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***Beauty Springs Stable*** Hi I want to make a new stable please Here is how to put your info in: Girl/boy Name: Age: Gender: Hair Color: Everyday clothes: Show clothes: Persality: Stable used to go to (please make one up): Horse(s) Name: Show Name: Age: Gender: Color: Main Tail color: Halter and Tack: Markings: Persality: Here is my info: Name: Mrs.Megan Age: 34 Gender:girl Hair Color: brown Everyday clothes: worn out blue jeans, light blue shirt and well worn cowboy hat Show clothes: same as everyday but nicer Persality: kind Stable used to go to: when kid apple creek stables Name: May Age: 10 Gender: girl Hair Color: light brown Everyday clothes: same as moms with a purple shirt Show clothes: same Persality:nice kind, very shy until you get to know her Stable used to go to: Shining Star Stables Name: Abbie Age: 10 Gender: girl Hair Color: dark brown Everyday clothes: same as May with a lime green shirt Show clothes:same Persality:nice , kind totally opposite of twin sister May Stable used to go to: Shining Star Stables Horses Name:Midnight Show Name:A Star at Midnight Age:3 Gender:mare Color:black Main Tail color:black Markings:a white blaze Persality: kind and likes dogs Name:Chesnut Show Name: Chesnut’s chance Age:3 Gender:gelding Color:chestnut Main Tail color:chstnut Markings:none Persality: kind and hates dogs unlike his mate Midnight Name:Penny Show Name:Copper Penny Age:6 Gender:mare Color:shiny penny Main Tail color:dull penny Markings:n/a Persality: kind, oldest horse in the stable Stable horse: Name: Ghost Show Name: Midnight Ghost Age: 4 Gender: stallion Color: a smokish white Main Tail color: same Markings:N/A Persality: Kind but only the most addvancesd riders can ride hin Name: Fall Show Name: Fall leaves Age:2 Gender: mare Color: all different Main Tail color: black Markings:N/A Persality: Kind and silly Rules: 1. be nice 2. Have fun 3. Take good care of your horses Barns: Barn M- mares and foals over 3 years of age Barn S-stallions and geldings over 3 years of age Barn F-Foals under 3 years and nursing/pregnant mares I would like the plaqe to be a stream with a barn and two horses grazing Thanks! pp2

Name: Taylor Kattobellalap
Age: 13
Gender: girl
Hair Color: straight red
Everyday clothes: skinny jeans, leather jacket, white v-neck and lace up black boots
Show clothes: black hunt coat, tan breeches, white shirt, black tall boots, black velvet show helmet, western chaps, jeans shirt, boots and hat
Barn clothes- tan breeches, white and blue and purple tops and tan windbreaker
Eyes- bright blue
Persality: fun, smart, leader, chappion rider
Stable used to go to (please make one up): windkind ranch
Past- rich, showed alot


Name: Elle
Show Name: Electra love story
Age: 15
Gender: mare
Color: chestnut
Main Tail color: chestnut
Halter and Tack: all light purple
Markings:white blaze and white socks on 3 feet
Persality: smart, and fun
Breed- QH

Other horse

Name- Sky
Show name- sky in the fire
Age- 5
Gender- gelding
Breed- Arabian
Coat- black
Mane and tail- black
Tack- all blue, brown saddle ect..
Personality- bucks a lot, mean, hard to handdle
can i join?

Taylor*** & Atticus
2011-11-19 23:51:12
Taylor- *hops out of truck and steps into the heated trailer and unlaods elle first and puts her in the already set up stall, then unloads sky into a ready stall unloads her things, and goes to cabin, sets up breyers, horse books and makeup and tolltories on the wide bookcase, puts silk sheets on bed* hey everyone!
Taylor*** & Atticus
2011-11-19 23:57:43
Candra: *takes ipad2 out and walks over to Olivia,* Hi, i'm Candra.What's your name? I'll be just checking the schedule first for new students and old students. feel free to use my other ipad *hands the other ipad to Olivia from the rainbow coloured bag and close it*
fluffy23 & Moonlight
2011-11-20 01:44:46
Stephanie: I walk over to Candra and Olivia, "oh my gosh, is that an ipad? I wish I could have one! My mum spent all of our money on Rosey!" I laugh but Candra looks at me as if I'm something off the street. "She used to compete at HOYS and Olympia."
TGG & Dekka
2011-11-20 20:01:20
*i played my ipad2 on the way there*are we there yet?*puts ipad2 back in bag*Yay!!*i jump out the car and unload Thunder before Ruby*Ok...*looks up at sign on barn*Ok stallion barn!*leads Thunder in*ok im gonna go unload Ruby now!*i run back in the car and the driver drives me to the other barn,i unload Ruby*
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2011-11-20 21:58:45
*climbs under blanket and goes aslep*
*wakes up, takes a shower, brushs teeth and hair, get dressed in barn clothes and walks to stables, leads horses to a small padock and feeds them both, then cleans out stalls, water bukets and sets up tack**then i get elle and work her with western first put her in her stall, lunge sky and work him, but he bucks and sends me flying threw the air, i get up and work him more till he stops bucking, after i walk him out and put him away*

Taylor*** & Atticus
2011-11-20 22:30:23
*Grabs it* Cool. *Checks my name off the list, checks Ajax's and Survivor/Ice's name off the list* You wanna see my horses? *Hands the IPad back to Candra*
arabluv & teapot
2011-11-20 23:14:46
(Bella, how old is Thunder? Cause I thought he was 3)
arabluv & teapot
2011-11-21 14:08:22
Yeah he is, he should be in the same barn Ajax is, because Ajax had to go into the foal barn because she was 3.)
arabluv & teapot
2011-11-21 14:09:23
Stephanie: I heard Becky yelling and run to see what's wrong, I see her on the floor and Toby on the other side of the arena. I catch Toby as he trots past me and tie him up on the side of the arena. I then sprint over to Becky and ask her what happened. she said that a deer had jumped into the arena and spooked Toby. She had then half fallen off and then nearly been dragged around. She also said that she couldn't stand on her foot. I told her to stay still while I got Mrs Maggs. I stood up and ran over to Toby. I climbed up onto the saddle, ignoring the too-short stirrups and cantered over the grass towards the stables where everyone else was, looking after their horses. I looked for Mrs Maggs and found her near the stables. I told her about Becky and how she had fallen off Toby. She started to head towards the arena and I jumped off Toby and untacked him. I lead him into the stable and put his rug on, he gave me a look which looked like it said 'Where's Becky' so I gave him a pat and smiled at him.


TGG & Dekka
2011-11-21 17:40:55
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