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Save wild horses! I agreeeeee!
lulubear405 & White Aztec
2010-02-18 23:01:13
WHY? Is the question...What we can do for them is the answer.. When you send this to them tell them to set aside ALOT of land..The mustangs are NOT over grazing.. The population is in the what 2,000's??? SAVE THE HORSES!!!!! Obama is doing things wrong.He's making more hroses killed because of "forclosure" on homes and tearing htem down to make what?? 100's and 1000's of more pollution!!!Obama, Please consider this, If you were free, in a beautiful Land with all the horses and other animals you loved and cared for, and Humans came and took you're land, put you're loved ones in the slaughter house or in tiny tiny tiny TINY corrals!!!Just so humans can make " nessacary Movements in fedral meanings" Now, Listen, to MY words.
" Freedom is to Everyone to whom does not steal it from others."
Now think about that!!!!!

Dasher & Aero
2010-02-19 00:27:23
Humans think of Mustangs as , poison in equine-form........-
Please Please PLEASE don't slaughter or even TOUCH the Mustangs or you'll be in trouble with ALL OF US!!

Dasher & Aero
2010-02-19 00:30:47
Yes, that's true Keely, What your adult friend said. Mustangs are part of Americas history. Do you people of the world want to lose that?
Britnie & Yuniya
2010-02-19 01:30:24
Well ovsbilously they do! Why do people have to be like this? Can they not leave ALL animals alone INCLUDING wild horses? Of course Native Americans used horses and tired them out and probaly ate them, but they didn't know back then. BUT WE DO NOW!!... We know better then to eat horses and slautgher them. But we can ride them. As long as we don't tire them out till they pass out or actually DIE!!.. Horses go through torture STOP IT NOW BEFORE IT AFECTS US ALL!!..
horsegirlluv & paintbrush
2010-02-19 22:06:33
Mustangs are part of our history. If we take them away, we are taking ourselves, at least a piece of away. I was born around horses, riding is second nature, I love horses and I believe wild horses are better than domestic ones. They are smart, and a conformational miracle. I think that some thought should be processed before sending a load of man's best partners to slaughter.
whinnie21 & Willow
2010-02-20 02:02:33
With Cloud?
Lizzy1 & Cool Mr Robin
2010-02-20 15:48:19
Many ranchers think that mustangs eat all the grass that their herds need. This possibly is true, but then ranchers capture the beautiful horses and either send them to slaughter or to a 'friend' who wants them for money's sake. And ranchers also think that a mustang stallion will breed their mares and mix their herd. All this may be true- but why don't you leave the mustangs alone, fence your mares, and keep an eye out instead of roping the mustangs and sending them to be killed? What if one of your mares ran away and you caught it and sent it to slaughter without realizing it until afterwards? How about someone went and sent 'you' to slaughter???? Think about it - horses have feelings.
microphone & My Pony
2010-02-20 16:08:25
O that's horrible Jane
horsegirlluv & paintbrush
2010-02-20 16:10:41
I think we really need to save wild horses if they kill them they would have no right to it isn't fair God created them like he did us so we need to keep his creations safe!!!!!!!!!!!
e6b6m6 & Chippy
2010-02-21 00:37:47
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