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The Model Club!
It is where models, who are famous or just starting, can talk! We can share tips! We can talk about photoshoots!

Thats so fun! I like modeling for FUN be achy clothes!!
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2014-05-21 00:19:54
can I join!!!
me and my friends have fun putting on make-up, doing our hair, and putting on fun clothes and taking pics. of each other!
and we make clothes for each other!!!

rrpals & Black Widow
2014-05-22 22:24:37
ya totally rr!!
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2014-05-24 19:02:24
Heyy guys?? This hasnet been the biggest club...??
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2014-06-02 17:54:42
Today I had a fun fashion show with some friends, (it was a real fashion show, my friends were just there too because they were participating too)!! It was judged, I came first in my age division!! Then, I had a photoshoot!! I wore a pink shirt with gold pineapples all over with a pocket on the chest and a really cute shirt. My skirt was turquoise blue, the front flat and the back tiered with ruffley things and blue flip-flops with anchor on them and pink nail polish!! But sadly I got the nails done 1 week ago, and its starting to chip a little so yaaa!! I had so much fun today!! Guys, start to post more please and tell your friends please!! Thanks have fun!! PS... yesterday something really exciting happened, wmail if you want to know more its exciting........ lol!! :) lol :)
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2014-06-02 23:48:05
Ill join Emma i think i didn't join yet hahahah!! I hd fun in the fashion show and shoot me and my sister did today!! I ams in 6th in my age division!! But there was 65 girls in my age division and it was so fun!! They're was not prize though but my sister cse in first and her age group was even bigger than mine was maybe even 85 girls instead of 65 bye guys i loe you tell ur friends please my sister wrote that ahahhahhahhaha ahhaahhaahhahahaha ahahahahhhhhhhh bye@!! :) :)
lillypulitzer & Blossom
2014-06-02 23:48:05
yeah, two days ago me and my three other teenager friends put together different "riding outfits" and then we rode around on our horses to test them out:D:P
jjpals & Dynamo
2014-06-04 04:59:22
Cool jjpals!! That sounds fun!!!!
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2014-06-04 15:50:01
lol :) :)
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2014-06-07 18:05:07
Inactive club???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Cat Cande & Izzy
2014-07-03 02:06:37
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