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I Want To Be A Vet Interest Club
It is here to display the true animal lovers that want to save lives, (Animal lives). We may even role play a little!

Every since I can remember I wanted to be a vet. I like animals more than I do people and I am gifted with a lot of opportunities. I have seen a tumor removal and also witnessed an eye growth removal. I've talked with many vets and the only thing I fear of being a vet is the paperwork! I want to start my own clinic one day with my best friend who wants to be a small animal vet. I want to be small and large. I like working with dogs and cats, but have fallen in love with horses, cows, pigs, and goats. I also like to give vaccines to my chickens. I have suck my hand inside a live cow's stomach and go to Vet School Open Houses. I am okay with euthanizing animals if they are in pain or are suffering, but I don't believe in mindless killing or breeding! I hope that when I get older I can offer spaying or neutering for a lower price than it is today because that is an important part of my personal beliefs. I am not afraid to get dirty! I will care for almost any animal that comes my way!
Hunters_Bluff_Farm & Hyacinth
2014-05-30 03:04:17
Hi Guys!!
hosessaddles & Phoenix
2014-05-30 23:32:34
Ashleigh67 & Snow light
2014-05-30 23:54:22
Cool, Varonnica! :)

I don't believe in euthanizing animals unless they are really suffering. If they have to spend the rest of their lives dependent on something-like a machine or harmful drug-yes, euthanize them. But if there's a way to heal them that doesn't hurt them, then by all means, jump in and do it. Our cat Shadow was attacked by dogs and had a few broken ribs and-I think-a collapsed or punctured lung. We had to put him down because he was in too much pain. But Sophie was in horrible pain and she's still walking around because of some heart supplements. Personally-I love to get dirty!

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2014-05-30 23:54:22
I also have witnessed many other removals such as, tumors, ALL growth removals, spaying, neutering, birthing (some not surviving), twisted stomachs get back in place, dehorning goats, neutering horses and cows, dog fights (that were VARY bloody), human and animal operations, and much more. I want to be a veterinarian because I want to be the person who helps and ends suffering. Animals don't have a mouth to say "Oh hey I might have worms" or "I might be pregnant and I'm a few weeks over due" they don't have a mouth to say I need help. So I want to be there and help that poor helpless animal.
In 1999-2002 there was a Pit bull ban and they said that "Oh Pit Bulls are mean and dangerous and they kill people"! Ha No they are not mean, if they are mean its the owners fault. And if your kid was killed by a Pit bull then I feel sorry but DONT BLAME THE DOG! Blame the owner because he/she raised him/her to umm, do that and be aggressive and once that Pit has the taste of blood in its mouth, well, its going to want more. 2002 Was when they put a ban in Pit bulls in I think Denver and Miami. They only gave you 30 days to get your Pit out of there and in a persons hands and you would have to prove it. These facts are just fast facts so if you have any questions ask me on here or W-mail me.

~Madelyn + Bella~

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-05-30 23:57:08
Pit bulls are unpredictable. They aren't like machines and they don't have to do what the trainer/owner trains them to do. They are live animals that can register 'friend' or 'foe' towards anybody. And, as an example, if the dog who killed the kid isn't blamed, then the pit bull is allowed to be a 'free spirit' and is given to somebody else. What if that dog just has a mean streak from breeding? Then the dog hurts or kills somebody else. Who's to blame for that if the owner DIDN'T train the dog to be like that? The dog. The ban is a bit extreme. What are big fences, chains,and collars for? They certainly aren't for decoration, though they do a darn good job of scaring robbers away. Some governments/city counsels/etc. get nervous about one thing and make a huge deal out of it. Yes, pit bulls are harmful and can seriously hurt people. So can cell phones, though they don't bite people.

Admin: the problem with biting dogs is that they bite everyone, including, a lot, their owners.

Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2014-05-31 18:36:49
If I was a vet, I would help the world by saving horse's and dog's lives from sicknesses.
hosessaddles & Phoenix
2014-05-31 18:38:11
How can you say that Nat2? Its the owners fault not the dogs. They in fact tested a bite pressure of a Rot Riler, German Shepard and Pit bull. And guess what? Pit Bull came in last. Pits are actually vary nice and if they aren't then its the owners fault. Plus, Dogs are only mean because of their surroundings. They are actually scared so bad, that they will bite. If I asked any of you if you heard on the news that a Dalmation bit that kid you would say no. However, People like you, need to know a dogs soul. Everything has a soul. Don't ever say its the dogs fault if it bit a kid DONT EVER. Because that's basicly judging a book by its cover. And I don't like people who would sit there and blame the dog.

Its not about "Training", its about the dogs temperament probably picked up by its "Owner" in which case is a bad owner for having it chained outside and not Gaven1 any water or food. That makes them mean. Let me just ask you this? What if YOU guys were chained up and not gave any water nor food? Would you turn to your owner and them bite her/him for treating you like that? Or just stay there all chained up? I would bite the owner Because of my new temperament.

Varonnica & Vizeryn
2014-06-01 01:10:49
I never said that they DIDN'T bite their owners. SInce they bite, unless the dog has been really nice and suddenly been abuse,d do blame the dog, the dog that likes to gnaw on people-deliberately!
Nat2 & The Price of Valor
2014-06-01 01:10:49
This will probably make me sound a bit mean, but the whole pit bull topic is a really big discussion and if we all started talking about it this club would become the pit bull rant club. It is just one of those topics future vets-us!-have strong opinions about and get possessive over.

*Not to offended anyone but pit bulls were bred for aggression and some dogs that it can be bred out of make great pets but others you need to watch. However, many crosses with pit bulls have no breed-related aggression. I work a shelter where many pit bull crosses have such personality. I like pit bulls just fine, but you cannot ignore the fact that they were actually bred to be aggressive and the stereotypical pit you hear about today. Sick people, careless people overbred what could have been a nice family breed generations and generations ago. So, my two cents really is pretty much egging on this discussion, so my apologies there.

But, you really shouldn't hold grudges against breeds if you want to be a vet because you might loose business or people might hold a grudge against you. And on top of that, I will be really up set when somebody walks up to me and wants me to euthanize their animal because their mean or they bit someone. Like are you kidding me? Is a bite punishable by death or an obedience class or two. They can be pricey, but you become a better owner and well, you aren't killing an animal. And I'll probably refuse and some other vet will put it down

Hunters_Bluff_Farm & Hyacinth
2014-06-01 01:13:36
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