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**** Moonlight Acres Academy****

weres my post???
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-01 17:09:16
hey guys its me Bella!JC said that my posts wont show up on my old account -.-

*i turn around and run to Callie crying,my leather boots hit the floor*Why are you leaving?*i wipe my eyes*Your my only friend here!*i couldnt stop crying and ran away from the car,i went into the stallion barn and found Thunder out of his stall with in his halter in the barn hall,he was looking around for Breeze and i got his chain lead rope and lead him outside to the truck*Thunder misses Breeze too!he was wandering in the hall of the stable!he BROKE out of his stall!*Thunder smelt Breeze and he nickered in the trailer,Breeze Nickered back*See?*Thunder Tried kicking the side of the trailer*No boy,youll see him...later...*i lead him back into his stall sadly,Thunder kept trying to get loose and go back,I put him in his stall and walked up to the dorms,i sat on the top and looked at my best friends book...i sat up there filling out the book and left out the stuff about my friends,i saw a picture of me and all my old friends riding.*

BellaHorse101 & BreakingDawn
2012-01-03 01:53:02

Jane Crandal & JB
2012-01-03 02:31:31
posts are missing!!!now its seems my club is inactive!!!
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-03 23:48:15
fixed! yay!!!
Jane Crandal & JB
2012-01-04 02:00:33
*Bella looks at Olivia*Sure!ill Thunder i think,im thinking of getting a new horse,should I?*i clip Thunder on to his lead rope and lead him out the paddock*
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-10 15:11:27
RM:***ill be riding Thunder i think,***sorry this keyboard is the worst!!!
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-10 19:19:52
Hey im going to breyer fest 2012,do you have any breyers?my mom said i could take a friend,your my friend to me,*i patted Thunders muzzle*You can take your horses!you can take Ajax too!
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-12 00:38:13
new thingy!lol
6:00-Early morning ride if you want
7:00-Get up and feed your horses
7:30-Tack up and ride down to Clear Creak (river)
8:00-Eat breakfast at Clear Creak
8:30-Come back untack and groom your horses
9:00-Get ready for your first day at school
9:30-First class is learning about dressage with a dressage teacher
10:30-Horse care class,tacking up,grooming and learning more about caring for your horse
-Jumping class
-For your first day you would have to do a jumping assessment on horse back,for the ones who have been at the school for longer would work on there jumping skills
-Lunch in the riding lounge
-Dressage assessment,people who have been at the school before would work on there dressage skills.
-groom and untack your horses,the school is over
-have fun,go in the swimming pool (we have a pool)
-go to the spa on the campus if you want.
-trail ride if you want.
-untack your horses and groom then/feed then.
-do what ever you want
-do what ever you want
-get ready for bed
-just go to sleep already!lol
All the other week days are the same as Monday.
do what ever you want,we have the pool,the spa,anything!Sunday i the same way.

BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-12 02:01:27
oops!!i wasnt done the thing yet :( sorry i have to finish it later
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2012-01-12 19:27:07
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