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June Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

June Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.
Jane Crandal & JB
2015-06-05 03:32:16
I have a poem I want to share..... here it goes..
Magnitude of a Horse
BY: hosessaddles

You could say that horses are good,
but I'll say their great.

You could say that horses are wild,
but I'll say their personality is amazing.

You could say horses are fun to ride,
but I'll say horses are amazing to ride.

You could say that horses are interesting,
but I'll say their different and unique.

You could say horses are smelly,
but I'll say they smell great.

You could say anything about horses,
but I'd say something more amazing about these,


hosessaddles & Phoenix
2015-06-05 10:56:40
by xKaylenex

I remember a year or so
it seems like such a time ago

I had a friend, his name was Ace
He had 4 legs, and a cute little face

I rode him a lot, it was so much fun
I frowned when a short lesson was done

I loved my best friend Ace,
Then one day, he vanished without a trace

I was feeling gloomy for weeks on end
Then one day I saw my furry little friend

Another farm he now calls home
With barns the shape of funny round domes

It hit me as the latest trend
I began my letter, and then hit send

No response quite just yet
I have no reason just to fret

I still have Ace
And I can still see, his furry little face

xKaylenex & Braided Gold Scarlet Sunrise
2015-06-06 03:25:01
The Ride Of My Life
by jeppocat

Got seventh place
at the horse's race.
That was the case.

My horse was dared,
and I was scared,
but who cares?

We ran down that line.
Our work was still done fine,
and It felt good the entire time

Do or die!
We both gave it a try!

It was the ride of life
and we lived it well.

Doesn't matter if we're in or out
We gave it our all
and that's what counts!

It was the ride of our life
and we did it well!

jeppocat & Rinoa
2015-06-06 22:08:11
Title: Wonder Chapter 4
By: ameliabrenes5
"I can't believe someone claimed him," Cindy said as she and Katy trotted together the next day. "And his name was Sneezy! He didn't sneeze that much, right?" Katy shook her head. "No, he didn't sneeze. Only two times when he was with me, and I had a little pepper. I don't remember why." "Oh well. He's gone now." "Yeah." They were both quiet as they cantered. Then, Lily bolted forward, with Jasmine close behind. "Lily! You silly horse, it was only a rabbit!" Cindy said as she regained control. But Katy had beat her to it. Jasmine was already walking steady as if nothing had happened. "How did you get Jasmine to stay calm?" Cindy asked. "I let her follow a little then, I gently pulled the reins and she just walked. Nothing special." "Oh, ok. I'll try that next time with Lily." "Ok."

Later that night, before bed Katy was on her computer in her room. She was looking at Buckskins, when suddenly, something caught her eye. There was a buckskin add. She moved the mouse over to it, and clicked it. The page loaded and Katy saw the add. It was an add about a buckskin for sale. It was a stallion, it was five years old, it's color was a buckskin, and, wait. Katy looked at the name again. It's name was Sneezy. It was the same buckskin that Katy had found a few days ago. But why was he for sale? Then, Katy saw why. The buckskin was a purebred jumper, and was on a strict diet. The tiniest bit of another grain of food could destroy his career. 'It was because of me.' Katy thought as she read the price. "12,000 dollars!" Katy gasped. That was really expensive. Then, she read the rest of what it said under the picture of Sneezy. If no one bought him in three days, the stallion would be destroyed.

ameliabrenes5 & Rascal
2015-06-11 00:53:35
The Wiggins Horse Thief
June Issue
By Reagan Ross

~~~ *Chaper One* ~~~

Reagan waved to Elf, who she had just finished grooming. "I'll be back soon!" she said. "When I get back from mailing this letter for Mrs. Crandal, we can go on a long trail ride together." She fed him a carrot before running out of the barn to where the Wiggins Express bus waited. She hopped aboard, and it started off towards downtown.

As the bus moved along the road, she looked out the window and spotted her friend, Ash, riding her pony along the road. Reagan waved, grinning, and Ash saw her and started galloping after the slow bus. As it halted by the bus stop in downtown and Reagan hopped out, Ash slowed her bay pony, Daffodil, to a halt. The mare was panting hard from the fast run, but looked in great shape.

"What are you doing here?" Ash asked Reagan. "I thought you weren't coming today. I was going to bring you on a trail ride with Daffy and I, but you weren't at the stables."

"Sorry!" Reagan said. "I slept in late. I'm here to deliver a letter for Mrs. Crandal." She slipped the crisp white envelope into the blue mailbox.

Ash dismounted. "I'm shelving some items over at Kline's," she said. "Can you ride Daffy back for me? I don't want to keep her tied up outside while I work, and I can just take the bus home." Reagan nodded, taking the reins.

"Sure," she replied, mounting onto the calm bay mare. "See you in a few hours, then!" She turned the mare towards the trail leading back to the barn at a nice, easy jog. She passed the Green Market and bent down to grab a free carrot from the barrel outside. She'd give it to Daffodil when she was back in her stall.

When she straightened up, she saw through the glass window that the owner was buying 10 apples for 1 buck.

Reagan looked through the backpack she always carried. She had about fifty apples in it, and at least eighty carrots. "Might as well sell a few, huh, Daffodil?" she said to the mare, dismounting and patting her neck. "You wait right out here, I'll be right back." she slip-knotted the reins to the tie rail, so that in case the mare pulled backwards, the knot would come loose. It was safer that way.

Reagan went inside to where the owner was sitting behind the counter. She handed the big bag of fifty apples to her. "That's five bucks, I believe!" She said.

The owner was busy talking to another woman, Miss Sanders from the beauty salon. She quickly counted up the apples, put them under the counter, and handed Reagan five crisp W-bucks with a quick smile.

"Thank you," Reagan said, starting towards the door. She overheard some of the conversation they had as she was sidetracked by a catalog for all that the store sold.

"... Stole two from the Olsons, right out of their pasture! Can you believe it? The dogs started barking and howling, but by the time they got up, they were gone!" Miss Sanders was saying.

"I know. I saw some shadowy figure in my barn the other night, but they were gone before I could turn on a light. No one's horse is safe anymore," the shopkeeper agreed.

Reagan chose a blue waterbottle, since hers had broken, and walked up to the counter to purchase it for a buck. She made the exchange quickly, putting the water bottle in her backpack and then walked out of the store. Only about ten minutes had elapsed.

She looked at the tie rail, and to her shock, Daffodil was gone! Thinking the mare had spooked at something and had run off aways, she began searching everywhere for her, asking people walking around if they'd seen the bay mare. Finally, someone had.

"Yes, I saw someone riding a bay out of here down that trail." The man pointed towards the trail leading to Wiggins' Estate.

"That's impossible," Reagan said. "Wiggins Estate is closed."

"The trail to the Estate is, but Silver Birch and the hunting trail are still open," the man replied with a shrug, walking off again.

Reagan glanced towards Klines. She had to find Daffodil before Ash found out she was missing! She began to run at full-speed back towards the barn to get Elf. She had to find Daffodil!

~~~ * To be Continued in the July Issue * ~~~

Sorry it wasn't very long. In the July Issue, I'll post 2 or 3 chapters. :) Thanks for reading!

Reagan Ross & Kerewyn of Mirkwood
2015-06-13 19:07:17
Birth of a Foal (Poem)
By Reagan Ross

9 pm. Turn out the light.
10:01 pm. Turn it on in fright.

10:05 pm. Check the mare.
10:10 pm. Scold the cat that gave you a scare.

11:00 pm. Toss and turn.
11:10 pm. Feel your stomach churn.

11:11 pm. Make sure your phone is nearby.
11:12 pm. Sit up and watch the stall where your mare lies.

11:15 pm. Give up and get a snack.
11:16 pm. Hear a crash in the dark, nearly have a heartattack.

11:30 pm. When did I fall asleep?
11:31 pm. A careful watch you must keep.

11:55 pm. It's getting pretty late.
12:00 pm. Sit down and wait.

12:06 am. Make sure your vet's on speed-dial.
12:10 am. Hear your mare moving and begin to smile.

1:10 am. Turns out your mare was just moving in her sleep.
1:15 am. You start to count sheep.

1:29 am. Get up to get some milk.
1:30 am. You lie down; the hay feels like silk.

8:43 am. Hear a neigh. Open one eye.
8:44 am. You missed it! Feel like you're gonna cry.

8:46 am. The foal is cute and cuddly. He snorts once or twice.
8:47 am. Even though you missed it, you decide foal night's pretty nice.

Reagan Ross & Kerewyn of Mirkwood
2015-06-14 22:13:41
Title: Wild Horse
By: Horsesforever12

The sky was foolish, oh so foolish
To stand behind this beast
Vivid blue and pride was his wish
But behind this creature, he was least

The mountainside was vain, oh so vain
To stand beneath this muscled organism
To empower and to enlighten was his gain
But beneath this creature he had no reason

The wind was pitiful, oh so pitiful
To race around this glorious being
To chill and flit was why he was grateful
But around this creature it was no longer freeing

The world was ordinary, oh so ordinary
Compared to this wild horse
To surround and expound was what made him merry
But compared to this creature, he had no course.

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2015-06-19 18:51:55
Battlecry Equestrian Team
By xKaylenex

The hot sun beat down on the sand ring of the event’s farm. Rayna carefully brushed out Buddy’s coat, while keeping a close eye on Shadow. Ever since the drawing, there has been a slight uneasiness between the riders. As Rayna tacked up, she heard the announcement for her class. Rayna hurried and mounted on Buddy. “Next in the ring, we have Rayna McCarl riding Party Pop” Rayna hurriedly picked up her canter. The 8 fence course was simple. Inside, outside, inside, outside, then a final In and Out. Therfor making it a 10 jump course. Rayna studied the fence and urged Party Pop to leap over it stunningly. The brush soon fell behind them as the vertical came near. Rayna adjusted the stride, only to find Buddy half way over it.
The gelding was used to the course and simple leapt over each fence. Rayna made a wide turn and headed for the wall. It stood 2’ with a pole on top. Rayna sat a stride for a lead change and Buddy switched sub-consciously. The wall came up to meet them and Rayna slid up Buddy’s next as the stunning chestnut cleared it. Rayna looked at the roll top as Buddy’s leaping stride brought the green slanted jump closer. As Buddy cleared it, Rayna spotted the next line. She made a swing turn on the rail, passing on the outside of the last combo, the in and out. Rayna adjusted Buddy’s stride for the 6 stride line before her. A final squeeze, and Buddy took off for the fence…

xKaylenex & Braided Gold Scarlet Sunrise
2015-06-25 17:22:53
WhisperWind 6
Leap of Faith
BY xKaylenex

Roncy hurriedly brushed down Destiny. The little palomino snorted with pride. “I know, I know, It’s too hot to do anything” Roncy responded to her mare. Roncy grabbed the hose and set it to
‘Gentle Shower’. Destiny blew air softly out of her nose as the cool water was sprayed all over her cream colored coat. Roncy turned the hose off and began sweat scraping all the water off Destiny. Once the mare was dry enough, Roncy turned Destiny out to the field. Destiny trotted happily away and began munching on the summer grass. Roncy couldn’t contain her excitement for the new Off-The-Track-Thoroughbred. A 4 year old mare retired from racing to become a show horse. Roncy hastily ran to the courtyard and stared at the mare for a second. Roncy sadden a bit, hoping she would get to help unload the mare, but the appearance made up for it.
A beautiful flaxen chestnut with a single white stripe on her face and two coronet bands on her front hooves. Roncy slowly approached the horse, who was grazing calmly as Sarah held her loosely as she checked her phone. “Oh, hey Roncy, wanna take Faith in?” Sarah said cooly as Roncy began stroking the mare’s sweaty neck. “Uh sure” Roncy said and took the leather lead shank. The mare jerk her head up and followed lazily across the courtyard and into the secondary barn. Tielar gave a waiting whinny and went back to eating his hay. Finally, Tielar would get some company in the dusty, cold secondary barn. Roncy slid the door open and Faith waited patiently. She led the quiet little girl into the stall, gave her a flake of hay and filled up 2 full buckets for her. Roncy stroked the mares head quietly. “Your so pretty” Roncy whispered. Faith flickered an ear in responds. Sarah came up the stone brick aisle and gave Faith a carrot.
“So, who’s gonna ride her?” Roncy asked questionably. “Lily, were hoping with her knowledge of race horses will help us retrain her” Sarah explained. Roncy gave the mare one last pat and walked back into the main barn. Roncy ran her hand on the doors and stall cards till one read : Dream. The flea bitten arabian looked dazed in her stall. Roncy snapped her fingers and she backed up eagerly. “Wake up” Roncy said sarcastically and began grooming her down. Another girl, came up to her with oiled tack and a fresh cotton pad. Roncy stepped out of the stall and looked around.
Kayla was tacking up Minty, Ava was grooming out Red and Overa was getting a good wash down by Lily. Roncy walked into the indoor ring and took a seat to watch the older riders. The Trailer In Lesson. Twice a week, you can trailer in for a lesson, usually for much more older riders. The flatwork was amazing to watch. A shining appaloosa, a dappled grey and a light bay horse cantered evenly around the ring. Roncy looked closely at the hidden lead changes they were doing. Miss Jessica watched particularly at the Appaloosa, who switched leads almost hidden. The dappled grey was a little more flashy with the lead changes and the bay was clearly figuring out lead changes. The rider’s rein aids were a little strong but the horse seemed to trust her. Miss Jessica set up a 2’ vertical 3 jump cavaletti. The appaloosa headed for the jump, speeding up and leaping over the plastic bar with room to spare. The landing of the appaloosa was amazing. The dappled grey went next. The jump presenting no trouble to the silver colored horse and quickly sped up as the ground came up to meet them. Next the bay went. A little slower paced, tiny little canter steps and it quickly threw its head up as the pole lay in front of him. The bay seemed a bit confused, and so did the rider. “More impulsion Emily, keep Karat going to that jump” Miss Jessica shouted across the arena as she set up a course. Emily, the rider, forcefully used her spurs for a turn on the hind and picked up a speedy canter. Karat leapt the jump without any effort required. Karat truly was a stunner. Roncy turned to see several kids watching the lesson. Including Kayla with Minty. Roncy saw a familiar chestnut with Lily holding her. Roncy felt a tap on her shoulder and spun around. Sarah handed her the braided reins of Destiny’s bridle. Destiny nudged Roncy for a treat as Roncy snapped on her helmet for her lesson. The older riders galloped swiftly to the jumps, clearing them with ease. The appaloosa’s round was flawless. The rider clearly understood her jumps and could help her horse, as he did her. Many mutters about the appaloosa became slowly unmuffled under hands. Roncy couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t like the appaloosa. She turned to Ava, who was smiling as the others frowned upon each and every round the team cleared. “It’s sad about the appaloosa” Ava whispered to the girl next to her. “Whats sad about it?” Roncy asked smiling but curious. “Oh, Maggy, she used to be one of our horses, she wasn’t such a good jumper and now that Vienna has her, she’s become ten times better” Ava said, pleasure in her voice. “And whats bad about that?” Roncy questioned. “Nothing, to me, but no one else seems to like the fact that someone took one of our horses and made it better, I don’t mind though” Ava answered smiling. Roncy turned to focus on the lesson, only to see the horses being led out into the courtyard, untacked and loaded to be trailered home. Destiny eagerly pulled Roncy into the arena. Roncy checked her girth and mounted swiftly. Beginning to warm up over poles and in the walk trot.
Roncy stopped to watch Lily trotting Faith. Faith’s gaits were gorgeous until Lily reined her in.
The mare fought violently for her head and eventually gave up. Roncy couldn’t understand why you would want to crank in a horse but shrugged and continued to warm up. As Miss Jessica had them canter, Roncy felt a whoosh whip past her and blow her hair in her face. Faith galloped fiercely around the ring, her neck arched and her legs swiftly carrying her over the sand. Destiny joined in and Minty quickly caught on. Soon, we had 3 uncontrollable horse and ponies galloping around the ring, riders running around to catch the horses and Roncy, Kayla and Lily trying desperately to slow the horses. Kayla finally managed to spin Minty into a tiny circle and the others followed. Miss Jessica had an Angry but pale expression and Sarah was white in the face. “Lily, dismount” Sarah said forcefully. Faith nudged the other horses playfully before Lily jerked the reins to follow with Sarah and they began whispering as they led Faith into the aisle. “Sorry about that girls, good job Kayla on bringing Minty off the rail. And good choice on keeping Destiny off to the side Roncy, you never know when you’ll be in that situation again.”
Miss Jessica praised. “Well how about you girls go hack around in the cross country course, I’ll work a bit with Faith. Kayla and Roncy nodded and thanked Miss Jessica for a lesson and took the horses to the Cross Country course. A loud cry shuttered the silence. A bang and a mess of jumps appeared just in view from the cross country course. Roncy and Kayla dismounted and ran quickly to the barn only to find…….
To be continued…

xKaylenex & Braided Gold Scarlet Sunrise
2015-06-25 17:23:52
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