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October 2015 Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

October 2015 Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.
Jane Crandal & JB
2015-09-30 20:47:24
Briarwood Academy
Book 1: Just Jump
By Reagan Ross

Chapter One
Arriving at Briarwood

I stared out of my window was Mom read out loud the school's pamphlet.
“. . . Beautiful stables, Abby, look at this picture!” Mom shoved the pamphlet in my face.
“Mom. Not now, okay?”
“But just look at those stables!” Mom gushed, pulling back the pamphlet to gaze at it.
“Abby, I don't see why you're in such a bad mood,” Dad said mildly. “You're going to a expensive boarding school, where you'll learn all kinds of things.”
“Dad, I don't even want to go!” I retorted.
“Of course you do,” Mom soothed. She turned in her seat to look at me. “You'll have a great time there.”
I didn't answer, and I kept quiet until we reached Briarwood's entrance. A wooden sign with black lettering read Briarwood Academy. I sighed. There was no getting out of this now.
Dad pulled into a parking place and turned off the engine.
“I'm really sorry we can't come in with you, sweetie,” Mom said.
“Call us as soon as you're settled, okay?” Dad told me.
“Fine.” I opened my door and grabbed my duffel, heading for the office. I waved goodbye to my parents, then entered the office. I walked up to the desk where a woman with a black bun.
“Um, hi. I'm the new student.” I shifted on my feet, setting down my duffel. The woman looked up. A tight smile formed on her lips.
“Ah, yes. Abigail Newman, correct?”
“Your dorm number is 102. You'll be in Cherryford hall.”
“Cherryford?” I tilted my head. The secretary raised an eyebrow.
“There's Cherryford hall, Blackward hall, and Oakchester. You're in Cherryford with. . . Brook Miller.”
“Oh, thank you.” I smiled.
“Here's your class schedule. You've already picked your sport; riding. Do you need a map?”
“Yes, thank you.” I accepted the map from her and found Cherryford hall. I walked down the hall, out a door, and across a courtyard. A sign said Cherryford hall, and I entered the dorm. Fortunately, 102 was near the door, and I opened it with my dorm key.
Inside, the room was fancy. I could tell the closet was large enough to walk into, and there were two bed next to each other, a coffee table separating them. There was a bookshelf above each bed, and the one with the blue bedspread had books inside it. I guessed it was Brook's, so I took the one with the pink bedspread. I unpacked my books and clothes, determining where to put them by seeing where Brook had already placed her stuff. Finally, I was done.
You could call this “settled in.” I wanted to go down to the stables to see Zane, my gray gelding, but I guessed I should call Dad.
I flipped open my phone and punched in his cell. The phone rang once before he picked it up.
“Hi, dad. Just wanted to say I'm settled in and everything.”
“Who's your roommate? Is she nice? Have you found everything okay?”
“My roommate isn't here now, and yeah, I've found everything fine, Dad. Don't worry about me. I'll call you as much as I can.”
“Alright. Tell us as soon as we can come visit you.” We talked a bit about other things, then said goodbye and hung up.
I stood and brushed off my jeans. The door opened, and a girl entered.
“Hi. Are you Brook?” I asked awkwardly.
“Yeah. You're Abigail.” Brook gave me a smile. “And you ride. Let me guess—stable's the next stop?”
“Right. Do you ride?” I asked.
“Yeah, a mare called Sweet. I could show you the stables if you want.”
“That would be great. Thanks.” I followed her out of Cherryford hall, across the courtyard. We took a paved path to a row of stalls.
“They're in alphabetical order,” Brook told me. “You can go find your horse. I'm trail riding.”
“Cool. Could I come?” I asked, trying not to sound shy. Zane would want to get out.
“If you want. I'll meet you at the cross-ties.” she headed for Sweet's stall, and I walked towards the end of the stalls.
Sure enough, after Xavier and Yoshi, Zane stuck his head out.
“Not used to being at the end, huh, boy?” I murmured to him. He bobbed his head, and I clipped a black lead line to his black leather halter. I unlocked the door, and we walked towards the cross-ties. Zane's hooves clopped on the cement, then crunched on the gravel. I clipped him in, and he pawed at the rubber mat he stood on.
“Just wait a second. We'll ride in a bit.” He wasn't too dirty, probably because Briarwood's grooms had taken care of him recently. I gave his body a few swipes with the dandy brush, picked out his hooves, then gathered his tack. I set the saddle on his back and tightened the girth, pulling out his mane from under the saddle pad.
I took off his halter and then picked up the bridle and showed him the bit in my open palm. He opened his mouth, and I slid the metal in. Zane chomped the bit, excited for our ride.
“Settle down,” I told him as I led him to the nearest mounting block. Brook was mounted on Sweet and waiting for us.
I mounted Zane, gathering the reins in my gloved hands. I nodded at Brook, and she walked along a trail leading towards the forest.
“Thanks for taking me on this ride,” I thanked her. “Zane needs it.”
“Whatever. Do you jump?”
“Yeah, cross-country and show,” I replied. Zane snorted at the mention of jumping, and I rubbed his neck.
“We have a few jumps set up for cross-country. We can do them, if you want.”
“Will Mr. Trever allow that?” Mr. Trever was Shank's riding instructor.
“Of course.” Brook waved a hand.
“Okay then. Where are they?” I half-stood in my stirrups.
“Just a little bit more. C'mon, let's trot.” She sped up Sweet, and the mare shot forward at a smooth trot. I hurried Zane after them. Brook seemed nice, but she was a little sassy. I wasn't sure about her yet.
“Here. There's a brush, log pile, and a creek. You can go first.” Brook smiled.
“Thanks.” I gathered the reins and tapped Zane's sides with my heels. He cantered forward, towards the brush jump. We soared over it, landing on the other side. We headed for the creek next. I couldn't see Brook, but I didn't let that worry me. We didn't need her.
We trotted through the shallow creek, splashing a little water. We broke to a canter as we neared the log pile. I tensed in the saddle, and Zane flicked his ears back towards me. I needn't have worried. He cleared the jump easily. I walked him back to where Brook had been. Yeah—had. She was gone. I guessed she was behind me, doing the course. I waited a few minutes. Maybe she was hurt.
I trotted along the course, looking for Brook or Sweet. There wasn't any sign. So, either she went off trail, or she had left without me. I'd better go back and report her missing.
A cantered quickly along the trail, worried about my roommate. Was she hurt? I needed to get help—and quickly.
We arrived at the cross-ties, and I jumped off Zane and headed for Mr. Trever's office. It was by a roomy pasture, with a few horses in it.
As I raised a hand to knock on the door, someone opened it. It was Brook. She smiled sweetly at me. Behind her, Mr. Trever sat at the desk.
“Brook, please cool Zane and put him away.” Mr. Trever stared hard at me, and I reluctantly handed the reins to Brook. I wanted to ask her what was going on and why she left, but I knew now wasn't the time. Brook led Zane away.
“Abigail, I want to see you.” Mr. Trever gestured for me to enter, and I walked inside, closing the door behind me. I sat down in a chair.
“Brook told me you jumped to cross-country course,” Mr. Trever said. “Did no one tell you that no one—especially not new students—can ride that course without my okay?” Mr. Trever stared at me, his eyes narrowed.
“No, sir,” I answered. “But Brook told me it was okay!”
“Don't try to blame it on her,” Mr. Trever interrupted me. “Since you're new, and you didn't know, I'll let this slide. But if this ever happens again, you'll be on stable duty.” I guessed what stable duty was; mucking out stalls.
“It won't happen again,” I said quietly. Mr. Trever nodded.
“Good. You can go now.” I stood and left the office. Outside, two girls were standing. One was Brook.
“Let me introduce my BFF, Karen,” Brook said sweetly. “I can't believe she would risk her horse like that, would you, Karen?”
“No, I can't.”
“You told on me, after you convinced me it was okay, Brook,” I accused her. Brook smirked.
“Try and prove it.”
“I will, trust me.” I glared at her. Brook rolled her eyes.
“Whatever, Newman.” she walked away and whispered something to Karen. Karen laughed. I clenched my fists. I was going to prove Brook did that. Somehow.
“Hey. I saw what happened.” a girl emerged from the tack room. “Brook's the meanest girl at Briarwood. Karen's just her accomplice. Don't worry about them; they'll stop picking on you eventually.”
“Thanks.” I sighed and unclipped my helmet.
“I'm Cassie. I ride Xavier, the black gelding next to Zane.”
“Cool. I'm Abby. I'm new here.” I held my helmet under my arm.
“Obviously. Otherwise you wouldn't have trusted Brook on a trail ride.” Cassie smiled at me. “Want me to show you the Corridor of Candy? Everyone calls it C.C. It's Briarwood's seven-eleven.”
“Sure. Sounds great.” I smiled, and Cassie nodded.
“You should go change, though. Not everyone likes horsey-smells.”

Reagan Ross & Kerewyn of Mirkwood
2015-10-02 05:03:13
Diablo part 2
By elstar

"oh Diablo who would do this?" said Darla while crying "Oh Darla I`m so so sorry maybe the needle came from the arena," Said Bonny everyone went silent "Nonsense are arena would have no such thing in it!" Bonny`s mother said
"I`m staying here I`m not leaving my poor boy all alone," Demanded Darla as her ponies face laid on her legs. "Oh Darla! SHUT UP AND GET IN THE CAR! ITS A BEAST ANY WAY!" Shouted Darla`s mother. "Come on Darla I think we should leave Diablo to sleep he`s tired," Said Bonny as she walked away leaving Darla behind.
AT BONNY`S OFFACE ...............................
stupid girl thought Bonny I put the needle there ever since she got that horse its all she talks about diablo this diablo we used to be friends now all that's changed thought Bonny

elstar & candace
2015-10-03 12:37:41
By Melzzz

I never had a master. Truly, I never did. I just simply romped as I please, ever since my mother RacingStar chased me away, since I was never very big. It never occurred to my mother that you were supposed to raise your foal, and keep on raising it, even if it no longer needed milk, no matter how weak it was. All my mother cared about was honor, and her own pride. She was superior in the herd, and before I came along, each of her foals were like her: strong and fast. She never realized that one of her foals could be an unwanted runt. When I was born, she had pretended that there was nothing wrong with me. She nursed me, since she still had some compassion. Then once I no longer needed milk, she pretended I ran away. I never did. She led me into the woods, told me to sleep, and left. I followed her, but then she knocked me over. I couldn’t get up, it hurt so bad. So I never saw my mother again.

I grew up for about a year all alone, with only the squirrels for company. I learned that grass was tasty, and the occasional bit of oats were even better. I somehow found my way out of the forest once in awhile, but I never found my mother. I grew tough, with bears chasing me left and right. I soon could outrun them. Once in awhile, I would wonder where my mother was. Then I would tell myself, “ No, forget about her. She had so much time with you and she never even named you. She doesn’t count as a mother.” Then I would think about my father. “ No, forget him too. When your mother got rid of you, did he come to the rescue? No! He never even let you know who he was! You have no parents!”

It made me sad to think of these things, so I pretended I had parents. “ My mother is a sleek, white mare with the prettiest mane and tail. She isn’t extremely fast either, but she can jump very high.” I told myself, “My father is black with some white on his coat. He was fast, and I used to race him thouh the meadows. My mother’s name is FlyingMoon, my father is DappledBlur. They love me more than anything. RacingStar is my aunt, who doesn’t care for me at all,” and I would feel better. If only they were real.

Much later, I no longer thought about FlyingMoon and DappledBlur. All I wanted was to see my mother again. And so I started, heading along the creek, on the path that my mom had led my on, into the woods. Every so often, I’d take a drink and a bite of grass.

It was peaceful, and life was like that for many days. I always had food and water. Soon, however, I reached the plains where I had roamed as a young foal. I wandered across the endless grass for days, hoping to see a glimpse of the herd, a flash of color, a flattened bit of grass, a trail of hoofprints. I found none.

Several weeks past. I had long given up hope, but I liked the small creek I used to drink from, the buffalo wallow I was born in. It felt oddly familiar, seeing how I grew up in the woods.

On morning, I was drinking from the creek again, when I saw something strange. There was a flash of black and white in the grass. I walked closer, when the black and white thing gave a whimper. I bolted upright. It was alive. Slowly, hesitantly, I nudged it, and it lifted it’s head. It was a foal.
One look at it, and I knew it was my sibling. It had my mother’s head, and ears, and almost the same whinny. I helped it up, and it told me how my mother had abandoned her just like she abandoned me. “ Mother told me I would find my brother somewhere.” she told me, “ And now I have!”

As the days went on, my little sister told me many things. Her name was MorningGlory. She was often told about me, and that I was also a runt like her, and put down all the time. MorningGlory and I roamed across the prairie for a long time.

One day, the two of us came upon something really strange. There was another horse lying, some distance away, in the grass. I didn’t see her very clearly, and she looked fine, so we left her alone. But the next day, the horse still was lying there. It was strange, indeed. We went a bit closer, and it raised it’s head, stood up, and started walking slowly. It was walking towards us.


She was clearly about to foal. Her belly was round and swollen, and she was walking as if in pain. I turned around. It would probably be another runt, like me, and I didn’t want to see it cast off. But MorningGlory butted me, saying, “Seriously? She’s your mother! She’s in pain! She needs help! Come on!” I followed her, and I soon saw my mother again up close.

She looked terrible. Her silky mane was matted, her tail was full of burrs, and her usually glistening coat was patchy in some places and all gone in others. Her head was down.

MorningGlory, being the good little filly she was, ran to her. RacingStar lay down, and I turned around. Please don’t be a runt, please don’t be a runt, please don’t be a runt! I muttered. Moments later, the foal was whinnying, my mother was a new mother all over again, and MorningGlory was nosing my mother, who turned, looked at her foal, and announced, “ It’s a runt!”

As soon as the filly was weaned, RacingStar told us she was leaving it by itself again, and we could come with her if we liked. MorningGlory said yes, evidently glad to spend time with her mother again. I shook my head. I remembered the pain of being unwanted, of being cast off and left alone. The poor filly didn’t deserve it. I would be its father.

RacingStar and MorningGlory each took a few bites of grass, snorted, then nodded, and together, left, their bodies against the sunset. I bent down over the filly left in my care. “ Your name is GlowingSunset.”

Melzzz & Verity
2015-10-03 21:31:54

Note to JC: Sorry I haven't posted a story or entered any contests lately!!! Been SUPER busy with life and school. I'll try to enter contents whenever I can! :) ~Horses

{The following story is a chapter from a book I am writing that is a part of a series me and my BFF are writing together. Alemor in our series is Jesus, which you can find in real life if you only look. Forgive me if it does not mention horses or ponies anywhere in its existence. Much of the original content has been omitted do to age restrictions. In the meantime, enjoy!}


Chapter 1: The Eyes of Death

“I am sorry, Miss.” Jade muttered softly. Then she walked out of the house and Bella never saw her again. Bella did not want to be alone. She couldn’t bear the agony in her soul. It was eating her alive and she did not know how she could possibly live after this. Confused, Bella got up and ran out of the house. The storm had rolled in and the sun had disappeared behind black clouds. Thunder rumbled in the near distance and a raindrop fell on Bella’s neck. Then another landed on her brow. Finally it was a downpour of cold, mountain-sweet rain. Bella lifted her head to the sky and let out a long, mournful cry of despair as the rain drenched her small mortal being.
“How am I to live?!” Bella yelled, anger mixing with her grief. She wasn’t sure who she was yelling at, but she didn’t care. “What wrong did I ever do?” At that moment it stopped raining on Bella. The girl looked around herself and wiped the tears and raindrops out of her eyes. She saw that everywhere but around her it was raining. In fact, as Bella lifted her hand to wipe the rain off her brow, she was almost completely dry. Bella looked at the sky. It was black, but one section of the heavens almost seemed to be ripped open. Not a cloud stood in its way and the sun appeared to be shining right through. Bella let her eyes follow the ray of sunlight all the way to the ground until it stopped a few feet away. At once, Bella turned white. The sound of rain was the only noise to be heard as the young, still girl met eyes with a being much greater than herself. She was afraid. No, she was terrified. She should run. But yet, she was caught away by the beast’s majesty. She didn’t want to run into the rain. Her clothes and hair were completely dry now. She had no idea how they had dried that fast, but she didn’t want to get wet again. You see, only a small yard away, a great beast sat on his paws, his tail flicking now and again by his side. It was a lion. A very big lion...in fact, it was no ordinary lion. He was not yellow as most big cats are. He was white. An unblemished, pearly white. His mane was glorious and certainly the main source of all his dignified pride. It was filled with silken strands of gold that wafted around his large, defined face. There was not a scratch or scar on him and his paws stayed clawless. His teeth were well hidden within his mouth and he didn’t show them once. Yet the most intriguing thing about the great, majestic beast was his eyes. They were not golden or brown. They were not any color that Bella really knew. The closest color she could compare it to was blue. They looked like the blue sky on a spring morning...they looked like the dark azure ocean with its surging waves...they looked like free, fierce blue-colored flames. They were filled with kindness...nobility...authority...beauty...glory...spirit. They were untamed and wild yet so deep and all-knowing. They were secretive and mysterious yet not at all boastful or amused. They were sorrowful and agonized and almost tortured. They pierced right through Bella’s skin and stared at her heart. His gaze was never broken and he never blinked. His entire being was motionless except for his flickering cat tail. Bella gulped. She did not know why a lion would enter the village, but he must be hungry. He didn’t look hungry...but he must be. He was such a large lion. He needed to eat now and again. Bella waited for him to make his move but he just sat there, the sun glimmering down on his silky fur. Bella forgot her fear and fell to her knees, misery overtaking her.
“If you shall eat me, eat me now!” she cried. “I have no reason to live.” At that moment the lion stood. It was a quick, almost invisible motion. His eyes never leaving Bella’s face, he began to walk toward her. The one, lonely sunbeam strangely followed him, constantly gleaming down on his large body. A raindrop never dared to touch his coat, yet the rain continued to pour down elsewhere. The lion stopped inches in front of Bella and looked down at her. Bella closed her eyes as the beast’s breath blew her brown hair away from her face. She expected to smell a meaty, distasteful stench from the animal’s breath but she smelled the opposite. His breath smelled almost sweet and made a shiver go down her spine.
“Why do you hesitate? Finish me.” Bella commanded, her tone hinted with annoyance.
“Why do you want me to eat you, Young One?” A masculine voice suddenly questioned. Bella looked around herself but saw no one but the great lion staring vividly down at her. It was a quiet, gentle, soothing voice and Bella almost wished to hear it again.
“Who said that?” she responded. The lion, at that moment, sat down in front of the girl so that his face was meeting with her’s and smiled. Bella grimaced. She had never seen a cat smile. They never seemed to be happy enough for that sort of thing. But there he was...a lion...smiling. He didn’t reveal any teeth. His lips just curled upward. It was a very pleasant smile and it almost made Bella want to smile too.
“I am he that spoke.” The voice came again, and this time Bella knew who had spoken. It was the lion. She had seen his lips move and she had heard the words erupt from his throat. The lion’s voice was beautiful. It was a man-like voice yet it was filled something other than earth. It was...glorious...filled with so much meaning. If the lion’s words had been food Bella would have been still chewing on them.
“You?! Well, I do declare. I am mad! Either that I am dreaming and I shall soon awake.” Bella declared. The lion at once let out a small chuckle. His blue eyes danced as he laughed, making him look all the more fair.
“You are neither.” The lion suddenly became very serious. He was so serious that Bella frowned. His eyes were filled with an agonized sorrow as he stared into Bella’s face. “Just moments before you were mourning the loss of your beloved mother.” Bella looked down as the beast spoke the words. Tears immediately poked at her eyelids and pushed themselves down her cheeks. Bella wiped them away and kept her gaze downcast.
“How did you know?” she asked.
“I know all things,” the lion responded, as softly as ever.
“Then you would know that I loved her very much.” Bella told, anger beginning to hint her tone.
“Of course.” the beast replied.
“Then why did she leave?!” Bella cried, her gaze flashing up into the lion’s face with bitterness.
“She was ill. She was suffering terribly, Young One.” the lion answered gently. Bella grit her teeth.
“Then why did she get sick in the first place?” the girl continued, trying to understand everything. Her mind felt like it was working in slow-motion. The great beast did not reply for a moment. But when he did, his tone was strong and noble.
“Many things happen that we don’t understand. But as life goes on, we soon realize that we were better off when it did happen. You will find this out soon, Young One.” the lion told. Bella nodded, but she did not understand. She didn’t really want to understand. How could her mother dying make her any better off?
“I must go now. But you should remember me by the name Alemor.” the lion’s tone had once again changed to a gentle, kind tonality and he began to stand to his feet. Bella stood with him. It was at that moment that she realized that the storm had moved on and the clouds had broken.
“And my name is Bella.” the girl told. The lion smiled.
“I know.”
“Oh! I am sorry, I forgot that you knew everything.” Bella said, her cheeks blushing with embarrassment. Alemor chuckled.
“It is quite alright. Now, dear girl, you are weary. Hear, I shall make you strong. The burden on your shoulders is too heavy for you to carry. May I take it for you?” Alemor’s eyes were filled with compassion for the young orphaned girl and he could not seem to wipe the smile off his face. Bella wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but she nodded politely. Alemor stepped toward her so that his large cat nose brushed Bella’s small human one and breathed. His breath was so sweet and crisp that Bella closed her eyes. It flooded over her and seemed to caress her soul. Her bones became strong and the agony and misery in the girl’s heart seemed to be replaced with strength and hope... something that would always help her through any situation she was in. Bella opened her eyes and smiled. Alemor was smiling, too, but his eyes were darker than before. They were filled with pain and hurt and anguish. But he paid no attention to it. Alemor stepped back and stared deep into Bella’s eyes.
“Whenever you need me, I will come. Be strong, Bella. You have yet to create a legacy.” With that being said, the great, majestic, beautiful lion disappeared right before the young girl. Bella gasped when he had gone. Did that just happen? she wondered to herself. Suddenly she noticed the white paper grasped in her right hand. Bella sat down on the dirt road, ignoring the farmers and townsfolk that were just coming out of their houses, and opened the letter. She found a message inscripted there from her mother. As she read it, she could hear her mother’s soft, gentle voice reading it to her. It read:

“Lo, from even birth
I have given thee no worth
You are now to live a non-living life
But, if thee wish, with thy might
Thy should hope to change this awful plight
Through darkest day and darkest night
Until a mountain is in sight
Thee must seek and kill the mighty dragon
Then, my dearest maiden,
Life and love tis thine
Then, my dearest girl, you shall see
That a young orphan can create a legacy.”

Bella felt the tears in her eyes but she did not notice them. She wasn’t sure what this riddle meant. She read it over and over and over again, but she still did not understand. Bella folded it and held it tightly in her hand. She would forever treasure that message her mother gave to her. But at the moment, she did not realize the affect it would have on her life.

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2015-10-04 22:51:35
By Oreese

Soon Winter will be here
Christmas will come,
and snow will come.
Soon Winter will be here.

Soon Christmas will be here,
lights will come,
and sleigh rides will come,
all will be well and fun.

Soon the New Year will be here,
The old year will die,
and the new year will arrive,
Soon the New Year will be here.

Oreese & Hermione
2015-10-06 13:29:10
The Horse And The Beaver.
By kdude and Rdude

Once there was a horse that wanted a friend there was also a beaver that wanted a friend. One day the horse`s owner put him in the field and right by that field there was a small river. The horse went too get a drink and then a beaver swam by a and said do you want too by friends? I get very lonely playing in my river all by myself. I thought it was MY river said the horse. They both giggled it can be both of our riversaid the horse. Whats you name asked the beaver? my name is Woody. The horse said my name is dime. I`m a Quarter Horse. They are still friends today.
THE END! Me and Rdude did this so if we win spit the prize please.

kdude & Wisteria
2015-10-07 15:32:12
By neonflash20

They gave me a horse
Young and wild
No trust
No kindnes
A shout in the night
She came like a whirlwind
Fighting and screaming
Told me to tame her
Told me to win.

They gave me a horse
I, a child, in truth
So young,
So angry,
A wild wayward youth

They said dominate her
They said she was wild
They said control her
They said to make her mild

I listened at first
Like all children do,
I listend
And copied
And attempted to woo
The greatest spirit
Not meant to be tamed
To break a heart
Not meant to be maimed.

We yelled and we fought
We beat and we ran
I won and I lost
But I took my stand.

I took and I took,
Not knowing the way
And young as she was
There came a day.

We stood toe to toe
Eye to eye,
Her sides where heaving
Not a bit of me dry
The dust was rolling
And the sun beat down
When suddenly it changed
The wind came 'round
The inferno in her eyes
Went from a blaze to a flicker
She dropped her head
Stepped into me
Welcomed me with a whicker

She showed me the way
Through fire and ice
She gave when she need not
She bowed down
And she sacraficed

But for the first time
As I stood victorious
The battle felt lost
The Win, laborious
She stood there cowed
And my heart broke
The error was clear
The burden was yoked

I fell to my knees
As the tears fell
I wept at my loss
Sure she was gone
That trust I had sought
Through the wrong channels
Could never return
I was certain
I was broken

And then my sweet Mare
The bringer of truth
Showed me the true gift
A horse gives to a youth
She nuzzled my hair
And bent her head close
She snuffled my tears
She breathed in my woe
And as I looked up
I saw something new
The gentle spirit
Of a young,
Hurting youth

She was just a baby
Just like I
So lost and alone
Adrift in the sky
She offered a friendship
A partner for life
And suddenly she wasn't alone
And neither was I.

They gave me a gift horse
A spirit so young
But that wasn't the real gift
It didn't come from
The ownership I had sought
The prize I thought I desired
No it was so different
I was inspired.

The true gift was love
And poise
The true gift was grace
Under pressure
Through the noise
The true gift was trust
When I thought it impossible
The true gift was strength
When I thought I would crumble.

The true gift was there
For any to see
But my gift Horse gave
Her greatest gift to me.

neonflash20 & Flynn
2015-10-08 16:05:48
Shadow pony
By smartie1800

The stocky, dirty and scruffy pony moved in and out of the piles of rubbish and hazards which lay all around it. Seeming to float up and over the unnatural hills the little equine surveyed its kingdom. On the other side of the high wire fence a luxuriously green pasture in which lived five neat and shiny horses grazed with bellies round and almost full. The little shadow pony, with ribs sticking out, cantered down from its throne to the muddy patch of land where a few short pieces of withering grass.
Years had passed since he had been left in his ghost kingdom. From cantering around a showjumping ring to this grim, grey domain. His nostril's shivered as he nickered out to his herd. No response came.
A rusted chain rattled against the twisted iron gates keeping him inside the walls of his fortress. This was nothing new often people came to dump more discarded items. Sometimes they would feed him any spare food in their pockets or just stroke him, but they soon left.
Today was different he could hear a large vehicle that was being parked by the gates. Flying back up the hill the shadow pony gazed down upon the strange scene.
There was a new person walking up the jagged side of his mountain with a jingling rope in their hand . As they got close to him his moaning nicker beckoned them to his head. Offering a tit-bit the girl slipped a halter over his head. Startled he backed away until the fence pressed into his behind.
"Sssshhhh its okay boy come on your handsome aren't you." she whispered to him.
More trusting now he walked down the hill and into the growling vehicle.
His grey kingdom is only a distant memory now. In the luxurious pastures he grazes along with five other neat and shiny horses. Shadow pony no more.

The End!!! : )

smartie1800 & Angel
2015-10-08 17:05:37
The Fall Tree
by APonyNamedElmo

I woke up
Looked at the tree
It's leaves had changed color
I walked outside
To get a better look

The leaves crunched beneath me
As I looked at the tree
Plain, yet colorful
It looked right at me

I looked down
At the now orange ground
And picked up a leaf
The morning dew dripped off
At school I wrote about
This fall tree
(It's name is Steve by the way)

APonyNamedElmo & Ace
2015-10-08 19:54:42
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