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Fireland Acadamy
a stable for western riders who give and take lessons.

Starwalker123 & Star
2012-12-12 03:11:15
Cater: *Luarn would you like to meet Traget
Starwalker123 & Star
2012-12-12 03:50:08
Sorry, someone wanted the computer so I couldn't finish my post.

Name: Jennifer "Jen" Rose Elfwitz (fake name)
Age: 13
Looks: Wavy bobbed chocolate colored hair, ruby lips, a touch of scarlet in my pale cheeks. Kind blue eyes that twinkly when I laugh, tall, slim, a smile's always on my face.
Show clothes: Cowgirl style shirt (I've got like a million and I don't care to list them all), usually blue, Black jeans, Black boots, Black hat.
Barn clothes: Any old shirt, Jeans, boots, but I love to kick 'em off when I ride bareback
Horses:Comanche and Patriot
Riding type: Bareback, everything, and trail course/obstacles things.

Horse show name:Wild Comanche Raid
Horse barn name: Comanche
Horse age: 5, and very green
Horse appearance: Pinto, Quarter Horse, bright chestnut, shines in the sun, spatters of white obscuring quite a bit of her gleaming Chestnut coat.*
Horse tack-barn: Older Brown Western Saddle and bridle, Plum colored Saddle-pad.
Horse tack-show: Nothing yet- too green.

Horse show name:Little Miss Patriot
Horse barn name: Patty, Patriot
Horse age:11
Horse appearance:White, with a grey and pink nose, purely adorable **
Horse tack-barn: Nothing
Horse tack-show: Navy Pad, Medium brown saddle with silver trimmings, same type headstall and reins, fancy bit that's super comfy for Patty, skid boots of the same color leather as my saddle and bridle.

Galloping Bareback & Dakota Sioux
2012-12-12 21:43:06
(sorry about my forgetfulness, guys. Secret santas will have to be skipped :( )
Anyone who just sighed up, you are absoloutly free to join! I'm glad you came!

Bo- *does everything Mia tells him to, though he really doesn't like being bossed around by a girl who is only a few days older than him*

Mia- Pretty good. Now, lope.

Bo- What? No way I am going to lope on any horse, especialy yours! *Frodo desides that he's had enough and baucks, dumping Bo on the sandy arena floor* What was that for?!

Mia- You offended him. Horses are NOT idiots. They know when to get even! *yanks him to his feet, catches Frodo, and forces him to mount and lope*

Bo- *squeezes him from trot to canter and tenses, but turns out lope'n aint so bad (I have deep southern roots, sorry 'bout my english XD)* Um, you aren't going to tourcher me for life, are you?

Mia- Maybe. Just you wait and see! *lets him dismount* Anyone who wants to redo, go ahead. Bo, why don't you go get Walnut and join us for once?

Bo- *his eyes widen and he fetches his old mare and tacks her up, then joins the others* So what am I supposed to do? *looks to Olvia*

Dragon Girl & Frodo
2012-12-13 22:15:57
Can I join Star?
ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2012-12-13 22:15:57
Lauren: "Sure Carter."
sockylola1 & Spirit
2012-12-13 22:19:40
Carter: *I will call mom affter the lesson and have her drive him down*
Starwalker123 & Star
2012-12-14 02:07:12
Olivia: "Already explained it, Bo. Just run your horse 'round the ring and drop this key in the bucket.
pizza freak & Amazing Grace
2012-12-14 02:07:12
Name- Wiatt Izaks
Age- 10
Gender- boy
Looks- Kinda like Mia 'cus he is her brother
Barn Clothes- t-shirt and jeans
Show clothes- White t-shirt and jeans
Horse- Snowflake
Style of riding- Barrrels and Western Dressage

Horse name- Snowflake
Horse age- 13
Horse gender- mare
Horse appearance- White
Barn tack- navy blue halter
Show tack- saddle, bridle, pad(blue)

Can I join, sis?

Dude10 & Snowflake
2012-12-14 02:14:00
(Yes, we are taking a lesson on keyhole racing and anyone may join us! :D)

Mia- *turns to the class after Jackie leaves* This is Bo. He's been my apprentice *giggles* for two months in the begginers class. He will be with us from now on. That is, if he is ready. *smirks at her best friend*

Bo- What did I do? *mounts his pony and trots her toward the rest of the group*

Mia- *races right past him on Frodo* C'mon! Speed up, will ya?

Bo- Ha. Ha. Very funny. Picking on the guy on the pony, eh? *lopes the rest of the way* When do I go?

Mia- When it's your turn, of coarse!

Bo- Um, allrighty....

Dragon Girl & Frodo
2012-12-14 02:14:00
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