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use a clicker.
Jane Crandal & JB
2012-02-26 03:21:45
crocker training a dog to jump might seem like a good idea at the time but somtime's it isin't. I know from experince
pp2 & Finnigan
2012-02-29 04:51:02
I learned that you can train dogs to sit stay and lay down with hand motions!
Horseluver2001 & My Pony
2012-03-10 04:18:18
Can i?

kyileanna & Cookie
2012-03-15 04:18:19
Can i join?
This is my dog's info.

Name- Abby

Can i join please?

boostermonte & Gogo
2012-03-25 20:36:35
Why wouldn't it be a good idea to teach a dog to jump? Just wondering.
crocker123 & Noah
2012-04-02 02:50:41
well if you mean to jump over a jump, it is good and i can give you some tips. but if you mean to jump like to stand up on their hind legs, it isin't good because the just jump on you. so anyway, i toaught my dogs to jump using bracks and poals. I just put on brick under the poal first then walked her over with a leash. you want to keep doiung this untill you get to about 8 bricks. you also don't want to do that all at one time. you should keep doing it with a leash untill your dog is confodent about jumping, then keep you'r dog close and try going over without a leash
pp2 & Finnigan
2012-04-05 23:41:06
Hi can i join? I have already filled out my dog's info above.
boostermonte & Gogo
2012-04-07 23:50:05
I am pretty sure I made someone else predent when i left club ponypals but I am back so it is my club so yes you may join.

lexieawesome115 & Chessie
2012-06-16 01:09:36
annapom12 & Chickadee
2012-07-24 03:25:51
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