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**** Moonlight Acres Academy****

I get up and put on a lime green areo tee and ripped jeans,earrings and a lime green bow.
Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-11-28 19:33:14
*I walk out of class,and back into my room.I change into riding clothes*..."Heyy Blayze"*I tack him up and mount.We walk into my fave trail*

Why hasn't anyone been posting??No ones posted for 6days...And this is one of my favorite clubs

Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-05 03:05:19
**RM No messages are missing.**
Jane Crandal & JB
2011-12-05 17:46:29
RM: my hair is pin straight xD i brushed it :)
*i sit down by Olivia*Hey my names Bella!you helped my horse Thunder,
Teacher:Get changed into riding clothes please!after that tack up your horses and ill see how you are at stable care with your horse!after ill see your skills on some jumps!
Bella-*walks out classroom and ties hair up in a blue thin pony tail and my blue streaks looked great in it,my navy blue eyes shined at the thought of jumping Thunder again.I ran up to the dorms and changed into tan Tuff Rider' jodhpurs with a white polo shirt with blue thread saying Bella-Thunder at the side in tiny writing*Ready!Thunders is gonna have so much fun!*i walked into the barn and saw every one else patting there horses while we wait on the teacher to come,i walked to Thunders stall and he whinnied as he saw me*Hi boy!*the teacher walked in and as soon as she did she walked up to Thunders stall*
Teacher-Oh wow!this horse is amazing!!Dressage with me straight after!hes PERFECT!*turns around and snaps her fingers*Every take your horse out to the cross ties and start grooming please!
Bella-*i smile at her and tickle Thunder nose,i opened his stall and he pranced out showing off to the teacher*
Teacher-Hes amazing....Bella is it?
Bella-Yes,it is*i smiled as the 17.05hh horse towered over her.I tied his aqua blue halter to the cross ties and got his grooming kit and groomed him down.I looked at his bad hoof and i patted his head and whispered in his ear*You can trust me,*i leaned down and gently wrapped his legs in white polo sets*There!youll be fine boy!its all healed already,just sore!*i got his tack and put on a white saddle blanket with 'Howler'on one corner with gorgeous black tack*Ok boy,you ready to do your stuff?*i lead him out to the ring,i opened the gate and lead him in,i pulled the stirrups down and mounted,i strapped on my helmet and watched as every one else comes in*

BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2011-12-11 01:00:33
What does RM mean??

Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-11 01:45:17
RM: RM=Real Me

*Gets changed, grooms Ajax, puts her saddle blanket and saddle on, puts her rope hackamore on, wraps her legs, puts her breast Plate and Running maringale on, walks her to the arena, tightens her girth, puts on her helmet and perfectly mounts Ajax* Hi Bella! I'm Olivia.

arabluv & teapot
2011-12-12 16:56:34
Nice to finally meet you!well we met but it was like for 3 seconds!*i smile at her and Thunder tries showing off by wanting to start already*Thunder were starting soon!Sorry but im gonna warm him up or else he will buck,kick rear who knows!Trot on Thunder!*he started to tot happily*
BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2011-12-14 15:12:42
*Trots Ajax after Thunder so they're side by side* Amen, same with Ajax. Is thunder good at Jumping? Ajax is really good!
arabluv & teapot
2011-12-15 17:22:05
*I tack up Breeze.I enter the arena,and ask for a trot,then lope.His lope was really choppy and he kept throwing his head.I slowed to a trot,then asked for a lope again.This time he bucked and sent me into the arena gate* "OWW,Breeze."*I feel okay,but get up slowly.I catch Breeze and mount."Breeze,you know better.What is wrong with you?"*I check Breeze over and he was fine.I ask for a trot,and we trot for ten minutes.I slow to a walk.Then ask for a lope.This time he's better.Still not quiet right though."What is with you today?"
Callie9399 & Summer Detention
2011-12-15 17:31:07


*i look at Breeze and see him trying to buck her off*"are you ok?"*i turn back to Olivia*"Wow Thunder is an amazing jumper!i was asked to jump him in the nationals ounce!Cant you see me tightening the reins?!he always goes by the jumps!"*Thunder tries to pull away and canter*"Stop it!"*i whip him,he whinnies and starts trotting again*"See what i mean!"*i laugh and he snorts at me as if to say 'shut up im just exited!'*"im gonna start jumping him now"*i kick his sides and he goes straight into a fast canter,we go towards a 4ft jump,he jumps it perfectly and i do too,we fly over some 5ft jumps,Thunder goes into a beautiful stride and we go over a 5ft jump again*

BellaHorse10 & Thunder
2011-12-16 14:36:43
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