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The United States Hero Club
if someone has a hero...such as a firefighter, police man, or school teacher they can tell other people about it and have fun sharing their stories!

thanks u guys. Bannana, i LOVE your entry! i totally agree, and i am so proud of people who fight for our country. my mom wants to be a missionary. thanks! :D
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-01-17 20:43:06
My friend is a missionary I helped her raise money by doing a car wash I had an idea what if we all posted about this club on our pages ( and you might be sweet and include mine ) then anyone who reads our pages can find out about this club :D
Candy1 & Nitika
2013-01-18 03:44:39
Candy1, on my profile i said "plz join my clubs: This one, The Tangled Lovers one, and the Superman Fans one." so i hope people will read it and check them out! oh, and i need more people on my Superman Fans Club. even if you are not a Superman Fan, you can still join! ~thanks!~
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-01-18 19:03:45
Haha not a fan and join it haha that's funny if you ask me I have two clubs also one is Horses horses horses, and the other, love to write :D
Candy1 & Nitika
2013-01-18 19:36:29
i have joined love to write, but i haven't checked out horses, horses, horses. but i will right now!
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-01-20 00:37:23
i need more joiners! :D
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-01-23 20:02:46
Thanks horsesforever12 and yes you do need more members :D
Candy1 & Nitika
2013-01-24 02:26:10
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-01-24 19:31:02
here's a scenero to appreciate firemen!
My family and i smelled a burning smell one night. we were having pizza. my dad felt our chimney and it was hot. my dad called a friend that used to be a fireman, and he said, "Can u touch your hand to the chimney?" my dad felt it down lower, and said, "I can't keep my hand on it's so hot!" the friend said, "Call the fire station!" i was scared. the house wasn't on fire, and there wasn't a lot of smoke, but it was the beginning of a chimney fire! i wanted the pets, but dad said we didn't have to get them because it wasn't that bad yet. a truck pulled in the driveway and we all went outside with snow pants, jackets, ect. then a firetruck pulled up. it's lights lit up the dark night with flashing red. more and more trucks came, until it they went all the way down to our neighbor's. we stayed in our car to warm up. then we went back in the house. firemen were stomping around with their muddy feet. soon smoke was really coming out and my dad grabbed the cage of my bird and told my sister to get her hamster. i knew it was getting bad and fear rushed into my heart. we put our pets in our warm car with blankets on them. we all sat there, watching. tears sprung to my eyes but i kept them away. i had to be strong. firemen climbed our roof and dumped snow and some water down our chimney. they crawled under the house. for hours, it seemed, we just sat there. it was so unreal. finally, a man came and told us that the it was a chimney fire and that they had cooled it down. we could go back in and everything was fine. we got our pets and entered our house...with the same living room, kitchen, everything. but i could not sleep that nigh and asked my sister if i could climb in bed with her. she said no and finally...after holding them in all night...i cried. i wept. i was shaking so hard in my mom's arms that i thought i had cried every tear. finally, my sis said i could sleep with her, and i went to bed and tried to forget the night. true story!!!

~Horsesforever12 :)

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-01-28 20:02:11
Wow freaky you are really lucky
Candy1 & Nitika
2013-02-04 01:56:06
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