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Fireland Acadamy
a stable for western riders who give and take lessons.

Lauren: gets out tack, setting on tie rail. gets out saddle soap & leather soap and starts to clean tack. finishes, blowing strand of hair out of face while putting tack away. Hears loud thump, then a squeal from Sugar's stall. Runs over, peering into stall. "What's wrong, girl?" comes in, checking her over. notices how she is holding her hind leg, then groans. "Not again! Did you kick the wall?" Touches leg lightly, Sugar immeditaly pulls away. Groans again, reaching out of stall and grabbing grooming kit. rummages through it, pulling out a bandage wrap. Wraps around Sugar's leg, tying tight enough that she won't pull it off. Sighs, "Well, I guess I'll call the vet. Maybe they can get a look at you tomorrow." comes out of stall, (which is right by entrance) and runs into Lucy, carter, and sammy. "Oh! hi. Do you know where the phone is? I need to call the vet." thumbs over shoulder at Sugar, who is sticking head out of stall.
sockylola1 & Spirit
2012-12-06 23:06:46
Pizza Freak agreed to teach the first lesson.

Mia-Better! *looks at her watch and sighs* Time for my lesson with the others. If you keep up hte good work, you might join us next week.

Bo-*glances at her and hops down, then leads his horse out of the barn* Peace.

Mia- Peace out. *heads for frodo's stall, grooms him, tacks him up, and leads him toward the arena. On her way she meets Carter,Lucy, and Sammy* Hey, do you guys want to join the lesson? Olivia promised to teach some key hole racing, or somthing like that.

Dragon Girl & Frodo
2012-12-06 23:15:01
For today's lesson, we will go over the basics. Please mount your horse/pony and wait for your next instruction.
pizza freak & Amazing Grace
2012-12-06 23:15:01
Guess what guys? I'm hosting a live moderated chat for the club!
pizza freak & Amazing Grace
2012-12-06 23:15:01
*sighs* I messed up again............

The lmc will be held December 15, 2012 at 6 o'clock eastern standard time. It's the club Christmas party. Secret santa's will be handed out next week. As for lessons and shows, the first is to be led by Pizza and the next show will be held during the chat, also led by Pizza. The chat is a Fireland Acadamy member sponsored event, but spectators may join during refreshments and chocolate cake. As for secret santas, I'll w-mail you who you will be giving to. Please w-mail me if you can't come to the chat or you don't want to be a santa.

Dragon Girl

Dragon Girl & Frodo
2012-12-07 00:37:24
Lauren: Hears pizza and sighs. "Great. I won't be able to make the first lesson. What a great way to start this school." Walks up to pizza freak. "Um, do you know where a phone is? My horse hurt her leg, and I don't know if I'll be able to ride her."
sockylola1 & Spirit
2012-12-07 03:20:10
My Poeple: *We dont no.* all saddle there geldings
Starwalker123 & Star
2012-12-07 04:11:40
I added this chat to the newsletter!
Jane Crandal & JB
2012-12-07 16:52:49
Thanks Jane!

Mia-*hears lauren* We have a phone in the office around the corner. I doubt Jackie will care(Jackie owns the barn). Doo you want me to find the emergancy kit for you? It has some bandages and an ice-pack, and I think it has some pain reliever,too.

Dragon Girl & Frodo
2012-12-07 21:47:46
Name: Mahnelli W
Age: 14
Looks: Tall, fair skin that allows her green eyes to stand out from her features. She has medium-long length hair that is a dark auburn.
Show clothes: Teal shirt with brown trimming, Boot-cut dark blue Miss Me Jeans, Brown boots, Brown and white bling western belt, White mink fur hat with a brown and teal striped belt.
Barn clothes: Flannel, Old jeans, Rubber boots, sometimes a Red ball cap
Horse(s): Daddy's Lil Rambler, Just Dig It
Riding type(barrels, poles, etc.): Halter, Break-Away Calf Roping

Horse show name: Daddy's Lil Rambler
Horse barn name: Ramble
Horse age: 10
Gender: Mare
Horse appearance: Seal Brown, Bald face with Large Blue eyes, Left one has a bit of brown in it. Two stockings, one on her left front, one right back.
Horse tack-barn;
Lessons: Black saddle, Teal blanket, Light Tan Western Bridle, Teal and brown spotted Boots
Stall/Pasture: Light blue and neon Green halter, Neon Green and Light Blue, Fly blanket in warmer
Horse tack-show: Tan saddle with a lighter tan skirt, Black seat with teal zebra stripes towards the horn, Teal and brown blanket, Light tan bridle with several decals and zebra stripes on the crown, Teal boots with brown leg wraps underneath.

Horse show name: Just Dig It
Horse barn name: Dig/Digger(Sometimes calls him 'Little Man')
Horse age: 13months
Gender: Colt
Horse appearance: Mahogany Bay Sabino, Has a stripe that goes from his left eye to his right nostril
Horse tack-barn;
Lessons: Black halter with faux red fur underneath a Black Bridle, Red and black leg wraps, Training saddle sometimes
Stall/Pasture: Black halter with faux red tiger fur, wamer, black and red fly blanket
Horse tack-show: Light tan western show halter, gold chain lead rope

Mahnelli: She yawned as she headed towards their old barn carrying a cup of hot chocolate. She smiled seeing her first foal sticking his head over his door. His high-pitched whinny caused his momma to stick her head over her door and join in seeing her owner. She lipped at her jacket and snorted. "Hey Ramble. Was your little man good last night?" She let out a small giggle as she snorted and bobbed her head up and down. Digger kicked at his door, jealous that his momma was getting all the attention. "Aww are you jealous little man?" She put her now empty cup down on an old tack chest and rubbed his head. Digger shook his head and walked in a circle before walking back towards her with a snort. "Yeah yeah. I'll go get yall some breakfast." Mahnelli scooped some oats into two buckets before walking back towards their stalls and clipping them inside of the door. She watched them for a bit before going to pack up their stuff. She put her stuff in the back of her future raised Chevy Silverado. She went ahead and started the truck so it could warm up. She went inside to tell her mom that they were ready and all she had to do was load them up. Ramble's and Digger's whinnies were in unison as she headed to get them.
~Several Hours Later~
She sipped the last of her monster before her mom pulled into Fireland Academy. She pulled up next to the barn and turned the key, allowing the engine to die off. Mahnelli's mom yawned before grabbing her daughters stuff and heading towards the office. She walked around and opened the trailer doors to find Digger asleep. "Wake up Little man," she said as she untied his halter and led him out. Mahnelli did the same with her mare before tying them both to the side of the trailer and untacking them. Mahnelli unpacked their tack before walking in the barn and looking around. "Um hi there. My names Mahnelli and do you guys know where I could put my horses?" Digger stuck his head around the side of the trailer. With ears perked and head high, he let out a whinny seeing all the people.

FandangoStarr & Balios
2012-12-07 21:51:23
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