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*** gymnastics club ****

Yikes, sadly I never took gymnastics at all and have no suggestions. Perhaps a coach could help. Landing on your head sounds dangerous!
Jane Crandal & JB
2013-05-28 21:30:58
luvhorses1 maybe u should get a coach like Jane suggested. :)
Iluvkitties & Cupid
2013-05-30 22:25:23
Iluvkitties & Cupid
2013-06-07 17:25:22
hi i need some advice please all my friends can do more than i can in gymnastics and one of the is like a year younger then me. I feel really left out.
Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2013-06-13 23:58:05
this club is inactive give me 20 w bucks please

Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2013-06-23 20:06:32
I took gymnastics and I could maybe help Sugar1.luvhorses1, I would try and tuck my head in more. Where are your legs when you land?
bay speed & Ruby
2013-06-23 20:06:32
This club is not inactive, last message posted 2013-06-23.


Jane Crandal & JB
2013-06-23 23:15:37
bay speed how could you help me
Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2013-06-26 23:14:00
You could tell me what you want to be able to do and I can tell you how to do it and how you can improve, if you want.
bay speed & Ruby
2013-06-28 23:23:25
i cant do a back bend...please don't make fun of me... anyway i also cant hold a handstand.
Sugar1Loaf2 & Lightning
2013-07-01 00:59:57
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