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***Horse Show Club*** about members' real life horse show experiences. People can share stories, advice, ask for advice, talk about the upcoming show season, what they hope to show in, or if a member has never done a horse show- just find out what it's all about!

We dressed up as a native american and my war pony! Pressed had war paint and was not enjoying it. he was in a bad mood that day and was being a brat during my crossrail class. I'm going to ask my instructor about the dressage test next thursday... She's a bronze madalist in dressage so i think she can help me. I've actually never done eventing either, i LOVE the cross country portion though. I'm going to check out the green horse green rider, i saw it and didn't think much about posting there. I was thinking if i still had my green-overly smart arabian mare, it would have been VERY helpful! now that you mention it though, it's a grear idea!
mybuety & Pressed
2011-11-27 04:35:47
last time I went to a fancy dress contest was when I was helping a little girl who was riding my pony that day and my pony was a fairy! That sounds awsome mybuety, I get trained by a lady who competed in the Hickstead Derby for showjumping but I don't know anyone who is that good at any equestrian sport
TGG & Dekka
2011-11-27 19:58:50
Aww, a fairy pony. :) I bet that was adorable!

Mybuety, I bet your instructor will be loads of help if she has a bronze medal! Yeah, I think the club is about just help with riding in general- you and/or your pony don't have to be green in order to request help!

columbinestables & Nala
2011-11-28 02:56:10
Yeah she is, the only problem is yesterday I was at an eventing place with my instructor, and I jumped a big log, and came off. My balance was off and I was looking down instead of up and fell off and hopefully just sprained my ankle. So I can't go to the show on December. More time to work on dressage though!
mybuety & Pressed
2011-11-28 18:24:28
I am not the best at dressage in the world, going fast is more my thing! I saved up for an hour at the gallops in Newmarket it's really expensive but I had a really fun time galloping really fast with my pony. Newmarket is a long way away and we had to drive for a really long time to get there but it was worth it. I tried to match the speed of one of the GoDolphin trainees from one of the other tracks but I couldn't catch up with it. If you didn't know GoDolphin is 'the best stud' in the of Newmarket which produces top rate racers every year and owns some of the most famous English racing horses. It also uses a very famous jockey who has won about 200 races in his whole career. I'm not being biased about it becuase they are really quite good. For all that don't know it as well both the Darly stud and the GoDolphin stud are named after two of the main stallions which were first used for racing, the other other one is the Harley Turk I think, I'm not sure of it so don't hesitate to correct me!
TGG & Dekka
2011-11-29 18:47:54
Well, I don't know much about racing TGG, but it sounds like you're quite the speed-demon!

Mybuety, I'm sorry :( We all have our falls. Are you going to just take time off from eventing? Because if your ankle is hurt- you probably shouldn't ride for a few days so that you have time to heal.

columbinestables & Nala
2011-11-29 23:18:21
Comumbinestables, I won't be riding for nine weeks. Turns out I broke my inside ankle bone, I had 3 screws put in today. Unfotunatley I won't be riding for alot longer than a few days.
mybuety & Pressed
2011-12-02 00:58:31
Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know about a contest I'm holding! It's a guessing game and the prize is... a saddle of your choosing! (Except for the pink or blue ones) Head over to the Give a Gift, Get a Gift Club for more information, and please tell your friends too! :)
columbinestables & Nala
2011-12-02 01:04:12
OWWW!!! get well soon!
Jane Crandal & JB
2011-12-02 01:55:24
Can I join?I have a pony(on CPP not in real)named Rainbow and we have never EVER even been to a virtural riding lesson or show but we really want and have NO idea how it works.


iluvtuey8 & Abercrombie
2011-12-02 02:54:41
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