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***Horse Show Club*** about members' real life horse show experiences. People can share stories, advice, ask for advice, talk about the upcoming show season, what they hope to show in, or if a member has never done a horse show- just find out what it's all about!

Same here Sonny! I jump and i'm going to start showing. TGG, I didn't realize pony club had already started western, although your in the UK and i'm in the US. how long have they been doing it? My club sent in the form for the pilot program this year.
mybuety & Pressed
2011-12-04 19:42:19
Congrats Sonny! I competed in my first show over the summer and it was fun- but very hot. I think it's important to know basics in both so you're well rounded. I just wish I got to ride more because I get to ride western once every other week right now. That might sound still like plenty but at our old barn I got to ride twice a week because the lessons were so cheep.
columbinestables & Nala
2011-12-04 23:20:38
Good job TGG!!!!! The beanie hat and neck warmer will be very handy soon!
mybuety & Pressed
2011-12-06 06:17:09
Congrats TGG! Is 90/80cm the height of the jumps%Pr
columbinestables & Nala
2011-12-07 00:03:10
yep :) it was in an evenetr trail so we had to go as fast as possible, in the 80cm there were loads of small nippy showjumping ponies that were faster then us but in the 90cm I had to shorten her up as she is prone to galloping on the fore hand.
TGG & Dekka
2011-12-07 06:52:52
I LOVE the cross country part of eventing. Galloping and jumping, what can be funner?
mybuety & Pressed
2011-12-08 03:38:54
I wish I got to do cross country, it sounds like so much fun! I really want to try eventing & barrel racing someday.
columbinestables & Nala
2011-12-10 22:14:18
hi everyone!! i was wondering if i could join this club!! i've been riding for a while and i think i'm going to start showing probably this summer. anyone have any tips or advice? thx!
horsegal545 & Muffin
2012-01-08 03:47:58
can i join?
maddiebaby & Harry Styles
2012-01-17 19:21:02
Hey!!!! CAN I JOIN???????????
maddiebaby & Harry Styles
2012-02-21 17:59:58
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