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*** Prayer Club ***

my family sure needs some, we just got dads scooter fixed, and it broke again... we dont dont know whats wrong with it. and our van that dad takes to work now is guzziling up more money faster then the gas can go in! please pray that it can be fixed or we'll solve the problem!


9966332 & Indy
2012-02-21 02:31:59
prayer said...
Jane Crandal & JB
2012-02-21 04:56:53
thanks jane! it was just a simple problem!!!!
9966332 & Indy
2012-02-22 02:49:12
I have a major prayer request! At the classes I take, there's a teacher that has cancer. He's not currently teaching classes, and for a while he was getting better, but he's not doing very well now. He wasn't able to swallow his pills because of the pain. But thankfully they were able to get a liquid form. He was actually emotionally calling out for Jesus to come and get him.:(
mybuety & Pressed
2012-03-07 19:46:16
thats so sad mybuety! i will pray!!!!
9966332 & Indy
2012-03-09 14:41:12
The teacher I was talking about at my classes, he passed away this morning.:( I know he's up in heaven with Jesus though.
mybuety & Pressed
2012-03-09 17:50:14
It's all right, I just wish i'd been able to know him better.
mybuety & Pressed
2012-03-20 23:46:04
im really sorry mybuety, sometimes we cant help and think about all the ifs which are unfortunately a big part of life!if if if if if! it goes on and on...:(
9966332 & Indy
2012-03-22 23:39:12
Your teacher is in my thoughts as well. So are you.

Jane Crandal & JB
2012-03-22 23:42:39
my granpa died 3 months ago
Starwalker123 & Star
2012-04-28 23:09:17
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