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This is the I WANT A PONY club, for pals who want a pony and don't have one. MareOwner123&StarDustAngel

oh okay liltte toby.
Im sorry trump card, at least he'll be happy.
I am happy because today @ my 4-h meeting a lady gave us numbers to people near us who have minis that i can use in driving drill team and she said i could use/lease he horses for the fair and she knows peoples with horses!

MAC1023 & King
2011-12-11 01:56:11
I would go for the $600 all included. Daily Turnout is amazing. LOL JC.
arabluv & teapot
2011-12-11 13:31:23
Okay ill get the prices listed today. if i were you i would go on google and search 'stables in whatever city you live in' thoose stables are charging a LOT just for board!
places were i live are like 150,200,250 and they include food and pastures and trails and arenas!

MAC1023 & King
2011-12-11 15:17:12
Hi can I join?I LOVE ponies and need to get one.My dream pony
I would love to join!-Stevie

iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2011-12-18 20:06:29
I live in northern IL little toby. Well in **** population 150,000 so its big but theres a stable like 15 mins away and they charge 150 per month but they are outside 24/7, no stalls.
The place were I ride is outside of town, like 30 mins away and either 200 or 250 not sure but if your mom isnt willing to go ebvery day then compromise, weekends and every other day or only once during school week if everything is provided for them at stable like food and water.

MAC1023 & King
2011-12-20 01:04:00
i really really want a horse the deal is i have to get a 1000 dollars in the bank before we can think about a horse:(
9966332 & Indy
2011-12-20 03:42:05
I'm in VA you know, around the capitol of VA. ****
arabluv & teapot
2011-12-20 13:43:53
9966332- I have 850 and have been saving fir 4 years. Save ALL BIRTHDAY AND CHRISTMAS MONEY help out as much as you can!
MAC1023 & King
2011-12-20 16:44:31
Okay I will but it might seem forever but I WON'T GIVE UP. P.S Guess what?I might get riding lessons for Christmas in 5 days!Plus my sister has her on pony and I don't????????Well she is 17.
iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2011-12-20 16:52:36
thanks MAC1023! ive been sveing for about 3 quarters of a year and i have 273, not includeing the 4 silver coins i invested in(yes i own silver, my dad is a coin nut and has gold and silver coins lol)
9966332 & Indy
2011-12-20 21:50:37
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