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March 2018 Story & Poem Entries Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score.

March 2018 Story & Poem Entries Rules: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer. Pony writer quills are awarded every day, remember to quit the scavenger hunt and restart it after you get your quill to earn a higher score.
Jane Crandal & JB
2018-02-28 03:20:42
One second,
by SWC

I stared in her eyes and she stared in mine,

We had a language that was all our own,

For that single second we stared, not moving, not breathing, there was nothing but us,

That moment seemed an eternity, a long beautiful moment that no one but us could detect,

She was saying, "go, be free, run with them once again" and yet no sound came from her smiling lips,

When that moment passed, I ran,

I galloped away into the sunset with the herd I had missed for so long,

I would never forget that moment, It would burn in my mind forever, the bond between mustang and girl had lasted for only a second, but it was stronger than any had ever been.

SWC & Starsight
2018-03-01 20:04:16
Fly With Me
By Adeline HC

I studied the ground beneath me. I really didn't want to end up there. Soar was being a little sassy today, and boy was she not going to give it up. I looked away from the ground and instead focused my gaze on her annoyed ears. "Now, Soar, you aren't going to have your way. We're GOING on a ride, and that's that!" I told her firmly. She stomped a font hoof angrily and then licked her lips. "Good girl." I smiled. I asked her to step forward and she obeyed, a little reluctently, but she did it, at least. My friend Karen came up behind me riding her paint gelding, Rune. I smiled at her. "How's Soar, Olivia?" she asked me. "Fine, I guess. Well, come on, let's go. I to see those Rainbow Turtle eggs hatch. Didn't Clara say that they'd probably hatch today?" I asked. "Uh huh. She also said that they'd probably hatch during the dark. Are you sure you want to go to the lake? We probably won't even get to see them." Karen said matter-a-factly. I thought it over and nodded. "Yes. I'm sure. Besides, it's almost dark now. And you wouldn't want to miss it if they actually hatched today, would you?" I teased her. She sighed and then smiled. "No, I guess not. Come on, let's get going!" she said, now eager. We trotted down the lane past all the pastures and then urged into a lope as we headed into the woods. I patted Soar gratefully, glad that she had changed her attitude. We enjoyed the scenery together at a walk and I looked up at the darkening sky. I was up there, in a way. I was flying with Soar. Just, down here. It was flying without wings. We were a pair, and we couldn't fly without each other. I guess that's why I named her Soar. She was silver, like a cloud in the sky at night, and when I had seen her for the first time, my heart had soared. I smiled. Yep, she was mine, that was for sure. "There's the lake!" Karen announced, interrupting my thoughts. I leaned forward eagerly and and caught the sheen glowing from the lake's surface. Soar trotted over to the lakes edge. I dismounted and then climbed back to the top of the ditch. I searched my mind, trying to remember where the eggs were. I hurried over to a pile of deep sand and kneeled down in the dirt and waited patiently. Karen sat next to me. I gasped as the sand began have movement. I grabbed Karen's hand and squeezed excitedly. Slowly but surely, little quarter sized baby turtles crawled out of their burrow in the sand. I smiled brightly. I really wanted to pick one up, but we had promised not to. I watched closely as each little turtle crawled towards the lake. There were fifteen. I giggled happily as each one of them made a little splash when they entered the water. Karen looked over at me and smiled. "See, I told you, you wouldn't have wanted to miss THAT." I grinned. "No way!" Karen agreed. I sighed gladly and looked up at the sky once more as we headed back home aboard Soar and Rune. Yep, I was truly flying.

Adeline HC & Esprit Ellis
2018-03-05 21:35:38
A black horse reared
I cautiously neared
the beautiful creature
it's color was it's best feature
I loved it right from the start!
He stole my heart.

123Liliana & Black Cloud
2018-03-08 02:34:46
8 March 2018
“Dancing in the Rain.”

April showers usually bring May flowers. But not in my case. All those storm clouds brought was trouble.
As a horse, I would know. I have to stand in that rain all day long—freezing, wet, and without shelter.
My master was cruel and mean. He didn’t put me in the barn at night or when the storms came. He made me stay out there. Alone and scared I was, as horses do need company.
The master would give me little food, but he didn’t give we water at all—my whole supply came from the rain. Each day the rain would come, it would steadily fill up the empty, rusty trough.
The man gave me no name. He seemed to favor all the other horses, as if I was nothing more than a simple shadow. The other horses almost never went outside, and when they did they were being trained or grazing in the big field next to mine—separated by tall, metal, barb wire adorned fences.
It would always rain here. I lived in a place where it rained most of the time. When it didn’t rain, I’d have to go without water unless I could sneak my head through the barb wire to the other pasture to steal some water. But sometimes I could find some puddles or forgotten water bottles from the man.
My mother always told me, “You must not wait for the storm to pass, but learn to dance in the rain.”
I remember this—always—but it seems like I can’t. The rain has brought me trouble. It makes me shiver, and I’m always wet. My coat is quite thin, and it does little to protect me from the cold. But at least it gives me water—and keeps the man from coming out for a while.
I’ve never know what the wild looks like. I’ve never been out of my field—since the day I was born. But one day, something caught my eye—and it changed my life.
As I was standing, I looked down the street and saw a car drive to the abandoned house down the road. I saw people get out of the car with big bags, and what especially got my attention was a little girl, carrying smaller, colorful bags and a stuffed animal of a horse. It was sunset, so I could not see well, but I knew one thing: the strangers were moving in.
The next day, the girl came walking past my fenced in field with a backpack on and a lunchbox in her hand. When she saw me, she stopped and gasped. She mumbled something softly, and she approached the fence, opened her lunchbox, and held out a red apple.
I didn’t know whether to trust her or not, especially since I had never been touched by a human. But slowly, step by step, I walked up to the fence and reached out far enough to grab the apple. The girl moved closer and set her hand on my muzzle, and I was too shocked to think. I stood there, letting her pet me.
Her hand was softer than I had expected. But then a large school bus stopped a good distance away, at a bus stop where few kids climbed aboard the giant yellow vehicle. She grabbed her stuff and ran to the bus, waving back at me as she did. As she approached it, she stepped into it, then waved at me before sitting down.
I will never forget the first time I saw a human so close.
Ever since, she had been visiting me. A few times the master came out and yelled at her, but she quickly learned to ignore him. When she rode her bike by, she would show her parents to me, and they pet me after I learned that I could trust them. She is the nicest human I have ever known.
She hasn’t named me yet. But I will be waiting for the day she does.
She has brought me happiness—unforgettable happiness. She has become my best friend, and, even in the rain, she comes out to me and shows me that the rain is a unique feature of nature, bringing life blooming in colorful ways.
She has taught me to dance in the rain.
And I still do—and will. I will forever dance in the cold and wet but life-giving rain. Always.

SpiritRF & Shiloh
2018-03-09 00:44:50
I was at my pony club riding out on trail with other students and employies the pony i was riding his name was Monty he got spooked by something i was trying to pull up he wasn't listening i started to become scared the pony infront of me i would hit the flank with body because my left leg was coming over the top of the saddle but before that could happen i letgo of the reins i land on the ground start rolling out of the way of monty's hoofs i have my eyes closed i just lay there then i get up asked if im okay but another student falls after i did they asked what happened i told them my head was pounding i didn't ride until towards the end when my head stopped hurting on the other hand charlie who fall of after me ridden while i was walking leading the pony but i got on she felt sick so ross came and collected but now i still ride after my first fall but i have had one more in 2017 around christmas time riding at the beach but that's an another story

lulu99901 & kara
2018-03-09 02:57:59
Ring of Fire

Based off of the show Spirit Riding Free

Lucky felt a dream coming on. And she let it take over; for she loved the dreams that she had—most were about her best friend, Spirit.
In her dream, she was riding her buckskin Mustang Spirit in a large circus tent. A crowd was cheering her on, and Spirit was prancing around the tent, bickering back at her, waiting.
Knowing exactly what to do, Lucky stood on Spirit’s bare back and opened her arms, standing on one leg with the other sticking out behind her. The crowd cheered.
Around her was the light of the circus, with different performers around her. She was wearing a yellow blouse with colorful embroidery. Spirit was wearing nothing, because he was a wild horse and not tamed, but allowed Lucky to ride him.
Soon the moment came. After a few more tricks, Lucky saw the ring of fire in front of her. Spirit stood in front of it, yet far away. And he burst into a gallop. She saw the ring coming toward her as if in slow motion, and she didn’t close her eyes as she soared through the loop, seeing the blazing flames around her....
And they made it!
Spirit landed and kept galloping, neighing happily, and Lucky cheered, throwing her arms out wide and then hugging his neck. He whinnied to her, and galloping they went—around the ring, with the crowd cheering wildly.

Lucky—a 12 year old girl with a wild horse, yet performing in the circus. Impossible...
But possible with her best friend, Spirit.

SpiritRF & Shiloh
2018-03-10 00:28:06
A Sad Goodbye
By 123Liliana
I will never forget the day my dam died. She lied down upon the rocky hill we lived on. " Oleia, obey your master. My time has come. I must die." If horses could cry, I would have done so. My dam was leaving the world. I nodded my head to tell her I understood. I nuzzled her,and she gave a weak whinny in return. " I will always love you, mother," I told her. She smiled as only horses can, and, with one nod of her finely shaped head, she died. I will never forget my beautiful mother.

123Liliana & Black Cloud
2018-03-10 03:37:22
Ghost Horse
Chapter 4
By: PonyGal103

The next morning I woke up and gazed out my large, bay window and sat down in the window seat. The sun was jut starting to rise, and the sky was a deep red orange color with streaks of golden clouds. I was about to turn away when a flash caought my eye, I looked out once more, there galloping full speed across the plain was a stark white horse. I gasped and pushed my window open, hoping it wouldn't disappear again. The horse was so fast, I couldn't keep my eyes on him. Then I saw what he was running from. Four men, all on horse back chased the stallion, they were swinging ropes, hoping to catch the wild spirit. "No!" I cried. The white horse was fading, getting tired. I caught my breath, one rope swung out, but missed the stallion. I breathed a sigh of relief. But suddenly a second rope flew out and fell over the horses head. The horse screamed and tried pulling away, the other three ropes soon bound the horse, slowing trapping him in a circle of men. The horse thrashed and struggled, but was ultimately over taken and led slowly towards town. I could feel the hot anger bubbling up inside me, this was so unfair, that horse wild, he deserved to run free and with his herd. I walked slowly down stair into the kitchen. My dad was there, making pancakes and eggs for breakfast. He was whistling and dancing around with an apron on. I pulled out my phone, and took a two minuet long video of him dancing around the kitchen to his own song. I put my phone away and said "Morning dad," He looked back and asked, "Uhh, how long were you standing there. I smiled and replied, "Me, oh I just got up, beautiful sunrise this morning." He sighed " Yeah it was, um want some food?" We ate and as we did the dishes I asked "Dad, where do the horses come from? Like, how do they get here?" He though for a minute then answered. "Some of them are wild, they are born and out in the desert around here, and when they are old enough, some are rounded up and people like us buy them and give them good homes." I nodded and put the plate I was holding down. "When are our showings today?" I ask "At 11 sharp, so we have about another two hours, we can go out there now, or hang out here. There is a lot of cleaning still to do in that barn." I nod again ans say "Okay, I gotta shower and get dressed, meet you out there?" He smiles and I run back up stairs to the bathroom. Half an hour later, my dad and I are standing in the door way of the barn. I was holding a broom and a bucket of water and some brushes. "Well, I will start in the stalls, want to head up to hay oft this time?" Asked my dad I agree and hand him my the bucket and brushes. I walkover to the ladder that leads up to the loft and climb up. I look around, my dad moved the few hay bales that were up here into one corner, but the floor was covered in straw and, other stuff, but I grab my broom and get to work. I start by sweeping the floor and moving the large pile over to the small door that opens out, I unlock it and sweep all the straw and cobwebs out, I am about to close the door again when I here "Hey! watch it." I poke my head out and see a person, covered in the pile i had just swept out glaring up at me. "Sorry" I call back, the person isn't my dad so I look closer, red hair, green eyes. "Oh, it's you. Ben right? From yesterday." He sighs and nods, "Yep, Ben from yesterday. I figured I would come over and see if you wanted help, I just live down the road a bit. Figured the barn was a mess and since my showings aren't till later, well here I am". I say "Thanks, I'll be right down. I climb back down and find Ben picking straw out of his hair. my dad pokes his head out of one of the stalls and asks "Hey, Brooke who's your friend?" He walks over and introduces himself "Hi, I am Ben, I met Brooke yesterday at the Pony Pens." My dad shakes his hand and looks at me "Uhh, well dad, Ben is here to help, so I guess we will go back up to the loft. I grab Ben's arm and pull him back up into the loft. Ben looked around then frowns, "Huh, it looks a lot smaller then it does from out side. " I survey the space then say "I guess, I haven't really looked that close." I pick the broom back up and hand it to him. "Here, if your going to help, you can start by sweeping some more," I drop back down to the main floor and race back to house and find the other broom. When I get back to the barn, I check twice before entering, looking up to make sure Ben wasn't going to get revenge then dash inside. When I get back in the loft Ben is sweeping away at the far, back side of the barn. He looks up and says "twelve feet shorter." "Umm, what?" I ask. He sighed and repeated "Twelve feet shorter. The barn up here is twelve feet shorter then out side." I don't know what to say so I say "No it's not, I saw it when I walked out, the barn is flat on the back, it does't stick out on the bottom." He sighed again, he must do that a lot. "No I mean there must be space behind this wall," He taped the back wall and then frowned. "Huh, it sounds hollow. I wonder..." I kicked the wall a few time along the floor. Then as he got close to the corner, one of the boards flew in where he kicked it. Ben looked over and smiled. "There is pace behind here, told you." He reached up and pulled the end sticking out down so there was enough room to crawl in. "Ben wait, we don't know whats in there." I warn, he stops then says, "Okay, then we have to find out, there might not be anything. Don't be such a spoil sport." He pushed his hand in to hold the other side of the board and crawled in, letting the board slam behind him.

Ponygal103 & Sai
2018-03-10 03:37:22
My eyes made contact with my beautiful horse
It made my day improve from being the worst.
I love riding in the sun-
wow, it's just so much fun!

mimiem & Rachel
2018-03-10 03:37:22
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