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*** Awesome writing club **** the club members write stories and there will be contests for the best story(they will only write a chapter)and the winner gits to pick something they want that I will send them and I will also send them a suprise gift.

Yes I'm chincoteague13 after the Misty Of Chincoteague books... They are some of my all time favorite book! And thanks! Here's my story!

By: Chincoteague13

As we pulled into the dusty, brown driveway, I yanked off my green jacket. One of the buttons got stuck in my long blond hair. I started to yank at the jacket and my dad looked over at me.
“Amber! Are you OK? Oh my gosh! Let me help you!”
“I’m fine, Dad,” I muttered as I rolled my eyes and untangled the last wispy strands from the button.
The reason my dad acts that way is because I was in a car accident a few months ago. The accident killed my mom, and should have killed me too, or at least left me paralyzed. I was “lucky” though. After months of rehab, I started to walk again without any help. The doctors decided it would be a good idea for me to go to my Aunt Matilda’s ranch in Wyoming for “further rehabilitation.” That’s the reason my dad and I were now parked outside of a rundown, blue farmhouse with an old truck parked outside. Paint was chipping off the house, revealing the rotting wood underneath. The truck was so rusty I couldn’t tell if it was blue or brown. My big, blue eyes widened in shock.
“You’ve got to be kidding me!” I exclaimed. “I am not staying here! No way!”
“Oh, I’m sure you’ll like it once you get used to it,” my dad said. “Let’s go inside and meet everyone.”
I started to climb out of the white SUV we had rented from the airport when my dad rushed over.
“I don’t want you to hurt yourself!” he exclaimed as he scooped me up like a baby and set me on the ground.
“Dad! I can do it myself! I’m almost 13, you know, not 2!” I yelled angrily. I marched up to the house, stumbling because I was still relearning how to walk, about eight times.
I picked up the grimy wooden doorknocker and let go. It slammed against the red door and knocked off some flakes of chipped paint. After a few seconds, a tall lady wearing a cowboy hat with sun-bleached braids sticking out from underneath opened the door.
“Amber! Honey! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you! Look how much you’ve grown! Come on in, I’ll give you some dinner, and then show you your room.”
After I ate my dinner of chicken and fresh green beans, Aunt Matilda walked me down the hall to a makeshift bedroom.
“We made a bedroom down here for you. We didn’t want you to have to climb any stairs with your legs.”
“Oh great, more babying. Just what I wanted,” I said to myself.
“What’s that, Amber? I didn’t hear you, sweetie,” my aunt inquired.
“Nothing, I’m just tired,” I replied quickly.
“Alright, see you in the morning then,” whispered my aunt as she tiptoed out of the room and turned off the lights.

I went to the barn after breakfast to collect eggs, like I had been doing for a week now. I brought the eggs back to Aunt Matilda, and then hobbled down the stairs and went to the horse barn.
I was really starting to like hanging around the horses. I hoped I would get to ride one soon. My cousin, Baylee, was in the old red barn saddling up her horse, Blackjack. Baylee was the only person who I really liked talking to around here because she didn’t treat me like a baby, or like I was handicapped.
“Hey, Am,” she called.
“Hi, Bay,” I shouted back, “Goin’ for a ride?”
“Well, I was gonna, but I’ve got a better idea now,” she said with a mischievous grin. Her green eyes twinkled as she led Blackjack back into his stall and brought out Sunny, an old horse that Aunt Matilda used for little kid’s riding lessons.
“Are you riding Sunny?” I asked doubtfully.
“Nope,” she answered with a grin, “you are!”
“Really? Are you sure I can? Is it safe?” I asked apprehensively.
“Well, I can tell how much you hate being babied, so I thought I’d help you have a little fun,” Baylee said as she led Sunny into an empty, grassy field. I limped up to Sunny and patted her strong, bay neck nervously.
“Here, climb up,” Baylee told me as she dragged a white, plastic stool over to Sunny. “This will make getting on a lot easier!”
I slowly climbed the two steps and put my foot in the stirrup. I tried to swing my leg over Sunny’s back like I had watched Baylee do with Blackjack a million times, but I couldn’t do it. My legs weren’t working well enough yet. I tried once more and slipped. Baylee ran over and grabbed me before I hit the ground. I struggled to stand up, and then climbed the steps again.
“Wait! Let me help you this time!” Baylee exclaimed as she sprinted over and jumped up the two steps. With Baylee’s help I managed to get onto Sunny’s back. I looked down at the ground and almost fell off.
“The ground looks so far away!” I said nervously as Sunny started to walk.
“Don’t worry. It’s really not!” shouted Baylee. “You’ll get used to it. I promise.”
Three weeks later, I was riding a horse like a pro. My favorite horse was named Simba. I had just gotten back from a long ride with him when I noticed an enormous, silver horse trailer attached to a shiny, olive green pickup truck. Aunt Matilda beckoned to me from the front porch where she was talking to a man in a navy blue suit. He was running his fingers through his short black hair.
“Alrighty, then, she’s all yours,” the man said as he climbed into the truck and drove away.
“Who was that?” I asked.
“A man from the racetrack,” she responded. “He left us an injured racehorse to take care of.”
“Really? Can I see her? What does she look like? What’s her name?” I asked excitedly.
“I’ll show you. I was actually hoping you’d like to take care of her for me. Her name is Star Dancer. She broke her leg in her last race.”
“Oh no! I’m sure she’ll be great again once she’s better, though,” I said to Aunt Matilda. Then I said to myself, “Just like me.”
“I don’t want you to be disappointed if we can’t save her, though,” my aunt added hastily.
“I’m sure we can,” I answered as we walked into the big red horse barn. I slid open the stall door that Aunt Matilda told me to and saw a huge, white horse laying on the ground. Her muscles bulged underneath her glossy coat as she picked her giant head up to look at me. She attempted to stand up, but couldn’t because of her leg, which was wrapped from top to bottom in a chunky white bandage.
“Shhhhhhhhhhhh,” I whispered, “It’s ok. You’ll be running again in no time. You’re just like me,” I told her. “I hurt my legs too, but I’m getting better, and so will you.”
Star Dancer put her head down again and relaxed. I spent some time just stroking her head and talking to her.
“Amber! Dinner!” hollered Aunt Matilda from the house. “Baylee, you too!”
I scrambled up and walked back to the house as quickly as I could, because I couldn’t quite run yet.
I ate my dinner of chicken and creamed corn, and then flopped down on my creaky, old bed because I was exhausted. I fell asleep that night dreaming of Star Dancer, and all the fun we would have together when we were both completely better. I had fallen in love with that horse.
The next morning, I went out to the barn where Star Dancer was right away. I decided that she needed to be groomed, so I walked over to the box of horse supplies and grabbed some brushes. I brushed Star Dancer until her coat gleamed with cleanliness, and I gleamed with sweat. Then, I cleaned out the dirty old straw from her stall and put fresh straw down. I refilled her big orange water bucket, sat on the ground next to her huge white head, and then fed her hay and a few carrots. By the time I was done, I had to go eat dinner.
Every day for two whole weeks I went out to the barn and worked with Star Dancer. I brushed her, cleaned her stall, fed her, and talked to her. The whole time Star Dancer was getting stronger, and so was I.
One Tuesday morning, after I had already spent a couple weeks with Star Dancer, I went out to the horse barn to see her, as usual. When I slid back the splintering wooden door of her stall, I peered inside and found Star Dancer standing up and looking at me with her gentle coffee colored eyes.
“AUNT MATILDA! AUNT MATILDA!” I shouted. “Come see Star Dancer! Come see her!”
“What is it? What’s wrong?” shrieked Aunt Matilda as she raced into the barn, her hair flying behind her.
“Nothing!” I exclaimed as I reached down to pick up her big straw hat. “Star Dancer is standing up!”
Aunt Matilda gazed at Star Dancer in astonishment, her green eyes the size of golf balls.
“Well, that’s just wonderful! That also means that you’ll have to start walking her around a little, and pretty soon we’ll have someone come and ride her a bit,” Aunt Matilda announced.
“Why can’t I ride her?” I asked in a rude way.
“I don’t want you to hurt your legs,” explained my aunt.
“I’ll show her!” I thought to myself.
I said good-bye to Star Dancer, saddled up Simba, and rode off in search of Baylee. I found her on our favorite trail. It was the one that snaked down a mountain into a big flowery meadow with a small creek running through it. It was a perfect place to relax, or talk without anyone eavesdropping.
“Baylee, I need your help,” I announced to my cousin.
“Sure, Amber. What’s up?” she asked my as she hopped down off of Blackjack.
“I want to ride Star Dancer,” I said slowly. “I’m going to ride her in a race. I want to prove that I can do things for myself. Your mom told me we would have to hire a trainer or someone to ride Star Dancer and get her running again, but I want to do it myself. Will you help me?”
“Of course! I can’t believe my mom actually said that to you! Doesn’t she realize you’re the one who’s been helping Star Dancer this whole time?” she said angrily as she twirled her chocolate colored hair around her finger, “We’ll start first thing tomorrow. Be in the barn by seven, OK?”
“Awesome! Thanks so much!” I squealed as I hugged Baylee.
“No problem. It’s nice to do something other than what my mom says for once,” she giggled. Baylee helped me climb onto Simba, and then hauled herself onto Blackjack. We rode back to the barn smiling because of our secret plan.
The next morning I was in the horse barn dressed in my favorite faded blue jeans, brown leather cowboy boots, and an orange and green striped tank top by seven o’clock. Baylee walked in and opened Star Dancer’s stall. I put on her purple, leather halter, and led her out into the aisle of the barn.
“Let’s get started!” declared Baylee.
After we had brushed and saddled Star Dancer, we took her out to the big, grassy field behind the barn.
“This way Mom won’t see us,” whispered Baylee.
“Good idea,” I said. I dragged over the plastic mounting block and climbed up.
“Are you gonna be OK getting on?” Baylee asked me, looking concerned.
“I’ll be fine. Don’t worry,” I said as I (almost) gracefully swung my leg up over Star Dancer’s broad back and plopped down in the saddle.
“Nice one!” Baylee said. “You’re getting stronger.”
“Yeah, I guess I am,” I replied, happily grinning as I sat on Star Dancer’s back. Her leg was completely healed now. We had made sure right after I had decided to ride her. “We are going to be awesome,” I whispered to Star Dancer as I gently nudged her sides with the heels of my boots. She took a few tentative steps forward, and then picked up a normal walking pace. She was amazing to ride. It was so smooth and wonderful.
“You look like you were made for her,” Baylee called from the other end of the field. “You’re doing great! See if you can get her to go a little faster, OK?”
I nudged Star Dancer’s sides again and she began trotting, which is slightly faster than a walk. I asked her to pick up a little more speed, and she started to buck. I flew over her head onto the freshly cut grass.
“Amber, are you alright?” Baylee called as she rushed over to where I was sitting on the ground.
“I’m fine. Really, Baylee, don’t worry,” I said as I pushed myself of the ground into a standing position.
“Maybe we should try again tomorrow?” Baylee asked.
“Yeah, let’s call it quits for today,” I replied sheepishly.
Baylee and I worked with Star Dancer for weeks and weeks. I fell off quite a few times, too. We finally found out why Star Dancer was bucking every time I asked her to gallop though. Her girth, the strap that goes around the horse’s stomach and holds the saddle in place, was too tight, and didn’t fit right. Every time she would stretch out to gallop, it would pinch her stomach, so she would buck to try to get rid of the pain. Once we solved that problem, our training went smoothly. We spent hours and hours training and practicing with Star Dancer for her big “come-back race,” as we were now calling it.
On August 18th, we loaded Star Dancer into Aunt Matilda’s rundown, old horse trailer and drove down to Wyoming Downs, the only racetrack in Wyoming. We told Aunt Matilda about our plan since neither one of us could drive. Aunt Matilda started the truck as I secured the last bolt on the back of the trailer. I hopped into the cab of the truck and squeezed in next to Baylee. I had to hold my big blue canvas bag containing my brand new racing silks on my lap because there was barely enough room on the torn up truck seats for three people, much less a big bulky bag.
The racetrack was huge place full of big people and big horses. You could barely take a step without bumping into someone. The stables were huge and looked brand new.
“This place is amazing,” I whispered as I gazed at the gleaming barn in awe. “It’s huge!”
I led Star Dancer into the barn and began to saddle her, but Baylee stopped me.
“Go get changed; I’ll take care of Star Dancer,” she told me as she shooed me toward the dressing room.
I pulled my shiny, blue and silver checkered shirt from my bag. The shirt was a gift from Aunt Matilda, of all people, who had given it to me after she found out what we were doing. I pulled the shiny material over my head, slipped on my breeches, buckled my boots, and then strolled out of the dressing room, swinging my helmet by my side.
“Wow, you look great!” exclaimed Baylee. “Ready to win this race?”
“I sure am,” I told her with a big smile on my face.
Baylee helped me mount Star Dancer, just as Aunt Matilda walked in.
“Good luck, Amber!” she called as Baylee took hold of Star Dancer’s bridle and led us to the racetrack. A short man wearing a green track official’s jacket walked over, and led Star Dancer and me into a big blue starting gate. I whispered soothing words into Star Dancer’s ear as we waited for the bell that would open the gates and signal the beginning of the race. We waited in deadly silence for what seemed like years. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, keeping a steady beat like a bass drum.
“BBBBBRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG,” was the noise the bell made as it pierced the silence that had engulfed us. Star Dancer leaped forward with such force that I almost got left behind her. She plunged forward as fast as lightning, leaving all of the horses, but one, in the dust. The wind had ripped my hair from its neat ponytail, which was now whipping all around my head like my own personal tornado. Star Dancer, and the only horse we hadn’t passed now, called Neutron, were neck and neck.
“Come on, Star Dancer!” I shrieked, but my words were carried away by the wind. “You can do it! Run, girl, run!”
Star Dancer was running like her life depended on it. She was moving faster than I knew she was capable of running. The tons of people in the stands were just one big blur as we whizzed by them at the speed of light. We were so close to passing Neutron, a large jet-black racing machine, which would mean winning the race. I could feel Star Dancer tiring beneath me though. She was slowing down, and the pack of horses behind us was gaining on us. I leaned down as low as I could, so I was practically lying on Star Dancer’s neck. We were rapidly nearing the finish line, and I was ready to give up.
“Second is good, too,” I thought to myself.
Then, out of nowhere, Star Dancer lunged forward with a sudden burst of speed. She was kicking up a dust storm behind us, and I couldn’t see anything. I nudged Star Dancer with my heels, willing her to go faster. Even though I couldn’t see anything, I could tell we were catching up to Neutron.
“Run!” I shrieked. ”Run!”
Star Dancer pulled up beside Neutron, and the world seemed like an old silent movie, put in slow motion. I could suddenly see the faces of everyone in the stands; their mouths wide open as they screamed. I could hear every “thud” that Star Dancer and Neutron’s hooves made as they pounded into the dirt of the race track. I felt like we were trying to move through molasses.
Then, out of nowhere, everything was racing by again. Star Dancer lunged forward and stretched her neck out as far as possible. She surged forward with one last surge of speed, and then “click,” I heard the sound of the camera as we crossed the finish line. The race was a photo finish.
Aunt Matilda and Baylee rushed up to Star Dancer, and started talking so fast that I couldn’t understand a word they were saying.
“You were both incredible!” I heard Baylee say once Aunt Matilda had to stop to take a breath.
We all waited anxiously for the results to be posted on the huge screen above the starting gates. We all reminded ourselves that second place would still be amazing, especially because it was Star Dancer’s first race after her injury.
“Look, Amber! Look, Baylee! The results are up!” Aunt Matilda exclaimed.
We all silently turned our heads and scanned the list for our names. I looked through the whole list twice, and then I found my Star Dancer’s name and number in the first place slot.
“We got first! We got first! She did it! She got first!” I shrieked.
“Oh my gosh! That’s so awesome!” Baylee exclaimed.
“Let’s go get your prize, girls,” added Aunt Matilda.
Baylee grabbed Star Dancer’s bridle and led her to the winner’s circle. I sat on top of her, grinning wildly. Star Dancer was given a gorgeous blanket of bright red roses, which were draped across her neck. I was given a big golden trophy with a picture of a running horse on it. After about a million photographers had blinded us with flashbulbs, and the newspaper reporters were done bombarding us with questions, I leaped off of Star Dancer’s back. I adjusted her roses, and then gave her a huge hug.
“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, Star Dancer,” I whispered into her ear. “You mean so much to me. You helped me get better. I’m so much stronger now, thanks to you. I’m so glad I got to help you, too. I’ll always remember you, Star Dancer.”
Baylee helped me cool Star Dancer down and then get packed up to go home. We folded up Star Dancer’s roses, put my silky racing shirt back into its bag with the rest of my race clothes, put my trophy in the bag with my clothes, and then loaded Star Dancer into the trailer. As soon as I hopped in the truck and slammed the door shut, Aunt Matilda drove off.
A week later when my dad came to pick me up, I begged him to let me stay. I told him I loved it here at the ranch, and I would miss everything and everyone dearly. Dad said I couldn’t stay, but he had a surprise for me. When I asked him what it was, he just led me to the car.
“I have to say goodbye to Star Dancer!” I exclaimed.
“Don’t worry; you’ll have plenty of time for that,” he said with a smile, as he pointed to the back of our car.
“No way!” I said in amazement.
“Yep, Star Dancer is coming home with us. I figured we could rent a stall at a stable nearby for her. Aunt Matilda told me all about her,” he replied.
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” I gushed, as I ran to the barn and threw my arms around Star Dancer. “You’re coming home, Star Dancer; you’re coming home.”
I led Star Dancer into the trailer, slammed the last rusty bolt into place, hugged everyone good-bye and told them I would miss them, and jumped into the car. We drove down the dusty, old driveway, just like we had when I first came here, but this time something was different. We had one new family member this time: Star Dancer.

chincoteague13 & Watch Me
2012-01-13 12:33:41
I'd like to join heres my story.
*takes deep breath* here goes........
how could this day get any worse I think as I fly off the the side of the cliff (strang what you think of as you plumet to your death) mabye I should start from the begining me and my sisters (Sarah and Timber) had came to hawii hoping to relax and stay out of trouble for a while...... no such luck so heres how I wound up in this horribal spot our friend Adam had a cusin named Lewis well Lewis and Adam both liked Sarah so they were showing off when this happened we had gone for a trail ride on the cliff side well Sarah had said somthing that got us well SCARED of the drop beside us so we turned around and saw Lewis (the bigger show off) jump a log well when he saw us looking at him he pumped BOTH fists in the air which we all know that you should never do that so when he did that the sudden movement startled Pepper his horse who threw him and galloped toards us girls well Timber and Sarah pulled the heads of thair horses together to form a living wall Pepper because he had to stop so suddenly he reared and spun around as he came down one of his hoofs hit my horse's rump and my horse threw my but enstead of landing on the ground I was flung off the cliff which means I am a gonner......or am I?
more to come :D hope you liked it.


Candy1 & Nitika
2012-01-14 02:56:42
Getting To Know Horses.
BY:Pumpkin Pip

I stood outside on the dusty driveway, which was curved by a turning cicle with a horse shaped water fountain in the middle. I walked around the fountain and spotted a patch of chipped paint.
"Dad, the paints chipped on the fountain, again!"
"Maya, Gemini will be here soon!"
I jumped down off the turning circle and walkeed towards the yard where my new horse, Gemini, was going to stay. I had reached the gate to the yard but I thought I heard a car of some sort speeding up the drive. "Who could that be..." I thought to myself. I could make out only a small truck that was getting closer and bigger! "Dad! Gemini is here!"
"I'm coming!"
"Hello, my name is Justin, I am part of the horse delivery society." the odd man(Justin)was dressed in a black jacket and green wellies.
"Hello my name is Maya, is this Gemini you have brought with you?"
" Thank you. Hello my name is Peter, I beleive we spoke on the phone...?"
"Ah yes." "Well, this delivery will cost you £60 please..."
"Ok here you go, once again, thanks for bringing her." dad said sarcastically
The old man drove off and wasn't seen again. "Temper, temper,temper. These people have no respect round here!" yelled my dad. I led Gemini into the yard and tied her up. I got out a lovely new checkered stable rug and flung it over her back."There you go Gem." I said softly. "Do you think she'll be ready for the big cometition?"
"I think she will be sweetheart." my dad said puzzled. I put Gemini in her stable and hung a hay net up full of delicious haylage.
It was saturday, day 2 of my school holiday. I brung Gem out and took off her headcollar and her rug, put her bridle on and placed the saddle on her back."Morning Gem."
"NEIGH" Gemini whinnied softly and swung her head back and forth.
"I know Gem." I led Gemini out into the Arena and mounted."Good girl Gemini."
I walked her round and rythmatically changed her pace to a trot. After I had ridden her in a trot I changed her pace once more and off we went. In a canter we jumped a double oxer and then 2 cross bars. I then pulled a square halt and a finishing straight back pose.
"What do you think then dad?"
"You look amazing on her honey, well done!!!" my dad was clapping but then he FINALLY realized that I had led Gemini out and I needed help opening the gate.

That's chapter one Pony Pals. Thanks for reading.
I will post the next chapter next month when we enter again!

pumpkin pip & Gemini
2012-01-14 14:59:39
Sorry mine was so short I didn't have time to do the full thing we had to do some shopping> :D
Candy1 & Nitika
2012-01-14 23:28:58
Can I join? :) I'm new to the forum, but love to write! ;)
Redrider & Skim
2012-01-16 00:37:28
Can I join? I love writting I have at least 10 books written already.
eaw & • Sadie•
2012-01-21 04:56:17
Can I join??? Here's a pargraph over something I came up with just now.

I snort, my eyes looking down at the ground. 'Why, why me?' The words running around and around in my head. I sigh, and push forward some more, pulling the plow through the dirt.
'I am friend.'
I jurk my head up, and halting, my ears pricked, eyse wide. Those three words coming to my head, in a rough man's voice. 'Who said that?' Again I think the words, being a horse I can't talk with anything but horses.
'Friend, when in pasture come find me.'
'Will do.' I say back, shaking my head and move forward again.

I look across the pasture, seeing a shine that's not normal in the forest, so I carefully trot forward. I halt when I see what's shining.
'Friend.' The animal with a shine says.
'Your no friend, your a dragon.'
'But still I'm a friend.'
'What do you want.'
'I'm here because of my leader, we saw you in a dream and wants you.'
'How do you know it's me?'
'Let me show you.'
And with those words, a picture blurrs over my eyes, so I'm standing there blind, not seeing whats around me be a picture, a memory, of somthing fuzzy around the edges, a dream of a horse, beautiful and graceful, with a coat as white as the snow, and spots as black as the night, with a look in her eye that's powerful, and wise.
'See now?'
This time it's a picture of a horse, the white a dark cream color, the black faded, a plow on her back, her blue eyes empty, like there part of the horse missing, like theres something that she was made for, but it wasn't pulling a plow.
'How can I leave the humans with out a horse?'
'Her.' The silver dragon flicks her tail at a black and white horse in the shadows, markings close to mine, the only difference is that her eyes wheren't a blue, but a brown.
"Greetings, Queen."
"Queen?" I ask, looking at the dragon to the horse, this time speaking out loud to the horse.
'Come, we must leave!' I get scooped up into the dragon's silver arms, she leaps into the air, with me in her arms, betting her wings to gain air and flys away, away, away... my mind goes into darkness as we leave my home.

chelsea2 & Irish
2012-02-10 00:43:16
Can I join?? This is a story I just made up, post more later.
' - said in ones mind
" - said out loud for others to hear

I sigh, pulling the plow forward. 'Why me? Why, oh, Why me?' I groan as a strap rubs a soar spot on my back.
'Friend, come in peace.'
I stop, the white of my eyes showing. 'Who are you? What do you want?'
'Friend, young one, mean you now harm, only here to talk.'
'very well, where can we talk?'

The human thankfully puts me away for the day, after seeing my breakdown in the feild, when "it" spoke to me in my mind.
I go forward slowly to the forest, seeing something shining.
'Your, your, your..'
'A Dragon? Yes, but we're here to talk about you, look. This is how I found you.'
My eyes blurr as I go into a memory of hers, or well, not the dragons, but someone elses. I see a horse, black and white, the black as dark as evil, the white as clean and pure and goodness. Icy blue eyes looking out at the dreamer, a look of wisdom and power.
Then I see another horse, black and white, the black faided, the white a dark cream color, but the same icy eyes the other horse had looks out at the dreamer again, but this time their empty, almost blank, but the wisdom and power is there, very softly.
'This is you, no?'
'Yes, that is me.'
'Then come.'
'And leave the humans with out a horse?'
'Never, this horses is here.' The silver Dragon points her tail at another black and white horse, but only with brown eyes.
"Greetings, thank you for taking my place." The words are rushed out as the dragon picks me up, gently wrapping her arms around my belly.
'Sorry about this horse.'
She leaps into the air, betting her wings on the air as she flies over the land.
I blank out as my home grows smaller and smaller with every beet of the dragons wings.

I open my eyes, feeling soft moss under my coat, and light on my other side.
'Greetings, young one.'
'Who's talking.'
'I'm the healing dragon, I washed your coat, you look like the horse you are ment to be, but come now, get up, and lets get going.'
I slowly get up, shaking moss off of my coat, and follow the red dragon down a tunnel, many different colored dragons dipping their heads to the dragon leading, and turnning and looking at me with they eyes, and following us somewhere.
'Halt here, and you will enter alone.'
'Very well, thank you, healer.'
I feeling of happiness crosses my mind, or more like sunshine on my coat. A black dragon pushes open the door, and I step forward, glancing at him with my blue eyes, he closes the door behind me.
'Greetings, come forward.' A low voice in my head, and I walk forward, halting as I see a dragon, the biggest yet, but the different thing about this one is that he's a golden color.
'Welcome to my home. I'm Kind dragon, you met my daughter, Princess Silver.'
'Yes, she was very nice, and I met, Healer,'
'Yes, she's very nice.'
'Why did you want me?'
'Becuase I have someone for you to meet.'
"I'm over here." This voice soft and sweet.
"Coming." I follow the voice of her, to see someone I though I would never see again. I let a gasp, the last thing I here is my name being called my the sweet soft voice, and King Dragon's voice, before I hit the ground, blanking out again.

chelsea2 & Irish
2012-02-10 01:08:20
This is the start of a novel I have finniahed called Henry Fantastic!

Two tall bushes protruded out of a fine hedge lining a vast area of bright green grass. Flower pots created an enclosed route to which seemed to lead a path towards a Victorian Mansion with a large garden. Outside of this big area no one but the people who had dare peek through the bushes knew the secrets which were contained in this ghostly estate. On the outside, everything that had been beautiful had been stolen and all that remained was barbed wire and old rotting wood. The two horse statues, which had been the prettiest part of the whole yard when it was functioning, were now smashed into pieces and the words carved on them were unreadable.
It was a cold winter and a light layer of snow covered the ground making the yard look decent compared to the dry flat grass of the summer. Horses roamed around on the grass digging through the snow to find some forage like every other day. A tall ware was calling to the other members of her herd as she rolled around on the cold snow. All the horses rushed to see her and a few minutes later there was a small foal stumbling onto its tiny feet as its mother supported it with her muzzle. The other horses in the herd grouped around it; nickering lightly encouraging it to walk and attempt to walk over to the other horses as it tested the balance in his legs. He spent a few minutes getting used to the weight as he progressed to flicking his hooves out into the air. He gained confidence and continued to mess around in the field annoying the other horses that were already established in the herd. A few weeks passed and the small foal grew taller and taller every day, as it grew its knowledge of the herd of how to fit in and all about the surrounding area in which the herd had been created and expanded in. Many years ago there was a very successful show jumping yard resident in the huge estate surrounding Green Manor, named after Mrs Green who founded the yard as a cart horse yard. The horses at the went from the most skilled carting horses to grade A show jumping horses which competed in international events. One of their best horses even went to the Olympics twice with their main rider. But one day there was an accident in the stables creating a huge barn fire, half of the horses got away to become the founders of the herd and the rest were saved by the humans. The humans spent hours looking for all the horses but they had already fled from the whole area and after a few months they gave up. The first few weeks were hard for the horses as food was scarce compared to their usual diet.
Thunder boomed around the whole of the manor, rain blistered the now swampy grass which was covering the horse’s legs in heavy mud. The foal, now a few months old, walked through the mud by his mother’s side along the path between the alley of orange trees that had never actually created any fruit since the gardener packed up and left. The herd stallion, a bright chestnut horse, trekked ahead of everyone else as he was their beacon of reassurance in the storm. Lightning flashed endlessly in the distance until the huge stallion broke in gallop as a bolt of white light shot down from the sky to an old orange tree which then crippled onto the ground. A small roan mare jumped over it with amazing scope for such a small horse, it was easy to still see the jumper in them. Even the foal easily glided over the tree, standing at about 1.20m, behind his mother.
“Come on Sophie, were nearly at the place I saw them last night!” shouted a chubby girl peddling away on her BMX bike, “I have an extra umbrella if you want to borrow it.”
“I’m fine; we’ll get electrocuted if we stand out there with a piece of metal in our hands.” Said Sophie.
Two girls were cycling like mad to get to their destination; both of them bleach blonde ponytails whipping on their faces. One of the girls suddenly stopped pulling up her bike sideways waking water fly into the grass either side of the trail. Suddenly, hundreds of horses galloped past them both spraying them with mud and sweat. The foal called to the girls and both of them whispered: “How cute.” At the same time.
The rain had dried up and the foals coat was no longer wet from the sudden storm that had passed half an hour ago. He ran behind his mother and the herd’s stallion; they both knew where they would be going for the next 24 hours: the stables. Every spring the entire herd would retreat from their land to the old stables which were the main centre of the old show jumping yard. As they saw the peak of the main building it was surprisingly warm compared to the ice cold they were used to. When they got closer it became obvious that the stables weren’t there any longer stone and concrete. The whole place was brown plastic and metal with a strange soft tan flooring that the wild horses weren’t familiar to. The whole place wasn’t like it had been, the humans had changed it. There was also another problem.


TGG & Dekka
2012-02-10 17:42:02
I scream in terror and start to run faster but I couldnt get away its was chasing me and it was gaining on me I stumble and fall I roll over quickly just in time to see a hideous animal upon me I scream once more as I see what it is its my beloved horse Nightmare she makes a noise a mix between a whinny and a scream of pain suddenly the dark clouds burst open and the rain starts to pour down the thunder booms and the lightning streaks acrost the sky by now I had scrambled up I look around but Nightmare had vanished into the lightning I shakily let out my breath and shiver I don't know wether or not it was from being soaked or the close encounter I just had suddenly I hear my mom calling me and then I see her rushing up to me I hold out my arms and try to hug her but she just grabs me and starts to shake me I suddenly realize what is happening I'm sleeping and I'm out side I blinked and woke up I looked around wide eyed I'm was out side my house in a raging storm my mom had me by my shoulders and was shaking me a loud boom of thunder made me grab my mom who wraped her arm around my shoulder to gide me to the house once inside she gave me a cup of cocoa and wraped me in a blanket I sighed and took a large drink of my cocoa finally when I was on my third cup she broke the silence what were you doing out side she asked for about the fifth time this month I was about to answer when I realized what I was going to say I was going to say I had been sleeping it sounded so weird a thing to say that at first I just smiled then I started to giggle then I couldn't help it but to just burst out laughing I....was....sleep...ing I managed to gasp out still laughing but then my face fell when I remembered my dream I miss her mom I said thinking back to that dreadful day I had been out riding my horse Nightmare when suddenly a storm cloud appeared out of nowhere I turned Nightmare to head back home we were making good time when I saw a mother Bear and her cub we watched them for a little while and decided to go around them we went into the woods a short ways when I saw the father bear we without knowing it we had startled him so he charged I spun Nightmare around but was to late the bear scratched Nightmare deeply on the rump Nightmare now scared and in pain reared up I fell off Nightmare realizing what that bear made her do turned into a raging 1095 pound terror she spun around and started fighting the bear I took off at a run for home racing through the storm hoping that as soon as Nightmare had finished fighting she would come home she never did that had been a month ago but it seemed like forever since I last saw her I burst into tears I miss her so much I wailed I miss her I cried myself to sleep that night
*********************** 20 years later ***************************
I took a deep breath of the fall air as I walked the woods I'd known since I was a little girl I stopped every now and then to admire the scenery finally I reached my destination a large clearing that had haunted me for a long time now it was where my beloved horse had died to save me I placed a single rose on the ground and cried my heart out as I stood to go I heard a soft rusle in the bushes I spun around heart racing fearing what was in the bushes I held my breath like I did so long ago on that dreadful night but enstead of something scary and horibal a horse that looked familer walked out I stood there and stared at it and it just stared at me I gave a soft wistle that I always did to call Nightmare the horse took a step or two forward Nightmare I said more of a question than a call the horse whinnied Nightmare I said a little more confident the horse rushed forward it was my beloved horse that I thought died that day many years ago I huged her tight and cried into her neck I walked her home that day we lived together for about ten years more then she died of old age and a week later I died in a car accident now we live together in heaven a girl and her horse as it always should be THE END

Candy1 & Nitika
2012-02-10 21:19:38
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