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May Story & Poem Entries -- Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

Love at First Sight
by jjpals

Kirsten is 13 and is tall for her age and her mother owns her own horse but Kirsten did nothing with horses at all until she met a certain pony who changed her life forever.

Kirsten’s love at first sight

Kirsten’s mom walked into the barn where she boards her horse: Magi the magnificent who is a bay gelding, 17.2 H.H. and is the fattest horse ever! He loves to eat and of course he loves receiving treats. Kirsten refused to ride Magi every time her mother asked and she even refused to ride a lesson horse that will keep her safe, but Kirsten just didn’t like horses, nobody knew why and even her horsey mom didn’t know what to do with her and yet Kirsten had to go every day to the barn ‘cause her mom drove her to school and before going to school Kirsten’s mom had to take care of Magi and that took about 1-1 ½ hours! But on this certain rainy, gloomy Saturday (Kirsten doesn’t have school but insisted on coming for she was used to seeing all the horses regularly) when Kirsten and her mom walked into the barn Kirsten seemed to perk-up and her mom didn’t notice when she walked over to a new pony that was going to become a regular lesson pony but right now it needed to be groomed, looked after, and trained to be patient with children. She started to pet the pony’s forehead and neck when the barn manager: Sophie came walking towards her with a grooming tool box quite startled at Kirsten’s behavior for Kirsten had never even touched a horse or pony! Kirsten looked up at Sophie and asked if she could groom and ride the pony herself, Sophie said yes and Kirsten took the box from her hands and since she had watched her mom groom, tack-up, and ride Magi countless times she instantly picked-up the curry-comb and brushed the pony whose name was: Peanut Butter Cup or Peanut for short, she brushed him with the dandy brush, she brushed out his tail and combed his mane then she picked out his hoofs and lugged the grooming tool box back into the tack room and she grabbed the pony’s saddle, bridle, and blanket, then she skillfully tacked up the pony even though she had never done it before, and even though she was wearing sneakers, a t-shirt and jacket, and jeans she hopped aboard and secretly met up with her mom on Magi in the arena where they were working on jumping, the pony perked up and started walking faster and when Kirsten’s mom saw a chestnut pony with four white socks walking briskly with her own daughter sitting atop him she accidentally made Magi stumble over a jump in her dumbfoundedness! She then slowed Magi to a halt and asked her daughter where she found this pony Kirsten just replied saying that Sophie let her ride him and that she got to groom him and now she was riding him, then with Kirsten on Peanut and her mom on Magi they walked through some trails talking about horses and what Kirsten wanted to do with horses now that she loved them! So after that miraculous day Kirsten started taking lessons on Peanut and a month later she received Peanut for her birthday and now you might see Kirsten and her mom riding their horse/ ponies together or you might see Kirsten competing with Peanut or you might see Kirsten just hanging out with Peanut either out in the pasture or in his stall.

That my dear friends is one of the thousand stories of how horses can change your life :)

I hope y'all love this story 'cause I have a nack for writing! please tell me if you like this story, I love encouragement!

jjpals & Dynamo
2014-05-17 23:28:39
by painthorse922

I went to my riding lesson, it was a normal day. I groomed Diego and tacked him up. I took him outside and mounted, but he didn't seem like his calm self, but I ignored his behavior and went on. I walked a few laps in the ring until finally my trainer came into the ring and told me to trot. I nudged Diego asking him to trot, but I didn't have his attention. I gave him a little kick and he finally trotted. I could not help but hear a roar, but I sure had a crazy imagination. When it was time to canter, Diego was looking over at the trail. "Come on Diego!" I said with a little kick, he finally cantered. My lesson was over after that and I took Diego on a trail to cool him down. He started to trot. I tried to stop him, but he wouldn't listen, but that was it. I heard the roar, it was not my imagination, and it sounded close. Just as I looked over to the side of the trail and saw brown, Diego took off galloping. I got up in a 2-point. I was not going to tell him to stop and risk getting us killed. The roaring never ended. I glanced back and saw a mountain lion rushing towards us. That was when it all came to me, Diego knew that mountain lion was there and he was trying to warn me. I should have known. It took a while, but I finally got control of Diego. We did a sharp turn and left the trail, the mountain lion never even noticed. I hosed diego off and gave him a carrot. What a good boy!

***ADMIN NOTE -- great story, if you are willing to email a photo of Diego to contests@clubponypals.com we will run it with the story…****

painthorse922 & ginger
2014-05-18 02:50:30
Ponies Are Friends
A poem
by jeppocat

There's no reason to dislike ponies,
they truly make good friends
the bond between horse and human
should never meet their ends

Ponies are like us
in many kinds of ways.
Treat them with love and kindness
and you'll be happy all your days.

Always remember to feed them apples & hay,
brush their coat with lots of care.
Pick out dirt you find in their hooves
if you find them stuck in there.

Give them a daily walk
or ride them on days filled with sun,
Before you know it you'll be true friends
and friends are always fun!

jeppocat & Rinoa
2014-05-19 23:54:23
The wild west Horse(True story) part 1

I was staring into the midnight sky of the desert.
The wolves were howling and the owls were clacking their beaks. My horse was standing next to the fire grazing on a few dried plants and some weeds. I rested my head on my camping bag and closed my eyes for a while.
Corky started snorting in a panicking way like something, was near camp. When I finally heard her, I grabbed my spotlight and shined it near a barrel cacti. It was a black horse with nothing but black on her, she gazed at us like she was saying, "What are you doing here? Are you going to hurt me? Are we going to compete over this territory"? I got up slowly and mounted on Corky. The horse then started backing away and going into the desert brush.
She then started to back away faster and faster and faster. Then, she went to a full blown gallop. Corky went after her and I twirled my lasso up on around the horses neck. She reared and flald her worn hooves at us but I didn't give up.
She was then on the ground and under control. I tied her rope to my saddle horn and stared going back to my town. The town was a median size with a breaking corral. The towns people looked at me like I was crazy dealing with a wild horse. But I didn't care what the thank. I untied her from the saddle horn then transported the rope to the fence of the breaking corral.
I sat on a pile of hay bales with Corky and my future wild west horse, Ocean.

Part 2 will be next month! Please vote for me on the cabin contest!

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-05-23 04:10:07
Running For Chrome
by: emilyhana2389

Leaning against the white picket fence I watch the sunset. The sky erupts into a sea of orange, pink and red. The ocean of fire. Horses walk around the dimly lit paddock grazing on the emerald grass or running around like the reckless colts and fillies they are.
I hold out my hand as one turns to glance at me welcoming it to join me. His neck straights, ears pricking forward. Front leg lifting proudly. "C'mon, boy."
That's all he needed to hear, he gives a little buck. Charging towards me, you can see the thoroughbred in him. It's so apparent, I haven't spent my whole life around horses like most of the people here. They're all rich and have experience. I'm taking a chance and going for it.
The big bay horse I had called over nudges my hand eagerly. Hoping I have a treat. I giggle and scratch him behind his ears, "Silly boy." He gives a nicker and shoves at me again. No personal space. I like that.
He has a long white stripe down his forehead and muzzle that looks like it was dipped in black ashes. I stoke his cheeks slowly and his eyes droop. I look over his back and towards the other horses. There are six of them, for six riders. The race tomorrow will determine which of us gets a place riding for Red Oak Acres one of the highest ranked stables in the world. But first we must win the race on one of these horses. A horse we've never before worked with. We all want the same thing. To win.
Also, if we win we get to keep the horse we raced, which would mean not only would I become a jockey but I'd get my own horse too. It's just to good to be true!
A hand grazes my shoulder gently and I turn to see one of the boys joining me at the fence. I can't remember his name but I remember he was really quiet and didn't talk to anyone once we got here. Neither did I.
"Hello," he greets shyly, looking out across the field.
"Hey," he has jagged black hair that kinda looks like he cut it himself and dark mocha-latte skin. I can tell he's pretty muscular despite the fact he's only fourteen. Like I am.
"Who's this?" He asks, motioning to the horse I'm petting. I glance at the gold name plate on the halter, I hadn't looked before.
"American Star." I reply, climbing up a rail on the fence so I can sit on the top of it. The boy does the same resting his head in his hands. "Who are you?" I ask as American Star trots back to his little herd.
"Ashton." He replies simply, taking his head out of his hands and looking at me.
"I'm Phoenix." I reply, sliding off the fence and landing in the lush grass of the paddock. We're not supposed to come in here until tomorrow. But I want to check out the other horses, I need to make sure I pick the right one to be my partner.
"What're you doing?" Ashton asks from the fence, obviously afraid of breaking the rules.
"Just checking out the other horses. You coming?" I ask, pausing so he can catch up if he wants too but he makes no move to follow me. "I promise it'll be okay."
He sighs and jump off the fence, striding towards me, he walks like a horseman, kinda bowlegged. I think he'll probably be my biggest threat, I can tell he has a way with horses. The second we reach flight distance all the horses raise their head, inspecting us. We both stand very still and quiet not wanting to spook them. Then we separate, going from horse to horse and spending a little time with them. Just trying to figure out which one suits us the best.
First a white mare, then a chestnut stallion, then to American Star, a red dun stallion to a dappled mare and finally to a charcoal colored stallion. Kind of like a dusty black, dark grey color. His eyes alert with thin blaze down his grey specked forehead. The stallions mane and tail are grey, lighter then his body and he has four socks. He's the most interesting horse to look at. Each time I look at him a see something new I didn't before.
When I reach out my hand for him his ears automatically flatten against his skull. I frown and whisper to him softly. "It's okay boy." His eyes throw daggers and he snorts viciously.
"I just want to be friends." I offer him my hand. He observes me suspiciously then smells my hand, nudging it gently. I softly caress the skin around his eyes and ears, slinking down his neck and back up. He snorts a few times, trying to hold back but I feel his muscles going soft and soon he gives in, letting his eyes droop and his ears turn forward. Nostrils flaring softly with his satisfied sighs.
I feel a presence behind me and once again the horse tenses up. I glance back and see Ashton standing behind me, glancing around nervously.
"What is it?" I ask.
"We should head back to the jockey quarters now. It's late and we have a lot of training ahead of us." He replies, kinda nervously. Like I'm going to tell him to leave me alone or be mean to him.
"You can start heading back, I'll meet you at the fence, kay?" I ask wanting him to like me. It'd be nice to have a friend for once, but I also want to say goodbye to the charcoal horse. He nods and gives me a friendly smile before stalking off towards to fence. A few of the horses call after him. I was right. He does have a way with horses.
I give the horse a final stroke and check the name plate on his black halter. Chrome.
"Bye, Chrome. I'll see you tomorrow." I say giving him a kiss on the nose. I know that we could win. I know with Chrome no one else stands a chance.

I stand in the little bathroom that kinda looks like something you might find in an airplane. It's that size if nothing else. Cool water runs over my sweaty palms and I stare at myself in the mirror.
I'm the only girl here. I have really pale skin freckles spewed all over me. My hair is long, past my waist, and a fiery orange-red color. A lot of people tell me they're jealous of my hair. I like it but I'm not all that girly and don't do anything with it. Just brush it and leave it straight and long. Well, with bangs brushed to the side of course.
I mosey out of the bathroom and through the rows of bunk beds where the other five jockeys are still putting on their boots. Today we pick our horses and get the feel for them. Tomorrow is the race.
It's hot outside, and insanely sunny. I should've put on some sunscreen or something, especially because I'm wearing a blue tank top that shows my shoulders. Oh well.
I was tempted to wear shorts because of the summer heat but then remembered that I'd be doing some pretty intense training and put on my beige riding breeches and black riding boots. This'll be fun.
Once I reach the field I see the head trainer from Red Oak leaning his back against the fence, waiting for us. When he sees me he raises his eyebrows impressed. "Ah, Phoenix." He greets, holding out his strong hand for me to shake.
"Hello, Mr. Wells." I reply formally. After all, he could be my boss after this.
"Please, you can call me Tanner." He replies. Tanner.
I stand beside him at the fence, staring at the horses. Immediately I see Chrome and a smile dances across my lips. He stops his race with the white filly and looks up at me whinnying loudly for the world too hear.
Tanner turns and looks at me surprised.
"What?" I question as Chrome trots, showing off to me.
"Well, Chrome is one of the most temperamental, ornery, wild, horses we have here. The owner he had before Mr. Whitfield was a horrible man and abused him. He hasn't opened up for anyone." Tanner explains. Greg Whitfield is the owner of Red Oak Acre's and the owner of all these horses.
"I like him, he's my favorite." I admit watching as Chrome debates whether or not to come over to me. Deciding not to when crunching boots fill the silence behind me. Four of the other five jockeys make there way over and soon loud yelling and conversation fills the air as they all chatter with Tanner. Ashton is the last out, he comes and stands next to me.
"That took a while." I whisper in his ear so only he can hear me.
He nods, "They locked me in the bathroom then stole my boots." He admits, embarrassed.
I scowl at the other boys, they're all too cocky and rowdy. It annoys me so much. Is Ashton beat me I'd be disappointed but I'd be okay with it because we both deserve it. But if one of those guys beat me...
"Okay, boys-and girl, you can grab a lead rope and head into the paddock to pick your steed. The main exercise track is over there. There are a few smaller arenas on the other side of that barn and a few grassy fields. Whatever your thing is. The tack is all in the tack room, labeled with your horses name. Good luck!" He enthuses then opens the gate. We all saunter in, not wanting to spook to horses but also wanting to be fast and get the horse we want.
Ashton goes straight to American Star clipping the lead rope onto his halter. I'm glad he got chosen by Ashton. He's a great horse. The white mare gets picked next by Riley. Jacob picks the chestnut and Louis claims the dapple. Both me and Vance want the same horse. I knew that from the beginning we got in the field. I'm just hoping I can get there first. Right now we're side by side.
He glares at me when we get within Chrome's flight zone. "Go away, this is my horse." He orders, glaring at me.
I glare back, crossing my arms over my chest, "Not happening." I'm not letting a stuck up city boy tell me what to do.
He smirks then reaches out to clip the lead onto Chrome's halter. He doesn't even get close. Chrome rears, squealing and gallops away. Ears pinning against his head.
"Chrome!" I call out, taking a few steps forward and away from the, now raging, Vance. Chrome stops. Doesn't halt. Stops. His head turns slowly towards me, ears turning to the side to pick up my voice better. He gives a whinny asking 'were you talking to me?'
"Chrome!" I call again holding out my hand.
He whinnies excitedly and starts to run, galloping, racing towards me. I stand in one place with my hand held out and he continues to run and run and run. Closer and closer. He's not going to stop!
I wince and close my eyes bracing myself for the impact. The hoof beats stop and a soft muzzle grazes my forehead. I open my eyes and laugh. Chrome's tongue hangs halfway out the side of his mouth splattering foam all over my shirt.
"Beautiful." I say shaking the saliva off my hands and clipping on the lead. "C'mon my pretty little boy. I say we get you ready for a race."
He bobs his head excitedly, prancing on the spot. This is going to be good.

An hour later I have him all tacked up and standing patiently in the arena up against the fence while I give his tack the once-over. Everything looks in order and his girth is tight. I use the fence as my own personal mounting block and vault onto his back. A little less gracefully then I intended.
Tanner is watching curiously from a distance. He's not supposed to get involved with our training for this race but that doesn't mean he isn't curious. I've even heard rumors he might bet on the jockey he thinks is most likely to win.
Chrome's ears flatten back against his skull and he paces to the side. I rub his neck softly. "It's okay, boy. I won't hurt you like those evil people." I sooth softly. His ears flicker around, listening to every word I say. People don't always listen. But horses do.
I knew everyone would go straight to the exercise track, I wouldn't mind using it myself to give Chrome a proper workout. But at this point I think it's better if I get used to riding him. So that's what I do. I spend an hour just taking him through the paces, getting used to the way he moves. Seeing what he likes and doesn't like.
His ears shoot back as I turn him sideways at the fence so I can reach over and open the gate. We're ready for the real thing now. I hope some of the others have cleared out. Tanner's left since I started and now stands at the exercise track watching Vance, Jacob and Louis work their horses into the ground. Riley is decently nice and is kind enough to give his horse some space from the others. I saw him heading out towards one of the other arenas.
Ashton runs around the track, moving insanely fast. He holds no whip. Like me. I guess we both have the same opinion about whipping horses too. Don't do it.
I don't know how Chrome is out of the gate, I'm tempted to try it. But I don't want to push it too hard so I guess I'll wait until tomorrow. I position Chrome a little bit out from the inside rail and give him a little nudge. He's pretty sensitive and doesn't need big signals.
He explodes forward, trying to break out at a gallop. I slow him down to a canter, careful not to pull too hard on his mouth. Even so he shakes his head. Feisty.
We do one lap at the canter, then I urge him to gallop. After we've done around two minutes of that I ease off and let him breeze.
He actually moves faster, now that I'm letting him. His neck stretches out and he gallops faster and faster and faster. I slow him back down and cool him off. When I pat his neck I find that there's almost no sweat. I was worried I was pushing it. While here I am after working him out for hours and he's not even tired.

Today is racing day. We all got up bright and early. Our horses trailered to the track, only twenty minutes away, where we'll be racing. Two men who I were told were my assistants set off to go find my silks while I run a smooth body brush over Chrome's already sparkling coat. The truth is I've already thoroughly groomed Chrome six times... it just calms me down. It's not time to tack up yet, not for at least another half our so I flip his navy blue paddock blanket over his back again. It has CHROME printed in big white letters.
"Phoenix, I have your silks for you." One of the women says, handing me my outfit. We all got to choose our silks for this race because we're not racing for any stable in particular. Ash (my new nickname for Ashton) already told me that he'll be wearing his fathers old silks. They're purple with three green stripes on the sleeves and a green V on the front. I picked blue and white checkered ones. Because blues my favorite color and it's like the sky while the whites like the clouds and I'm reaching for the sky.
I thank them both and take my silks to the girls change room, I'm the only one who'll be using it this time. It's completely abandoned and empty. Kinda weird thinking there were ever any other people in here. It looks so... empty.
Once I'm ready to go I head back out to Chrome. He nickers to me, anxiously. He looks almost as excited as I am... but he doesn't seem to be nervous while I'm completely losing it.
I duck under one of the ropes tied to his halter. He has too, long enough so he can dip his head to drink but not enough so that he can run out of the three wall prepping stall.
He has tack that matches my silks. A blue blanket with CHROME printed in white. A black racing saddle and black bridle with a shiny silver bit. I put on his blue and white checked mask with the white blinders and save the leg wraps for last.
Technically I don't need to wrap his legs. But it seems like a good idea. I don't want him to get hurt. I don't bother wrapping the back legs though. Just the front ones.
Chrome doesn't wait for me escort him out of the stall, he trots out by himself, making me lunge for the reins, yanking his head back. He snorts bossily and I roll my eyes at him. "Be good." I scold.
Ash walks over leading Star behind him, "Lookin' good. You nervous?" He asks.
I give him a nervous smile and say, "What do you think?"
He laughs and walks over to give me a leg up.
I grin at him as he mounts his own horse and we both start walking towards the gates. We're all being escorted by riders wearing neon yellow t-shirts riding boldly decorated ponies.
One joins me and reaches out for Chrome's reins. Chrome rears and backs away giving a scream. "Easy boy." I sooth, patting his neck while the woman takes his reins again. More carefully this time.
"Good boy!" I enthuse giving him a little scratch.
We parade onto the track and towards the gate. I'm number 6 which means I'm on the outside. The worst position to be in.
It's not a long race, my plan is to steer Chrome towards the inside and try to get out at the beginning and hold it the whole time. I think he can do it, if I can get him to the rail fast enough.
Chrome rears as the gate slams behind us, he tosses his head, throwing his body against the metal rails... okay, maybe I should have tried him out with the gate.
"Chrome, number six, looking agitated in the gate." The announcer states like it's not the most obvious thing in the world. The crowd keeps cheering, almost like they're happy we're having trouble. Maybe they are.
"Easy, Chrome." I whisper and he stops fighting, still quivering nervously.
A gunshot goes off and the gates swing open. For a second time stops. Horses hang in the air, adding color against the blue sky. Hooves seeming to be meters off the ground, not inches, ready to fly. Jockey's clinging helplessly to their backs.
Then there's a bang, the sound barrier breaking and we're running. Hooves thunder like a freight train. The crowd roars making it impossible to tune them out and forget the pressure. Chrome's neck arches out and we swerve inward and onto the rail, in third position Ash and Vance ahead of us.
"Chrome!" I cry, urging him faster. "Go!"
We all shout commands to our horses and the people in the crowd all scream for us. Run, run, faster, faster.
Ash and Vance, fighting for the lead, I steer Chrome to the outside and push him up next to them. We turn the first corner, getting left behind by the duo. I could try the inside but that's way to close to the rail. I'm not going to make Chrome play bumper cars.
"Run!" I scream again, pushing my arms forward on Chrome's neck. He does as I tell him, running forward, faster and once again joining Ash and Vance. Ash pulls ahead by a bit and I glance over at him. Vance is between us.
Ash glances over too and meets my gaze a second before we both turn back to the front. The last turn. We're getting close to the end now and Vance, Ash and I pull away from the others.
I start to fall behind Vance and Ash when I hear Ash's voice scream, "Let him run!" I look down at my hands gripping the reins. Realizing what I have to do if I want to win. This isn't my race. I'm not the one running, I'm not the athlete. It's all Chrome. Now he has to run.
I let go of the reins and grasp a chuck of his mane, "Run!" All my excitement, my fears, my anger towards Vance and my love towards Chrome comes out in that one word. Run. And Chrome snaps.
Lunging forward like a snake he breaks away from the others, racing into the lead. Ash does the same, coming up by my side as we leave Vance in the mud. We both fight with one another, we are friends but we both want to win. A bright light flashes and the crowd lets out a triumphant scream. Ash and I slow down to a canter and exchange a look. Who won?
"And the winner is Phoenix Lee on Chrome!"
I scream and throw my arms around Chrome's neck. We did it! We won!
Tanner and Mr. Whitfield run out to congratulate me. Leading me to the winners circle. I motion for Ash to come with me and he smiles, running over. I smile and wave to the cameras as a man lays a blanket of white peonies over Chrome's sweaty back.
I laugh even though there's nothing funny I just have to get some happiness out before I explode.
It seems like the cheers and photos go on forever but finally the excitement starts to die down.
"Ashton, I know you didn't win the race." Mr. Whitfield says, speaking to Ash. "But I am truly impressed by the way you worked with Star and would like to offer you a job as well."
A smile breaks across Ash's face and he nods his head excitedly. I vault off Chrome's back and throw my arms around Ash's neck.
"We did it!" I enthuse. Then I let go and hug Chrome.
Not only did I win the race. But I won two new friends.

Please vote!
In honor of I'll Have Another who could've won the Triple Crown

Emilyhana2389 & Fire Walker
2014-05-25 01:02:46
Ghostly Horse

Blackened hooves,
a matching mane.
through the fields,
he will reign.

Over the pastures',
floors of green.
look closely.
only then, he will be seen.

A warm and quiet,
night of June.
eyes that twinkle,
under a full moon.

The young stallion will dash,
at the stroke of midnight.
rearing, bucking, running,
just out of spite.

Soon the night
will be winding down.
the colt will retire,
upon the ground.

But, the sun,
will rise, yet again.
and our little black colt,
will have a new day to begin.

horsegal2 & Snowy
2014-05-26 23:50:14
(Poem) To be loved

There is only one
happiness in life,
to be loved and loved
The sound of the brumbies hoof beats
will never end in my ears
the secrete held with the loved
and with horses, they are loved
and if you love them, they will love you back.
Love is a pleasant word for horses and there girls
The love for horses will never end.
Neither will your love.

Love your horse!
Please vote P.S Give you horse/pony a treat for me!

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-05-27 02:06:04
Title: Back in the saddle, again?

Just back from the hospital, Young Annie Goldman was back in the saddle and ready for adventure on the trails and much more. She did over look that she was riding the most crankiest horse there.

Kiki was the name. The meanest horse there and more stubborn than a mule. She was a white dappled mare with a temper. She was beat and her old owner would push her in the hot summer heat and never cool her down. I would understand that though.

We were in jumping class and she was trying to get the bit out of her mouth. She shook her head trying to get the bridle off to run free with nothing on her back to. "Ok Annie, its your turn to try the four railed jump". My instructor said. I warmed up Kiki around the arena. More like trying to warm her up. Then it was jumping time.

I started her off at a trot then a canter, then a gallop. She went taking off at more than a gallop. And we were right there at jumping point and she stopped. She stopped so hard that I flew off her back. And onto the hard ground. My old horse that was well trained yanked her rope off the rail of the fence and went towards me.

She stopped and nuzzled my shoulder with her muzzle. I got up slowly. "I'm fine Belle". I used her well built body to get up and limped to the instructor. "Honey are you ok"?! She said with a nervous voice and look. "N-n-no my-my leg, it hurts". Belle was the most nervous, for an old horse, she was the best of the best. She is really well trained. She even knew how to grab her own tack.

A Ambulance was there and Belle was neighing to me like saying, "Don't leave me, Again". I left her twice already and I now found out that there is a show in a few days. I couldn't bare to lose the chance of that. The winner gets a new black horse and 50,0000$. I wanted that so bad. And now, I might have another broken leg. And, no horse to compete with.

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-05-30 03:08:18
Check the speed of your Internet connectionCheck your computer's speed
This is Club Pony Pals, the official Pony Pals game and virtual horse world. Here you can adopt, ride and care for the pony you always wanted. Our site is based on the Scholastic books about three girls by Jeanne Betancourt.