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August 2015 Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

August 2015 Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.
Jane Crandal & JB
2015-09-16 21:59:59
Winning and Losing
by hosessaddles

When a girl named Rylie
wanted to beat her friend Kylie,
she was
and had no heart.

Although Kylie hadn't ridden much,
and had almost no chance of winning,
she was
and had a warm heart.

So they both entered a race,
A junior race.

So soon hooves were beating the ground,
all the noise, the beats, and the sound.

Every second counts,
and finally,
Kylie wins the race!

Rylie learned an important lesson,
It's not about skill,
It's about heart.

hosessaddles & Phoenix
2015-08-03 03:34:38
by Melzzz

“ No! Come back!” I yelled, sprinting across the dewy field, lead rope swinging on my arm,” Get back here, Cinder!” Cinder continues to run across the field. Finally, I catch up to her.
“Meow!” she purrs, and I pick her up and run back to the barn.
“ You nasty little runaway!” I whisper,” You little wild kitty!” She purrs even louder, pawing at my sweater. I drop her onto a bale of hay, which she gratefully sinks into.
Many pictures of me have a little gray bundle of fur next to me: On my lap, perched on my shoulder, in my arms. Cinder was born nearly the same day I was. She grew up with me. Nearly twelve years. Mom always says,” Charlotte, that kitty of yours is old. It’s going to die soon.” I always shrug, and pet Cinder over and over again.
By the time Cinder and I get back to the house, Mom has already finished cooking dinner. I smell a pan of her homemade apple pie, so there are guests. I run into the house, almost crashing into Dr. Brown, the vet. “ Dr. Brown!” I pant, out of breathe,” what’s going on?”
Dr. Brown breaks into a grin when he sees Cinder.” How’s my little Cinder doing, huh?” he bend down and asks. “ Back to business. I have come to give Cinder her check-up.” He puts his arms out and I put Cinder in them. Then he walks to the barn with Cinder.
Very soon, he is back. There is a grave expression on his face. He motions for my parents to go outside with him, leaving me to set the table. When they return, they are whispering in hushed voices, looking at me, looking at Cinder. Finally, Cinder was back in my arms. “ What?” I asked,” What is going on?” The whispering persisted.” Mom, tell me!” Mom choked back a sob, dad threatened to start crying. Even Dr. Brown, who was almost always calm and composed, gave a sniffle.
Mom was the first to speak,” Nothing, dear, nothing at all.” Her face betrayed that she was lying. Dinner began. No one ate much, or talked. I hated the feeling, it felt like some one’s funeral. Finally, Dr. Brown left, and dinner was over. I crept up to my room, and went to bed. Cinder crawled up beside my, rubbing my head vigorously. Then she circled three times, and laid down beside my head, calming me with her rhythmic breathing. And I fell asleep.

The first thing I noticed when I woke up, was that Cinder wasn’t very warm. I sat up, and looked at her, alarmed. She wasn’t moving. Or breathing. And her heart wasn’t beating. I let out a wail. “ Mommy!” I screeched, and she ran into my room,” It’s Cinder! She’s dead!”
“ I know.” replied Mom calmly.” Charlotte, sweetie, Dr. Brown told us last night. Cinder is very old, and all the running she’s been doing has really tired her out. At most, she would have survived a few hours more. So Dr. Brown gave her some medicine to help her feel better, and we’ve been checking every half an hour. Cinder died at about three in the morning.”
I slumped. Cinder had been my best friend for nearly twelve years. And now she was gone forever. She would never come back.
The days lumbered past in a blur. I barely remembered burying Cinder in the pine woods on our property. I barely remembered getting stung by a bee. I barely remembered anything. I didn’t smile. I didn’t laugh. All I could think of was Cinder. Cinder, Cinder, Cinder. All the way until my birthday.
The day started like before. Get up, get dressed, brush teeth, wash face. Then I went to look at my calendar. It was my birthday. I lumbered down into a kitchen, thinking about apple pie. Instead of pie, I found a cardboard arrow pointing to the door. Thinking it was a joke, I began to follow the arrows, which led to a small paddock. A small pony, of all things, stood in front of me. It was a pale gray, just like Cinder, which the same brown eyes, gentle, but still alert. The pony whinnied. “Surprise!” came a yell, out of nowhere. Mom, dad, and a few neighbors crowded around. My riding teacher, Mrs. Green, informed me,” She’s yours. Her name is Cinders, well trained, gentle, young and spirited, sturdy and strong. “ Cinders nickered and sniffed for carrots. I hugged her. And, for the first time in weeks, I smiled.

Melzzz & Verity
2015-08-10 21:24:51
The Secret in the Woods
by Roncy

Lucy pushed back her layered blond hair and patted her horse, Autumn Star, on the neck.
Star was a buckskin thoroughbred, with black on her muzzle and below her knees. She had white socks on all four legs, and a white blaze running down her forehead.
Lucy was a girl of medium height with sun-tanned skin and long, blond hair always pulled back into a tight ponytail. Her look matched her personality. She was adventurous, loved horses, and was nearly always outside.
"Hey, Luce!" Lucy jumped at the voice but recognized it quickly. She turned to see a tall girl with wavy brunette hair. The girl's gold highlights shimmered in the morning sun.
"Oh, hey Emily," Lucy replied to her friend.
Emily smiled and walked over to a stall with a white horse inside. The horse whinnied, flicking its matching white tail in greeting. Besides for her gray muzzle, Emily's horse, Diamond, was completely white. Emily grabbed her blue grooming tools and set to work.
Lucy grabbed the faded red currycomb laying on the floor and began to brush Star's tan coat. Her job was interrupted when Star let out a sharp snort. Emily looked up from a muddy spot of fur and raised one eyebrow curiously.
Star snorted again, this time louder, with a hint of fright edging the horse's cry. Diamond whinnied softly, stepping toward Star.
"What's wrong, girl?" Lucy asked comfortingly, narrowing her bright blue eyes. She scanned the meadow, following her horse's gaze.
Emily looked as well, glancing sideways at Lucy. "What do you think they see?" Emily asked.
Lucy hesitated. Let's find out." Lucy reached for Star's blue saddle pad.
Emily grinned, "Count me in!" She began to tack up Diamond, but stopped - "Wait... What about Miss Caroline?"
Lucy didn't even look up. "We tell her we went for a ride."
Emily shrugged. "Okay."
Lucy climbed onto the mounting block and swung a leg over Star. "Let's go!"
Emily did the same and both girls nudged their horses into a canter. The horses didn't have to be told twice. They were racing toward the woods, their ears pricked, their tails flying.
The girls slowed their horses at the edge of the forest. Diamond snorted eagerly and Star's eyes were wide with excitement.
"Well, whatever they were scared of, I think it's gone now." Lucy squinted into the dim forest and sighed.
Emily nodded, "But it must still be here somewhere... Whatever it is..." Her voice trailed off.
"Let's go back, Em." Lucy turned Star around to leave, but the snap of a twig turned her back around. "What was that?" she whispered to Emily.
Emily's brown eyes were big and surprised, and she shrugged. Diamond sniffed the air curiously.
Lucy nudged Star into the forest slowly, and Emily followed.
The strong scent of pine needles filled the air. Diamond's white coat was shadowy and gray in the darkness.
The girls pushed forward, the darkness swallowing them like a lion to its prey.
"Do you see any-" A crash interrupted Emily, instead sending out a frightened scream from the girl.
The horses reared and galloped away as fast as they could. Emily and Lucy hung on, never once looking back. When they reached the barn, the girls glanced behind them nervously, half-expecting to see something - or someone - behind them. But no one was there.
The girls sighed with relief and untacked their horses. They put their horses back in the stalls, and trudged back to their dorm.
"Girls!" called a voice. Both girls turned to see Miss Caroline standing there, her face concerned, "I couldn't find you two!"
"Oh, we were out riding," Lucy said quickly.
Miss Caroline nodded, "Where?"
Lucy bit her lip. "Uh..."
Emily jumped in suddenly, "On the forest trail."
Miss Caroline looked doubtful. "Okay, just remember to stay on the trail."
The girls nodded silently. Without a word, they exchanged glances, the same thought running through their minds : They were going to go back.

Roncy & Bertone
2015-08-16 18:50:17
How do I enter this contest?
PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-08-18 20:04:09
Just post your story here
Jane Crandal & JB
2015-08-19 01:09:40
On the Autumn Trail
By: PonyPalClub

That is what I hear.
My horse, Brown Beauty, is walking peacefully *On the Autumn Trail*.
I reach down to rub Beauty's neck. She nickered softly as I continue. And sparrows and finches sing their beautiful song, and deer graze quietly in the field. The ground is coated with leaves red, yellow and brown. It is a wonderful site indeed, one of my favorite times of year! What is your opinion on The Autumn Trail?

PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-08-20 02:30:31
Club Pony Pals Memories
by Roncy

Today I was flipping through the Kline's catalog. To the players who joined recently, those are new clubs to you... But us older players? Remember when we started all making our clubs so long ago?
When we were obsessed with buying Wiggins Bucks to make our own clubs?
When we had never won the cabin contest or Profile of the Day award?
When Live Moderated Chats were something new that we had never done before?
When we called Jane "Mrs. Crandal" rather than "Jane" or "JC".
When getting enough money to pay board seemed so hard.
When the Pony Pal Trail seemed so unexplored, so new.
When we all had one horse, and two or three seemed like so much.
When a cabin was so exciting to finally get.
I look back on those times and wonder how that time got away from us so fast. Two years seems like so long... Yet I feel still new here. So much time has passed since those first few friendships made here. The excitement of new experiences won't last forever. But the friendships made here always will.

~This story dedicated to all my CPP friends as well as admin and Jane Crandal. Thank you guys so much for making so many memories here. Best website ever. <3 I'll always love you guys!~

Roncy & Bertone
2015-08-21 01:41:45
An Autumn Surprise
By Pinkey280

A yellow leaf floats down from above, landing on my pony's light grey main. I lift my hand and brush it off, letting it float silently to the ground.
"Isn't it a beautiful day?" I ask my dapple grey pony, Merlin. He snorts back, acting like he would rather be eating some oats and playing with the other ponies at the barn. I live on a small farm with my mom, dad and older brother Jake. We have four ponies, one for each of us, and Merlin seams to be the leader of the herd. He is always with the group and never wants to leave them but I still take him on a ride every day.
I pull Merlin to a halt when we reach the river, happily getting off my pony and tying him to a nearby tree. He snorts again. A log lays on it's side just over the running water and I run to jump on it, laughing as I walk across to the other side. Looking back to Merlin I see that he has his ears pricked and is looked toward me. I smile at him in question and paws the ground, making little puncture wounds to the smooth dirt.
"What is it?" I ask him, walking on the log again. Then I realize why Merlin was upset as the log starts to splinter under my weight. I let out a small scream and start running for the riverbank, not wanting to fall into the fast-flowing current. I almost reach the riverbank when I hear a loud crack in the log and tumble into the river. Freezing water overcomes me as my head goes under. I splash around, bobbing up and down but the current is too strong.
"Help!" I splutter in hope but I know that there is no one around for a good half-mile. The water is so cold that it sucks any air that I have from my lungs and I close my eyes, wondering if I should give up on the struggle. But then the current lightens and I have just enough energy to pull my head out of the cold, icy water to find Merlin standing neck deep in water. I kick as hard as I can to reach him and rap my arms tightly around him neck, breathing hard. He starts to move very slowly and I can tell that the water is affecting him to so I kick my legs weakly, trying to help him. Slowly we come out of the cold water and I let go of my wonderful pony, falling to the ground. Merlin nickers and nudges me so I get onto his back and lean against him as he leads the way home. I think to myself what a brave, loyal pony I have before blacking out.

Pinkey280 & Finn
2015-08-21 18:58:10
It's Kindness
by Pret

When Thoroughbred Kim tried to beat Shetland Jim, she bragged, full of pride, teasing Jim till he cried. But Jim had heart,speed, spirit, and strength, but most of all, Jim was kind. If you said "I'll bind you!" Jim would be kind, and then he would just trot straight away. So teasing Jim, Kim galloped off quick, but Jim followed quite close behind, repeating, "I can do it!" in his mind. So Jim offered full speed, full speed ahead, and crossed, oh, that finish line first. Kim learned that it wasn't your breed that mattered, but kindness.

Pret & Dusty
2015-08-25 23:43:41
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