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Fireland Acadamy
a stable for western riders who give and take lessons.

Is it all right for me to create a club called Fireland Acadamy? It's about a stable for western riders who give and take lessons.

I'd like the plaque to have a horse racing barrels on it.

The form is simple:

Show clothes:
Barn clothes:
Riding type(barrels, poles, etc.):
You may have a max of three people.

You may have a max of three people.
Horse show name:
Horse barn name:
Horse age:
Horse appearance:
Horse tack-barn:
Horse tack-show:
You may have a max of two horses per-person

Dragon Girl & Frodo
2013-04-17 03:05:35
Welcome to your club. For our records it is 464098
Jane Crandal & JB
2012-12-03 05:03:30
looks-short brown hair,blue eyes,five foot five, fair skin
show clothes-white t-shirt,jeans, silver hat,blue and brown boots
barn clothes-random t-shirt,jeans,boots,helmet
type of riding-barrels*,poles,trail classes

name-Bo(its a real name)
looks-dark hair,fair skin,dark eyes,five foot three
show clothes-black shirt,jeans,boots,black hat
barn clothes- random t-shirt,jeans,bots, helmet
type of riding- barrels,showmanship

Horse name-Frodo of the shire
Barn name-Frodo
appearance-bay snowflake appaloosa with blaze
barn tack-turquoise halter
riding tack-black bridle and saddle,turqoise blanket and halter

Horse name-Cinnamon
appearance-tan and white paint with star
barn tack-pink halter
riding tack-pink blanket and halter, brown saddle and bridle

Horse name-Walanut
appearance-bay with star
barn tack-leather halter
riding tack- brown blanket, leather halter, nice saddle and bridle made from leather

Sorry I messed up with the sheet. If you have already sent it in, don't sweat it:). Just post the gender of the players and horses.:)

Dragon Girl & Frodo
2012-12-04 03:10:35
*sighs* I messed up again. Walanut is suposed to be Bo's horse.
Dragon Girl & Frodo
2012-12-04 22:22:35
Name: Olivia
Looks: Tall, thin, long brown hair
Show clothes: Blue coat, tan breeches, white shirt
Barn clothes: Blue stripe shirt, tan breeches
Horse(s): Angel
Riding type(barrels, poles, etc.): Races
You may have a max of three people.

You may have a max of three people.
Horse show name: Angelic Love
Horse barn name: Angel
Horse age: 2
Horse appearance: Completely black
Horse tack-barn: Saddle, white pad, pink halter
Horse tack-show: Same
You may have a max of two horses per-person

pizza freak & Amazing Grace
2012-12-04 22:22:35
Can I Join
Name: (Lucy) Woodhaven
Age: 13
Looks: stands at 5.4 with brown long curly hair and green eyes
Show clothes: new brown boots, wranglers, a purple western shirt and a purple helmet
Barn clothes: see Sammy boots, jeans and a t-shirts
Horse(s): Star and Midnight
Riding type: Barrels and Poles
Name: (Carter) Woodhaven
Age: 13
Looks: same as Lucy but shaved hair
Show clothes: see Lucy but black boots and green shirt
Barn clothes: same
Horse(s): Moon and Sunny
Riding type: Barrels and Reining
Other: Lucy’s Twin
Name: Samantha Frost (Sammy)
Age: 13
Looks: stands a little taller than her cousin Lucy with red hair that the same length as Lucy’s
Show clothes: new brown boots, wranglers, a pink western shirt and a helmet
Barn clothes: boots, jeans and a t-shirts
Horse(s): Strom and Lady
Riding type: Barrels and poles
Other: Carter and Lucy’s Cousin
You may have a max of three people.
Horse show name: Starlight Prince
Horse barn name: Star
Horse age: 7
Horse appearance: a 16.2 hand jet black Frisian Sport Gelding
Horse tack-barn: a Sky blue halter
Horse tack-show: a sky blue pad, a pale brown, Pale brown bridle with a 3 piece bit and splint boots in Sky blue
Horse show name: Midnight Princes
Horse barn name: Midnight
Horse age: 5
Horse appearance: matches her brother but stands at 15.3 hands
Horse tack-barn: same but Purple
Horse tack-show: same but purple boots and pad
Other: star’s full sis
Horse show name: Moonlight Wandering’s In The Sky
Horse barn name: Moon
Horse age: 6
Horse appearance: a 14.2 hand bay with a black mane and tail mustang cross gelding
Horse tack-barn: a dark green halter
Horse tack-show: same but dark brown and green
Horse show name: Sunshine and Rainbows
Horse barn name: Sunny
Horse age: 3
Horse appearance: 13.3 golden palomino Quarter Horse mare
Horse tack-barn: a pale green halter
Horse tack-show: same as Moon
Horse show name: Wild Icy Winter Storms
Horse barn name: Strom
Horse age: 6
Horse appearance: a 15.2 hand black and white paint gelding
Horse tack-barn: a Dark Orange halter
Horse tack-show: Dark brown everything with orange boot and blank, a two piece bit
Horse show name: Sunset Lady
Horse barn name: Lady
Horse age: 4
Horse appearance: a 14.1 red and white paint
Horse tack-barn: Pink Halter
Horse tack-show: see storm in pink

Starwalker123 & Star
2012-12-05 04:02:30
Name: Lauren Smith
Age: 12
Looks: long hair, dirty blonde, has green eyes that need glasses, since is cross-eyed. thin, but short for age.
show clothes: black boots, black helmet, black everything.
barn clothes: black T-shirt, black jeans, black boots and black gloves if needed.
Horse: Sugar
riding type: Trail and barrels.
Horse show name: Sugar Candy
horse barn name: Sugar
horse age: 7
horse appreance 16hh black and white gyspy vanner
Horse tack barn: black halter black blanket and black flymask.
Horse tack show: black pad black saddle black bridle black polo wraps black everything u get it. XD
Can I join please?
Lauren: "I can't wait to start training! Does anyone else do barrels?" Mounts up on Sugar, walking her around arena twice, then jogs around once left, once right. walks out to trail that's set up outside.
Sugar: pricks ears at sound of hooves on the bridge, and spooks off it.
Lauren: tries again, walking her up slowly.
Sugar: spooks again, throwing head up.
Lauren: Pats her neck, "it's OK, girl." Gets down and leads her onto bridge slowly, talking to her in a reassuring tone.
Sugar: walks over cautiosly, then does two more times.
Lauren: gets back on and rides her onto the bridge, crosses with no spooks. moves to next obstacle, a small dip in the trail with water in it.
Sugar: passes through confidently.
Lauren: walks Sugar over logs, and over a few poles. walks up to a gate, moving Sugar over with left leg. opens gate and walks through, turning Sugar and moving her over. Loses hold of gate, but quickly grabs hold of again, closing it with handle. walks Sugar back into arena, jogging her in zig-zag patterns and circles. urges into a slow lope. lopes down short side of arena, then long side. slows to jog, then walk. walks for a bit, letting Sugar rest. next, gets down and ties Sugar with lead rope, (since left halter on in case went on trail ride) and picks up a piece of rope with cans at the end. Gets on, and walks with the cans clanging.
Sugar: Spooks, starts to go into jog.
Lauren: feels Sugar's wait shifting, and keeps her in the walk. Then drops cans at opposite end of arena. Pats Sugar's neck, praising her. "Good girl, Sugar!" Gets down and leads her out of arena, onto tie rail. untacks her, then keads her to shower racks, and gives her a thorough shower. then waits for her to dry by walking her in the sun, and then puts her away in stall, putting on her fly mask. gets wheel barrow and shovel, and begins mucking out her stall. finishes, puts fresh bedding in, then slides blot in door, opening top door on stall. dumps wheelbarrow in manure pile, putting away wheelbarrow and shovel. walks into small tack room, opening bottle of water and drinking, unclipping helmet and placing in locker.

sockylola1 & Spirit
2012-12-05 23:34:08
Thanks guys! By the way, Pizza Freak and decided to co-own the club together. She's in charge of news and things like that.

Bo-*hits hte ground with a hard thud and just sits there*

Mia-*giggles uncotrolubly* Thats the fith time today! You need a seatbelt or somthing!

Bo-Wait? Do those actually exist?

Mia-Uh, no. Just mount Walnut again and trot. This time try not to lean sideways. It's really upsetting your balance.

Bo-*sighs and follows the old mare who is already walking back to the mounting block* Are you sure it's my fault and not the horses?

Mia-*crosses her arms and glares* Just look at your horse. She even knows how to get into position at the block all on her own! Honeslty, you have to be kidding! Hurry up so we can get over with this lesson and I can care for my horses. Go ahead! *shoves him foward with one hand so he moves toward Walnut, who lets out a friendly whicker as if to say:hey owner, dont be such a fraidy cat! I'm an old girl and wouldn't hurt a butterfly!*

Dragon Girl & Frodo
2012-12-06 03:13:11
Sammy: grooms her old snow white pony *Bye Frosty*
Lucy: *Lets stable Frosty and go get the horses ready.*
Carter: Grooms Sunny
Sammy and Lucy: Lead Frosty back outside and put him out with the other retries. Then go up to the main barn.
Sammy: Leads out Strom and Grooms him
Lucy: Grooms Star
Carter: wraps Sunny’s legs and brings out Moon. He grooms the horse

Starwalker123 & Star
2012-12-06 03:13:38
Sammy and Lucy: warp Strom and Star’s legs
Carter: warps Moon’s Legs
Sammy and Lucy: do Midnight and Lady
Carter: The bags and tack are packed. All we have left is to Load the horses.*
Lucy: we load in this order Star, Moon, Strom, Sunny, Midnight Then Lady.* Leads Star out to the trailer then loads him.
Carter: Loads Moon
Sammy: loads Strom
Carter: loads up Sunny
Lucy: loads Midnight
Sammy: Loads Lady
All: Get in the track
Lucy and Carters Mom: Drives then to the ranch and unloads the clothing and tack then drives away
Carter, Lucy and Sammy: Stable the horses
Carter: *It seems nice here.*
Lucy: yep.*
Sammy: *I Miss Frosty all ready*

Starwalker123 & Star
2012-12-06 03:16:46
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