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Mustangs of the Meadow

Hi Jane! I'd like to make a new club: Mustangs of the Meadow. It's based on my Breyer horse models, and on the board Herd Your Horses! I'm so excited.

*Mustangs of the Meadow*
In the Nevada Dessert, there are many dangers. And people long to capture and tame you. In the herd, you must protect and survive while traveling in and out of Green River Valley.

You can have up to 4 characters. Sometimes 5! Here are the open forms from the board game:

Name: Morning Dove
Meaning of Name: None
Gender: Mare
Age: 3
Breed: Arabian
Markings: One white sock on back left hoof
Color: Rose grey (bright grey, looks white)
Mane + Tail Color: White
Personality: Smart, elegant, strong, spirited
Mate: Buddy
Rank: Regular mare
Foals: Not yet
History:Morning Dove on of the oldest pure breeds. That means she is everything her personality says! Hot bloods like Morning Dove are so spirited, their blood seems to boil with energy!

Name: Rebel Lady
Meaning of Name: None
Gender: Mare
Age: 5
Breed: Tennessee Walker
Markings: Coronet (you can say mini socks!)
Color: Seal Brown (very dark brown, looks black)
Mane + Tail Color: Black
Personality: Gentle, loves to do a canter called 'rocking chair', grazes near herd
Mate: Not yet
Rank: Regular Mare
Foals: Not yet
History: Like all Walkers, Rebel Lady has three interesting gates (ways of moving). She has a flat-footed walk and a "rocking chair" canter. But her claim to fame is a smooth running walk

Name: Buddy
Meaning of Name: Friend
Gender: Stallion
Age: 4
Breed: Unknown, possably Mustang
Markings: Dorsal stripe
Color: Olive Grulla (GREW-ya)
Main + Tail Color: Black
Personality: Hopes to steal another mare, tricky,
and quick
Rank: Bachelor Stallion
History: Buddy, a handsome colored horse, hopes to steal another mare. He has 'primitive markings'- a line down his back and zebra stripes on his legs! Rare horses from Siberia and Argentina are so striped, they look like zebras!

Name: Star
Meaning of Name: None
Gender: Mare
Age: 3
Breed: Appaloosa
Markings: Striped hooves
Color: Leopard Appaloosa
Mean + Tail Color: White with thin red stripes
Personality: A first-time-mother, plays with foal, hates being ridden
Mate: Lightning, you may be him. Just let me know so I can post his form
Foals: 1
Rank: Foal-sitter
History: Appaloosas like Star and Banner often have white around their eyes. Star is ewe-necked, meaning her neck isn't nicely round! Rides have trouble keeping a saddle on ewe-necked horses. Luckily Star has only been ridden once.

Star's foal:
Name: Banner
Meaning of Name: None
Gender: Colt
Age: 1 month
Personality: Shy, loves to hope around and play with friendly foals

I will post mine and my co-owner's forms later. Here the rules:

1) Curses and swearing is not allowed. And DO NOT use our Lord God's name in vain. You may speak to him, just as long as yo speak well about Him.

2) If you're a mare, and you have a foal, you must be it unless you allow another player role-play it.

3) No power playing

4) No graphic scenes

5) Don't shout or be rude to other players

6) Don't take over. TheForthPonyPal is my co-owner.

7) If there is anything wrong, and you are concerned about something, please let me know and I'll work on that!

8)..... Have fun!

Please tell your friends! By the way, Bachelor Stallions can have up to 3 mares. Thanks for reading about my club!

~ PonyPalClub & TheForthPonyPal

PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-08-07 18:12:48
Welcome to your club, for our records it is 642046 plaque_866
Jane Crandal & JB
2015-08-08 04:40:15
PonyPalClub & Snazzy
2015-08-10 14:51:36
Here is my form. I am the lead Stallion. You can choose from any of the other ranks, I do need a lead mare. BTW, lead mares are not allowed to have mates. My foals are open to anyone who wants to play them, you can make them up.

Meaning of Name:None
Breed:Mustang/ Thoroughbred
Color:Light Brown
Rank:Lead Stallion
Personality: Strong, leader,Concerned, Protective

Ponygal103 & Sai
2018-01-17 01:40:29
Yes, Let me put up the forms, so you can fill them out. But WAIT UNTIL ALL OF THE PAGES ARE GONE please. Thanks

Lead Stallion: Taken
Lead Mare: Max 1
Lead Foal Sitter: Max 1
Foal Sitters:Max 10
Lead Defender: Max 1
Defenders: Max 5
Lead Rescuer: Max 1
Rescuers: Max 5

Horse Forms
Meaning of Name:

Ponygal103 & Sai
2018-01-17 01:40:55
Ok, I am officially asking for the other pages to be taken off, then you guys can fill out some forms and we can play!!
Ponygal103 & Sai
2018-01-18 01:42:44
I will re-make my form then. Can I be a stallion, just not a lead stallion? If not, I'll be a three year old colt, which is not yet a stallion.
SpiritRF & Shiloh
2018-01-18 01:42:44

Please post an answer if you do not want the earlier posts to be deleted. Ponygal remind me in a week if no one has posted they object I will shorten the thread.


Jane Crandal & JB
2018-01-21 02:26:27
Sorry my sis is not here. She asked me to take over for her. So everything is staying the same with her forms that she put up, and I do still want the rest of the forms gone. Thanks!
HorseWisperer123 & Phoenix
2018-01-27 22:50:47
Okay, that's fine with me Horsewhisperer. I would really like to join this RP club. :)
GodHorsesAmerica & Pocket Full of Sunshine
2018-02-22 13:33:51
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