail ride if you want to the creak
6:30-untack your horses and groom then/feed then.
7:50-do what ever you want
8:00-do what ever you want
8:30-get ready for bed
9:30-just go to sleep already!lol
6:00-Wake Up For Trail Ride Down To Clear Creak If You Want
7:30-Come Back Groom And Feed Your Horses
8:30-Bath And Get Ready For Class
9:00-Get To Class,(Jumping on horse back)For Beginners
9:30-Jumping For Advanced Riders
10:00-Jumping Class is over for every one
10:01-Start getting ready for dressage class
10:10-Dressage Starts For Beginners
10:30-Dressage For Advanced Riders
11:10-Dressage For Beginners Is Over
11:30-Dressage For Advanced Riders Is Over
12:00-Lunch In Rider Lounge
1:00-Cross Country Course For Beginners Starts
1:01-Cross Country Course For Advanced Riders Starts
2:00-Beginner Cross Country Is Over
2:01-Advanced Cross Country Is Over
2:30-Cool Of,Go Swimming Anything
3:00-Do Anything You Want
4:00-Do Anything You Want
5:00-Get Ready For Trail Ride
6:30-Come Back Get Cleaned Up And Have Fun Around The Stables,The Stable Hand Will Groom And Un-Tack Your Horses For You
7:00-Do Anything You Want
8:00-Do Anything You Want
9:00-Bed,You Can Watch Movies In The Movie Room If You Cant Fall Asleep
Most Weekdays Are The Same.Friday We Go Camping At Clear Creak,Pack Your Bags And Sleeping Bag!

do what ever you want,we have the pool,the spa,anything!Sunday i the same way.

BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-13 16:26:00

*i saw it was getting late and waved at Olivia*Bye!*i lead Thunder back into his stall and took of his lead rope and i started to shiver,Thunder looked cold too,i got his blanket and put it on him,i strapped the front and buy is stomach*There,sleep well boy,*i kissed my hand and put it on his nose,i filled his water and went in the tack room i looked for something to warm Thunder,i paced the room and thought i'd put on his polo wrap set,i looked in my tack trunk and got it out*Ha!This better work!*i looked desperately and the wraps,i ran to Thunders stall and found him freezing,i opened his stall and heard some one walk in the stable and i started wrapping his legs*There!hold on boy*i ran and got his heating saddle blanket,i turned it on to see if it still worked,*Yes!*it heated in my hands,i ran to his stall and took of his normal aqua saddle blanket off and put on his new one on and put it over him,i switched it on,it started heating and i smiled*There!*he started to eat his food,i sighed and saw my breath it was so cold,i walked out the stable and walked to the dorm,i saw white flakes start to fall,i caught on in my hand*No way!its snowing?!?!?*i looked up and was snowing!,i ran to my dorm and out on my grey Uggs and my jacket and black leggings*I cant believe its snowing!!*i ran down and my boots hit the snow on the floor,i fell and dropped into the snow*Its snowing!*my voice was quiet from my face being in the snow,i got up and hoped some one would come and play with me,i started shake of the snow when i hear galloping hooves come out the stable and stop by me,i saw a black blur in-front of me and looked like a Friesian horse*Thunder?*he nickered playfully*Thunder!what are you doing out?!*he shook out his blanket and whinnied happily*Thunder!how did you get out???*he ignored me and rolled around in the snow*i guess you could stay out a little bit longer,but lets go int the ring*i lead him in leaned on the fence,i watched amuse him self,he started galloping around the ring and sprayed me with snow,i giggled and he nickered and kind pointed to his back,and walked to me by the fence*ah,i see what you mean boy,maybe...*he bucked dramatically*Ok ok!*i giggled and opened the gate,i held his mane and jumped up on him*There!*he whinnied and started to trot around in the snow,i held his mane and he started to canter,i smiled and leaned forward,we left tracks in the snow,i held on to his mane with one hand and put my other hand out and ran it against the gate and the snow fell off*Ok boy lets go to bed now,*he trotted out the gate and i dismounted lead him back in his stall and turned his blanket back on and put it over him*Love you boy!*i kissed him and walked back in the dorm and lay down and fell asleep*

BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-13 17:47:09
oops that was Monday night
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-14 13:55:33
*wakes up*yay its Tuesday!*i looked at my watch and i was early enough for the trail ride,i got out of bed and changed into my riding clothes and slipped on my boots*
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-14 15:47:14
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-14 22:53:13
Admin i payed it....
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-15 17:14:31
Jane Crandal & JB
2012-01-15 18:59:06
yup!!!!im so exited!!XD
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-16 13:18:20
Wait, what?
arabluv & teapot
2012-01-20 14:08:55
xD my board bill sorry!
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-21 23:06:41
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