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*** dog lovers and advice club ***

If eneyone has a question on dogs then feel free to post it here so that I can try to answer it or somewon else that knows the answer can answer.

lexieawesome115 & Chessie
2011-12-21 15:47:52
Has anyone ever had to introduce their dog to a cat before? If so, how did it go?
vegan & Chamomile
2011-12-21 16:05:23
Hi lexie,
can i please join?I love dogs.

jack560 & chessie
2011-12-21 16:09:47
yep I had to entruduce my dog to a cat. My dog went crazy she chase the cat up a tree
sicol1234 & Star
2011-12-22 02:59:39
Yes you can join Jack.

lexieawesome115 & Chessie
2011-12-22 03:02:07
Vegan,my dogs were raised with multi cats 24/7.....But my cats RULE and are not afraid of dogs at all!I suggest putting the dog on a leash and letting the cat run where ever not holding it or containing it in a little area!
Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-22 03:36:03
That's great to know sunny. As I've researched more, I've found that if you do the process slowly and safely, you're usually quite successful. It's good to know that other people's cats get along great with their dogs too.
vegan & Chamomile
2011-12-22 17:14:36
If eneyone asked to join and i did not tell them they could then im telling you now you can join.

lexieawesome115 & Chessie
2011-12-24 20:26:10
Horselovers yes its free to join.

lexieawesome115 & Chessie
2011-12-24 20:26:33
If eneyone would like a high position in this club just tell me so and I will try to get you a high positoin.The positions are:VP,VP2,and secratary.(I may take away secratary).
thank you,

lexieawesome115 & Chessie
2011-12-24 20:30:03
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