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May Story & Poem Entries -- Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

Birth of a Miracle foal Chapter 1

White shiny stars fill the midnight sky as a new life begins at Misty Meadows. Misty, a greyish white mare lied patiently in her stall for the arrival of her first foal. She rolled and then stood up to take a drink of water. Then she felt a kick and that told her one thing, It was time.
When it was time to give birth, she lied down at the corner of her stall and gave a few pushes. Before you know it, her water broke and a little hoof was only in sight. She got up then lied back down. She did that a few times then someone come into the barn.
It was the Vet. She said that the foal wouldn't be due until another few weeks. Dr. Brenda was only coming to get some manure samples from the mares in case if they were Pregnant. Out of the corner of Brenda's eye, she seen water coming from Misty stall. She went over to her and seen the foal was due way much earlier than she predicted.
Brenda opened up the stall and tried to get the foal out. She would have to use all of her strength to save the foals life.
She finally seen half the foal and she knew Misty could take it from there.
When it was out, the foal wasn't breathing. When Brenda noticed it, she stuck her two fingers up the foals nose. Then its life, Began again. When Brenda finished up with the mares, she told the owners the news that, "It was a Miracle saving Misty first foal". The little girl rushed out into the barn and found the foal doing its first steps.
"Mama look at the baby horsey"! The little girl told her mom. "I see her Astrid I see her". She replied to her five year old daughter. Astrid's other siblings were Madelyn the oldest, May the middle child, and The youngest, Astrid herself. Madelyn was vary amused with horse births and rabbits. May wasn't amused with horses or anything horse-like. She was into reptiles and other things like that. Astrid was so little, even watching paint dry was amusing.
Madelyn's Birthday was the same time and day the foal was born. She never knew that night was the time that her horse, Misty, gave birth. "Mama lets name the pretty horsey"! Astrid said. "Astrid lets have Madelyn name, ugh, She looked under the foals leg, Lets have Madelyn name, Her. She replied. "But! No buts young lady now lets go to sleep. And they went to bed.
Madelyn got up and ALL of them told her the news. They went into the barn and she found the foal already jumping around. "She looks like a Miracle". Madelyn said. "Lets name her"? Yes its a girl. Mom replied. "Lets name her Miracle". And so that foals name will be, Miracle.
Vote for this and hear chpt. 2! Please please vote! It might be short but its at least something!
~Madelyn+ Bella~

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-05-05 01:37:00
This is a poem.
Saying Goodbye
By: Rainstar13

I was in my stall,
Playing with that yummy apple ball,
When I looked over my roan back,
To see my owner leaning against a rack.
He was writing something down...
I scooted closer, not wanting to act like a clown.
Her pencil moved fast, full of led,
And on the paper, it read...

There just is no expression,
To explain this deep depression.
The void I constantly feel,
When I remember that you left me for real.
The pain I feel inside,
Is something I cannot hide.
Yes, it hurts more than words can express,
And I am left here all alone: an emotional mess.
Whatever happened to always and forever?
To the trips we still yet had to endeavor?
But now I am here without you.
Remembering back to when I said, I do.
I wonder if you know how much it hurts:
As I look at your neatly put-away shirts.
Seeing the simplest things remind me....
That you were always as busy as could be.
The way you smiled,
When you teased a favorite child.
What your laughter sounded like...
When you, in baseball, got another strike.
The way your eyes shone,
While you simply watched Max chew his bone.
There isn't a day that passes me,
When I don't think about you and how things used to be.
When you would sing a song,
Those old days didn't seem to be very long.
How you were always causing trouble,
Causing some to smile and others to grumble.
What you sounded like when you preached,
And how many people, with that certain message, you reached.
Always giving, giving, giving...
As if without giving you couldn't keep on living.
I think of these things as time goes on,
And in that matter of time, the distance does not weaken our bond.
I will miss you, yes it's true;
After all, what can I do without you?
Your loving principles, that's what I need to apply,
Because I'm still learning how to say -- Goodbye.

rainstar13 & Nightfire
2014-05-06 03:30:57
By AuthorToBe

Part 1

My eyes flash open and I look up at my bare room. The only thing that remained was a sleeping bag, my backpack and everything I needed to get ready this morning. I get dressed and brush my teeth silently, thinking about what was to happen. I had known we were moving for months now, I had been preparing for it for the past couple of weeks. It didn't seem real until just now. This was the last night I'd spend in my familiar, small, cramped room. The last time I'd walk the wooden floors of the beige halls. The last time I could look out of my window and see the remains of the soccer field my dad and I had made last summer. So many of my memories were set in this house. This house, where I grew up and first rode a bike, and first climbed a tree. This house is my home, and I was about to leave it forever. I wipe away a tear and head out of the door and onto the school bus. I sit next to my best friend Gwen.

"So. This is it?" she asks in her soft voice.


"And you still haven't seen the new house?"


We sit in silence for the rest of the ride, and for the school day, I don't speak.
I climb into the car at the end of the day and look at my parents. I buckle my seat belt and we drive. After about 20 minutes, we reach a dirt road. After a mile or two, we cross onto a gravel driveway. It's bordered on either side by cherry trees. As we reach the large two story house with an attatched garage, which we pull into. As I reach for the door into the house, my mother stops me.

"Let us give you a tour."

They show me around the gorgeous house, the downstairs consists of a formal parlor, a living room, a kitchen with a breakfast nook, a mud room, and a formal dining room. As we go upstairs, my mother leads me into to a white door, on it is a cute little black board sign that reads 'Sienna'. I open it to a large bedroom with my furniture in it. There are two other doors and a curtain, which my dad positions himself in front of it. I open one marked 'Bathroom' with a blackboard sign like the one on my door. It is large and has all of my stuff, I close the door and see an alcove with shelves to put towels and supplies. I open the other door and see a very large walk in closet. As I enter the curtained room, I see a large bay window and a wall filled with bookshelves. On the other wall is my model horse collection with the barn my dad and I built together. The window has a nice, squishy window seat. I look out the window and gasp. A very large barn with three large pastures stands out. I walk to my parents and they smile.

"You saw the barn?" my dad asks.


"We're going to look at a horse for you this weekend. She's a off the track Thoroughbred. Her name is Don't Say Good-bye."

"Oh my gosh! Really?!" I jump up and down. I hug my parents and they leave me. I go to my toy barn and pick up a black horse figurine. "If only you were real."

Stay tuned the next part! We'll see what Don't Say Good-bye turns out to be like.


AuthorToBe & Sweet Adeline
2014-05-07 00:18:10
Title: Hoof Beats
By: StickeySweet

He is not man, nor mouse.
His hooves pound, like distant thunder.
His coat shines as the heavens cry.
His magnificent coat.
Like night on flame, it gleams.
Glows, even.
That grand, noble beast.
My heart beats.
For it is he that makes it do so.
No, he is not man, nor mouse.
And he makes my heart beat.

StickeySweet & Veronika
2014-05-09 21:51:40
Horse Tack (Poem 1) and Horse Colors (Poem 2)
By Varonnica

The smell of the leather saddle
Is a different smell than cattle
The sound of the bridle
Doesn't sound like a Idle
The halter with a little "ding"
Sounds Perfect if my horse was King
The saddle pad with some horse sweat
Smelt like we have never even met
I like my same old Horse Tack
As I put all of it, on a rack

Horse Colors (Poem 2)

A dark shimmering black
Which my horse Lacks
A magnificent white sock
My horse only has a Fore-lock
A magnificent long stripe
Guess its not ripe
The dirt covers my horse like the breed, Bay
Could it be my horses coat will stain of Grey?
We washed but she thought we toughnted
Until she was clean, and she had everything I wanted.

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-05-11 01:08:56
by CoolHorseRider7891

She is the mare that rejoices my soul, prancing about in the sunlight. The pitter-patter of her hooves as she trots over to me is enough to grasp my heart. She is the most beautiful mare a little girl like me could lay her eyes on. She picked me up when I was down, taught me to try my hardest. But now, however much I want her, she has to go. She made my life a joyful one worth living, and I like to call her: Sundancer. Yes,Sundancer. My lifelong companion.

CoolHorseRider7891 & Warrior of the West
2014-05-11 16:53:14
Breaking Even
by Dasher

Hooves were the only thing that could be heard through the fog of the morning, hitting the thick dirt with loud, hard thuds. Jockeys warmed up the green racehorses, taking them through their paces. A group of older men leaned up against the railing, clicking watches and comparing times.

A young man watched from the stables, where he was rubbing the head of an old black dog absently, watching the jockeys run their mounts. His green eyes watched their strides, unaware of another boy walking up behind him, leading a massive white mare.

"Alex," the boy said, waiting for the green-eyed lad's response. When he got no reply from Alex, he inquired further, "Aye, Alex! Oi, what, you got some wax in your ears?"

The voice nagging Alex was familiar; of course, when you grow up with someone, of course their voice is familiar. This voice belonged to none other than Jason Lane, Alex's best friend and an up-incoming racehorse trainer. Alex turned over his shoulder, abandoning the dog's head. "What, Jay?" Alex questioned, standing up. The mare's nose pushed at Alex's hand, and he jerked away from it, which elicited a sigh from Jason. The mare let out a loud snort, moving a bit so she could nibble on Jason instead.

"Look, I need your help with Winter and Two Tones. We're double-harnessing them today, and that horse won't let anyone near him without snapping." Jason begged. Of course, it was a futile effort on Jason's part; Alex wasn't going anywhere near the track. Alex tensed slightly, then shook his head.

"I- uh.. I have.. Other things to do. I need to clean out the stalls.. And, uh, clean Willow her colts today." Alex stuttered, slipping out of the way of his best friend and the curious mare, despite Jason's protests. As soon as he was out of the barn, Alex picked up the pace. He ran past the fence, where all the older men were. Many sets of old eyes followed the black haired boy as he ran. Alex kept on running faster and faster, pushing himself to go as fast he possibly could, towards one of the back pastures. As he ran past the fences, he plucked an old halter from a post, and scrambled over a high fence.

"Wha' a pity, 'at boy is," one of the men said, turning back to the horses after the boy had passed them. "It's ah' shame he ain't ridin' no more, he was o' the best young riders out 'er." A few of the men murmured some agreements, watching a yearling buck off his rider.

"If he only he didn't go n' fall offa that hoss," another man said. "A fall like that's enough ta scare the lights out of anyone, especially ah young 'un like that. A shame they had to put the horse down, too. Those two were an amazin' team." Eyes turned to Alex as he moved down towards one of the back pastures where they kept the older horses and the broodmares during the nicer weather days. He was always down there, going to see his dad's old mare; that was the only horse he wasn't completely and utterly terrified of riding or getting close with.

The pasture that he had entered was simple; a cluster of trees overlooked a small pond, with lush, green grass and a nice shed in the farthest corner. A pretty bay mare was standing in the middle of the pond, a pair of brown colts running on the shoreline. Alex relaxed, letting out a loud whistle, at which the bay mare slowly wandered over to him. Once a pretty racehorse named Sunburst, she was now a very old broodmare nicknamed Sunny, who had a very rare set of twin colts a couple of months ago. The mare nosed at the halter and lead rope in Alex's hand, snorting. He slipped it on and adjusted the buckles, then made his way to her side, easy slipping onto her back and turning her towards the water.

As the mare waded back into the water, Alex leaned onto her neck, shutting his eyes and letting himself drift off. He immediately regretted it, as memories came pounding back into his head. He blinked his eyes open, nearly toppling off of the mare. Alex gripped Sunny's sides with his legs a bit tighter, holding his pounding head as he shut his eyes again, trying to shut it all out, but all he could see were the abundance of legs, and the screams of the crowd as his world spun into the black. He could hear his horse's shrill scream, and the exhausted grunts of the horse as it nudged him. The last contact he'd have with his horse while it was still alive. He couldn't seem to open his eyes, and all of the fear, the pain and the exhaustion pounded into him, making his head swim and his body feel heavy.

He only came out of this trance when his body hit the chilly, ice-cold water; a big shock that threw him back into reality. Alex jerked himself out of the water, regaining a bit of his senses, his head still pounding, but not as bad. He felt the mare's breath on the back of his neck, as she returned to his side, nudging his head at an attempt to get him up and out of the water. It seemed to Alex that she was trying to make sure he was okay, and he reassured her, before noticing a hand was outstretched to him. Jason was standing there, concern evident in every fiber in his being. Alex grabbed his hand, and Jason pulled him up, and two stood there, listening to the mare panting and the water pouring from Alex's clothes.

"You know, running about like that when you're prone to headaches isn't smart," Jason said at last, concern flashing from bright blue eyes. The two colts had managed to step into the water, and were now nibbling at both Jason and Alex. Alex sighed, and walked towards the shore, the mare and Jason following. Jason offered Alex his jacket, which the black haired boy took and dried off a bit, before slinging it over his shoulder, disregarding Jason's snide comment about his mental health.

"Come on." Jason grabbed Alex's arm. "I need you to help me," Jason begged as Alex took the halter off the mare; he had had enough riding for today. "Two Tones and Winter are going to be double-harnessed in the dog cart today at the show today, and you're the only person I can trust to be up there with me and drive them during the second half of the day." Alex averted his eyes, sending the mare off with a gentle tap to her flank. She rounded up her colts, herding them off to the cluster of trees.

"I can't." Alex said quietly, as they leaned against the fence, looking anywhere but Jason.

"Can't, or won't?" Jason challenged.

"Both. I physically refuse to do so, and mentally, I'm unwilling to do this." Alex murmured.

"How's about this," Jason turned to him, still leaning on the fence. "I drive.. And you keep me company." Jason watched Alex's eyebrows furrow.

"I... I guess.. That wouldn't be too bad.. I wouldn't have to- y'know," Alex mimicked reins, and continued to stutter, "And I wouldn't... Fall, would I?"

Jason shook his head. "I promise that you'll be okay. I'll do all the driving, and I'll make sure you stay in." Jason promised quietly, offering Alex out his hand. Alex hesitated, fear aplenty in his green eyes.

"I know it's really soon, but you need t-" Jason was interrupted by Alex, who cut him off with a fiery look.

"It's been long enough. Stop trying to explain things to me- I might of had a concussion.. But I know..." Alex grumbled madly, trailing off into another intelligible sentence that Jason wished he had heard.

Jason's hand was still out, so Alex shook it, and then made his way to hop over the fence, his friend following. He groaned as Jason stepped towards a pretty white mare, hitched to a single-horse team dog cart.

"You thought I walked? Naw, dude. If I was going to make a breakthrough with you, I needed to be able to get home as soon as possible to tell your sister," Jason smirked, watching as Alex climbed into the cart warily. Alex gripped onto the side of the cart with one hand, and Jason's shirt sleeve with the other, so tight that Jason thought it would be ripped for sure. Jason sighed, turning to Alex, who had gone very pale. "You don't have to do this if you don't want to, Alex. It might be too soon, and your sister told me not to-"

"I chose to do this. I'm going to do this." Alex interrupted. "Now, uh, drive."

Will Alex completely flake out? Will he manage to get over his fear of driving? Will Jason's shirt be okay? Figure out next month, as Breaking Even continues! c:

Dasher & Aero
2014-05-11 20:18:06
Title: Broken Down in the Heart
By Varonnica

Chapter one

I sat in my chair with a pencil in my hand and finishing up a drawing of my horse, Belle. She died about a few weeks ago from Colic. I was broken down in the heart-- She was my show jumping horse, My Friend-my family. "There all done"! I said as I grabbed a blue tack. I pined it up over my dresser. I was a amazing drawer-In my 8th grade class that is. I looked out of my window straight down into Belles pasture. My eyes teared up and I face planted into my pillow. I sobbed and sobbed all night.

It then got to summer break. I looked out of my window again-still no horse, just, rabbits. I plopped myself on my bed and looked at my painting of Belle I did in art class. I knew crying wouldn't solve my problem. So I took a deep breath and closed my eyes imagining me riding on a new horse. A deep dark black mare having the power to jump so high- She would be in the clouds. Then I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

It was my mom with a newspaper in her hand- the Sunday edition it looked like. "Honey"? She said in her usual low voice. "Yeah mom"? I replied. "I got a job as a Deputy for animals". What does that mean? I asked. "I get reports of abused animals and rescue them". Then I thought, maybe if I joined-I would see that black mare! "Could I, Could I join you? I said. "I don't see why not". Mom said as she started to walk out the door to get her toast that she put in the toaster 20seconds ago. When I heard that, butterflies went circling through my stomach ready to burst out.

I jumped out of bed and went rushing to my mom who was sitting in her favorite couch in the living room. "Yes dear"? She said once she seen my feet by looking down on the newspaper. "When are we going to start? Hmm... Maybe tomorrow". She said taking a sip of her morning coffee with her favorite coffee creamer- Vanilla and Chocolate swirl- My favorite too. "Okay umm, what time? I don't know sweetie just go ahead and search it up". Mom replied in a different tone.

I rushed back to my room and went on the computer and searched it up. "Hmm Hmm hmm found it"! I humbled to myself. 9:15AM-Until all day long. It said in blue writing on the bright screen.

It was the next day and we have been doing rescues ALL DAY LONG-Still no Black mare. We sat in the company car. The company car looked like a police car from the inside-I knew that from my dad, he is a police officer. I messed around with the walky-talky and the laptop. Then the radio (The walky-talky), went off and said, "We have a report of a horse being beaten and is really skinny-looks like she hasn't had water in the last few weeks". My mom replied "We will be there soon".

When we got there, the owner was stepping into my dads police car for I guess animal abuse. I heard the whinnying and snorting from the horse coming from the backyard. I walked over looking into the horses shack it was in. I seen a black figure with nothing white nor brown on it.

My dad then got a lasso and slipped it on the human-afraid horse. When they stepped out, she looked like a jumping horse-judging from the size and other artistic things on her. She walked in slowly into the horse trailer that was going to ship her to a recovery center for horses.

She got to the resort and would stay there for awhile.

At night I couldn't help but resist to sleep at the resort that horse was in. It was 12:47am and I was slipping out of the building to the pasture she was in. I was sitting on the fence and she was grazing on her grain that was in her bag hanging on the fence I was sitting on. "I think I'm going to name you, Midnight". I said to her.

I wanted her so bad. I could drive-and the keys and truck and trailer were near the pasture. I also knew this place in the Montana woods that had a shack that was big enough for even 2 horses.
I looked at her then my reputation. If I did this I would be a thief-but at the same time, a hero. I wanted to save this horse, even if it meant being in Jail for 50 years.

Will Katie make the choice of stealing this horse?
Will Katie be a hero and hide her in the shack in the Montana woods? Or will she just leave the horse in being in the hands of people who give horses only 7 days for a home? Stay tuned for Chapter 2!

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-05-12 22:20:25
By: Quarterhorse99

I trudged through the back field, straining to keep my head raised. I saw other animals. Bovines and Equines were wandering aimlessly through the other fields while I pulled this trecherous cart.

After a while more of pulling and straining, I was led back into the pasture with the other horses. My flanks were still sweaty and my best pasture buddy, Cherokee, noticed. "Who did this to you, Flag?" She demanded.

I gulped, "the cart driver. You know… the one with grey hair and a really scraggly beard."

"Finn?" She asked.

I nodded briefly. "Don't hurt him. You remember what happened last time you tried to attack a cart man?"

"Of course! But you're a Percheron stallion. If you wanted, you could throw Finn off of the cart seat, no problem!" Cherokee was a paint, AQH mare. I was a black Percheron stallion… we were quite the contrast. She was a small Quarter Horse, at least for her age. Me, I was on the large size for a two year old Percheron.

I snorted. "No thank you. I'd like to keep my clean and docile record."

Cherokee huffed and grazed quietly. "You're hopeless," muttered Cherokee, through a mouth of grass.

"I heard that!" I called to her, running the length of the meadow. I had already cooled down from lying in the shade, so I was refreshed and ready to run. I kept in shape, just like a human. I was a sleek horse, especially for my draft breed.

Suddenly, someone threw a halter over my head and led me out of the gate to the crossties. Am I being ridden today? I thought to myself. I guess so! I continued. A saddle was thrown on my back and a bridle and bit fitted around my head. I swished my docked tail happily. I loved riders!

The girl on my back urged me to trot. "Giddyup Flag!" I cantered out of the yard on her command, tossing my head.

"Yay!" I whinnied. A harsh workday… an awesome ride at the end of the day.

user no longer exists & ---
2014-05-14 20:47:15
The Big Race
By BriberyLove

It was the day of the big race and Bribery had never felt more nervous in his life. This race was the biggest race of his life, and he wasn’t feeling all the confident. Part of him wondered why he was here; after all, he wasn’t as fast as the other horses. Looking around him, he could see all the sleek blacks, bays and chestnuts, all rippling with muscles. They were all champions. He himself was a beautiful grey, and his owner always told him he was very special. While he may believe what she says, he didn’t know if he could win this race. More than anything though, he wanted to make his girl proud.

As time wore on, it was almost time for the race to start. All the horses were saddled and the jockeys were coming. Bribery’s nerves were bundling up inside of him and he danced along out to the track. The crowd was cheering and yelling the names and numbers of their favorite horses. His big, warm dark eyes searched over the crowd for the familiar face. Finally he found her, standing by the rail, smiling brightly at him. She knew he could do it because she believed in him. He would run his heart out for her.

The field of ten horses walked to the gate and one by one they were loaded in. The seconds seemed to tick by slowly as they waited and Bribery’s nerves started to come back again. RIING! The bell sounded and the gates burst open and all ten horses sprung up out of the gate. Bribery was jostled by a few horses in his four position as they gained their footing, then together as one they all sped down the track. The horses bunched together in against the rail and Bribery found himself back in seventh. Not the best place that he could be. They raced past the stands and Bribery looked around him. The horses seemed so much bigger than he and began to lose his confidence. As they moved around the first turn, he started to fall back as he slowed, and the horses sped past him. It was his jockey who was the one who encouraged him, talking quietly to him, telling him he could do it.

As the galloped down the backstretch, all Bribery could see were the retreating rumps of the racers in front of him. There were only two horses behind him now. He felt almost defeated as the race was nearing half over. Then, in the back of his mind, he remembered his girl and the loving look on her face before the race. She saved him and she loved him when no one else did. She showed him that he could do anything and she believed in him. He had
to at least try, for her.

Giving a grunt of effort, he swung into another gear and started gaining on the pack in front of him. As they neared into the final turn, Bribery weaved in and out of the horses as he surged his way forward. Coming on to the top of the stretch he had managed to pull third. Where did he go now? He could see the two leading horses but they were so far from him, but the finish was even farther. Grasping the image of his girl in his mind he shifted into yet another gear and he started to gain on the horse in second at the same time the leading horse pulled away. Bribery flew into second and was still going strong as he neared the leading horse, who seemed to being tiring while he still had more. They neared the finish with only 100 yards to go. As if in slow motion the horses raced head to head. Bribery looked into the eye of the competitor, who seemed caught off guard to see him there. He took that as his chance and leapt forward, pushing his nose, then head and neck in front, crossing under the wire.

Suddenly he could hear the crowd screaming and the announcer yelling his name. He had done it. He had won the race. His jockey started to slow him, speaking wonderful words, whooping and calling and patting him on the neck. Bribery was breathing hard, tired and exhausted. They led him to the track where the put a blanket of flowers on his back and took a picture with his girl holding the trophy. When all celebrating was over, she came over to him, taking him by the bridle and kissing the little spot on his pink snip. “I love you Bribery. I always knew you could do it.” With a little bit of heart, together they proved that you can do anything if you believe.

BriberyLove & Pearl
2014-05-17 03:02:09
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