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March 2016 Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

March 2016 Story & Poem Entries Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.
Jane Crandal & JB
2017-05-03 02:18:35
Unconditional love
By Twilit

They may step on your feet.
They may nuzzle your hair and mess it up.
They may dirty your clothes with there grassy slobber.
But no matter what, we will always love them.

They may throw you off there backs.
They may stink you up.
They may puff out there bellies while you put there girth on.
But no matter what, we will always love them.

People ask us, "Why do you ride horses, even when they hurt you?"
We simply answer, "Unconditional love.".

People ask us, "Why do you still go on, even when he fails you in the ring?"
We simply answer, "Unconditional love.".

People ask us, "Why would you ride a wild animal that can easily throw you off?".
We simply answer, "Unconditional love.".

And then WE ask, "Why do you stick with your family and friends, even when they wrong you over and over?"
They answer, "Unconditional love.."

Thats just it, our horses are our family. And family may hurt you and betray you, but does that mean you dont love them?
Its simple.

Unconditional love.

twilit & Monty
2016-03-03 20:25:10
I Love Ponies
By angelboy

Ponies are nice to have for work and play. If you have have a pony it needs lots of love. And of course, your pony needs a lot of exercise.

I love ponies and I hope you do too. I have a lot of pony pictures and pony figurines in my room.

If I had a pony and if it was a girl, I would name her Daisy! Someday I hope to have a pony of my very own! I hope you have enjoyed this story.

angelboy & Angel
2016-03-11 15:47:10
The Birthday Pony
Side note: Ok as I was making this... I just got reminded of my mom... I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. SERIOUSLY. Anyway, if this reminds you of anyone in your family (or a friend) Please w-mail me!

A horse!
A pure-black
it takes my breath away.
is that?
oh no.
This was
a dream...
is that?
to be
a whinny...
My eyes!
my eyes
deceiving me?
Is that
a pony?
"Happy Birthday, Sweetie!"
my gosh.
I now
very own
Birthday Pony.

Rabbit08 & Willowette
2016-03-12 08:23:41

I watch
the flow
of mane
and tail
The beauty
my eyes.
to catch up
with the
to catch up
and ride.
The flow
of the
and tail
is what
entrances me...
Mane and tail!
my dream!
And I
with the horse
as we
become one.

user no longer exists & ---
2016-03-12 18:52:40
Four leaf clover
By: hosessaddles

Finding a four leaf clover is just like riding the perfect horse.
It brings you luck,
good wishes,
and happiness.

It's just like riding the perfect horse.
It brings you happiness,
a strong bond,
and the best friend ever.

So now you can see why horses are like four leaf clovers,
so think about that on your next ride.

hosessaddles & Phoenix
2016-03-16 20:36:06
Raindrop’s point of view
By chelsea2

I gulped in my first breath of the cold air, laying on the ground, I open my eyes for the first time, and see, what I guess is my mother standing over my licking me, she was black, or, no, I take that back, I later learned that it’s called a bay, with the brown body, head, and neck and every thing else is black, my father, was standing off a little ways, pure gray, like iron. It was winter when I was born, that scared my mother a lot, along with the other mares, most foals are born in the spring, and it wasn’t spring yet, I was an early one, showing the many foals that were to come that spring. My mother’s name is Arrow, my name is Raindrop, and my father’s name is Thunder. I’m the first boy baby of Thunder, I will lead after him, but I’m too young now.

I had been around for a few months, learning every one’s name, I liked the mare named Stream the best, she was nice, she was chestnut, with white legs, she was young, one of the youngest mares, but very pretty, but not as pretty as a foal named Sunshine, she was born not to long ago, she is a palomino, with a creamy mane and tail, with a hint of a curl in so it’s wavy. I like playing with them.

There where strange horses who came up with strange things that my Dam said were humans. We ran and ran from them, Arrow and a few other mares broke off, and ran in to the woods, and hid us, foals, and then went on running. Humans came after them, and they told us not to move, or even make a sound. It was really scary waiting there, stiff like a board, until a weird horses spoke to us.
“Get up little ones.” His voice rasped. “Follow me, your dam’s will find you, you will be in this field, there they are.” The palomino horse told us, we all went racing to our dams, there was a few mares missing, a mare named Sky, Cloud, and Tree were all missing, and my dam said we might never see them again.

After I was weaned from her, still staying close by, she went away, and come back with a black mare, with a white face, behind her eyes, with blue eyes. The foal was a few days old when a mountain lion came, mother saved us, but passed away. The foal, Flash, died from not having milk, and a broken heart.

I snort at the mares in the herd, sticking so close to Thunder, not caring about me, a cute stallion! I flick my tail, and rear up, littler foals leap out of the way and run to their dams, just another pain full memory for me of my Dam, putting me in full care of the lead stallion. Stream’s the lead mare now, Arrow use to be it. Stream changed from the beautiful mare, to the meanest, snottiest mare I’ve ever seen in my year of life.

Life’s not good, I just wish Stream would run off, or I will. Thunder doesn’t care, but I want a herd, but there is that stable close by… Sunshine has watched me so closely, and been a great friend. I just wish she would go with me, but she won’t, she wants me to go with her. Mares…

I’m so close to being a stallion, just a few months now, maybe someday I will be cared for, and loved, in tip top shape, loved tell the end of my life. But Thunder says that’s way to big of a wish. But I’ll prove him wrong.

Thunder slowly started to stray further from the herd, and his mind slowly wasn’t with us any more. He was away for longer periods of time, all leading up to that one night. He told us he wants to be a human horse, living for humans, maybe he will see us, when he will chase us to be human horses too. Stream was heart broken when he left, but she knew he would come back. Days passed, we all were waiting, but he didn’t come back.

Sunshine slowly plodded up to me.
“Thunder isn’t going to come back.”
I sighed. “I’m not ready to take over yet.”
“You are, and with the right lead mare the herd will grow large, and strong.”
“Will you be that right lead mare?”
“If that is what you want.”
“It is.”
“Then yes, I will.”
“We must tell the herd.”

There were mummers though the horses, shock, happiness, and anger, mostly from Stream, and Grass a dapple gray mare that liked me, and wanted to be lead mare. A black mare stepped forward. “I’m happy for you Sunshine.”
“Thanks Darkness, I’m sure Light would be too, if he was here.”
The black mare nods, and steps back, and we are ready to face what comes next together.

Sunshine’s point of view

I had been born for a few days, playing in the green grass, and flowers when I saw him for the first time, a gray colt, with black legs, older then me, and I knew I liked him. I knew what I looked like, young, and helpless, a stick legged colt, not strong like him. Racing around a beautiful mare, the lead mare, and her name was Arrow.

When he was six months, I was very young, and we liked playing with a chestnut mare named Stream, she was nice and fun. I later learned she was using us, to get to Thunder’s heart. Raindrop was his favorite kid, his only son. He had many daughters, like Sky and Cloud.

“Thunder, just look at her! She could become what Arrow is to you, to Raindrop.” My dam nickers to Thunder on day. Thunder never liked me because I was from another stallion, and had his coloring.
“She might, but if she disobeys me once, she’s gone, out of the herd.” The Iron colored stallion says to my dam, all of his words clipped short from anger. He turned away to talk to Raindrop and Arrow, as my dam, came to me, her light bay coat shining in the sun. She stopped beside me as I lie in the flowers.
“My dear, don’t worry, Raindrop likes you, even if Thunder doesn’t.” She whispers over me every night.

I was awakened my noises, many new horses where galloping at us, with really weird things on their backs. We all ran. Arrow, Tree, my dam, and some other mares with foals branched off, hiding us in bushes thick with leaves, I got stuck beside Raindrop, and leaves in my nose, I wanted to snort to bad. But, they told us to be still, not to move, or make a sound, so we waited.
“Get up little ones.” A rough voice told us. “Follow me, your dam’s will find you. There’re in that field there.” The palomino stallion told us, showing us the way.
“Thank you sir.” I softly say to him and Raindrop leads the foals away.
“You have a hard path in front of you, pick the right horse to share that with. You never know what life will bring.” He whinnies back, his voice growing softer, before he vanishes.
I race forward, to find my dam.
“Sunshine, I’m so sorry!” Arrow says to me, her face sad.
“What’s wrong, Lead Mare Arrow.” I ask
“The people took your dam.”
“The things on the horses.”
“Oh.” I turn to Darkness, and start crying.

It’s spring again, and Raindrop’s a one and a half year old, I’m only one. His mother went away, Raindrop had no clue way, and was worried about her, and kept asking me if she was ok. She showed up again a few days later with a beautiful foal, a black girl with a white face, and blue eyes.
Every one fought so had to keep the mountain lion away when it came, but Arrow died a few days later. Flash, the foal, died from a broken heart, and lack of milk, she just refused to take milk from other mares.

Stream was made lead mare in place of Arrow, who is Thunder’s favorite mare now, Raindrop has turned to me, being his best friend, I know what he’s going through, but I had Darkness to help me through it. I’ll think of her as the friend she was, the older sister. Raindrop has asked me to run away with him so many times, but I tell him he has to run away with me. It makes him think through it and stay, that’s good.

Thunder has started to leave the herd for a long time, and then show up again, almost sad, and depressed. It wasn’t a shocker to me when he said he was going to leave the herd. But it did shock me when he left to be a HUMAN horse. Stream’s heart broken, and says he’s coming back, Raindrop agrees. So we all wait, Raindrop being our lead stallion now.

I walk to Raindrop, feeling so bad for him.
“He’s not coming back.”
“I know.”
“Your lead stallion.”
“Yes. I need a lead mare.”
“Are you ok?” I try to get his mind off of lead mares.
“Now yes, because you where there for me. I just wish I was there for you when Tree was taken. You never got to meet your father did you.”
“No, and don’t worry about it, Stream was there.”
“I need a lead mare, will you be that lead mare.”
“Only if you really want me to be your lead mare.”
“It is.”
“Then yes, I will be your lead mare.”

We told the herd, most of the mares where happy for me, but Stream was mad about it, and Grass, a dapple gray mare who had her eye on Raindrop just as long as I had was angry too. She’s a good fighter; I can’t have her on my bad side.
A black mare, the mare who had helped teach me every thing I new, after Tree was taken. “I’m happy for you Sunshine.”
I dip my head. “Thank you Darkness. I’m sure Light would be happy too, if he was here.” I answer to her. Light being the name she had given my sire, seeing him, and my name, sunlight, light being fitting for him. Darkness had only talked to him once, and he told her that she was to look after me. Darkness backs away, her eyes shining.
Together we are ready to face any thing. That is what Raindrop told me later that day, but I never told him that I was working with Darkness to try and find my sire, to meet him and hopefully he would be happy for me.

chelsea2 & Irish
2016-03-17 16:44:06
I Want a Pony
by Molly 294

I love ponies there so pretty and sweet.
There is so much to learn and so many to meet.
I wish every body could have there own pony but parents always say no.
why do they say no why
why why
nobody knows.

Molly294 & pepper
2016-03-23 19:13:06
by tendertimbit

he is the colour of the nittmeg and the heart of ginger...
He is pure ari and fier... He has the soul if the wild...
He is indeed a horse

tendertimbit & Palio
2016-03-24 04:29:14
Peaceful Afternoon
by: HorseyLover

The sunset cast a warm, orange flow over the pony paddock. Trees were silhouetted, making shadows. Inside the pony paddock, the chestnut mare grazed contently. She was a gorgeous-looking pony, a white blaze and four white stockings.
In a mid-chew, the mare looked up with her ears pricked at the person approaching the paddock fence. The pony pricked her ears forward and whinnied eagerly.
"Happy to see me, Xena?" the rider called out.
Xena, the chestnut mare, cantered over to the paddock gate, holding her head over the top bar.
Her rider, a girl named Isla fed her a slice of carrot. As Xena munched happily, Isla stroked her blaze and then kissed the top of her soft brown nose.
Once Xena finished her mouthful, she gazed lovingly at her rider with her soft, brown, liquid eyes.
Isla laughed. “Do you want another carrot?” she asked.
Xena wiggled her top lip and snorted, as if to say Yes. Isla produced another slice and fed it to the chestnut mare.
While Xena was eating her treat, Isla placed the black bridle was carrying and then lifted the mare’s red nylon halter off the black plastic hooks that were screwed into the white wooden fence boards.
“Step back girl,” she said, placing a hand on the mare’s chest and pushing gently.
Xena politely stepped backwards to let her beloved owner open the metal gate and enter the paddock.
Isla slipped the red nylon halter over Xena’s face and buckled it up. She clipped a black and red braided lead rope to the ring of the halter under the mare’s chin.
Isla led Xena over to a log that was about a foot high in the middle of the paddock and positioned the mare sideways to the log. She then stepped up onto the log and sprung onto Xena, gently landing on the soft, white rug over her back.
This was where trust came into the picture. Isla wasn’t wearing a helmet. All she was wearing was her favourite white T-shirt and blue denim shorts. She kicked her thongs off before she had mounted. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a pony tail and covered by a black and white cap.
The lead rope was placed over Xena’s shoulder, acting like reins. Except, it was connected to the other side of the halter.
Isla used her leg and voice aids to steer Xena around the paddock. The mare eagerly walked away, listening to her rider’s commands.
After a lap of the paddock, Isla tapped her heels gently against Xena’s sides and the mare broke into a lively trot. Isla sat to the mare’s trot, holding onto the lead rope, acting as one rein. She steered Xena towards the log, in which she had used to mount the pony.
Xena caught sight of the log and her ears pricked forward. She broke into a canter and headed towards it eagerly.
Isla held onto the lead rope as if it were a set of reins. When Xena jumped, she leant forward and released with her hands out of habit.
Xena landed and then Isla steered her in a circle and headed for the log again. This time, as Xena snapped her front legs close to her chest in a flying leap, Isla threw her arms out to the side as they glided over the log.
Xena landed and Isla pulled her to a halt and dismounted. She threw her arms around Xena’s neck and said, “I love you, girl!” Xena placed her head on Isla’s shoulder and nickered.

HorseyLover & Stana
2016-03-28 02:10:42
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