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*** Lilac Moon Farm and Riding Stables ***

Lily: *Tucks hammer in her pocket and steps back, admiring her work* There is a sign that reads "Lilac Moon Farm and Riding Stables". "I love it," she says and walks into a horse barn, where people are. "Hi!" she says,"I'm Lily or Lilac, I run the stables. You can find empty stalls and place your animals in there. You can find houses and pickout roomies,too. We're also about to have a Meet 'N Greet in the pasture over there. *I point to a field behind this barn* You'll need your own horse with a halter." I explain.
Kristi Cavanaugh and Barq & Comanche
2013-03-12 01:55:53
Krystal-"Hey, I'm Krystal. Kokoro is around here somewhere."
lighting1 & Patchwork Prince
2013-03-12 02:07:44
Ty:nice name I bet Foxy would live to be Kokoro wouldn't you girl

Foxy:*walks up to Krystal and licks her hand gently*

tylerbt & Vintage
2013-03-12 02:54:04
Lucy: I sttart to put away my aninmals
Starwalker123 & Star
2013-03-12 21:04:53
Lucy: I finish unpacking and my mom leaves I go over to the meeting with Star
Starwalker123 & Star
2013-03-12 21:06:10
Krystal-"Thanks." *kneels down to pat Foxy and whistles two notes-the first long and low, the second high and short.*

Kokoro-*Comes running*

Krystal-"Good girl Kokoro. (I look up at Ty.) " Tgis is Kokoro"

lighting1 & Patchwork Prince
2013-03-12 21:12:51
i ment like to meet
tylerbt & Vintage
2013-03-12 21:13:34
Ty:she's cute *pats Kokoro's head sweetly*we better get to the meeting *walks to barn and puts halter on Carta then leads him out*Foxy sit

Foxy:*sits and looks at Kokoro*

Ty:Krystal this is Carta I got him as a present a month ago

tylerbt & Vintage
2013-03-12 21:25:31
Krystal-"Thanks. Carta's really pretty. Do you wanna meet Dancer and Pearl?"
lighting1 & Patchwork Prince
2013-03-12 21:27:37
Lily: "I think everyone's having a meet and greet in the barn. Oh, well....I'll get Miley and Frisco out anyway. Frisco's growing, and he should be getting used to pasture and the fields around here." I say to myself. I walk a few stalls down from where everyone is talking and open a huge stall's door. Inside is my mare and her foal. "Hey, girl," I say, patting Miley. Frisco is crouched underneath Miley, nursing. I grab Miley's bright red halter and pull her out the door. Frisco fallows us outside, nipping at his mother's milk bag. "That'll dry up soon, ya know," I joke to the foal. I lead Miley to the barn's tack room, and leave her waiting outside. Inside the tack room I grab 2 halters and hook them both onto Miley and Frisco, and tie them up outside their stall. I return to the tack room and grab a grooming kit. I pick out Miley's hooves, and curry and brush her coat. I run a curry comb very gently over Frisco's coat before brushing him with a soft brush. I head once more into the tack room and grab an english bridle. I take her halter off her nose and put in onto her neck. I set her reins on her withers, and she takes the bit. Before latching the noseband and throatlatch, I take her halter off completely. I lead Miley by her reins and Frisco by his lead, out to the pasture that'll be used for the Meet N' Greet. Holding the lead with one hand, and Miley's mane in my other, I mount Miley bareback. We lead Frisco around at a trot, and then I take his lead off. "And all he does is graze.." I say to Miley.
Kristi Cavanaugh and Barq & Comanche
2013-03-12 23:28:05
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