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Godsclan Warrior Cats Roleplay
Everycat would be the pet of a god, and would have the gods name in front.

Apollopelt: I know, but deputy is different. Francily, the leader makes the big decisions, deputies make small. It would be hard to manage kits and be deputy at the same time.
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-04-23 03:29:32
Sifpelt-*shrugs* Still, it just seems so unfair!

Thorclaw-*strips an old sheath from one fore claw* Lots of life is unfair.

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2014-04-24 01:23:19
Sifpelt-You can be quiet now.

Thorclaw-I'm just saying, life is just a bit too hard for you to skip through it.

Sifpelt-Do you hear something, Apollopelt?

Thorclaw-So you have to pace yourself and take life seriously.

Sifpelt-Like a mildly annoying little fly?

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2014-04-29 03:14:21
Aphroditetail- *sighs wistfully and stares at Thorclaw. Catches herself staring and quickly looks away*
rainstar13 & Nightfire
2014-04-29 03:14:21
Apollopelt: Chuckles* Yes, but i think this fly has a point.
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-04-29 18:27:48
Sifpelt-Flies don't live very long. They get stepped on. *gives Thorclaw a mock glare*

Thorclaw-Pfft! Oh, save me, great one, from your terrible wrath! *notices Aphroditetail and swallows uncomfortably* Um. . .can I help you?

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2014-04-30 18:44:40
Apollopekt: snickers*
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-04-30 23:02:37
Thorclaw-*nibbles uncomfortably at his lip and inches away from Aphroditetail. Sits next to Apollopelt and Sifpelt and leans in, whispering* What's up with her?

Sifpelt-Why, I do declare, Thorclaw, she's sweet on you!

Thorclaw-Hush! Not so loud-do you want to embarrass her?

Sifpelt-*blinks innocently, an impish gleam in her eye* Well, I could walk right by her and shove her into you, just like she did with me and Apollopelt. You think she'd like that?

Thorclaw-*gives Sifpelt a bland look* No.

Sifpelt-*shrugs* Oh, all right.

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2014-05-02 20:49:05
Apollopelt: that would be very suddeleo
Chance12345 & Scarlett
2014-05-03 03:35:55
Sifpelt-*nudges Apollopelt, chuckling teasingly* You don't have an opinion in this private conversation! Yu may hush! *fondly touches noses with Apollopelt*
Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2014-05-03 21:35:06
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