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*** Lilac Moon Farm and Riding Stables ***

Ali: *Then, would you like to come with me on one? I can get Shadow.*
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-03-22 00:25:10
Lucy: *This is star.* Lincoln caws *Thhats lincoln
Starwalker123 & Star
2013-03-22 00:25:10
Krystal-"Big Blue and Little Blue are cute names!"
lighting1 & Patchwork Prince
2013-03-22 01:29:49
Kierra: *I mental face-palm* My name is Kierra. *My native Spainish accent rolls the word into 'Keyara', I turn to Krystal* Thanks. You can meet them sometimes. You could help me get BB ready. That's what I call Big Blue, you'll see why he's called Big Blue!
ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2013-03-22 23:27:08
Ty:after the lesson or whatever this is*says to Ali*
tylerbt & Vintage
2013-03-23 01:16:38
Krystal-"I'd love to!" *Grins*
lighting1 & Patchwork Prince
2013-03-23 02:58:45
Lucy: I stand next to star and pet lincln the raven caws agin
Starwalker123 & Star
2013-03-23 04:47:06
Kierra: *I smile back at Krystal* Does anyone know what this is?
ParelliChick & Lady of the Mist
2013-03-23 22:43:07
Ali: *There's a lesson?*
Horsesforever12 & Jedi
2013-03-23 22:43:07
This is my new horse's info
Name: Shiloh
Age: 10 months
Gender: Filly
Coat Color: white with a red butt and head with a blaze. Red spot on her back.
Man/Tail Color: Mane: white, Tail: white on top and brown on bottom
Breed: Spotted Draft X
Discipline: heavy Hunter
Extra: Lucy was just given her

Starwalker123 & Star
2013-03-24 17:55:23
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