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***Horse Show Club*** about members' real life horse show experiences. People can share stories, advice, ask for advice, talk about the upcoming show season, what they hope to show in, or if a member has never done a horse show- just find out what it's all about!

Thanks JC! I hope to get well soon too!
mybuety & Pressed
2011-12-02 04:52:13
:( Im so sorry mybuety! Does it hurt really bad? Screws inside your body do not sound like fun!
columbinestables & Nala
2011-12-02 05:08:15
owch, my dad once had to have a few screws after falling off his big horse out drag hunting. I can't wait until Saturday! I am hoping to qualify for the Blue Chip Eventer Trail series this winter on my mum's 16hh TB mare at 80cm, 90cm and if it all goes well 100cm
TGG & Dekka
2011-12-02 17:00:39
Columbinestables, It didn't hurt last night,(that's when my surgery was)Because there was a bunch of numbing medicine in my ankle. Today though it hurts. That's what pain meds are for!;)

LittleToby, I'm sorry that happened to your grandma! I'm glad it didn't turn out worse than it could've. Pressed could have stepped on me or I could have fallen on the jump. I was so proud of how Pressed acted he stopped when I fell and sorta backed up.

TGG, Something similar happened to my friend, when she was fox hunting. Well coyote hunting as we have lots of coyotes where I live! She was in a full gallop on her 17.1hh paint, and a 15 maybe 16hh horse kicked out and hit her in the elbow and broke her arm in two places. Good luck on your Eventer trail series! It's tomorrow! my eventing trial was on sunday, but since i'm not doing that, you need to tell me how it went sunday!

Thank you everyone, y'all are SSSSSOOOOOOO kind on CPP!

mybuety & Pressed
2011-12-02 18:36:29
Is there anyone who like western better than English or English better then western?
Sonny25 & Peasy
2011-12-02 21:52:42
Sonny25, I'm sorta in the middle, although it's really fun to ride western after you've ridden english for a long time. English is my more serious displne and western is more fun. I'm all about advancing in english and western is more go on a trail ride, teach the horse to neck rein, teach the horse to jog. Although I did think about getting into cutting, just never did. I might do it down the road though. What about you?
mybuety & Pressed
2011-12-03 02:36:12
Sonny25, I like english a little more than western because I love jumping. However, I have never done any of the western games so maybe if the place I trained at for western did them- I might fall in love with western games!

What about you guys? Western or english? Or both? :)

columbinestables & Nala
2011-12-03 02:51:56
I ued to take Western Lessons but other than that the only connection I have for Western is the fact that I compete in fun barrel racing contests at pony club which are a bit competitive and I own a QH x. When I say competitive I mean that you need a racing saddle to beat some of them. I have a racing saddle but it is so hard to get around corners without nearly toppling over so most people lengthen their stirrups for it. Other then that I have never really done much western except my dad's kitten came from the man who owns the place where the national reigning championships are held. I do go and watch every year but there is one bit where they gallop really fast and that looks fun.
TGG & Dekka
2011-12-03 07:36:30
Yeah, I have ridden western and English. I find that I like english better. I think I am going to get really advanced in English and then go to western. I also know how to jump. I am going to show in english soon.
Sonny25 & Peasy
2011-12-03 13:39:53
WE WON!!! Me and my mum's 16hh horse won the 90cm and came 5th in the 80cm. I'm so happy! I got beanie hat and neck warmer for wining!


TGG & Dekka
2011-12-04 08:49:55
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