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*** dog lovers and advice club ***

i would like to create a club called the dog lovers and advice club.

The dog lovers and adivce club is a mix of two things.We dog lovers part is just were we talk about dogs and stuf.the adivce part is were people send in problems there having and we try to give them advice.The plaque will have a picture of a dog one one side and a question mark on the other.

lexieawesome115 & Chessie
2011-12-19 15:40:53
Hi can i join? here is my dogs' info:

Breed:Standerd Poodle
Color:balack with a whight star

Breed:Standerd poodle

Did you know?
Standerd poodles are BIG. They are the reg. size poddles. Poodles are bread for hunting. Over time people thought it would be nice to have small poodles. So they took the smallest male and female out of eatch litter and bread them and so on. The "fancy poodle look" isin't really "fancy" at all. It is a cut to make sure there legs, tail, and chest didin't get scratched when they went hunting.

pp2 & Finnigan
2011-12-19 21:32:59
I don't think this is an RPG... It doesn't say anything in the First post, just that we give advice and talk about our dogs. I'd like to join.
crocker123 & Noah
2011-12-20 02:09:09
Can I join?Yea I don't thinkit's an RP guys.I have three dogs,a Sieberain Husky purebreed,purebreed Dachshund and Saint Benard/German Sheapard mix.I'm hoping to show my Husky in fair next year!Any advice on what kiind a collar I should use on my Husky?He pulls really REALLY badly.
Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-20 18:08:56
For your husky, you should work ok some training excercises. When he pulls, here are some options:
-Just stop and wait and only begin walking again when he stops pulling
-Take him to obidience classes that teach dog manners
-Begin by just standing still with him on his leash. If he tries to leave your side, give his leash a gentle tug and say "no" praise him when he stands quietly next to you. Next, try walking. Keep the leash loose. Walk forward and if he pulls gently pull the leash and say "no". Continue until he stops.
Collar wise, don't use a harness. Try a martingale.
Everyone, remember to rescue your dogs from rescue groups! There are so many dogs in need of a good home! and check out my dog blog about my dog-to-be. The link is on My Page.

vegan & Chamomile
2011-12-20 20:12:11
i know but it is just so people can get an idea about our dogs. Sunny try using a head collor. it is like a halter and I dosent hurt the dog like reg. collors do
pp2 & Finnigan
2011-12-20 21:19:49
crocer123 is right it is not a RP and yes you can ALL join.Thanks for the tips for husky training vegan!

lexieawesome115 & Chessie
2011-12-20 21:32:26
i want to join. i have a German Shepherd named Kaiser aged two. purebred. i love dogs. is it free to join?
horselover158 & Biscuit
2011-12-21 06:15:36
thats absolutly fine.If eneyone else wants to post there dogs info so people will know about your dog feel welcome to!(:

lexieawesome115 & Chessie
2011-12-21 13:30:27
I would love to join here is my dogs fillout Name:Maggie
Color: Brown,Black, and white

sicol1234 & Star
2011-12-21 15:12:34
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