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Doesn't mean we have to keep yelling at them! If we keep on yelling at them, they're just gunna think we're a bunch of brats that yell for no reason! I'm sure they think we're brats right now, but if we keep yelling at them, we're gunna be brats that know nothing!
Britnie & Yuniya
2010-06-27 17:50:00
Thank you, Britnie! That's a point I've been trying to get across subtly. Yelling does no good no matter which way you look at it.
Along with that, I just want to inform those who are blaming Obama, that he didn't make that law, it was made a long time ago, and Obama has only been president for a little while, and has to focus on more pressing matters like the recession we're in.

spellcheck & Calypso
2010-06-29 07:40:02
can you send the message in for me
arwen1234 & freespirt
2010-07-08 06:54:52
HORSES ARE MADE FOR US!! NOT TO BE SLAUGHTERED!! Infact i saw a horse slaughter place!! Poor horses!! I could run in grab up the horses and take them all home! God made the horses!!! LEAVE THEM BE!!!
horsegirlluv & paintbrush
2010-07-11 20:51:44
DONT SLAUGHTER HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE THEM BE!!!!!!!!!!
horsegirlluv & paintbrush
2010-07-19 14:52:42
listen to this! it isn't about mustangs, but it is still interesting: down here in Louisiana, there's a sale barn for livestock. Well, there's horses in there going for ONE DOLLAR. Mind you, these horses aren't high class, well fed, super awesome trained, purebred horses. In fact, they are probably horses who are either:
1. Super old
2. have some sort of problems
3. have no training whatsoever
4. is crazy

Britnie & Yuniya
2010-07-19 16:07:28
W I L D H O R S E S A R E P A R T O F U S !
Dasher & Aero
2010-07-28 16:06:58
Britnie & Yuniya
2010-08-01 01:28:33
Agree,let them roam free!!!Would you like to be rounded up and sent to the slaughter house?? I wouldn't
hokesmash & Jesse
2010-08-08 23:51:32
Maid Mairain & Dawn Rising
2010-08-14 14:20:18
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