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*** Prayer Club ***

Hi Becky, I'll join.
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2013-02-17 18:40:44
Help please, You might be jealous because you're friend gets a horse and you don't even though you are good! But if God wants you to have a horse, he'll get you one! Part of being a order is being strong! So be strong, you can help your friend and be happy for her! I'll pray for you AND her!
Oreopony6 & Oreo
2013-02-17 18:40:44
can u guys pray for me? i have braces, expander, and will get a thing that will bring my jaw forward in March. they HURT!!!!
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-02-19 01:47:32
Can I join?
Cat Cande & Izzy
2013-02-21 23:30:02
Can I join this club? I could use another mouth to help me through life.
jessamarch26 & GoldenBeauty
2013-03-30 20:25:49
Hi guys, it think this was once my club, did it transfer ownership or do i still techneclly run this club?
9966332 & Indy
2013-04-24 20:46:38
i'm sorry about your sister PrincessMyBaby!
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-04-27 19:35:46
Hi everyone -- a cousin of mine named Tom is facing some hard decisions and his son has turned to drugs. Please pray for him
msjane & AE
2013-05-26 23:04:56
I will put a word in
Jane Crandal & JB
2013-05-26 23:07:57
oh i am so sorry msjane! :(
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-05-27 18:14:36
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