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The Model Club!
It is where models, who are famous or just starting, can talk! We can share tips! We can talk about photoshoots!

Haha yah Nat and I don't know what a finger model is! Maybe rings?
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2014-05-15 21:52:42
Please guys tell your friends
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2014-05-15 22:01:14
gRaMPA pizzA & Spaghetti Cheese
2014-05-15 22:02:20
graNdkid pizzA & popcorn
2014-05-15 22:02:55
First, lets talk about photoshoots!!
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2014-05-15 22:18:06
Yes I will! I love ModeliNG!!
Cat Cande & Izzy
2014-05-15 22:31:14
gRaMPA pizzA & Spaghetti Cheese
2014-05-15 22:32:07
I am a fashion model!!!!!!!!!!!!
and I will join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jjpals & Dynamo
2014-05-17 03:02:09
YAY! Ok Thanks jjpals! what kind of clothes do you mode for!
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2014-05-18 14:45:55
I like the fifties/ sixties style and my sis is a steam-stress and also she has 3 other friends and prefesionals:) and so they pay me about..... 30.00 every hour that I model for them:)
and I love to play around with different hairstyles and make-up and jewelry!

jjpals & Dynamo
2014-05-20 03:35:50
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