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May Story & Poem Entries -- Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

May Story & Poem Entries --
Note: Winning stories and poems will be published in Pony Pals Magazine. All entries must be original, meaning that the member who enters them must have written the text. To be eligible the story or poem must have a horse or pony in it someplace. Stories should be suitable for all ages, including younger members. All entries published in the Magazine will earn 500 Wiggins Bucks, the best stories and poems will earn 3000 Wiggins bucks and trophy for the writer.

Jane Crandal & JB
2015-09-16 21:55:28
A true gift: Chapter 3 Leaving?

Once we got in the pasture it got dark. They left us in the pasture to get some extra size. "Mama can we have a camp out with the horses? Well, If you guys can handle it. YAY! Thank you Mama! My future owner, Bella, Is about 13 and is French. They set up a camp fire near me and my mom. Once Bella lite the fire, Her siblings May, Mary, and her youngest sister, Astrid. "Want a Marsh Mello?
Astrid asked. Yes please. Mary replied. May was the shyest out of all of them. Now, she usually talks to me and rubs my little white star on my forehead. The bright fire crackles through the midnight sky. Sense it was Summer Break, The girls didn't have to worry about sleep. I was the "Lucky one". I didn't have school. "Blaze, you should get some sleep. But I'm not tired. Honey your only one years old, I know your tired. Okay, I do admit being tired". My mom lies down under the families Maple Tree. "I cant sleep.
Well, I can tell you a story about your father. Yay sure! Okay. She begun. Your father was a great race horse. He was the only one to win the Golden Cup three times strait. He never lost in his young years. Until he grew old. Before he was retired, and we had you. When he retired, he got a race horse's WORST nightmare. He got, Lung Cancer. His Lungs shut down. His owner, Kate, was to stressed so she made the choice to put him down". Blaze was sound asleep beside her. Then she went to sleep as well. I woke up. The birds were singing and building nest's for their young. I seen mom and Her owner Bella working out in the corral. I slipped my small head through the bars and watched as she gracefully trotted around the large pen. "That's enough for today girl". My mom started to drink I think water? I don't remember what it was called. "You were great out there mom! Aw thanks Honey". I was only four days old and already learned a lot from her. I knew by the time I turned about 6, She would pass on. "But I still had 6 years with you right"? Oh umm, sure. What's wrong mom? When a few weeks pass by, You will be in training with Racing. I DONT WANT TO RACE MY LEGS ARE TO SHORT! By that time, You will have grown up to be a Handsome Stallion. Aw thanks mom. Plus, I will have six years left with you. Just, don't think about when I pass. Think of the years being with me. That's some great information mom. Thanks. Your welcome. It started to rain. May rapped me in a blue halter and lead me into their biggest stall. Without my mom. Bella got mom but didn't put her in with me. Mom come to me! I cant you need to learn how to be alone.

A few weeks later......

A Trailer pulled up. "Hello I'm Madelyn, I'm here for the foal. Oh yeah he's in the pasture. Aw he's still cute at three years old. So, what are you going to do with him, Bella asked. When he gets to the age where he can breed, we will breed him. If he wins any races like his father, Yids. Okay so I will take the money and I will get him.
Okay. Madelyn takes 500$ from her hand and shoves it into her pocket. Wait a minute, MOM THEIR TAKING ME AWAY! YOU PROMISED YOU WOULD COME! I'm so sorry Blaze. Mom no!! She just stood their and watched me get taken away.
-----TO BE CONTINUED----- Plz vote for Chapter 4!
Called, Alone? Forever?

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-05-01 01:31:15
Title: ♥♥♥ Love Story part 2 ♥♥♥
By: Horsesforever12

Chapter 2~ Pure Pleasure ♡
A mist set itself around the large, damp field. The heavy fog had shrouded everything from sight. My mother snorted, her eyes becoming bright, and trotted forward. Her sleek chestnut body was one elegant portrait of beauty and grace. I trotted beside her, still getting the feel of my long legs against hard ground. Then, without warning, she flattened her ears against her head and broke into a furious gallop. The wind blew back her shimmering amber mane, and her once graceful body was now a blurr of pure pleasure. The mist engulfed her sleek form, and with a slight whinny of panic, and not really knowing what I was doing, I raced after her in a choppy gallop. I caught sight of her at the far end of the field and all at once my gait became smoother and faster. The wind sang in my ears and brushed back my stubby, short mane. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and the sound of my small hoofbeats echoed in my ears. Suddenly, I realized that this sheer excitement and magical gait was something that was born in my blood and was beating in my veins. And the groggy mist and damp grass made it all the more enchanting. I skidded to a stop by my mother, panting a little but entirely overwhelmed to notice. At that moment I noticed the little girl and her pa watching me from the fence.

"She's a born racehorse, Pa! Just like her Mom and Dad. And she likes to race in the fog!" The little girl was saying.

"I know, Sam," the Pa chuckled. "She'll be famous someday." He said with a smile. I didn't quite understand what they meant, but I knew one thing...racing was pure pleasure.

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2014-05-01 19:52:22
My Special Pony ( part 2.)
By: madimsmall

Over the liver pool went my Special pony Savannah. Everyone called her the flying pony. She could go over every jump. I was so thankful that my dad got me this wonderful and talented pony. The crowd stood up and started clapping wildly. My dad patted Savannah's black back. " Amazing like always." He said. My mom came running up. " Wow Astrid, that was the best ever!" my mom said. " Ya, she did amazing, like always,." I said. I jumped off and walked her back to the barn. I put her on the crossties and took off her tack and groomed her. " You did amazing sweetie pie, your the best pony in the entire world." I whispered in her ear. I put her in the trailer. When we got home it was late. I put Savannah in her stall and gave her food and water. I got my pajamas on and jumped in bed. " Another great day." I thought.

In the morning I did my daily routine and went outside, chewing on an apple. " Hey, sweetie, go ahead and hop on Savannah, we need to leave for a show soon, in Kentucky. You might have big competition today!" My dad said. I hopped on Savannah and walked, troted, cantered, and galloped around in the fields.
" Ready dad and mom, I will go ahead and put Savannah in the trailer.'" I yelled.

When we got to the horse show I got my number and rode out into the ring. " wow those jumps are big." I said to dad. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a huge horse. I patted my dad on the shoulder. " Dad, look is that my competition, right there?" I said.
" Yep, big one huh." My dad said. " I know you can beat her though." my dad said cheerfully.

I went out into the ring and started cantering. One jump. cleared. Second jump. cleared. Third jump. cleared. Forth jump. cleared. Fifth jump. cleared. Sixth jump. cleared. Clean round made by Astrid Smith riding Special Savannah. Next was the girl with that horse.

1 fault made by Christiana Bour. A huge sigh of relief went through my mouth. I patted Savannah. " the champion goes to Astrid Smith. The crowd went wild. " Great job honey." yelled my Dad. " I knew you could do it."

madimsmall & Bruno
2014-05-01 20:54:26
Bella and Fiona Chapter 2

"Its a lynx. I replied. A what? My mom asked. A lynx is a house cat bred with a Bobcat. That makes a Lynx. Usually Lynx don't come around people but if they have food like, Chicken. Well then that's a big Lynx. Dad replied. Yep, so we need to put up some traps, like the ones that they use to get Beaver's. My mom said. The truck is broken, we wont get into town in time because I heard that Lynx usually come out at dusk. I said. Hmm... You can ride Fiona. My mom said proudly. Sure! I tacked up Fiona and mounted on her to the township. Fiona whinnied and gave a sudden stop when we got to Kline's. I tied her up to the pole and walked through the door. "Hey Bella! What's up? Hey Kline, Nothing much. Just I need some Beaver traps. Why? He asked. Because we have a Lynx in our hands. I said like I was a queen. Well then, your lucky cause these are the last of them. Okay then. I replied giving him twenty dollars each for them. Have a good one. He replied with his deep voice. You too! I said. I mounted back on Fiona and put them in her black saddle bag. I clicked my tongue to erg Fiona on to a gallop. When we got home I seen my mom and dad burying Chief. "I got them! Great job Bella, and you to, Fiona"! My mom said giving both of us a big bear hug. My dad grabbed the beaver traps out of Fiona's saddle bag and put one in the chicken coop, one in the barn, one where the dog house was, and one where a hole was in the foundation of the house was, just in case if the Lynx gets any acute ideas. "Okay the traps are up and we now can go say Grace over our dinner". My dad said. We ate dinner got showers and went to bed. Sure enough their was Lynx's in every cage. "Those are to small to have left tracks like that the other day. Your right. My mom said to my dad. So that means our Lynx in a mama and that's why she killed our chicken. I replied. When we got the cages we heard another, SNAP! Coming from the barn. It was the mom trying to get ahold of the new born calf's. She was scared. And tried to snap my dads finger off! When we got ALL the cages, we put them in the back of the truck that got fixed after dinner yesterday. We traveled at least seven miles away from humanity and dropped them off in a forest. We got back home to find Fiona giving birth to her foal we aspected about nine months ago. Warrior was the father of Kiki, the foal. Fiona's sire wasn't a surprise to us. My mom is a horse breeder and my dad trains them. Then I sell them. We put a bridle on Kiki and put them into the barn. We had dinner then went to bed. The wolves howling a mile away and the Farm animals making everyday noises was a lullaby to my ears. The wolves were always close to the farm but never bothered any of the animals. That night was peaceful like any other night we had. With ALL the animals with full stomachs, they were peaceful to. In a few years, I will be on my own, But my parents said that you can stay here as long as you want. Kiki and I will be racing in about two-three years. When we woke up, we seen Kiki running around the pasture. She was at a full blown gallop not stopping at all. That's when I knew, She was ready.
Vote for chapter 3, I'm ready! Ready to run my heart out!

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-05-01 22:29:35
Life of a Race horse: Chapter 1

As we turned around the steal ring, Yids won the Golden Cup for the first time. "When I run, I can feel my veins pumping blood from through my muscles into my heart. Being crowned with roses and a big blue ribbon on my racing bridle, is like being lifted off the ground and into heaven. My biggest fear, is breaking a leg while racing. My jockey Is a great rider. He is always on track on being the best. But I didn't care about that, I cared about being 1#. Although, Willie Shoemaker did a great job with riding me and having me win the Golden Cup for the first time. I was a new horse, vary young and muscular, big competition for the others. He feeds me only the most top brand of Race horse food. And lets me run my heart out in his HUGE pasture. The pasture had other female horses, a big lake, trees, tall grass, and some rabbit holes coming from underneath the gate and fence.

When I won the Golden Cup, a race manager came up to Willie and asked, "I have seen your horse, Yids, Out their and he did swimmingly! I would love for you to breed him with my finest mare, Golden Legacy". Willie didn't know what to do but yet, he said yes. Then in about a year, the foal will hopefully get my blood and grow up to be a race horse as well.

When we got home, Willie put me in the Paddock and took a long nice shower then went to bed. I have never had a day like that before, Being able to breed and hopefully have my Jeans passed on to another horse. When he woke up, I was Galloping until my heart could content.

The next Derby I was in the racing barn. Willie put on my small saddle, Bridle with eye guards, my number three saddle pad, leg guards, and then strapped everything. The horse next to me was well experienced but yet he was old and his bones weren't as strong as mine was. His name was Frightful Eagle. HUGE competition for me. We were lining up in the gates. Horses rearing up, bucking, steam coming from there nose and they were ready to let out all their steam. The bell went off and so did we. I was catching up to Frightful but he wouldn't give up. Then at the last jump, he fell and rolled. Then I crossed the finish line!

Feeling the fame again. Of course I felt bad for Frightful. But he didn't break a bone. So I was happy for that. He retired after that. Then I went home with roses, a ribbon, The Cup, and fame.

A year later...
My sire was born. Willie had the choice to name him, his name is, Secratareit. And he took my place, as Champion. And his story, Begun.

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-05-02 20:53:39
The Abandoned Farm
By Daughter of Zeus

Chapter One

My name is Vincent. I'm a homeless child, along with my older brother Zeke. Ever since I was a few months old.
Zeke never told me the whole story, just that our parents left us behind and we had to take care of ourselves. Zeke was 7 at the time, he found an abandoned farm that we have been living on ever since.
I'm 24 now, Zeke is 21. He's been trying to find jobs lately, but he hasn't been successful. He wants to get some money and get us a real house. So that we wouldn't have to live in this run-down house.
I said I would try to find jobs also, but no. He won't allow it. Oh well I guess, the farm isn't so bad. There are wild horses that live nearby, I like to watch them graze and the foals play around.
But I'm not gonna talk about my life being homeless. Well, maybe a little. But it's mostly about me falling in love with a girl who changed my life.
I'm always alone at the farm, since Zeke doesn't really like taking me to the city. He feels like somebody will find out about our life, and take me away. So I stay, alone at the farm most of the time. Just to watch the horses.
I love to draw, Zeke will sometimes bring me pencils and notepads so that I have something to do when I am alone. Zeke says I'm amazing at drawing, that I'm better than most artists. I wouldn't know though.
It was early morning, Zeke wasn't up yet and I couldn't sleep. So I decided to go outside and clean up at the lake. I had to first make sure that the horses weren't there though. Zeke always told me that since they're wild, they might not like humans. They could attack and hurt me if they found the chance. So he told me to be careful when I went outside.
No horses, so I grabbed a towel and went out to get cleaned. The lake was always cold, but I was used to it.
I was getting dressed when I heard something walk into the water, I jumped and turned around when I saw a foal getting a drink.
I just stared at it, and without thinking I slowly walked towards it. I thought I got to close that made the foal run away, but I was hearing laughing. I freaked out and started running back to the house.
Zeke was up and was getting ready to leave.
" Zeke!"
" Whats wrong?" Zeke looked at me worried.
" Somebody is coming towards the house!" I told him.
" Who?"
" I don't know I just heard laughing."
" Stay inside."
Zeke walked out and I went upstairs to look through the window, I could see a lot of things out of the window since it was up high.
I could see a few kids my age, 2 girls and 2 boys. They were just laughing, and pushing each other around heading towards here. Zeke wasn't anywhere to be found, I was wondering where he went. I watched the kids come closer to the house, when Zeke stopped them in their tracks.
" What are you kids doing?" He asked them.
" We were just exploring." One of the boys told him, " are you a cop or something?"
" Come with me." The kids all followed Zeke inside.
What is he doing? I thought. I decided to meet them downstairs.
The kids were no longer laughing, they seemed more scared that they were getting in trouble. I met them when they came in.
" Zeke?" I walked up to my brother and stood behind him.
" Children, tell me why you decided to come to this abandoned farm house."
" We were curious." One of the girls said, she had blond curly hair and bright blue eyes. She was shorter than the rest, but you could tell she was the oldest and the leader.
" What if your curiosity got you in danger? You see those horses out there, they attack people if you get to close. You didn't know they were there earlier, what if you accidentally got to close?"
" Then what is he doing here?" One of the boys pointed at me, he was mean looking. One of those boys you would think would cause nothing but trouble for other people.
" I have been studying this area, this is a student following me around. We have a right to be here, you four on the other hand do not."
" We didn't mean to cause trouble," the blond girl continued. " We just wanted to know what was here, we won't bother you again."
" You better not."
The four kids left, Zeke and I were left alone.
" This isn't good." Zeke said.
" What isn't?"
" That they found this place, they might tell somebody."
" Or, they won't! We don't know what they'll do yet!"
" Well, just in case come to the city with me."
" Yeah, okay."

Chapter two will be next month. :-)

Daughter of Zeus & Kyra
2014-05-02 20:53:39
Getting Ready For a Horse Show
By: madimsmall

Fresh food and fresh hay.
Bright and early in May
Put your tack on
Its ok if you yawn
Get on your horse.
Ready to jump a course
Jumping high
Touching the sky
Running so fast.
It wont be the last.

madimsmall & Bruno
2014-05-02 20:53:39
Title: Joy's Promise
By: Horsesforever12

High atop the mountains great,
A mustang prances with a magical gait.
She is beautiful like the quiet dawn,
Quiet like the Morning's song.

And when the night turns to day,
And the stars fade away;
The little mustang will here abound...
Joy's Promise on her face shall be found.

Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2014-05-04 01:37:42
The Challenge of Sterling's Dream
By: madimsmall

I am now running for my life.
Past the finish line I went. The crowd went wild. Breathing hard I went to the winners circle. It felt like I was caring 200 pounds. They walked me to the barn took my tack off and cleaned me. When I got in my stall I ate and drink until I was stuffed. Then I heard my trainers talking too my Jockey Mark Whaltz.

" What was that out there?" " You were whipping him like crazy!" My Trainers said. " Hey I wanted to win, he was barley running!" My Jockey said. " We are going to get a new jockey," My Trainer said.
" Fine." Said my Jockey. A huge sigh of relief went through my nostrils.

The next morning my Trainers got a new Jockey and we went home. It felt good to be with my friends. People called me Sterling for short because, I am dapple gray. Today was my day of rest.
They took me out in the pasture and I watched my jockey try out some horses. One of them was my best friend Perfect Image.

The next day my jockey tried me out. It was a girl named Melanie Ghram. She was gentle and I liked her.
Now we went too Wisconsin to a very challenging race, with very challenging horses.
We got there and Melanie warmed me up and put on my number and pad. We went out and went in our gait. I looked around and saw the horse. He was huge and was a dark bay. His name was Dark Son. Then BOOM the gaits slammed open. I was running my fastest and then I felt a horse hit my waist I fell over on a different horse and we both fell. Right before I fell I looked over and saw that Dark Son was the one who hit me. I blacked out. Right before I blacked out I saw my trainers hovering over my dappled back and Melanie in an ambulance.

Part 2 will be next month ;)

madimsmall & Bruno
2014-05-05 00:30:16
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