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Bellas Championship Riding Academy Role Play Club

Yes! And idk JJ
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-04-23 03:29:32
Same with me jjpals...
AuthorToBe & Sweet Adeline
2014-04-23 03:29:32
Name: Adlanniel Rose
Nick: Adlanniel or Rose
Gender: female
Eyes: sky blue
Hair: waist length, blonde and natural wave. She either lets it down, braid's it or puts it up.
Skin: light tan
Age: 20
Riding Experience: Advanced
Riding Years: 16 years (started when she was 4)
Personality: Kind, friendly, but fierce when she is confronted and has her own way with the horses.
Career: planning on raising TB and Arabians.

Name: Hasufel
Age: 5
Gender: Stallion
eyes: black
Breed: TB
Appearance: His coat is a grey with black spray spots underneath and his mane and tail is black.
Personality: same as Adlanniel's.

Add another horse later.

AragornandArwen & Brego
2014-04-23 18:42:40
RM: Well, sense I HAD to buy W-BUCKS, we can start to arrive at the stable and putting in our name tags and mingling. You know what I mean, right?
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-04-24 01:47:18
Full name: rosemary S.
Name: rosie
Eyes: Green
hair: sandy blonde
skin: light peach
Age: 20
Riding experience: Advanced
Riding years: 14 ( started when I was 6!)
Personality: horse adorerer, animal lover, enthusiastic, people person, artsy, baking and cooking lover!
Career: want to have a horse farm and train horses!
Gender: Female

Horse form
Full name: skipper
Name: skip
Gender: Mare
eyes: Black-brown
Coat-Mane-tail: coat is dun and mane and tail are black
Personality: loves people, competitive, and is a sweet and easy going horse

rrpals & Black Widow
2014-04-25 01:11:27
Welcome everyone to Bella's Championship Riding Academe Role Play club! A mouth full but it will manage! This club is about friendship and getting close to your real horses/ponies! We have 4000 acres of land and nature that we share with as well. We have a HUGE pasture for your horses needs. A big tack room for those people who love dressing up! We will start by getting into our dorms that are 7 spaces. If you don't know what "7Spaces" are, It means 7rooms. We have at least 40trails as well. Please be nice. The barn has disiner stalls and big nice troughs too! We also have a lunch room. (With microwave and oven.
Please bring your own lunch)! Enjoy have fun and good luck!!!!!!!!!!! ~Madelyn + Bella~

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-04-28 03:06:19
RM: All of you can join!!!!
~Madelyn + Bella~

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-04-28 03:06:19
Katie: I walk to pepsi's stall and see that she has food and water then I take my tack and grooming tools and blankets and put them all away and I go to the lunch room and eat my lunch!
jjpals & Dynamo
2014-04-28 23:20:26
Bella: I walk into my horses stall and put a bowl of apples in Warriors stall. I grab my things and put them away in my dorm. Then grab my lunch and put it in the microwave and takes it out. *I start eating my Grilled cheese with honey ham on it*. Then drink my DR. Pepper.
Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-04-29 04:09:47
Rosie: I am tacking up skipper!!
Bella can you come we can Talk and ride??

rrpals & Black Widow
2014-04-30 18:55:56
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